Another First

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I became aware at about 20 that there were a group of men in the city that hung around a garden/ park on the side of the river valley beside the local radio station. When going home late in the evening there was always someone walking around there and I soon learned that there was an easy way for a young guy to get off if I was willing to play with men. Since my earlier experiences with men I met at the city hall bathroom that thought didn’t bother me at all.

One night having had a few drinks at the local bar frequented by most of our university crowd I was setting out for home and decided I’d drop by the park and see what if anything was going on. Sure enough there were a few men wandering around the paths through the garden and the bushes so I entered and started down the hill away from the road. Soon another man about 30 tall and neatly dressed was following me and as I slowed down he asked me if I was looking for some fun. When I said yes he suggested going a little farther down the path to a bit of a clearing between some bushes where we would be well hidden from view. That suited me fine but I was somewhat taken aback when I got there to find another man already in the clearing.

The first guy said not to worry because they knew each other and were actually looking for someone they could both play with. I wasn’t entirely sure about that but when they started to talk with me neither was aggressive and so I stayed. The one who had spoken to me first started rubbing my legs and back which felt nice and as I started getting an erection the talk turned to whether I liked girls or boys or both. I explained I went both ways but didn’t have a steady girl at the time and so my options for relief were a bit limited. The other guy was quieter and leaning against the trunk of a tree I realized he was rubbing his canlı bahis own cock through his pants and watching the 2 of us. My new friend started rubbing the rising mound in my pants and then suggested I might be more comfortable with it out instead.

With that I undid my belt and pulled down my zipper and fished my already hard cock out of my underpants. He continued to rub and caress it gently and slowly with his hands as I got used to being exposed in the cool night air. The second man came over and standing behind me he started rubbing my shoulders with one hand and my hip and side of my leg with the other. The first guy got down on his knees and started to suck on me then which of course I loved. While he was doing that I felt the other man start and then succeed in pulling my pants lower so I was more exposed. He also started to squeeze and kneed my ass while his friend was sucking on me from the front.

All this was making me feel really nice and I felt the guy behind me start running his hand up and down the crack of my ass which felt a little strange but also nice. He took a finger and licked it and then slid it down right to my asshole which made me jump a bit. With the one guy sucking slowly on my now rock hard dick the other started playing with my ass. No one had ever done that o me before but it felt great and I started to moan. The one sucking stopped for a bit and told me to relax and not come too quick which was going to be difficult if he had kept going. He used his hands reaching around from the front to grab both cheeks of my ass and hold them apart while the guy behind wet his finger again and then I felt him push it into my ass. The feeling was a tiny bit painful at first but he told me to just take a deep breath and relax mentioning how tight my ass was. I said no one had ever done that bahis siteleri before and he chuckled assuring me I’d like it in a few minutes. He was right

He worked his finger slowly deeper into me and although I didn’t know what it was then when he reached my prostrate the feeling was incredible. I gasped in a breath and he asked if he had found a good spot. I said yes and the guy in front went back to sucking on my cock which by then was leaking precum like crazy. This was all too much for me and I started to grunt and then started spurting shot after shot of come into his mouth. The guy with the finger in me said he could feel the muscles clenching as I came and I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

After a moment recovering the sucker stood up and undid his pants revealing a nice sized cock to me. I took it in my hand and started jacking him off glad to find him getting hard in my hand right away. I was about to get to my knees when the guy behind me told me to just bend over to suck him not kneel down. At the same time I felt him applying some lotion to my ass and asking again if it felt ok. I mumbled yes just before I took the ready cock into my mouth.

The next few minutes were a swirl of sensations. The hot hard cock in my mouth was growing as I sucked on it and I had a finger in my ass again probing around my prostrate. Then I felt another pang as I realized he had put a second finger into me but it wasn’t too bad and after a minute as my ass go used to the extra width it was fine again. My own cock was starting to rise again from all the attention and I could taste precum from the cock I was sucking.

The man behind me took his fingers out of my ass and I felt him start to press what I knew was his cock against my asshole. I wasn’t sure about that but again he said to try and relax bahis şirketleri and it would be fine. I felt the pressure increase and then in an instant I felt the head of his cock enter me with a quick burning pain. He just stood still while I gasped a few times and stopped sucking on the first one. His cock was quite a bit bigger than his 2 fingers had been but again in a few minutes my ass seemed to relax and accept the intrusion. He poured more lube over his cock and started inching farther into me telling me how good it felt. It wasn’t feeling particularly good to me but it wasn’t too bad either and so I stayed bent over while he worked his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. The guy in front of me wiped his cock back over my lips and I opened my mouth to take him in again.

And then I realized I was enjoying it all. My own cock was almost completely hard again and I started sucking hungrily on the cock in my mouth. The cock in my ass was brushing past my prostrate giving me that strange almost electric feeling and then both of them started fucking me slowly and gently one in my mouth and one in my ass. In a few minutes the guy in my mouth said he was going to come and I just sucked him harder till he was shooting into my mouth and I was swallowing his come. Just as he was finishing I felt the guy in my ass shove in as far as he could and then hold still and then I felt his cock jerking in my ass as he dumped a load of come inside me. At that I grabbed my own cock and stroking it a few times I shot a load out into the grass coming for the second time in less than 30 minutes as the guy behind me finished jerking and pulled his cock slowly out of my ass.

After a few minutes to get my breath back I pulled up my pants, we all said good night and I continued on my way home. The next day my ass was sore but that went away in a few days and although I don’t do it often I have taken a few others in the ass since then. All this was way back in the early seventies before AIDS became a problem. Not something I do anymore now in my old age.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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