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It was a beautiful Sunday morning and in my 4WD was driving home from a small town about 50km to the south. Warm sun, chill music and no traffic always puts me in a good mood. Life was good.

There was however another reason for my smile.

You see the fly of my shorts was open, my cock was out and wrapped around my 7 ½ inch hardon was a small hand belonging to my friend Anne. She was rubbing it, moving it about with her tiny fingers, thumbing the head and coating it with the drops of precum she skilfully coaxed out of it. Amusing herself by playing with my meaty lovestick and feeling the heft of it as though renewing acquaintances with an old friend was a purely self-indulgent act for Anne. The damp spot spreading on the crotch of her cream coloured shorts confirmed this.

Before I get too far ahead of the story, a bit about me. My name is Mike. I stand 6’2′, about 190lbs, tanned with broad shoulders and an athletic build, the result of years of football and swimming. I was a gym junkie but now pushing 50 and owning my own business in the country, I take things a bit easier and well, the washboard abs have given way to the beginnings of a small keg. It gets harder as you enjoy life but I still had my boyish looks and a full head of short wavy, greying hair and I get hit on regularly by my wife’s friends and her sisters and aunts. That’s a whole other story.

Anne on the other hand was single. She was a petite woman of Chinese descent with a beautiful oval face and full lips that reminded me of Jessica Biel. She stood about 5’2″ and had a slim build with a small waist, beautiful, silky smooth olive skin, black hair that reached the middle of her back and a set that was about 32C. Not overly large but with her build and tiny waist, she was a wet dream even though most times she dressed conservatively to hide it. I knew from experience that she had a body made for sin and when turned on, an appetite to match.

Anne was a year ahead of me and we met at high school at the drama group. We got along from the start and dated for a little while but apart from some kissing, groping and plenty of oral never went any further. We were young and naive and well, fooling around without protection was taboo back then. Come college and we went our separate ways as is the way.

I bumped into Anne some ten years later when I was living on the east coast. We both came around a corner in town and recognised each other immediately. She’d shed some puppy fat and I was taller and more muscled but otherwise looked the same.

After the usual hugs and kisses we stopped for a coffee and did some catching up. We were both in our late 20s then and I was managing a small I.T. firm in town while she was teaching some form of yoga. Still single and health focussed Anne had just moved there but didn’t know anyone so I guess it was an opportune meeting for her. After checking with my partner I invited her to our place for dinner. My girlfriend Barbara and I had an apartment on the outskirts of town and since Anne didn’t drive, I offered to pick her up and for her to camp at our place over the weekend. She jumped at that.

Barbara was the blond version of Anne with another 20lbs. In other words, not plump but sexy and curvey in all the right places. We’d met while rooming in the same house and we had a platonic relationship, each with our own circle of friends and friends with benefits until one night after a few too many we somehow ended up in bed together. That was 3 years ago and we haven’t been apart since. Barbara worked as a lobbying consultant and was very good at it. We had some rigorous conversations but respect each other immensely. I loved her brains as much as the rest of her.

The other thing that attracted me to Barbara was that she was just as rigorous in bed. Not oral so much but hard and fast, bed and wall wrecking sex was what my Babs loved, especially on her knees. If I was on top, she loved me putting one hand under her butt and the other on top of her head so she could held in place and pounded into orgasm after orgasm. She often told me after a torrid, sweaty fuck that if I looked down her throat, I should be able to see the head of my cock. She was funny and I really loved her.

Well the weekend came and despite my concerns Anne and Barbara got on like a house on fire. So much so that I wondered if they were the old friends instead of Anne and me. Not that I minded. From what I’ve seen and read, the meeting the ex- thing can go sideways in so many ways. Lucky me.

Anyway, the weekend was great and when Monday came, Barbara left for work as usual while I stayed home to work on a project. Anne slept in having decided to stay another couple of nights as she didn’t have any yoga classes till Wednesday. She didn’t know anyone else anyway so I at Barbara’s suggestion was recruited as tour guide. I was to get her acquainted with all the sights and landmarks and especially all the shopping malls so they could go on retail therapy weekends Escort Bayan together and soon.

After breakfast I sat down on the sofa still in my robe as was my habit to enjoy the rest of my morning cuppa while checking emails on my laptop. Soon I head the door of the spare room open and then the door of the bathroom open and close.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” I yelled out. I heard some mumbled reply. Too much wine from the night before probably.

She emerged a little later with a towel around her, stood in front of me, bent down to plant a kiss on my lips and said “Mmmmm… It is a good morning,” before flopping down on my right. The scent of soap and perfume hit me at once and I inhaled deeply while closing my eyes. My cock woke up too and I was glad I had my laptop on my lap or I’m sure my robe would’ve flown open. A few more inhalations and I swear I would’ve catapulted that laptop clear across the lounge.

Thankfully Anne broke my reverie before I did any damage. “So, what are we doing today?” she enquired.

“Well,” I replied, “looks like I’m going to do some work while bum around the house in a short towel”.

This earned me a punch on the shoulder followed by an “Ow!” from her.

I chuckled and said “I think you got this wrong sweetie, the one getting punched is supposed to say Ow!”

“I know,” she said. “I have a stiff shoulder. I can’t seem to get used to the bed where I’m staying and I think hitting your stupid shoulder just made it worse, you bully. Wait till I tell Barbara”.

“Oh thanks,” I replied. “I’d plead my case as victim but you bloody women always stick together anyway”. We both laughed.

She then placed her left hand on my thigh and asked, “Mike, do you still do yoga like we used to at school?”

“No,” I replied. “Well, it’s been a while and I’ve forgotten most of it”.

“Although I still give Barbara a special massage every now and then,” I added with a cheeky grin.

“Sure Romeo but seriously can you see if you can get this knot out of my shoulder? It’s been troubling me all week and I know you are good with your hands,” she asked. “I’d be ever so grateful,” she added with a wink.

“Sure,” I said putting down my laptop. “Turn around and let me see”. Meanwhile I sent a message to my little fella who had been eavesdropping to cool it. We’d had ‘Hello’ kisses so far but this was skin contact and I didn’t want to remember how good she felt.

Turning away from me, Anne adjusted her towel a little and reaching over her shoulder, pulled her long dark hair over to her front and out of the way. As soon as I placed my hands on her shoulders I knew I was in dangerous territory. As I said earlier, Anne has beautiful, silky smooth skin. The kind you want to rub, squeeze, lick, kiss or sink your teeth into and with luck, make glisten with perspiration.

I felt around, found a few tight spots and began to massage. You’d have to be brain dead to not know where this was going.

“Mmmmm…,” she moaned. “I love your hands. They are so large and manly but also soft and gentle. Barbara is a lucky gal”.

I smiled too remembering how my “manly” hands and fingers used to get her sopping wet. Actually touching her flesh again enhanced those memories. She did always turn me on just by being close by and this was her way of finding out if she still had that effect on me. My cock was starting to tent my robe. Looking around for a handy cushion to cover my growing fatness I lost concentration for a second but hoped she wouldn’t notice. Like hell.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “Is the angle wrong?”.

“Err… Yes”, I replied. “We’re both twisted at an angle and…”.

Before I could finish she started turning towards me and said, “Perhaps if I lay down”.

Next thing I knew she had stretched out on the sofa and lay down resting her head on the cushion covering my groin, her head turned towards me and her arms by her side. “Is this better?” she asked, her cheek pressing down on the cushion and flattening my erection. The little minx had her answer.

I just looked at her. I opened my mouth but no words came out.

“Nope”, she added, “this damn cushion makes my head too high”. Before I could respond, she had snatched the cushion and tossed it on the carpet. Then she lowered her head again, still facing me closed her eyes and rested her right cheek squarely on my erection still pretending that she was just trying to get comfy.

All this happened in a manner of seconds and I remember thinking how there was no mistaking her “sore shoulder” ploy now as anything but an act to play doctor. She wanted me and she was determined.

All pretence gone now, she smiled, lifted her cheek and propping herself on her elbows, peeled the two sides of my robe aside and freed my cock. Actually, it sprang out like a coiled snake barely missing her nose. Instead of surprise, there was just the sweetest of devilish smiles on her face. “Hello you,” she Escort said. Cheeky slut.

After a moment or two, Anne wrapped both her hands around it, sniffed at it and planting a soft kiss on the tip looked up at me and smiled. In her eyes, possession was ownership and she had just reclaimed my cock. She felt all around it, tilting it this way and that as she inspected her prize. Being tiny, she could not fully wrap either hand all the way around so held it with one hand above the other. This still left the head exposed. I think she was impressed. I still had no words but right then I was so hard I swear I could cut diamonds with my stiffy.

Weren’t she and my Barbara new best buddies? You remember, your girlfriend, Barbara? Don’t get me wrong, Barbara and I had an open relationship but I had never done anything without her knowing first and never at our place. She must have known this could happen. So while part of me was looking forward to what was coming next, another part of me was looking at the front door. This may sound disgusting to some but the fear of being caught simply enhanced my arousal.

“You’re bigger,” she said casually, while skilfully rubbing her hands up and down my throbbing shaft just inches from her lips. Now and then her thumbs would trail the middle tube on the underside of my cock all the way down past my testicles, rubbing, pressing and searching.

“Thanks, it’s all the weight training I used to do,” I replied. “They have cock weights nowadays you know,” I added trying to make light of it. Last time I played with Anne, there was no Barbara. If I didn’t stop this now, I would not be able to look her in the eye again. I’ve got to fight this, soon, yes I will.

Meanwhile, down at my groin Anne was rolling my heavy cum-filled balls in one hand while squeezing a stream of precum out of my shaft with the other. Damn, she knew which buttons to press in my libido and I was rapidly losing ground in my inner battle.

Then with her eyes locked on mine, she slowly bowed her head, pursed those succulent lips and sipped the droplets of man juice off the tip. Oh god, she so good at this. She then made a great show of enjoying my tasty syrup, swallowed and licked her lips before opening once more to engulf the my now purple cock head in her warm, moist mouth. An involuntary moan escaped my lips as my hips lifted in appreciation. What battle?

All I could think now was more please and if this was part of her advanced yoga class, I am so going to join up.

Feeling totally at home with my cock in her hands now, Anne sucked, licked and inch by inch took more and more of my cock into her hungry mouth. Her touch was just right and I could feel the sides of her cheeks and her teeth. I could do little but tremble and moan each time I felt her moist lips slipping over the mushroom head and sliding down the shaft accompanied by her tongue licking the underside and then the gentle suction as she withdrew and a few twirls of her tongue around the head as she reached the end. This combined with her left hand clamped around the base of my cock while the fingers of her right hand pressed and rubbed the sensitive tube beneath my boiling balls had successfully diverted all blood flow to my brain. I was her quivering ecstatic toy.

As i said earlier, Barbara and I had sex several times a week but this was the polar opposite to Barbara’s preference for little oral and slambam. With Anne my body being taken to places long since forgotten and she was reminding me how much I missed them and her.

In her fervour, Anne did try several times down to deepthroat me but couldn’t. It wasn’t that we both didn’t want to, her back teeth were in the way and there was no way she could open her tiny mouth wide enough for my fat cock to squeeze past. 6 inches in but the other 1 1/2 missed out. Not that I was complaining, or giving much thought about anything for that matter. Right then, all I could think of was the amazing sensations Anne was giving my cock as I watched her feasting in delight, her eyes closed as she again felt, tasted and memorised every inch of my meat with her tongue. Her lips stretched taught each time she sank down on me until her throat bulged each time she bottomed out. Clumsy, fumbing teenagers at school but still virgins and a decade later, here she was giving me the best head I had ever experienced. I don’t know where she picked up these skills but I was ever so grateful.

I would have popped sooner but she knew how to control and squeeze off any shortcomings. It seemed that she had planned this feast and would not be denied her fill. I was happy to oblige but I could do more than just enjoy myself, surely.

Placing my right hand on her back, I tugged and removed the now superfluous towel from around her and gazed admiringly at the beautiful woman lying across my sofa, her large tits pushed out her sides and her head bobbing slowly up and down my cock as I ran my hands over her back and over her smooth Bayan Escort round butt, squeezed each round cheek and slid between her slightly parted thighs.

She was soaking wet and unshaven which for an Asian woman, meant a light covering of short fine hair and that was what welcomed my finger as I slipped one between her small vaginal lips and into her hot pussy.

“Mmmmm…mmmmmm…”, she moaned without missing a beat as I slid a finger it in and out. I didn’t want her to stop but perhaps I could keep holding off my orgasm if I distracted her a little. She was tight but stretched easily as I slipped in a second finger. Damn, i really, really had to get in there.

“Oh!”, she exclaimed softly before working harder on my cock. My playing with her seemed to increase her desire to devour my cockmeat which by the way was now so hard it was numb with pleasure.

Having practiced yoga for many years, I could hold back my orgasm for as long as I wanted to. A talent my lovers had always marvelled at and appreciated. It was purely out of self-interest. I enjoyed being on a high for as long as possible. Sex after all was a journey and not a destination. It also made them come back for more, even the ones with partners who were not getting satisfied at home. I know it’s not right and unfair but I was discrete and I reckon I probably saved a few relationships by filling a gap and by helping to indirectly educate some men who were under-delivering in bed.

Wanting to test Anne’s elasticity some more, I slipped a third finger into her pussy and as she parted her legs further, a fourth. She lifted her head off my cock and gasped without opening her eyes before plunging down yet again to shove my cock into the back of her throat once more, this time she took in another inch teeth or no teeth. It hurt but I loved it. The sucking, the scraping and the chewing plus the wet slurping noise was all too much and I couldn’t possibly hold on any longer.

Both of us perspiring now, I was breathing heavily and gasping for air as I pounded her sodden pussy with my fingers, plungin them in and twisting it this way and that making making wet squishy noises. Her pussy now accommodated all my fingers but didn’t feel any tighter than when I had just one finger in. Fucking amazing

Her sucking, her tongue twirling around the head, the way her mouth never lost contact and the suction no matter which way she turned and bobbed her head was more than any mortal could bear. My balls were going to burst and I could hear my blood pounding in my skull. I was slowly liting off the sofa as my cheeks tightened as I placed my hand on the back of her head but no.

Instead I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and I gently cupping her chin, reluctantly lifted her away from my cock. She wasn’t at all surprised. This was how we played or more correctly, used to play. My purple numb cock and my aching balls could wait.

She looked at me knowing, smiled with swollen lips and rolled on her side still facing me and for the first time I gazed upon her naked front and those magnificent boobs. The girl I used to play with was now all woman. Her tits were fuller and round and hung just right with a hint of teardrops. Her brown nipples were the size of grapes surround by equally brown, palm-sized aureoles. I wanted to devour them too, right after I sucked her pussy dry.

She stared wordlessly as she followed my admiring gaze, not expecting and not questioning. It was as though she knew before I did, that what was to be will be. She wanted it and she knew I did too. It was as though we were simply doing what we were meant to, were going to, a decade ago.

I took off my robe and let her see me in the nude for the first time as well. Silently she reached out with her left hand to rub my chest and then across to lightly pinch my nipple. First one and then the other. I gasped each time, my cock twitching with it. It didn’t escape her.

Anne then sat up on her knees beside me, facing the back of the couch, leant across me, placing her right hand on the sofa to prop herself up and leaned in to plant a kiss on my right nipple. I closed my eyes as another moan escaped my lips.

Then she clamped her lips and teeth around the nipple and sucked hard while nibbling the little nub.

I closed my eyes from the pleasure and my head rolled back onto the back of the sofa as I felt my cock twitch and send more precum out my peephole ensuring that my sexual high was still in the stratosphere.

To be continued.

Sorry readers, I do realise that this recollection is a long way from my Sunday drive in the first paragraph. So I will leave that part of it here. My inevitable consummation with Anne and our on and off tryst over the next 10 years I will write in chapters 1 and 2.

Let’s for now get back to this instalment and why Anne was playing with my cock while I drove.

It started about a month ago. After 6 years of marriage sex between Yvonne and I was still fantastic. She loved sex and we fucked at least 3-4 times a week. She loved it from behind, sometimes a bit roughly while having her butt and tits spanked and occasionally, being choked or having her hair pulled while I slammed into her.

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