Angie Loves Me

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Angie’s tight ass beckoned for a good smack as she absent-mindedly bent over in front of me to grab a water bottle from the cooler during the family camping trip to the Upper Peninsula last fall. Her long legs were well tanned from days spent at the pool during the summer and she had a healthy glow about her that just made men take notice-especially me. Not-too-short shorts and ankle socks inside her Reeboks showed off her slender, muscular legs and made my cock instantly become aroused. A slight sigh escaped my lips and immediately she turned and smirked, realizing what she’d done.

“Frank, can I get you anything?” she asked.

I asked for a Coke, not really thirsty but happy to see her bent over the cooler for just a few more seconds. “Thanks,” I said, “It sure hits the spot today.”

She wore her hair down to her shoulders but kept it in a ponytail most of the time when she wasn’t teaching at the high school and her t-shirt hid her modest a-cup breasts, though once in a while when she moved just right her nipples could be seen poking through her top. Nature girl. Sexy. Sexpot. And all the while charming and reserved at the same time. I couldn’t help but lust for her, and I was sure she new of my attraction to her. Her husband never came to these things- he didn’t like long trips in the car so stayed home to play a few rounds of golf and just hang out. Cool, I thought to myself.

Family moved in and out of the cabin and nearby tents, fished from the boat I had pulled up to the lake, and talked and bs’d each other. Angie sat down next to me in a lawn chair and wiped a few drops of sweat from her forehead.

“I can’t wait for it to cool down later,” she said casually. “103 degrees is just to warm to do anything fun.” I was thinking of something fun but kept it to myself for the time being.

“A shower will feel good after it cools off 10 or 15 degrees,” I replied.

A few of the kids were splashing in the water off the very small beach, which was actually just an 8′ wide strip of sand that ran between the rocky banks that mostly encircled the lake.

“Let’s go down and keep and eye on them,” I suggested and we walked down the trail to where the kids were playing and shrieking as they had their fun.

“Jump in!” I called, urging Angie to get wet.

“You first!” she fired back, so out of my Nikes into the water I went. My khaki shorts were loose but immediately the outline of my penis showed through as the material clinged to me. No underwear for me as it was too confining and uncomfortable, when I am hard or soft.

“Nice,” she said, smiling and checking me out. The kids were having too much fun to notice or even care what the grownups were doing or saying. Good thing, I thought to myself.

“Come in, the water feels great!” She stripped off her Reeboks and socks and wiggled her toes in the sand. Her size 5 feet were sexy, too. Shapely, with high arches and long toes, they reminded me of the sexy feet I masturbate to while surfing the net and my penis started growing instantly. In half a minute I was sporting a very noticeable semi-hard erection and Angie splashed into the lake, soaking her shorts and t-shirt. She then stood up with a smile and said,

“That’s much better,” nipples poking through her transparent shirt. She took a long look at the tent in my shorts and said, “Don’t you just love it out here?”, acting like it was the beauty of nature that she thinking about but knowing full well her wet skin and protruding nipples were what caused my erection to continue to grow.

We talked and splashed around with the kids for a while and then it was time to start the evening meal.

We herded the kids back to camp and dug into the coolers to throw some burgers and hotdogs on the fire. The fires were burning brightly as the twilight fell and everyone was helping themselves to whatever they wanted. Nice to have a large family that got along so well. As we moved around the campfire and picnic tables, Angie would nonchalantly brush into me. It was not enough to arouse the suspicion of her family, folks, brothers, and one sister, but enough to arouse me. She sat across from me at a table, her legs again touching mine. At 5’1″ and 105lbs she was much shorter than my 6’3″ and 205lbs and the tables didn’t offer much extra room so a little contact wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary to a casual observer. Gentle pressure on my leg was keeping my cock aroused so that it was fairly easy to see in the light of the campfire, if anyone was paying attention. As the evening wore on the tired kids were practically falling asleep in their chairs so we put them in their sleeping bags and the adults stayed around the fire, laughing, joking, mixing drinks and doing a shot now and then. Angie wasn’t a drinker but also didn’t mind that the rest of us were. It got louder, then quieter as more people began to nod off. Two of Angie’s brothers, one of their wives and Angie and me were the last around the fire. Almost 2 in the morning we noticed and we all started heading for our tents. I zipped my front Isparta Escort door closed and stripped down naked. The cooler night air felt good but I still needed a shower. Later, I thought and layed down on my sleeping bag, slowly stroking my penis to an erection and thinking about that gorgeous Angie just one tent away.

I laid there for about half an hour then decided it was time for shower so slipped back into my shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed my shower kit and unzipped the tent door. To my surprise, Angie was coming out of her tent at the same time.

“What’s up, can’t sleep?” I asked quietly.

“Its too hot in there ” she replied.

“I’m going for that shower,” I offered and Angie looked around the campgrounds as if weighing her options.

“Me, too,” she said and we headed toward the shower house about 100 yards away. The campgrounds were quiet and not at all crowded. That’s good, I thought to myself. Only 4 or 5 other campsites looked occupied out of the 40 or so on this end of the lake. The shower house was well lit but the doors were on the opposite side from where we were camped.

“I’ll need some help washing my back,” I teased.

“Pervert,” she shot back, giving me a shove with her hip which gave me an excuse to wrap my arm around her waist as we walked.

We split as we approached the building, Angie going to the left and me to the right. On the back side, we looked mischievously at each other then entered our respective shower areas. I walked in and dropped my shorts and stripped off my t-shirt. Not bad for 36 I said to myself as I looked into the mirror. I was naturally athletic and never put on the extra pounds so many guys do. I spent all of my time outdoors, and had a deep tan except for where my shorts covered me.

I heard the water turn on and thought of Angie’s naked body only several feet away from me on the other side of the wall. I felt my penis begin to grow again as I imagined her under the shower spray, drops of water covering her skin, tan lines marking the boundaries of her hidden fruit. I stepped into the end shower, left the curtain open and turned on the water. Nobody was going to be in here at this time of night, anyway. I stood under the warm jets for several minutes, letting my mind wander, thinking of Angie right next door.

Suddenly I felt her hands on my hips, then on my stomach as she slipped her arms around me. The firm protrusions of her thick nipples poked into my me and she wrapped one leg around mine.

“Hey, how about I wash your back now?” playfully nipping my back with her teeth while her right hand wandered up to my chest, brushing my nipples and her left hand slowly dropped to my penis and testicles. For several moments her hand explored my thick member. She cupped my balls in the palm of her hand, then gently closed the circle between her forefinger and thumb, making my testicles bulge in my scrotum.

“God that looks hot,” she said, looking around to finally see my cock swaying in front of me, balls firmly in her control.

“Easy does it, let’s not get in a hurry. There won’t be anybody up for hours, ” I replied.

“Better not be, or we’ll be in so much trouble!” she laughed. Don’t I know it, I thought. Angie moved in front of me and I kissed her, tentatively at first, then with increasing fervor. My hands moved to her face as I explored her mouth with my tongue, playfully nibbled at her lips. Her arms were now wrapped around me and my cock was sandwiched between our wet bodies as we kissed and humped under the warm spray.

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” I said while reaching for the bar of soap in the tray. Our oral ministrations continued while I used one hand to hold her close while soaping her up with the other. I eased her out from under the falling water and worked her lithe body. God, her skin felt good under my hands! We didn’t talk much as I soaped her back, her shoulders, her tight butt. My hands massaged her ass cheeks, firmly squeezing them and parting them, my fingers gently exploring her crevice. With long strokes my fingers explored, moving from the small of her back, down, lightly over her anus, over her vagina. She moaned and parted her legs as much as she could, encouraging me to continue. With increasing pressure I continued over her nether parts, feeling the pucker of her anus and the folds of her pussy lips, then as I grabbed her ass cheeks placed one finger firmly on her butt hole while exploring the entrance to her vagina with the others. With no protest, I continued to work her anus and pussy and my cock was aching for some attention. I dropped to my knees and lathered her flat stomach, worked up to her nipples, then down her sexy legs.

Angie’s fingers were busy with her nipples, rubbing, pulling, squeezing. I lifted her left foot to soap it up. Her ankle grazed my cock, causing me to jerk. Angie noticed and ran her foot under my cock and balls, massaging my stiff prick with her sexy toes. My hands worked up and down her smooth legs and all I could think about was tasting her sweet Isparta Escort Bayan pussy. I stood up and declared

“My turn,” putting the bar of soap into her hands. I stepped under the water to wet down and then back out, feet apart, lifted my arms and placed my hands on the walls on either side of me.

“Do me,” I said with a wink and Angie was all over me. Her fingers felt so good on my skin that my desire for her grew even more. She stroked my chest, fingers lingering over my nipples, and worked down to my cock and balls. She masterfully stroked my shaft and massaged my sack- driving me crazy with want.

“Turn around, big guy,” she said with her small hand wrapped as far around my cock as it would go, and I did. She soaped my back and shoulders, massaged my ass, worked down my legs and then reached between my legs with one hand and stroked my cock some more, her arm brushing my heavy balls. God, that felt good. There is something about getting my cock stroked that way that is really erotic. I put my right hand over hers and helped jack myself for a few minutes, then turned and held my hand out for hers and pulled Angie to her feet. I pulled her under the water to rinse the soap from our glistening bodies.

I kissed and nibbled her neck and ear, whispering to her, “Let me taste your pussy.”

“God, I’ve wanted that forever,” she said and I dropped to my knees, parted her legs, grabbed her ass again and kissed my way to her slick, shaved lips. My tongue parted her and flicked her aroused clit and she gasped.

“Don’t stop,” she pleaded, the pent up desire clear in her voice. I continued on her clit, licking, sucking, kissing. I sucked and pulled her long labia with my lips and gently began to work my fingers into her slick vagina. Her legs trembled and I used my free hand to hold her steady as I continued to satisfy my own desires. After many minutes of tongue fucking and finger fucking I was ready for some different action.

“Would you turn around?” I asked.


My hands went straight to her ass cheeks again, my lips covering them with kisses, nibbles, suckling. “Bend over?” I suggested, and she moved out of the shower spray and with legs straight bent and placed her hands behind her calves. She was a runner and stayed very limber. The sight of her well exposed pussy and anus was incredible. I moved to a sitting position, my cock pointing between her ankles, pointed directly at her angelic face. “Wow, your cock is so big,” she said reaching for it and beginning to stroke it with one hand, ” I have wanted to see it for so long.” Wow, I thought, realizing she has the same feelings for me as I have had for her.

Her backside was at the perfect height and I went to work on her pussy again with my lips and tongue. She was moaning with pleasure and I decided to explore the boundaries some more. I kissed and nibbled all around her gorgeous ass, working first one cheek and then the other, but getting more bold and closing in on her perfectly puckered anus. I gently kissed her labia working up and down her smooth slit, then moved higher, innocently placing a kiss on her butthole and moving on again. Getting no reaction to stop, I did it again, then several times. Her moans and whimpers continued and her vagina was so wet with her juices that I knew whatever I would do would be ok. I tongued her slick hole, then kissed my way to her anus, finally using my tongue to circle her dark ring.

“Oh, GOD” she moaned, spasms coursing through her legs. I licked and sucked her pussy and anus for several more minutes, stopping when my cock’s desire for her could no longer be ignored. “I need to fuck you, Angie, angel” I said to her.

“God I need your cock,” she replied and I stood, positioning myself behind her. Ange placed one hand on the shower wall in front of her while reaching between her legs and diddling her clit with the fingers of her other.

“Damn, THAT IS SEXY,” I said to her.

“Do you like that?” she asked in a little girl voice.

“You don’t know how much that turns me on.” I replied.

“By the looks of your cock I think I do. That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen” she laughed.

Precum was forming in drops at the tip of my cock. Ange reached back through her legs and dipped a finger in it, then placed the finger to her lips, sucking it in.

“Mmmm, that’s sweet.” She reached back again, then pulled my cock to her engorged pussy lips.

“I need you, NOW!” she hissed, working my cockhead into her hot snatch, mixing precum with her flowing juices. I worked myself into her tight vagina a little at a time, slowly pushing in and withdrawing slightly until my 8″ was fully inside. I pushed deeper, feeling the tip of my cock at her cervix. God that felt good.

I began stroking in and out, her vagina taking my whole manhood now, and with my hands on her hips began to increase my intensity, slamming my hips into her ass harder and harder. Her little titties danced each time I pounded into her and Angie’s moans became louder Escort Isparta and louder. “God, I’m going to cum!” she gasped as I stroked like a piston in and out of her.

“I hope you can keep going,” I said back to her, “because I could fuck you all night like this. I want to give you so many orgasms that you lose count.”

“Oh, God,” she moaned, “I’m cumming!” and her legs began to buckle. I held her hips firmly and slammed my cock deep into her as she came all over it.

“God, that felt good. I don’t know if I can take any more, though!” she gasped and began to raise up. My hands and arms wrapped around her, my cock still impaling her tight cunt.

“I’m not done yet,” I whispered in her ear as I kissed and nibbled her neck.

“Frank, I can’t take any more of that huge thing,” she said, “But don’t worry, you won’t go to sleep unsatisfied,” she added, grinning at me.

I reluctantly eased my cock from her pussy and Ange pulled me under the shower spray again. Even though it was hot and steamy I think we were both glad the hot water was holding out. She dropped to her knees and kissed my cockhead, drawing it into her mouth. With one hand and her mouth Angie fucked my cock and with the other hand massaged my balls and occasionally let her fingers stray up towards my anus. That sent waves of excitement through me and I parted my feet and legs, giving in to her uninhibited desires. She let my cock free and pushing it to the side attacked my ball sack with her lips and tongue, suck one nut and then the other into her mouth. Pulling back each time, she let my testicles go with a ‘plop’ and started in again. The nature girl was good. My little sexpot I thought, smiling.

Ange’s expertise was certain and in minutes I could feel my balls tightening, my head losing control. “My turn to cum,” I said. “You’re too good, I can’t take much more.”

“Cum in my mouth, big guy,” she said, sucking my cock with more intensity. Her fingers wrapped around the base of my prick, making it even more stiff than I thought it could get, veins standing out in angry reds and purples all round my shaft. As she held firm and sucked me off I felt like I had just grown another half inch.

Suddenly I lost all control and my semen began shooting into Ange’s open mouth. She jacked my shaft and sucked my cockhead, causing me to nearly collapse. Semen was on her lips and chin and she stood up. She pushed my back to the small wooden bench near to open shower curtain and I sat down. She straddled my hips, her knees on the bench on either side of me and deftly returned my still-hard cock to her pussy. She sank down to the hilt and at the same time kissed me. I opened my mouth to French kiss her and suddenly my semen mixed with her saliva poured into my mouth.

“Mmm” was all I could say as we passionately kissed. Ange humped my cock for several minutes as our mouths continued to share my slightly sweet, slightly bitter load of cum. Damn, she did sexy things!

“I’m going to cum again, Frank. You’re cock is going to make my pussy cum again.” She moaned into my ear.

“Cum for me, you little sexpot, cum for me again. Are you going to cum on my big penis?”

“Oh GOD…GODDDD! Oh GOD! Your penis feels so good!” And her orgasm overtook her once again, making her body shudder against mine, pussy grinding into me. For several minutes we sat that way, recovering from the exertion. My cock was still hard as she eased off of me and it was time to get cleaned up and get back to our tents.

We stood and moved back under the shower- still hot. Ange soaped her slick pussy and legs, washing away the evidence of our escapade, except for her obviously abused and engorged pussy lips. I took the soap and lathered my cock, saying “Would you like to watch?”

“Ok, Frank, but hurry,” Ange replied as I jacked off in front of her. For several minutes I worked my cock, Angie’s eyes alternately observing me working my manhood and the expressions of pleasure on my face. She smiled, enjoying the show I was putting on for her. Soon I could feel another ejaculation coming.

“Here it comes, Angie…ready?” She nodded, smiling.

I erupted with streams of semen shooting across the shower each time my cock spasmed. They hit Angie’s legs and she watched me as my agony subsided. “God you have a lot of semen in there,” she said, gently holding my balls again with her left hand.

“That’s what you do to me, Angie. I love you.” I said quietly in reply and pulled her tightly into my arms.

“I love you, too, Frank,” she whispered back to me, knowing the tragedy of the situation. She had a husband and 2 children. I was married to her sister, but childless.

We held each other, kissing in the afterglow for several more minutes before we let go. “Better get back to camp,” I said.

“Yeah, we better.”

Angie left the showers first. I waited several minutes to make sure there were no other people up and around to observe the coincidental return of the two of us. Sensing the coast was clear I quickly headed back to my tent. It was still very warm and again I layed on top of my sleeping bag. God, Angie was hot. How far would she let me go with her perfect, beautiful ass, I wondered? I replayed the adventure I had just experienced in my head again before nodding off for a few hours of much-needed sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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