An Internet Affair, Or Is It?

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Big Tits

I imagine you lying naked on the bed. You are asleep but you are not covered. You are lying on your stomach and your beautiful ass is exposed and looks so very inviting to me. A big smile appears on my face as I approach the bed.

I slowly and very quietly walk toward you. Lightly I run my hand along your left upper thigh and brush my fingers softly along the curves of your butt. You move ever so slightly. I hear you moan softly.

I begin then to massage your spectacular body. Your skin is very soft and smooth. I begin at your shoulders and neck. I start out slowly and gently but increase the pressure gradually. My large, strong hands knead your shoulders. What little tension I feel quickly disappears. You are slowly waking up now and I feel you begin to respond to my touch.

I work my way down your back. I am moving very slowly and very deliberately. I want to insure that I massage every bit of you. I lightly rub my way down your back. When I get to your lower back I spend a considerable amount of time kneading and massaging your flesh. You are moaning louder now as you enjoy my touch.

I rub lower and lower down your back. As I approach your sensational butt, you begin to squirm. I can tell that you want to feel my hands on your ass. I very deliberately go lower still. My fingers are now very near the crack of your ass. Suddenly I shift positions and begin to work on your left upper thigh. I can tell you are disappointed but are still enjoying your massage. With both hands I work on your upper thighs. My fingers brush against your butt cheeks as I go. Again you are squirming urging my hands onward.

To your great disappointment I abruptly change directions. Slowly and tantalizingly I work my way down your thigh. I linger on the back of your knee. You wiggle around a bit as this feels somewhat ticklish and yet exciting. Zonguldak Escort I next massage your beautifully shaped calf and on down to your foot.

Skipping your foot, I move over and start on your right upper thigh. As I do I once again make sure that my fingers repeatedly brush up against your ass cheeks. As before you suggestively move against me. I repeat my earlier pattern and slowly massage down your right leg.

This time, however, I do not ignore your foot. I lift your foot gently in my hand and hold it between your hands. I rub the ball of your foot. I massage your arch and heel. I am both gentle and then at times more firm. You are very much enjoying your foot massage.

Suddenly you feel my tongue on your foot. You react with surprise but don’t pull your foot away. I lick all over the bottom of your foot. I take your smallest toe in my mouth and suck on it. I lick the area between your toes. You are really squirming now. My tongue dances along your toes. I take each toe individually and suck on them in turn. Finally I take your big toe entirely in my mouth. I suck on it gently and run my tongue all along it.

After some time I release your right foot and turn my attention to your left one. As before I first massage your foot for a considerable amount of time. Then I lick it all over. Finally I suck and lick your toes. You really enjoy the sensations and squirm provocatively on the bed. I love torturing you this way.

Without warning, I release your right foot and begin to lick and kiss my way up your left leg. My tongue leaves a trail of saliva all over your left leg. Once again I pay particular attention to the back of your knee. As I kiss and lick my way up your leg and thigh I notice that you are spreading your legs further apart to allow me greater access.

I concentrate more and Zonguldak Escort Bayan more on licking and kissing your inner thighs. I come tantalizingly close to your ass and pussy. I can smell the wonderful fragrance of your womanhood and see how moist you have become. You are both squirming around and moaning with excitement now. I am really teasing you as my mouth goes closer and closer to your vaginal area. I always withdraw just before I reach your fragrant flower.

Just as I sense that you are about to scream with frustration I move around and begin to lick and kiss your gorgeous ass. My tongue dart ever closer toy our exposed asshole. Without warning, you feel my tongue directly on your brown star of an asshole. You squeal with delight..

My hands are gripping and squeezing your butt cheeks as my tongue dances along your ass and asshole. You wiggle beneath me as my tongue probes your ass.

I lick back and forth across your brown star. I push my tongue directly in your asshole and dart in and out. I shove my tongue as deep as I can it into your ass. Your deep breathing and groans tell me that you like what I am doing.

I stop squeezing your butt cheeks and move my hands between your legs. Your spread your legs even wider apart. I teasingly run my fingertips along the joint where your leg and hip meet. I run them back and forth each time coming closer and closer to your pussy.

After several more minutes of teasing you like this, I very slowly and very deliberately run just the tips of my fingers along your pussy lips. You moan with desire and move against my fingers. I can feel how wet your pussy is as I tantalizingly move my fingers back and forth.

Then suddenly I plunge my middle finger deep inside of you. You gasp and rock against me as I finger your pussy. Your kitty is very wet Escort Zonguldak and hot. My finger plunges in and out of you.

I shove a second finger deep into your womanhood. As I fingerfuck you with my right hand, I rub your clit with my left. I gently rub your clit as you groan with unbridled passion.

I begin to fingerfuck you harder and faster now. You are moving in rhythm with my hand, grinding your pussy against my fingers. At the same time I am patting and rubbing your clit urgently. Your “man in the boat” is now fully extended as I play with your clitoris. As my tongue expertly manipulates your body my tongue continues to probe your brown star. I continually shove my tongue as deep as I can into your ass and then lick all around.

The fingers on my right hand are now slamming into you very fast and very hard. I stop briefly to insert a third finger into your steaming pussy. Your moan of deep appreciation can be heard loudly throughout the room. My three fingers burrow deep into your hot wetness.

My right hand is almost a blur now, it is moving so fast. My fingers are going faster and faster inside of you. I am still rubbing your clit with my left hand, going just as fast and hard. You are moving along with me. Your breathing is hot and heavy.

Your orgasm starts slowly but builds very quickly. I notice that you cease all movement for a moment as your body starts to quiver all over. This causes me to just fingerfuck you even harder than before and to rub your extended clit frantically. You let out a scream and a torrent of juices flow out of your pussy. They coat my hands and the bed. I continue to work your body as you cum so wonderfully for me.

As your orgasm begins to subside, I reluctantly remove my left hand from your clit and my three fingers from your pussy. My hands are totally soaked with your wetness. I also remove my lips and mouth from your ass.

Gently I roll you over onto your back. You have a look of contentment on your face. Smiling down at you I tell you “Marie, I hope you are ready for more because we have only just begun!” Your huge smile back at me is all the answer I need.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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