An Unlikely Encounter Ch. 03

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Do not reprint this work on any other website, or any medium, without the express consent of the author (me!).

Author’s note: This story is the third (and final) part of a series that has two earlier submissions. It is a direct continuation of the last story, and assumes the reader already knows the previous events and has had a chance to have the characters introduced. Read alone at your own risk!

I would like to express a special thanks to Meg, who took the time to suffer through my writing and offer invaluable feedback. She is responsible for the death of many superfluous ellipses.

Synopsis: In the previous submissions, a high school English teacher (the protagonist) finds himself being pursued by Autumn, one of his students. She slowly breaks his will, and engages him in a series of compromising encounters, forcing him to admit and give into his attraction to her. Despite this, he still attempts to resist her to avoid getting caught. The last story left off with her seducing him into her bedroom. The afterglow of their tryst is shattered by the realization that her parents just arrived home.


“What do you mean someone’s home!?” I cursed. A stupid question, I know.

“I… I don’t know. They’re home early…” she stammered. Her previous confidence and light-heartedness vanished like it was never there. I pulled myself up from lying down and she grabbed a sheet to pull it up over her breasts.

“Who?” I already knew the answer. But I had to try. Maybe she had siblings. Or an elderly, blind grandparent. Or a fucking dog who had a garage door opener. Anything but—

“My parents.”

I stared into her eyes and she stared back. I couldn’t tell you what she saw in mine. There should’ve been anger, fear, something… But as I looked on, my vision just sort of went out of focus. That’s it then. I’m dead. I could almost see the flashing blue and red of a police car. Hear my name on the news. The latest scandal.

“Okay. Okay,” she muttered, sliding out of the bed and grabbing some clothes out of a drawer. “You just gotta… be quiet.”

I shook my head and refocused my blurry sight onto her. Be *quiet*?? “I need to get out of here.”

Out of the bed, pacing around the room, picking up all my shit. I looked at the door for a moment, then moved over to the window. Autumn was trying to say something to me, but it was just a muffled din outside the zone of my frantic concentration.

I was jolted when she forcefully grabbed my forearm. “Please! Just- just be quiet up here… I can- I can fix this…” it was an urgent whisper.

My body sort of sank on itself. Can you?

“Just stay up here… Um- don’t do anything, uh- crazy or anything.” I could tell she wasn’t comfortable telling me what to do. “I’ll be right back- as… as soon as I can. I’ll fix it. I- I promise.” Her eyes pleaded with me, for some kind of response. I gave an unsure sigh and nodded my head. What else was I gonna do?

“Okay. Okay,” she said to herself reassuringly. Who she was trying to convince, I’m not sure. She went up to her door and took a deep breath, her shoulders tensing as she reached for the handle.

She had thrown on some baggy pajama bottoms and a loose t-shirt. Just before she turned the door, I hissed, “Autumn!”

Her hand jerked and she looked back at me. I pointed to my neck. She crinkled her brow, then shot her eyebrows up, mouthing a silent ‘shit!’ She’d left the little black choker on. It sure as hell didn’t fit with casual PJ attire. Her hands fumbled behind her neck for a few moments and it finally came loose.

She gave me a weak smile. “Okay…” she whispered. Then she slunk out the door, quietly closed it behind her, and left me alone.

I stood there like an idiot for a few moments, no idea what to do. Really, no ideas at all. Just sort of blankly stared at the door. I sighed and dropped my eyes down, noticing the bundle of clothes held under my arm. For fuck’s sake… I was standing there naked.

A shiver went through my body, suddenly feeling very exposed. I was sleeping in her bed. With her. Naked. We fucked. I thought back on it and felt a different kind of shiver. God, did we fuck. Dropping the clothes on her bed, I dressed myself as silently as I possibly could. My ears strained to hear anything, but it was in vain.

Once I was back in order, I tried to figure out my next move. Do I just sit and wait? Do I hide? I dubiously opened her closet door and peeked around inside. It was so completely packed that it wasn’t practical at all. I walked over to the window and played with the latch. Hmm, there’s a screen, but I could probably take it out… I started gently pulling the window up, but it squeaked a little, so I stopped. Shit.

Looking out the pane, I wasn’t sure how sensible the plan was anyway. It was a two story drop… But I thought I might be able to grab onto the siding on the way down to slow myself. That would probably make a fucking racket. Alanya Escort Bayan I even considered just trying to sneak out the front door and hope for the best. Hiding up here is idiotic. I am an idiot—

Footsteps. I didn’t realize how unusually calm I was until I realized how petrified I abruptly became. How many pairs? How heavy are they? Shit, I need to get somewhere…

My head jerked back and forth, as if looking fast enough would suddenly uncover a good place to duck into. Please just be Autumn, *please*… I took two large steps and pressed myself against the wall, so I was at least positioned behind the door as it slowly began to open.

It only swung a little ways and then stopped. I held my breath.

“And how do you skip the previews?” a woman’s voice carried from out of the room.

“Just press menu!” Autumn shouted back, through the other side of the door.

She slid back into view and closed it behind her, her eyes frantic until she saw me. “Ah! There you are…”

I forced pathetic smile and exhaled deeply.

She moved up right next to me and put her hand on my arm. “Okay, so… It’s not a big deal… They took too long at dinner and were late to gets their tickets. So they ended up coming back. But!” she squeezed and smiled, “I totally got them to watch a DVD! They’ll be like, completely busy!”

Okay. This isn’t terrible. I can work with this. “So uh- that’s good,” I cautiously replied.

“Come on! It’s better than good!” she put her other hand on my chest.

I’m not some boyfriend to hide. She wasn’t taking this seriously enough. I reached up and grabbed one of her hands and pulled it away. “Autumn. How do I get out?” Straight. To the point.

She cast her eyes down. “Umm… You can’t. I mean, not yet. The family room is right across from the stairs… They would totally notice.”

My muscles clenched. “Are you positive?”

“Y-yeah… But it’s okay!” she looked back up. “They don’t stay up that late! After the movie, they will go to their room probably, and then you can get out!”

*After* the movie?! “Uh- that’s going to be what? Two hours? You can’t expect me to—”

“Please!” she interrupted. “I’m sorry- I… I didn’t know they would be back. I- I didn’t want it to be like this…” she almost pouted.

I looked up and over at the window, pushing her slightly toward it and moving past her. “I think this might work.”

“What do you- No!” she actually emphasized loudly and hunched up her shoulders at the realization. We both stood silently for a moment, my teeth clenched. “You’ll- you’ll break something! Your ankle or your legs! There’s no way!” she urgently whispered.

“I can do it… The siding, the drain pipe looks pretty secure.”

Her hand latched onto my wrist. “No way. First of all- um- that would be stupid. I mean… Uh…” she struggled for the words, and then blurted, “It would be noisy! All that clattering! My parents would totally hear it!”

Fuck! My eyes darted back out the window, and my body just sort of sagged in defeat.

“Trust me,” she said softly, moving both her hands to my chest. “They never come to my room… We’re totally fine.”

I looked back down at her and tried to read her expression. There was an earnestness there, like she was trying to please me or reassure me or… Fuck, I don’t know. Did she plan this? Would she be that fucking crazy? I opened my mouth to say something, but had no words.

“Look, I’ll make it up to you… I’ll do anything!”

Both of our eyes widened after she said it.

“Umm… That came out wrong,” she blushed.

For a split second, as we stood there facing each other, I imagined her on her knees—making it up to me. Absolutely not. That is insane. “Let’s just, uh- sit down.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her backward, toward her bed. She reached the edge and plopped down to sit. I looked behind me and grabbed a chair that was in the corner of the room. It had a couple stuffed animals on it, and I wordlessly put them on the floor.

“Aw, you won’t even sit next to me?”

I turned around as I sat into the chair. It was small and wooden, and I suddenly had the feeling that it was more decorative than utilitarian. “This is fine,” I mumbled.

So we were seated, looking across at each other, an awkward lull filling the room. She put her hands in her lap and scrunched up her mouth. “You don’t look very comfortable.”

“I’m fine.”

“What?” she tilted her ear to me.

“I said I’m fine,” repeating louder.

Another silence.

“You know,” she got up from the bed, “We should probably stay closer to each other so we can like, talk quieter.”

“I- uh…”

She had already closed the distance and sat down on the floor next to me, her knees pulled up to her chest.

“It’s okay. I’ll just sit down here on the floor,” she tried to guilt cutely.

“You didn’t- don’t Alanya Escort need to—”

“It’s a cushy carpet anyway. I bet I’m more comfy down here than you are on that chair.”

I suddenly felt irritated at how lightly she was taking the situation. “Oh,” I mumbled flatly.

Uncomfortable silence. My eyes roamed over the room, searching for something to look at that wasn’t her. I heard her sigh.

“You know I really am sorry, right?” her voice was soft.

I shut my eyes. “Mm hmm.”

“Seriously…” A gentle touch along my calf.

I flinched.

“But I promise nothing will happen… I mean, they won’t find out.” She continued to trace her fingers up and down the back of my leg.

I had nothing to say, so she just kept on.

“You need to just…” she hesitated, and then rephrased herself to sound more demure, “Let me just help you relax.”

Relaxation isn’t the problem here. “I’m fine.”

Her hand squeezed harder on my leg. “You’re super tense! I can feel it even down here!”

What the fuck does she want from me? I just want to get the hell out of here! I sighed heavily.

“Okay, you don’t even have to move. I’ll just do your legs first… and then you can decide.”

She pulled her body in front of the chair, then rested herself on her knees. Her back straightened, then arched a little bit as she brought her arms up high in a lengthy stretch. She slowly let them fall down to her sides, still reaching out, then drew them in and put each hand on one of my legs.

I glanced over at the door. “Autumn… We can’t- you shouldn’t.”

“Shh… It’ll be worse if we just sit here and wait and not do anything.” Her hands were wrapped around my calves, her fingers pressing into the muscle while her thumbs held against my shins. It did feel nice.

She went on like that for a bit, coming up to the backs of my knees. I flinched when she used her fingers to gently trace and tickle me there, and she made an exaggerated frown. “Sor-ry…” Her hands immediately ran down my legs, to my ankles. She broke routine and placed both hands around the same one. In her movement, she bent over and sort of leaned her head against the opposite knee, as if she needed a closer look.

She dug into my ankle with care. Why am I letting this happen? I was keenly aware of every touch. Even her hair brushing along my leg, and her breath glancing off my knee.

“Does this feel good?”

God. “It’s nice…”

“Okay just tell me when you don’t like it,” she was still looking down toward the floor as she talked. But she paused and matched her eyes to mine. “I only want to make you feel good.” A brief smile, almost looking for approval?

I couldn’t suppress a wry grin in response. Damn it, don’t flirt back with her. She lowered her eyes, making a tiny, two-syllable giggle, and then switched to my other ankle.

Do girls really giggle? Or is it just some kind of inherent mating signal that they all know when to tease with… Don’t think about sex. Don’t think about this beautiful girl kneeling between your legs. At least I wasn’t getting hard, even thought I would have at any other time. My only saving grace was having taken the edge off earlier.

She was back up my legs now, sliding her hands along my knees, pushing her fingers into the tops of my legs. Her hands would softly circle around to my thighs and squeeze. She gently raked her fingernails along the sensitive skin back towards her and caused me to jump a little. I swallowed hard and made a grunt, but she ignored me and resumed the massage.

As I stared down at her, I realized she stopped looking up at me all together, and continued to focus intently on what she was doing. It dawned on me all at once that she had a direct view into my lap, and was of course checking to see if she had any effect on me. I felt my skin grow warm at the thought that she could catch me at any moment. Fuck, don’t think about it…

As if reading my mind, her slender hands drove up my skin, through the openings of my shorts. My muscles tightened and I immediately threw my hands onto my lap, grabbing onto hers through the fabric. I stopped her, but she dug her fingers into my skin anyway.

“Hey!” she pouted.

Be in control. “Don’t push it…”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t play games,” I warned softly. Don’t piss her off.

“What games? I’m just massaging you!”

“Not there.”

She scooted in closer to me, nudging her body between my legs. Her eyes pleaded up at me, “I thought it felt good…”

“Autumn.” I tried to sound authoritative, but this was fucking ridiculous. I’m sitting in a chair in her fucking room. It’s ludicrous.

“I’m sorry, I just…” She was doing that pout again. Half sultry, half sad. “…I mean, before, you liked it when I…” I had loosened my grip on her, and she started to slide further up my legs. I grabbed her again.

“Am I doing it wrong?” her eyes Escort Alanya bored into mine. Oh fuck you. You fucking tease. She straightened her back again, and I fought back a shudder. The blood started flowing between my legs.

“Don’t. We can’t.”

“But I’ve done the rest of your legs… There’s no where else for me to go!” She smiled impishly, punctuating her words in a little girl’s voice.

I pushed her hands back, out of my shorts. “Then I guess the massage is over.”

She slipped her hands away from mine and darted them onto my lap, her thumbs pressing into the indents of my crotch. It sent a jolt of pressure through my waist, and my dick reflexively picked up. “No way, you’re still toooo tense!”

Panicking, I shoved up from the chair and stood over her. Her jaw dropped open and she looked up at me. I lifted my hands, flexing my fingers— not knowing what the hell to do. I ran them up against my face. This is fucked. Her parents are downstairs. Get a hold of yourself. My hands shot to the top of my head once I felt Autumn’s grab my ass. I gawked down at her and she was biting her lip.

Oh shit. I realized she was now eye-level… or rather, mouth-level, with the increasing tent in my shorts. She can’t be serious! She squeezed her hands and stuck the tip of her tongue out, just enough for her to nibble on it with her teeth.

“Uh- okay. You can do my back,” I blurted out.

“Huh?” her eyes focused up to my face.

I took an awkward side-step away from her and towards her bed. “You said you wanted to- to um… How about my shoulders?”

I saw her posture sink a little, but then she brightened up. “Your wish is my command,” she breathed in a silly accent.

Phew… She moved to her bed and sat down on the edge. Pulling her knees apart, she smiled and patted the sheets in front of her. Suddenly in my mind, those baggy pajamas were off, and I was kneeling between her little smooth legs…

“Come on! Sit down in front of me so I can do your shoulders!”

I blinked back into reality and started toward her.

“Unless there was something else you had in mind…?” she purred.

I blushed. I actually blushed in front of her. Fuck! “I just didn’t realize I’d have to sit on the floor,” I mocked.

“Oh poor baby,” she stuck out her lip. “I’ll make it worth it.”

Now I was sitting with my back against the bed. She placed her hands on my neck and hummed, “You know, it’d be easier if your shirt was off.”

“Nice try.”

She swatted me playfully. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

I shrugged.

She sighed, “You can be so uncooperative.”

We lapsed into silence as she dug into my shoulders. I was understandably tense, but it did feel pretty damn good. I let my eyes droop closed and enjoyed the sensations, thankfully calming down my hormones in the process. From time to time, I did try to strain my hearing for any evidence of what was happening downstairs, if her parents were still watching a movie. But there was nothing one way or the other. Maybe I really am going to get out of this alive.

“Scoot up,” she broke the silence.


“I’m tired of leaning over… scoot!” she pushed on my back. Before I could really react, I realized she was sliding her body down to the floor between me and the bed. Her legs wrapped around either side of me and her hands grabbed my sides, immediately kneading into my skin.

This is a bad idea… I tried not to concentrate on her body wrapping around mine. I kept my own hands lying between my legs, away from hers.

“This really would be easier with your shirt off,” she stated again.

“Um… I don’t think so.”

“No, really, it would be.” Her hands dropped down and started to pull my shirt up.

I reached behind me to stop her, and she immediately closed her legs in on me. “Leave it on.”

She exhaled loudly. “Fine. But I am still going under it!” And just like that, her hands pushed up my skin and resumed massaging anyway. My shirt still on, but now pushed halfway up because of her reach.

Yes, I was irritated. But I couldn’t help but love her persistence and playfulness. I was glad she couldn’t see my concealed grin. Wouldn’t want her to think I’m enjoying this. I brought my arms back in front of me and lazily rested them on her legs, my hands wrapping around her ankles.

Shit! It was reflex, but it was too late now. She made a content little ‘mmm…’ and wiggled her toes. This is just gonna encourage her… And yet my fingers started to rub in little circles on her skin anyway.

She glided along my chest, just sort of feeling my skin more than massaging it. The more she did it, the more I realized it was a sensual exploration. My eyes fluttered closed again as she continued. Down to my stomach, along my abs. I started to feel the familiar twitch below…

Her fingers danced slowly over me, every once in awhile pushing into me as a show of a massage, but less and less frequent. I got lost in the feeling and actually leaned back to stretch my stomach out. Somehow that turned into my head on her shoulder. Soft fingertips inching closer and closer to my waist. It tickled a little bit, and the sensation echoed down to my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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