Angry GF Ch. 01

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“Do you know what I want to do you?” I whispered in my gf’s ears.

We were lying on her bed. She was lying sideways with me behind her in a spooning position. My gf is hot. She’s got a thick voluptuous body. Holding her with my crotch pressed against her bodacious ass is more than erotic. But, we were having a fight. Apparently I was not spending enough time with her and she felt neglected.

To make my case, I was having a hard time at the office. My asshole of a manager was dumping all his work on me under the pretence of “helping me grow in my career” while he was busy flirting with girls at the office. So I was pulling all nighters not wanting to say anything until I found a better job.

But of course, your gf won’t accept this excuse if you are telling the same for over a month. So she was giving me the ‘silent’ treatment. She hadn’t uttered a single word all night.

“I want to feel you. I want to feel every inch of your body” I said as I put my hand on her hips and squeezed it. She was wearing a long oversized T shirt and shorts. It was easy access. I slid my hand inside her t-shirt feeling her skin. I moved towards her navel and slowly started drawing circles around it.

“I want to kiss you” I whispered as I placed a soft kiss on her neck just below her ear. I moved my hand up searching for her tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I took her right tit which fit my entire palm perfectly. Escort Bayan I gave it a gentle squeeze. I think I heard her let out a gasp. I could feel her nipples getting hard.

For the next few minutes, my hands were busy playing with her tits while I kept kissing and nibbling at her ear and neck.

“You have such good tits, honey. I can play with them all night. But right now.. I want to feel your pussy,” I said as I moved my hand down.

I put my hand inside her shorts and slipped it inside her panty. She spread her legs just a bit, enough for my hand to cup her pussy.

I could feel the hotness in between her legs. And she was wet. With the tip of my middle finger, I traced her lovehole. I was mentally noting everything as if this was the first time I was feeling her pussy. The outline, her clit.. her hole.. which was now getting more wet.

My cock was hard. And it was safely nestled in between her ass cheeks. As my fingers explored her pussy, my cock enjoyed the squeeze it felt every now and then from her big round ass.

“I want to feel your pussy. Not on my fingers. No. I want to feel it around my cock,” I said.

I pulled out my hand from her pussy, gripped her shorts and in one motion pulled it down along with her panty. She raised her hips helping me with the deed. But she hadn’t yet said anything to me. Hmm. Let’s see how long you can stay silent.

I Escort pulled my pants and boxers down. Holding her hips I adjusted her body to get a nice angle. She arched her ass up. I aimed my cock and gave a slight push. She was so wet that my cockhead went in without any resistance. ‘ahh’ I heard her voice for the first time that night.

I slowly pushed my cock fully inside her. Balls deep. But, I didn’t move. I put my hand back inside her T-shirt and onto her tits. I stayed still. I wanted to see how long she would stay silent like this.

With my head behind hers, my mouth on her ears, I continued talking in a raspy voice

“God, your pussy feels so damn good. Do you like how my cock feels inside you?”

No reply.

“You are so wet. I can feel you wetting my cock.”

No reply.. but her breathing was getting heavy.

“Don’t you want to squeeze my cock??”

I felt her hips move. Slowly..

“Don’t you want fuck my cock? Don’t you want me.. to fuck you?”

She looked behind over her hips where my crotch was pressed hard at her ass. Nothing could be seen. My cock was so deep inside her. Our crotch was connected as one.

She put her hand behind and over my ass. She squeezed my ass. She was trying to make me push my cock up and into her while she gyrated her ass. But I didn’t move an inch. She tried her best and finally gave up.

“Oh god! Pleasee fuck me!” Bayan Escort She pleaded. And I happily obliged.

I pulled my ass back and pushed it giving her my entire cock. ‘ah’ her head bent forward while she pushed her ass back. I started driving my cock in and out of her in a steady rhythm. In and out. Long and deep strokes.

Soon we were fucking each other harder and faster. I moved my hand to inbetween her legs. She understood and lifted her left leg up giving me all the access I needed. I touched her clit and started rubbing it in circles. She was moaning heavily now. But never for once, I stopped fucking her. She was squeezing my ass, her nails digging into my skin.

I started to literally pound her from behind. We were frantically fucking each other wanting to reach that end line.

“Don’t you want to cum all over on my cock?” I asked.

“Yes baby…please… give it to me. Fuck me!!” She screamed.

I put my hand on her hip holding her firmly in place and started pumping her with short but faster strokes. I was using all the energy my ass could muster and she took it all.

“Ahh.. ahh… yes… shit…” I felt her shudder as I felt my balls tighten. She clutched the bedsheet and started cumming. It was all too much for me as well. I started cumming hard.. One. Two. Three. I lost count of the times I shot my cum inside her.. It took us some time to recover. I turned her head sideways and kissed her full on the lips.

“Am sorry. I couldn’t give you my time” I apologized.

“Tomorrow is Sunday. You are all mine,” She said.

I was semi hard and still inside her. She was slowly gyrating her ass.

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