And Then The Door Opened Pt. 01

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This is the first three of possibly more chapters of a series of very short stories that share a common cast (usually) and theme, more like a series of vignettes than one story. If there are future sections written I plan to repeat the first chapter to set the stage, then jump right into the new material.

Ch I

Things couldn’t have been any better, it was Friday afternoon, I had just slipped a big butt plug up my ass, and was grinding a super heavy duty vibrating massager against my crotch – I was desperate for the release of a good screaming cum and didn’t have a hope in hell of getting one. In other words I was in heaven – a leather collar was padlocked around my neck with the collar chained to the headboard of the oversize king water bed with just enough slack to let me roll from side to side as I struggled to reach my orgasm.. My stainless steel chastity belt was locked on and it’s key was on the dresser across the room (the collar key of course was just barely within my reach for when I was exhausted), and I was just starting to climb the peak of sexual frustration caused by a week’s abstinence followed by an expected several hours working like hell to achieve an unattainable climax. I’m a slave to sexual frustration I guess, but damn I enjoy the scene I create. Then I heard the front door of the loft open.

OK, so this may need some stage setting – I’m Cindy, a 20-something blond with some distinctly odd sexual drives. I live with Kathy and Sid in a sort of 2000’s version of a 60’s commune – we all sleep together in the aforementioned water bed in a studio loft and we couple in pairs or as a threesome as the mood strikes us. I’m openly bi-sexual and Kathy isn’t adverse to girl-on-girl sex either although she prefers to control it, which is fine with me since I’m also sexually submissive but try to hide the degree of my submissiveness from my two roommates, although Kathy may suspect more than she lets on.

Anyway since the loft is laid out as a studio there was no pointing trying to hide, but being human I still dropped the buzzing vibrator (it now seemed deafening) and reached for the key, which in my panic I knocked off the bed and completely out of reach. There wasn’t much to do but blush and try to remember that we were all adults and I wasn’t doing anything that hurt anyone else.

Kathy came in followed by Sid (what in the HELL were they doing off work this early?), stopped and gaped briefly and together slowly walked over and looked down at the bed. “Damn if that old biddy across the street wasn’t right when she said she saw somebody struggling on the bed last month”; he said (I glanced out the window and yes, there was a window visible but the nosey bitch would have to have used binoculars).

They stood beside the bed for what was becoming a very long look, and I was about to say something (I had no idea what) when it was my turn to have wide eyes. Kathy lifted the massager and began to systematically run it over my steel clad mound. Watching me squirm she smiled and said to Sid “She really does want to give up control.”

Her next statement was a simple question, but it changed my life; “Shall we take it?”

Sid nodded numbly, and Kathy asked where the key to the belt was. I said nothing but she followed my glance and walked over to where the belt’s key lay. Taking it up she fingered it and then slipped it’s silver chain over her head. I felt a tremor of fear and a stronger one of passion run up my spine. They must have seen it in my eyes, for again there was that smile, this time from both of them. Like hungry tigers looking at their intended prey.


A week or so later things are settling into a semblance of what would be the new routine. I now wear the belt 24/7 except on the occasions when I’m allowed to shower and shave my pussy without it and then I’m watched by one or the other or both of my roommates so I can’t pleasure myself. I have not had a climax since the week before the door opened and my life changed. I wear a symbolic chain collar at all times that looks like rather plain jewelry but locks around my neck, the leather collars bahis firmaları are for “special occasions” (so far that has only meant sometimes during sex).. Sid and Kathy both wear keys to my belt (she got her’s the day they walked in and found me, and his was my “emergency” key from my safe deposit box) and collar around their necks on chains which they never remove. I’ve never been beaten or whipped (except during intercourse if they wish of course), I don’t have to be – I need to give them the control as much as they want to have control of me. I’m not usually required to be nude at home, but choose to be (except for the belt and collar of course) to display my status as property without the right to control my sexuality or my key holder’s access to my body.

Sex……. My roommates have taken me to levels of sexual frustration I’d never dreamed of, and I love them for it. For example one evening Kathy cuffed my hands behind my back, laid me face down on the bed. She tied my legs wide open to the corners of the foot of the bed, and then put the massager under me so my weight pressed it into my belt covered crotch. After leaving me go completely out of my mind for a few hours she did a strip tease and climbed onto the bed and slid her crotch under my face and told me to eat her pussy – which I did with pleasure. I put her over the top quickly, and switched to a slow lapping stroke to make her next climax long and drawn out when I felt (with my face buried I couldn’t see much) Sid mount me from behind and begin to work his lubricated dick into my very willing asshole. I ate pussy while being butt-fucked vigorously (I love to be corn holed but never climax from it) and having my twat buzzed continuously by the massager. Heaven.

Another time Sid had made me kneel on the bed and service him with my mouth. As he neared his orgasm he pulled out and pushed me over onto my back. Kathy, who I didn’t know had been watching held my arms above my head while Sid unlocked the belt and plunged his dick into my pussy. He pounded into me like a madman and I was desperate, this was the only direct stimulation I’d had in at least 12 days and I wanted that cum. I was just getting there when he stiffened and shot load after creamy load up my grasping cunt. The waves of hot cum he was pumping into me and spilling out beside his thrusting cock drove me to ….to…… to just short of the point of no return and as I tried to squirm my way to some kind of a finish for myself he pulled out and grabbed my legs. Between them they stretched me out and held me immobile until the fire in my belly started to quiet down. Kathy watched me closely as I showered myself clean, and then knelt and licked my clit briefly before locking my sex away again. I never needed a release as much as I did right then – It was fantastic.

One evening, unannounced, they brought friends home for dinner. That was my first time “on display” and it was very exciting for me. I’m not sure if Joe and Sue (our guests) had been briefed on what to expect or not but while they stared (both of them seemed quite interested) they didn’t appear as surprised as you would expect friends of Sid and Kathy who only knew me casually to be to walk in and find me nude and locked into a steel chastity belt (my normal “go to work” collar really is subtle enough to be mistaken for jewelry). I thoroughly enjoyed the evening (I know that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about concerning my body, and both Joe and Sue are physically attractive people only a little older than myself), and I think they did too. Nothing (else) sexual occurred that night, but while they were getting ready to leave Kathy said she and Sid hoped that they would be able to join us for some weekends when they could relax and get a chance to enjoy “our house girl”.

Then on some nights they just choose to fuck each other. Usually they make me watch and sometimes allow me to use the massager on my belted pussy while I do. Other times they want me to help them enjoy themselves more fully by using my tongue or fingers. It takes hours for me to calm down and get to sleep after any of these frustrating kaçak iddaa sessions, and I’m happy beyond belief to relive them in my mind and prolong my feelings.


On one Friday night, after dinner, I was told to put on the heavy chain collar and dress myself in a tall cut man’s dress shirt because we were going out (in my “other life” I’d worn them when I wanted the casual but sexy summer look since the long shirt tails effectively hid my ass and crotch and could hide really short shorts, but were also short and titillating enough to make people wonder if I had anything on underneath). I picked out a nice striped one and slipped into it, along with a pair of sneakers. My roommates had been watching and Kathy gave me a peck on the cheek; saying “That’s for knowing you should only wear what we allow you to.”

We waited a few minutes, Sid kept looking at his watch as if timing were important, then we rode the lift down but instead of going to the garage we stopped at the street level. In the elevator Kathy clipped a chain leash to my collar, which was something new – both unsettling and exciting for me. Stepping out onto the sidewalk Sid and Kathy walking side by side turned uptown with me trailing just behind wondering how many people noticed the leash and what they were thinking about it, and me. I found myself starting to get aroused, my pussy was moist and my nipples harder than the rather warm evening weather would account for. After two blocks we crossed the street to the left and stopped. I waited quietly, shifting around as little as possible to avoid distracting Kathy who was busy talking to Sid about “our” vacation plans, and in a few minutes a bus pulled to the curb in front of us.

Getting on the bus – I’ll remember that in my (almost) wet dreams for a long time. It was still early enough that the bus was fairly full of office workers headed for home, and I don’t think any of them missed the fact that I was on a leash. Some stared, a few looked disgusted or pointedly ignored us, and most snuck peeks when they thought nobody else was noticing – so I guess my situation of sitting quietly where I was told to wasn’t the strangest behavior on that bus that night. Oh, and not a few of them looked interested and some jealous – although if they wanted to be in my place or Kathy’s I didn’t know.

I continued to provide entertainment for other riders as we passed thru downtown and approached the seedier “yellow light district” on the east side, where Sid and Kathy got up and led me down the aisle and off the bus. Off down the sidewalk we went again, although this time while more people stared openly at us we also weren’t the only non-standard American family group out. Leather, same sex couples, piercing, violently colored hair and any other kind of self expression or alternate lifestyle you could think of could be seen in only a few blocks.

We turned into a door under a somewhat garish and flickering sign for a tattoo and piercing shop and into the typical tattoo parlor waiting area which had been visible through the window. After a minute a bearded and well tattooed man entered thru a curtain in the back of the room. He seemed to know Sid since they shook hands, then he turned to me and looked me up and down.

“Nice”; was all he said.

Sid turned to Kathy and asked “Shall we get started?”.

The answer was a nod, and Kathy told me to sit. I assumed she meant the old fashioned barber chair in the middle of the floor and got myself settled. The bearded man started to unbutton my shirt and to my surprise continued until all the buttons were open, he casually spread the shirt until I was pretty much completely exposed – I’m not sure if I was disappointed or not that the chair was turned away from the window. At first he lifted each breast in turn and fingered my still hard nipples, then he turned his attention to my belt.

“Nice workmanship”; he commented. “I’ve never seen one this well designed for long term wear (I knew I’d bought a good one and with an eye to wearing it for extended periods, and I guess I got lucky when I picked it out), although kaçak bahis I have seen some features you may want to consider adding.”

“We may be interested but we can talk about it later;” Sid replied.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll just get on with tonight’s job, have a seat if you like, the bar’s in back if you want to make yourself a drink while you wait.”

He washed his hands carefully, brought out a covered tray and set it beside the chair and again handled each of my breasts closely examining the nipples. Marking each one with the tip of a fine point marker he uncovered the tray and brought out a pair of piercing forceps. He clamped these tightly on each nipple, the sharp edges digging into my tender nipple flesh made me whimper and squirm. Seeing that Kathy jerked my arms up and cuffed my wrists to the antique barber chair’s headrest, and then spun me sharply around so I was on display to the shop window and street beyond.

The bearded man returned to his work and selected a paper covered (pre-sterilized I suppose) needle which he opened and set on the mark he’s made on my left nipple. Bracing a cork against the other side of the nipple he thrust it thru my flesh in one swift painful move. I was actually glad my arms were restrained – the pain was so intense and unexpected that I’m sure I would have struck him trying to protect myself. As it was I yelled – loud.

My cry attracted some attention in the people passing the shop, and the show I was the center of quickly gathered a crowd.

A large stainless steel ring followed the needle thru my still aching nipple, and the open end of the ring was slipped thru a light chain and then dipped in super glue before being pressed firmly into the “ball” of the ring where he held it until the glue set. The other nipple was then treated in the same way and I’m sure that knowing how intense the pain would be did not at all help me prepare for the sudden agony as the sharp point again tore thru me. I was now permanently ringed with a chain running from one nipple to the other. Knowing that my flesh was penetrated by rings I did not agree to have put in and I could never remove excited me beyond belief. Although my nipples were no longer stiff they were definitely stretched by the large rings that pierced through them and the unaccustomed weight of the rings and chain caused a continuous dull ache which was nothing by comparison to the pain of the piercing. A few drops of blood had also gathered on my breasts.

After I was inspected by Sid and Kathy (and the large crowd outside) my hands were released and Kathy indicated I should get up by tugging on the leash. The bearded man sat in the spot I had just vacated and while I was trying to figure out what was going on Kathy touched my lips with a metal packet and said “Pay him”. I took the packet out of my mouth and found it was a wrapped condom (while the three of us had been tested and played together without using them, and there had never been commitments made – well except for my now belted condition I mean – no commitments not to play with others, we had all agreed that to be safe we’d always use barriers when having sex outside our threesome – it only made sense, after all it may be a commune, but these ain’t the 60’s anymore).

I understood what was required, and dropping to my knees I unzipped his pants and drew his stiffening manhood out. I did get a little “revenge” however since while he was of average size by not pulling him all the way out of his pants I made him look rather poorly hung to the crowd outside. That fun aside I gave him a very thorough, slow, sensuous, and judging by how full the condom was when he finally grunted and shot his load satisfactory blow job. I slid the condom off his cock and dropped it in the waste receptacle, then took a washcloth and towel from the sink and cleaned him up, finally tucking his now wilting member back inside his blue jeans. When I stood up the crowd outside applauded the performance and I blushed but laughed along with the others at it.

Kathy buttoned the lower half of my shirt and I was led outside and down the street to again board the bus where I’m sure the chain which now bridged from one side of my open shirt neck to the other between my tits caused even more wet dreams then our outbound ride had.

Ch IV…. To be continued

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