An Open Entanglement Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This series is a fresh start in my story-verse, but the male protagonist made his debut in Coed Love Story, before getting his own show; although not necessary to follow the story here, you’re more than welcome to be kind, rewind and read the previous story arc.

Many thanks to Jill, who has been my partner in crime for many years now! This universe would not have been possible without her ideas, motivation and support. Also, big thank you to friend and fellow Lit author aimingtomisbehave33 (go check out his stories when you can), who has donated a lot of his time into making this series the best it can be.


Chapter I – The Neighbor

Brad enjoyed his life. Sure, having devilishly charming hazel eyes and a perfectly contoured swimmer’s body helped him through most things life could throw at him, but he liked to think he had a decent head on his shoulders; unbeknownst to most of his social circle, he had actually graduated from college close to the top of his class without having to sleep with anyone for grades.

It didn’t mean he didn’t sleep around; in fact, his attention, while on campus, to the general female student body hadn’t discriminated against faculty – after all, he had a healthy appetite for a sex and an athlete’s stamina to back it up; who was he to deprive the lovely women of his spectacular company. He assumed it was his charisma that let him get away with not committing to anyone in particular, without breaking too many hearts in the process.

However, if there was one name worth mentioning about his college days, it was Nicole. They had been a surprising match, polar opposites on first impact, but chemistry never lied. He had plucked her out of an ongoing, boring, sexless relationship and showed her how transformative a real physical connection could be. Together, they had taken the campus scene by storm and very few people had managed to say no them.


Life after college was generous to Brad, thanks to his social skills that he used to manipulate and seduce his way through life. After graduation, he and Nicole had parted ways amicably, both parties content with the time they had spent together and not looking for any further commitment from each other.

He had a day job as a swim instructor, which provided him with ample opportunity for hookups; the kids he instructed were invariably picked up by hot moms, who were always looking for no-strings-attached sex. On colder days, he got to connect with current students from his alma mater, who were trying to get a few laps in at the indoor pool.

He also had a gym membership that gave him access to sexy young yoga instructors and their equally delectable clients. If that wasn’t enough, he was a few credits away from becoming a licensed massage therapist. Needless to say, the sex-on-tap he had enjoyed throughout college showed no signs of drying up.


His first apartment out of college had been barely livable. However, he had managed to save enough to move into a much better neighborhood. The apartment could be described at best as cozy; the only perk was that it was in a decent and safe neighborhood, but that was an important perk.

Things other tenants would complain about, like hot water never being guaranteed and the walls being quite thin – none of these things bothered Brad; he had access aplenty to hot showers at work and as for the walls, it was him making most of the noise anyway and not so much his neighbors.

The couple next door had greeted him the day he moved in. Taylor and Jim, he recalled. Brad had taken a quick measure of both: Jim was the stereotypical hipster-geek guy, with the plaid shirt, the goatee and of course, the thick-framed glasses. He was in advertising and looked vaguely like a younger and less attractive Johnny Depp.

If Jim was a bit ordinary looking, his lawyer fiancé was anything but.

Taylor was the definition of a blonde bombshell. Her baby blue eyes and pouty lips alone could have easily stolen the show, if it hadn’t been for the mouth-watering curves on her hourglass figure. On the day of his move, she had been dressed in a long loose shirt and jeans; after having seen her in her form-fitting business-wear, Brad estimated her around a 38E, with an ass that any pants would strain to contain.

Next to his broad frame at 6’1, her nymph-like 5’5 stature forced her to look up at him. Occasionally, there was a twinkle in her eyes behind her full lashes, when Brad knew she had caught him looking down her top while passing her in the hall.

Brad wasn’t sure what a girl like Taylor was doing being engaged to a guy like Jim. Sure, he was smart and funny in a politically correct kind of way, but he had very little sex appeal. Taylor could definitely do better.

His first week in the apartment, he’d overheard what he assumed was them having sex. He had had to assume, because aside from the bed squeaking a couple times, he had heard one male grunt and that had been it. Brad thought he could Escort Bayan make a lot more noise just masturbating; he needed to show his sexpot neighbor what she was missing out on.



Jim and Taylor sat in bed listening to the sound of Brad’s headboard banging against the wall. The incessant pounding was punctuated by the sweaty slap of flesh against flesh and the short, sharp cries of a woman in the throes of ecstasy.

“OH! Oh God! Oh Brad! Fuck! Brad! Yes! Yes! Oh FUCK! BRAD!! YESSSSSSSS!!”

“That’s it, slut, come all over my big cock!”

It was just another typical night in Brad’s household. Since moving in a month ago, Taylor and Jim had been subjected to the sounds of animalistic sex on an almost nightly basis. Sometimes he even had two girls over in one night – occasionally at the same time.

As the unbridled fucking next door intensified in volume, Taylor began picturing Brad’s incredible body rippling with muscles and covered in sweat, as he ploughed his latest conquest doggy-style. In her mind’s eye, she could imagine herself squirming beneath his body, bent over in heat.

“Jesus girl, get a hold of yourself!” she thought to herself.

Thinking about Brad in this way was very wrong and dangerous. She knew Brad wanted her. The way his eyes roamed all over her body whenever they crossed paths made that obvious enough. It was also clear that he had no qualms about pursuing “unavailable” women – Taylor had heard several of Brad’s lovers tell him how much bigger and better he was than their husbands.

Yes. Fantasizing about Brad was definitely dangerous, but after a month of listening to his sex life, she couldn’t help herself.

With the sounds from next door, Taylor’s nipples were almost painfully erect beneath her pink silk nightie. Her pussy was wet, making her thighs sticky with need and she shot a sheepish glance at her fiancé, who laid perfectly still, his eyes staring up at the ceiling. Before she could break the awkward silence, he spoke.

“How long can they keep this up for? They’ve been at it for an hour!”

Actually, it had been closer to two hours, but Taylor thought it better not to correct him. Jim had been putting in 60-hour weeks at the office for the new ad campaign and Brad’s nocturnal activities affected him differently than they did her.

As if in answer to Jim’s question, the woman next door screamed her way through yet another orgasm as the pounding on the wall grew even louder. Taylor couldn’t take it any more of this. She desperately needed to be fucked.

With a naughty twinkle in her blue eyes, she snuggled up to her fiancé’s prostrate form. She felt his body stiffen nervously, as her huge, silk encased breasts mashed against the side of his skinny chest.

“You know,” she whispered in a sultry voice. “If we’re not going to get any sleep tonight, we might as well make some noise of our own.”

She gently bit his earlobe, then reached under the covers and grabbed his crotch. Much to her dismay, he was completely flaccid. Apparently, listening to their alpha neighbor fuck wasn’t turning him on at all. She realized he probably felt intimidated, since he never made her moan like the women next door.

“Sorry sweetheart, I’d love to, but, y’know – my back.”

“Oh right. Your back…” She couldn’t help, but grit her teeth as she acknowledged his response.

A month ago, right after Brad had moved in, Jim had had an accident and ruptured a disc in his spine. Although he had undergone the operation successfully, the recovery period was taking longer than Taylor would have preferred. The doctor, while pleased with Jim’s progress to-date, had advised against engaging in rigorous physical activity. That didn’t stop Taylor from trying, but no matter how badly Jim felt about it, he just wasn’t up to the task.

She gave him a sympathetic kiss on the cheek and rolled onto her back, masking her sigh. Although she considered him her ideal partner in most ways, their sex life left things to be desired. She had thought she could live with that, until their new neighbor had showed up and started invading her fantasies.

Meanwhile, the show next door moved on to the following act, in a different position. “Look at those tits bounce!” Brad grunted. “Now move your hips faster! Uhhh! Yeah, like that.” A loud slap was followed by a squeal of approval. She imagined Brad slapping the girl’s ass to make her ride him faster.

Taylor looked at the bedside table clock and prayed Jim would hurry up and drift off to sleep. She wanted to masturbate without being noticed and sighed quietly in relief when he reached for the earplugs…


Another month passed. The doctor officially cleared Jim for whatever physical exercise would keep him active. Taylor was counting how many days it had been since the last time they had sex; far too long, by her count. Brad, on the other side of the wall, showed Escort no signs of slowing down, or of invading Taylor’s thoughts on a daily basis.

Jim kept obnoxiously refusing to be intimate with her for fear of hurting his back again. With her increasing responsibilities at work and no way to diffuse the stress other than her own hand, Taylor’s morale was at an all-time low.

In the absence of new bedtime memories with her fiancé, her fantasies about the sexy neighbor had escalated to a new level. One of the recent scenes that played frequently in her head involved Brad fucking her silly on the kitchen counter, while Jim was asleep in the bedroom. She imagined coming multiple times while being impaled on his huge cock, pulsing with pleasure until she begged him to stop.

It replayed in her mind again as she was leaving the office and the kitchen in her fantasy reminded her that the actual fridge stood empty. She stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work and filled four bags worth of stuff without thinking about how she would carry them up the stairs into the apartment without an elevator.

She managed to get the bags to the front door of the building and as she was fiddling with her keys, Brad showed up to her rescue. The white shirt he was wearing seemed to be stretched to its limits and his biceps flexed habitually as he reached for the bags on the floor.

“You seem like you need a helping hand,” he said. She quickly turned around to hide her blush, knowing full well the implications of his sentence. She bit her lips to keep herself from replying with a “You have no idea!” He quietly followed her up the stairs, carrying the bags.

Knowing he’d be watching, she couldn’t help climb the stairs a bit more animatedly as to make her skirt bounce more than it normally would have. Her neighbor staring at her ass would be the closest she’d gotten to sex in months, which was crazy and desperate and that’s exactly how she felt.

Brad did stare at her ass. The up-skirt view he was getting was more than enjoyable and his dick stiffened a bit at the sight of her red panties. He thought it might be the time to make a move.

He went into the apartment with her to drop the bags off in the kitchen area. Taylor was rewarded with a nice view as he bent down, her crotch instantly moistening at the sight of his firm butt, making her wonder about other firm things he had under those clothes.

She tossed aside her purse filled with work stuff, case studies, legal briefs and such, and realized how sore her shoulders were all of a sudden. She absentmindedly rubbed her shoulders as she thanked him for the help.

“Thank you! Can’t believe how easily you carried all that stuff! I’m jealous of those muscles.”

Brad didn’t even pause in his reply of “Happy to be of service, any way I can.” He flashed her a charming smile.

What usually followed this line was an opening move from the girl, which could range from cute and subtle to pleading, based on the amount of sexual frustration.

Taylor’s response basically amounted to her throwing herself at him.

“Do you want a cup of coffee or a slice of pie, in lieu of a thank you? I made the pie myself; baking helps me de-stress and considering the amount of stress lately, I sure hope I’ve now become an excellent baker.” She was rambling.

Brad’s lips curled into a suggestive smile, as he said he’d love a taste. He watched as Taylor moved through the small kitchen to make coffee and get the pie. When the buttery crust fell apart in his mouth, his eyes rolled in the back of his head with a foodgasm, which earned him a dazzling smile from her.

They continued eating and drinking coffee and Brad tried to get her to open up about work, before realizing the legal jargon she was using went way above his head. So instead, he asked about Jim.

“He looks like he’s back to normal. Did the doctor clear him for sports and stuff? I seem to remember him mentioning morning runs.”

Taylor’s answer lacked confidence, “Uhh, yeah, we saw the doctor, like a couple weeks ago. He is cleared for all activities, but still taking it easy.”

“Well, let me know if he’s interested in physical therapy. I have a colleague, who’s a miracle worker with similar injuries. I’d offer my own services, but my powers only work on stress related issues.”

Initially, she didn’t seem to hear the breadcrumb trail he was leaving out for her and she continued rambling, but he knew her subconscious would have picked up on it.

“The doctor gave him a routine he could do at home, but Jim is refusing to do any of it. He says he’s fine, when I know he isn’t; it just frustrates me so much! Sorry, that came out a bit harsh. I’m just so frustrated with work and my back is killing me from carrying all these case briefs. I can’t even afford a professional massage, unless either one of our bosses coughs up the overtime pay we’re both due.”

Nodding sympathetically, Brad took another bite out of the pie Bayan Escort she’d served him.

“This is so delicious! How about I give you a massage and you pay me with another slice of pie?”

Without realizing what she was saying, she blurted out “Deal.”

“Great, just come on over when you’re ready. I’ll go set things up.” He quickly made his way to the front door and let himself out, leaving Taylor to figure out what had exactly happened.

She mulled over her options in her head, while changing out of her work clothes. She desperately needed a massage, the way her shoulders and back were aching. It was also accurate to say shelling out hundreds of dollars for a professional massage would put a huge dent in their strained budget.

The neighbor’s offer was probably a blessing in disguise; he was a professional, after all… Although she knew what she was getting into, even in her mind, she couldn’t admit it.

She decided to wear a bikini under her tank top and shorts. The top provided very little coverage to her 38DD’s. Her fingers grazed her nipples while tugging at her top and she tried to imagine what his strong hands would feel like.

“Great, now my nipples are hard. Could I be any more desperate?” she thought to herself.

With her long blonde hair pulled up into a messy bun, she grabbed her phone, the keys and the rest of the pie before heading over next door. Brad welcomed her inside. The massage table was set up in the middle of the living room. He graciously took the tray of pie into the kitchen, from where he yelled “Make yourself comfortable on the table”.

Taylor pulled off her tank top and got onto the table face down. He came back into the living room in a few minutes and knelt down by her head. His voice sounded professional enough when he said “Take a deep breath for me”; she smelled a heady concoction of lavender, bergamot and musk.

Brad’s strong hands made quick work of her shoulders and back, rubbing in the warm oil in circular movements, all the way down to the small of her back. She finally started to relax under his touch and the ache in her shoulders seemed to dissipate.

When he asked if the pressure was good, all she could reply with was a weak “Mmhmm”. Anything more would have given away how good it felt to be melting beneath his hands.

She barely felt it when he undid her bikini top and started working on her sides a bit more thoroughly. There was ample side boob for him to feel up whilst maintaining the professional façade, but they both knew it was a matter of time. The ache in Taylor’s shoulders slowly morphed into a different kind of dull ache, deep within her core, desperate for more of his touch.

He kept working on her back from top to bottom, starting with her shoulders each round. When his hands arrived at her back dimples, her rips rose almost instinctively to give him access. He lightly spanked her butt to keep her still. Taylor thought she heard him chuckle, but she couldn’t be sure from how muddled her mind was.

When his hands were down at her lower back the next time, her hips rose again. Brad moved a hand under her to caress her navel. She gasped. His hand, slippery with oil, played with the waistline of her shorts in a maddeningly slow fashion.

She held her breath, waiting for the next thing to happen, but he released his hold and went up her back to focus on the knots around her shoulder blades. A whimper escaped her lips; she could feel her juices leaking out of her with anticipation and need.

Brad’s strong hands moved downwards almost casually, before arriving at her magnificent ass cheeks. He reached under the shorts, but respected the boundaries created by the bikini bottom, just barely. The feel of her smooth skin and the way she was quietly squirming, trying not to give it away, were making him hard.

He teased her for a few more rounds. For the final round, he massaged up her lithe legs and inner thighs. He could now smell her arousal and his fingers itched to feel it. Almost imperceptibly, her legs parted, inviting him to do more.

Giving in, he snaked a hand inside her shorts and past her bikini bottom to reach between her legs.

Neither of them said a word, as Brad flicked her aching clit and stroked her wet lips. The movement was slow and deliberate, just the way she liked it. His fingers tortured her, edging her out. Taylor didn’t realize she was holding her breath, until the orgasm hit her suddenly and her entire body shook with release. Waves of heat emanated from her body and her sweet juices leaked even more, coating his hand.

Confident that he had her where he wanted her, Brad took her bottoms off with a single pull and pulled out a wedge from under the massage table to elevate her ass. He spread her legs apart and dove in with his tongue. His tongue caressed her lips and teased her opening, while his hands held onto her cheeks firmly.

Taylor was beside herself, but she kept quiet, except for the occasional moan that escaped her lips. She silently endured Brad’s tongue, wishing she could see what it was that he was doing to make her so crazy. Normally, she would have been too sensitive to be eaten out after an orgasm, but her body wanted all that he was giving her.

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