An Offer He Can’t Refuse Ch. 03

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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This story features anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


Julia had a smile on her lips and a spring in her step as she walked down the aisle of the supermarket. She was humming a little tune as she looked distractedly around, barely able to focus on the list of groceries she meant to buy. The reason for her cheerful mood was her son, Mike.

The mere thought of her handsome boy made Julia unconsciously lick her lips. Cooing under her breath, the busty mother ran her tongue all along her palate. She could still feel the thin patina of his seed coating her mouth, the flavor of his heady cum lingering on her taste buds.

A shiver ran down Julia’s spine and her beatific smile turned into a Cheshire grin as she replayed the events of the morning in her head. It had been a great day so far…


Like she had done in the previous days, that morning Julia had woken up her son with a slow, sloppy blowjob.

The lucky boy had a smile on his face as he stirred from sleep to find his mother nursing on his massive morning wood. Dribbles of spittle and pre-cum drooled from the corners of Julia’s soft luscious lips as she sucked him off with gusto. She purred like a kitten, slurping and moaning around her son’s meaty pole as she bobbed her head fluidly on his lap. To the sound of Mike’s groans of pleasure, Julia lovingly blew her boy to completion, her fellating efforts culminating in the torrential spray of thick youthful sperm that inundated her mouth and that she hungrily gulped down.

Minutes after she had swallowed his first huge load of the day, with the pretext of making sure that he was relaxed and ready to focus on the school day ahead, Julia crawled under the kitchen table and fished out Mike’s cock while he was eating breakfast. The teenager was surprised for a couple of seconds, then all he knew was the blissful feel of his mom’s exquisite lips gliding up and down his stiffening shaft. Mike never tired of that incredible sensation, even if he had experience it quite a lot since he had come home with a B a few days before, thus earning, in accordance with the rules that Julia herself had set, his first amazing blowjob from her.

With a contented sigh, Mike let his mom munch on his thick cock while he kept having breakfast. He was panting and grasping onto the tablecloth soon enough though, his fat glans plunging deep into his mother’s constricting gullet as she relentlessly fucked her face with his raging boner, deepthroating him like a pro. Blissfully surrendered to her masterful cocksucking skills, Mike soon shot another creamy barrage straight into his mom’s esophagus, pumping her stomach full of cum.

Julia managed to really surprise Mike a few minutes later, when, instead of giving him her usual kiss goodbye, she closed the front door right before he could step out and head to school. With a naughty smile dancing on her lips, the horny mother pushed her son against the door and dropped to her knees in front of him, unzipping his pants and taking his flaccid yet still impressive dick in her mouth for the third time that morning.

Overcome with pleasure, thrilled beyond words by the mind-blowing metamorphosis that had turned his sweet loving mom into an insatiable cocksucking cumslut constantly hungry for his teenage dick, Mike let his backpack fall to the floor and ran his fingers through Julia’s long blonde hair. Caressing her beautiful cock-stuffed face and massaging her sensitive neck while she choked and gagged on his dickmeat, Mike began humping his mother’s squeezing throat with abandon, using her mouth to get off. They had done this before, so he knew she wouldn’t mind a little rough play. Besides, her pussy-diddling hand buried inside the crotch of her shorts was proof enough that she was enjoying herself as much as he was.

As he fucked his mother’s talented mouth, Mike regretted that he couldn’t sink his own fingers into the wet velvety folds of her slit. He would make it up to her later, he thought, oh yes, he would eat her out and drink her scrumptious nectar to his heart’s content, making her squeal in climax the way he had done repeatedly in the last few days. His mother tasted so insanely sweet, he just loved licking her pussy to orgasm and feasting on her delicious girl-cum.

With the image of his beautiful mom’s gushing pussy flashing before his eyes, Mike growled and threw his head back, burying himself balls-deep inside Julia’s hot mouth and spraying his potent seed down her throat, again, feeding her another batch of the milky treat that she had grown to crave so much lately. It wasn’t as big a load as the previous two, but still Julia voraciously gulped down every last drop of her boy’s precious sperm, frigging herself to climax between dick-muffled coos and lewd swallowing sounds.

Mike felt weak in the knees by the time casino siteleri Julia let his shaft slip out of her insatiable mouth. Loosening the soft clamping seal of her lips from his bloated glans with on last sloppy smooch, the horny mother finally put her son’s thoroughly drained cock back in his pants. Licking her cum-glossy lips, humming contentedly as she brought her nectar-coated digits to her mouth to slurp her own juices off them, Julia smiled and stood up in front of her awestruck boy.

“Okay, baby,” she said in her tender, maternal voice, “all relaxed and ready, I guess? Good then, time to go! Come on, Mike, you don’t want to be late for school now, do you?”

Mike’s eyes bugged out in amazement and he chuckled as Julia leaned in to give him a quick peck on the nose, pressing her big jutting mommy-boobs between their bodies, letting him feel how hard her nipples were underneath her top. He recovered from his stupor soon enough and hugged his amazing mother tightly, running his strong hands all over her plump bubble-butt, loving how full and juicy that perfect mommy-rump felt through the cotton fabric of her ass-hugging shorts.

Julia giggled and reluctantly pushed him back, loving her son’s touch on her ass but trying to get back to her responsible mother persona, at least partly. She couldn’t help but grin at her own attempts to be composed: in all honestly, the only role she wanted to play around her son recently was that of cum-starved, dick-gobbling whore.

“Go ahead now, honey!” Julia urged as she practically pushed Mike out of the door, giving him another kiss on the forehead as she unwillingly disentangled herself from his pawing embrace. “I’ll still be here when you come back, you know!”

Mike laughed as he looked back at her, his adoration obvious and heartwarming to Julia as he said: “You’re the best, Mom. Love you!”

“Love you too, sweetie!” Julia smiled back at him, lingering on the doorstep to look at Mike as he jogged down the street, until he disappeared around the corner.

A warm fuzzy feel hummed inside her as she went back inside the house and closed the front door behind her, trying her best to focus on what she had to do that morning.


Yes, Julia thought to herself while absentmindedly picking the groceries, it had been a good day so far.

Trying desperately to concentrate on her shopping list, she couldn’t help but giggle like a schoolgirl as she glanced at the woman near her, who was holding a big cucumber in her hands and furrowing her brow as if uncertain about what to do with it. Julia had to turn away and move quickly down the produce aisle before she burst out laughing, feeling like a silly girl for reacting at the phallic shape of the cucumber, whose girth and length reminded her unavoidably of her well-hung son.

Passing by the dairy products, glancing at the row of milk bottles aligned before her, Julia sighed and then giggled once again. She couldn’t help but purr and bite her full lower lip as she teased herself with the thought of the tummy-full of cum sloshing inside her stomach. Recalling the naughtiness she had let herself act out earlier that morning with her beloved son, Julia felt flushed yet lasciviously proud both of her own cocksucking skills and of Mike’s energetic virility. She knew it was unrealistic, but it seemed as if he had pumped a gallon of his delicious creamy semen inside her. ‘It certainly feels like a gallon!’ Julia thought, exhaling in silent joy.

She never thought she’d find herself in that situation, but she couldn’t deny how good and liberating it felt to let herself go with her son. It wasn’t just about sex either, which was great even though for the time being it was only oral. It was all about their bond. Julia deeply loved Lyla and Lori, her twin daughters, currently away at college, but, if she had to be completely honest with herself, Mike had always been her favorite. He was her boy, her youngest child, and as such he had a special place in her heart. And now, having moved past her initial reluctance, Julia realized that being physically affectionate with him felt surprisingly right and good and nurturing, for the both of them.

Encouraging Mike to snap out of his post-breakup depression through sexual incentives had seemed extreme and unorthodox at first, but it had led to an intimacy between Julia and her son that she hadn’t experienced in years, not since her husband’s death. In many ways, what she had with Mike went even deeper. It didn’t matter that sex with her boy had started out as a reward for his renewed dedication to his studies. Both mother and son knew that something more was involved, and they cherished the unprecedented emotional closeness linking the two of them lately.

Standing in line at the checkout counter, Julia found herself looking around, her eyes lingering on the young man at the cash register and on the middle-aged woman at the front of the line. Musingly, Julia wondered about the young man’s mother and she wondered if the woman had a canlı casino son, or sons. The question came unbidden to Julia: were there other mothers out there having sex with their sons? Was what she was experiencing unique to her and her boy, or was it way more common than she may have thought before?

After all, Julia reasoned, who would imagine that she herself still had her son’s taste in her mouth and his sweet, potent sperm in her tummy as she waited in line? By the same logic, who could say that some other MILF wasn’t in the same situation as herself right at that moment?

The cashier’s voice broke Julia’s reverie. She smiled at the young man as he started scanning her groceries, all the while thinking that, regardless of what everyone else did or didn’t do, she was more than happy to keep exploring her physical relationship with her son. Mike was feeling better than he had in ages for it, and, quite frankly so was she.

There was a proud sway in her hips and her round jeans-clad bubble-butt wiggled enticingly in time with her sumptuous breasts jiggling under her crop top as Julia made her way through the parking lot toward her car. The thought struck her that that very morning Mike would know the grade of the English paper he had been working on so hard just a couple of days earlier.

Julia snickered to herself as she recalled how she had knelt between her son’s legs under his desk for the better part of that afternoon, sucking his big strong cock and nursing on his purple glans uninterruptedly while he tapped away on the keyboard and moaned, caught in a loop of getting hard, getting blown and cumming in his mother’s mouth over and over again, until his homework was done. Then, after he and Julia had read through the paper one last time, Mike had sat her down on his bed and licked her leaking pussy to a series of toe-curling climaxes that left Julia shaking with pleasurable aftershocks for long minutes while he feasted ravenously on her sweet juices.

As she drove home, pressing her matronly thighs together to give her needy pussy some modicum of attention, Julia couldn’t help but shiver with trepidation at the thought that maybe, later in the afternoon, Mike would finally bring home an A. The idea that she might soon be letting her son fuck her in the ass, giving him his due reward for getting an A as they had agreed, sent a series of pre-orgasmic ripples through Julia’s voluptuous frame.

A momentary doubt ruined her glowing buzz of anticipation as Julia wondered if her persistent cocksucking might have influenced Mike’s paper in a negative way, distracting him too much from the task at hand while he wrote. ‘It didn’t look that way,’ she thought with a grin, ‘but who knows…’

As she parked in the driveway, Julia had no idea how much better her day was about to get.


Mike was breathing hard as he stepped inside the house. He had run most of the way from school, he was so excited and impatient to get home to his mother.

“Mom?” he called out, but he got no answer. “Mom where are you?” he yelled again, dashing frantically from room to room, running upstairs and then back downstairs again.

His goofy, irrepressible grin didn’t go away even as his brow furrowed in worry. His mother’s car was in the driveway but he wondered if she might have gone out on foot, dreading the idea, wishing only to find her as soon as possible to tell her what he had been dying to tell her all day. Chuckling to himself, Mike blinked and shook his head as he realized how foolish he was being. He knew where she was, of course. With his heart drumming crazily in his ears, the smiling teenager made his way through the house and out in the backyard. And there she was.

Mike stood rooted to the spot as he took in the sight of his mother down on all fours on her yoga mat, immersed in her daily routine of exercises. She was facing away from him, humming along to the music playing in her ear-buds, oblivious to Mike’s presence.

The boy’s eyes were instantly glued to the plump roundness of his mother’s fabulous ass. Holding her hindquarters propped up, her knees planted on the mat and slightly parted, Julia extended her arms forward and arched her spine, leaning her upper body down slowly, until her huge boobs were squashed underneath her frame and her juicy bubble-butt protruded out even more than usual, its majestic fullness accentuated to the extreme. As she gradually straightened back to a doggy-style position, the tight-fitting fabric of her tank top strained visibly to contain her heavy bulging boobs.

For a while, Mike was entranced by the vision of his mother leaning down and straightening up over and over again. Tilted up in the air and showcased in her teasing ass-hugging yoga pants, the curvy perfection of Julia’s bubble-butt was beautifully enhanced. The gentle, rhythmic sway of her round bouncy asscheeks was simply hypnotizing. As he watched that magnificent mommy-rump wobble and jiggle in time with her movements, Mike shivered all over at the thought kaçak casino that he could finally claim his mother’s ass as his.

His hand clenched tighter around the English paper he had been holding on to all the way from school. While Mike stood there spellbound staring at Julia’s spectacular booty, in his mind’s eye the image of the A written in red on the paper became superimposed on the mouth-watering vision of his mom’s plump round bubble-butt, reinforcing his burning need to obtain that epic reward.

Only when Julia stood up did Mike finally snap out of his adoring trance. Without wasting another second, he approached her from behind, a grin on his face and a massive erection tenting his pants.

Standing on her tip toes, Julia was arching her back and reaching up with her extended arms when she suddenly felt somebody pressing against her from behind. Two strong arms encircled her busty chest and two hungry hands cupped her soft huge boobs possessively. The momentary panic at that sudden unexpected presence subsided immediately as her son’s ragged voice reached her ear.

“I got an A, Mom!” he said, his vibrant tone overriding the beat of the music still playing through her ear-buds.

Julia blinked as the realization of what Mike had just said sank in. His passionate embrace and the feel of his raging pant-clad boner nestled between her meaty asscheeks confirmed what her mind was still processing. A quick glance down while she removed her ear-buds let her notice the paper her son was still holding in his hand, pressed against her pillowy tits, a clear red A marked on it. Apparently, sucking him off while he did his homework had done the trick after all!

“Oh, baby!” Julia gasped, turning her head to meet her son’s eyes. She was suddenly flushed, and not just from her exercises, as her gaze locked with Mike’s. “That’s great, honey, I’m so proud of you!”

Without thinking, Julia craned her neck until she could press her smiling lips against her son’s mouth. His hug instantly tightened around her buxom boobs in response and his aching cock pressed harder against her plump bubble-butt as he reciprocated without hesitation. For a few seconds, mother and son stood there, silently sharing a tender yet passionate kiss.

It took all of Julia’s willpower to stop Mike’s roaming fingers when, still lovingly kissing her, he reached for the waistband of her tight-fitting yoga pants and started to pull them down, his other hand relentlessly pawing at her jugs.

“Mmhh… Mmh! Wait baby, wait!” Julia laughed, breaking their lip-lock. She was gasping in pleasant shock as she disentangled herself from her boy’s clutching grasp and turned around to face him.

Mike was breathing raggedly, his cock achingly hard inside his pants. It pleased Julia to see him so turned on, so full of desire for her. She was horny too, but she was still lucid enough to know that letting her son claim his reward by sodomizing her in the backyard in broad daylight was definitely a bad idea.

“Not here, honey! What if the neighbors come out and look our way? And not now…” she said, looking down at herself, her thin eyebrows arched. “See? I’m all gross and sweaty!”

“No you’re not,” Mike replied, hungrily staring at her voluptuous curves before hugging her again. “You’re amazing and sexy and beautiful, Mom, like always.”

“Oh baby, thanks, you’re so sweet,” she cooed, caressing her son’s flustered face.

“It’s true, Mom,” Mike insisted, looking into her hazel eyes with undivided love and barely restrained passion burning in his gaze. Julia’s heart swelled with joy at his words and her pussy quivered under his excited stare.

Leaning in as he hugged her tighter, pressing her tits firmly against his chest, she whispered in his ear: “Now why don’t you go up to your room and wait for me, sweetie. I’ll just take a quick shower and be there in a second. I want to be all nice and clean for you, baby, for you and your big beautiful cock…”

Reaching between their bodies until she found his bulging crotch, Julia caressed her son’s erection through his pants, murmuring: “I can’t wait to feel you inside me, honey. Just let me take a shower and then you can have your reward. You’ve been such a good boy, and now Mommy is gonna make you feel good in return. You’ve earned it, baby. You’ve earned Mommy’s ass…”

Mike could only moan as Julia planted a long smooch on his lips and tugged at his bulge one more time. Then, with a sexy throaty laugh, she stepped out of his embrace and strutted her way through the backyard, her plump curvy ass swaying and bouncing mouth-wateringly before her son’s devouring stare until she disappeared inside the house.


Ten minutes later, Mike was pacing around his room like a caged animal. Naked and horny, his hands were shaking and his semi-hard cock was wagging in front of him at each step.

He was so excited he felt like he would explode. He had taken his boxers off and put them back on half a dozen times, debating whether or not he should be totally naked when his mom came in. Mike was aware of the absurdity of his dilemma, but he let his mind dwell on it, attempting to distract himself from the feverish anticipation eating away at him.

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