Another Good Workout

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Marti was gone when I woke. The only evidence that she had really been with me was the rumpled pillow beside mine, and the pleasant soreness of my body. She had really given me a work out!

Now what? I wondered. What kind of relationship were we to have? Was this just a one-night thing, an expression of intense lust? Or would it become something more lasting? I didn’t know, but I hoped I would find out soon. I had to be with her again!

Having the day off I cleaned my house from top to bottom, as if I were expecting company. Then I went shopping, buying the sexiest, raciest, naughtiest lingerie I could find. The night wore on and on. I waited breathlessly for the doorbell to ring.

It never did.

In the morning my eyes showed the signs of my restless night. Dark puffy circles made my light blue eyes seem huge and liquid. Friends called and invited me over for an impromptu barbeque, needing a single woman to flesh out the guest tally. Never mind that all my friends knew which side my bread was buttered on.

I would have enjoyed myself, if my mind weren’t constantly wandering back to my magnificent night with Marti. When I let loose a huge sigh for the hundredth time my friend Laura took me by the arm and led me into the house.

Upstairs in her bedroom she looked at me sternly, hands on her hips.

“Spill it.” She demanded.

“I don’t know what you mean.” She knew better.

“The last time you moped around like this was in college when you had fallen for that little bank teller.” She sat beside me and put an arm around my shoulders. “So tell me all.”

It felt good to tell her all about Marti. How I had wanted her for so long and how she had taken matters into her own hands when my courage failed me. I told her of my confusion and how unsure I was about where things would go from there. Laura patted my knee and gave me a hug.

“Just relax.” She advised. “If it is meant to be more, it will be. Don’t push things, just let them happen.”

When the party wore down I was feeling the effects of too much barbeque. My body felt sluggish and lethargic. I decided to wind down the day with a trip to the gym.
There were more people at the gym than usual for this time of night. I saw Marti at the far side of the weight room, spotting for a cute redhead. She looked up as I walked past and flashed that smug grin of hers. I inclined my head once in acknowledgment and kept walking. Something in her expression made me smile. What did she expect? That I would simper and fawn all over her? Not this girl!

I took my place on one of the treadmills starting slow and working my way up to a fast jog. When I had worked up a really good sweat I moved over to the strength training machines. I pushed myself until my muscles hummed. I took the time to cool down and then decided that a good way to end my workout was a nice relaxing stint in the sauna.

In the locker room I stripped off my clothes and wrapped a white towel around my hips. The intense steamy heat struck me as I passed through the inner door of the women’s sauna; sweat canlı bahis began to run in rivulets down my body. There was no one else in the steam filled room so I spread my towel out on the bench and lay down on my back. My mind drifted and I let all of my muscles go slack.

I heard the swoosh of the door and reluctantly opened one eye. Some of the women who came to this gym were a bit prudish about blatant nudity and I was hoping it wasn’t one of them coming into the room. I didn’t feel like covering myself, and I wasn’t about to put up with disapproving snorts. I had to fight to keep from sitting up in surprise when I saw the figure standing in the doorway.

Marti was leaning against the doorjamb smiling as her gaze traveled over my bare, glistening skin. I swallowed and forced myself to close my eye, pretending indifference.

“Mind closing the door?” I asked, my voice languid and low. “You’re letting the heat out.”

I heard the door close and Marti move across the room. I could feel the heat intensify as she stood over me.

“You were really pushing yourself out there tonight.” She said in a conversational tone. I shifted a bit as if settling in more comfortably and let one leg drop off the bench, my thighs parted slightly. I heard Marti inhale slowly.

“I had to work off a little overindulgence.”

“Making up for taking the night off last night?”

Is that why she hadn’t come back last night? Had she been waiting for me to come in to the gym? I let the silence grow between us then sat up and pulled the towel around my waist again, leaving her question unanswered.

“Well, have a good evening, Marti.” I said walking toward the door. My grand exit was spoiled when the door refused to open. I looked over my shoulder and saw that grin on Marti’s face. “The door?”

“Oh sorry. “ She said. “ I closed the sauna for maintenance and locked the doors. Here, I’ll let you out.”

Jingling her keys Marti walked toward me. I took a step back to let her get to the door, but she turned and looked at me. Her eyes lingered on my bare breasts causing my nipples to crinkle and harden. She ran the tip of her tongue along her bottom lip and I shivered. I knew just how those lips would feel wrapped around my sensitive nipples, how her tongue would flick and swirl until I was out of my mind. She looked up into my eyes and I saw sheer, powerful lust burning there.

“On second thought….” She said and suddenly reached out and grabbed the towel around my waist and used it to pull me to her. I gasped, bringing my hands up to her shoulders and grasping the fabric of her t-shirt tightly. Our lips met in a furious kiss, our tongues chasing each other around and around. The towel slid from my hips and pooled on the floor at my feet. I pulled at Marti’s t-shirt, frantically trying to lift it over her head. I was desperate to feel her flesh against mine.

The frustration I had felt the night before and all day today flared hotly in my body. I knew what I wanted and she was right here with me in a locked room. I was going to have her! I pushed bahis siteleri Marti back until her knees bumped against a nearby bench.

“Whoa!” She said against my mouth, “Easy baby…..”

I pressed my lips hard against hers, silencing her as I pushed her shirt up. Marti never wore a bra, her small, firm breasts not needing any artificial support. I covered her warm flesh with my hands, pressing and kneading as my mouth devoured hers. I felt the moan that couldn’t escape past our joined lips vibrate her tongue against mine. I captured one hardened nipple between thumb and forefinger and tweaked it, pulling and releasing it quickly. I felt Marti’s hands at my waist pulling me closer to her, but I had other ideas.

Reaching down I took hold of Marti’s wrists and pulling them away from my body and behind her back. I leaned back and looked into her eyes for a moment. Her curiosity was evident, but there was also an intense expression I didn’t recognize at first. In a second it had connected with a memory in my mind. I had seen this look in the eyes of a cat playing with a mouse it had caught. The cat was letting the mouse think it had escaped, watching it with this same expression just before it pounced and took back control of the situation. I felt a tingle race down my spine.

My fingertips slid inside the waist of Marti’s fleece shorts, hooking my thumbs over the outside and pushing them down over her hips. They were loose enough that from there they slid to the floor on their own. I stepped back and looked down at her beautifully bare body. The reckless fire flared again and I forgot the strange look in her eye. All I knew was that I wanted her, wanted to feel her soft skin beneath my lips, to taste her, to drive her past the point of all control. I glanced up at her and smiled. Even mice have their day.

Putting my hands on her shoulders I pressed her down onto the bench and knelt before her on my discarded towel. She watched me, her hands resting on the bench beside her hips. I laid the tips of my fingers on her knees and leaned forward my eyes locked on hers. Pressing my fingers against the insides of Marti’s knees I slowly parted her thighs and moved closer until we were nearly eye-to-eye.

I kissed her then…….softly, my lips barely touching hers. My lips trailed across her cheek, and I nipped along her jaw. I felt a shiver pass through her as I placed kisses lighter than air down the side of her neck and along her collarbone. Her muscles were beginning to tense up and I grinned to myself. I sensed that this was almost torture for her….a sweet, intense torture. Sliding my hands up over her ribs I let them rest just below her breasts, my thumbs moving up to gently graze her nipples. Marti jumped slightly at the contact and her hands lifted from the bench to hover for a few seconds in mid air.

From the corner of my eye I could see Marti’s hands beginning to shake as I kissed a thin line down to meet one of my thumbs. I flicked my tongue back and forth quickly over her stiff nipple and her fingers clutched at the air, a deep moan escaping her. bahis şirketleri I drew designs over the tanned skin of her stomach with my tongue, moving slowly lower, swirling around her navel. I glanced up and saw that her eyes were closed, her head lolling back against the wall. She was the picture of anticipation.

I settled back onto my heels using my hands to press Marti’s thighs farther apart and bent my head to flick my tongue along her inner thigh, which was beginning to shake. Kissing and nibbling with my lips I moved upward along her thigh, slowly, excruciatingly, knowing that the moment I had been craving was near. My eyes darted sideways noting that Marti’s hands had moved closer, still hovering in the air, but much nearer to my head.

For what must have been an agonizingly long time for Marti I simply looked at her. I drank in every curve of her body, the tones of her skin, the sheer artistry of her well-defined musculature. Her chest rose and fell with the quickness of her breathing. I waited until the tension was thick in the air then I made my move. Digging my fingers into the flesh of Marti’s hips I dropped my head and drove my tongue straight to her center.

Marti let out a hoarse cry and her hands sank into my hair as I began to run my tongue along her smooth, hairless nether lips. I quickly found and closed my lips around her hard nub, sucking it between my teeth, and flicking my tongue quickly back and forth.

Holding my head to her with one hand Marti reached for one of my hands guiding it to where she so desperately needed my touch. I inserted just the tip of one finger into the soaking wetness of her body, swirling it in slow circles. Marti let out a frustrated growl and tightened her hold on my hair, rocking her hips against my busily working mouth. The cat was finished playing!

Reveling in the feel of Marti’s renewed control I began to lose myself in the taste of her, the scent of her, the essence of this woman who was all I dreamed of. I quickly slid my finger in to the base and moved it out again. Adding a second finger I began a steady, fast rhythm, feeling her inner muscles grasping and clutching at me.

“Oh God…harder!” Marti groaned. Her hips began to move in time with my movements. Both of her hands were once again buried in my hair grasping tightly. I began a low vibrating hum deep in my throat, baring my teeth against her most sensitive flesh. It was the last straw.

Marti sat nearly upright, her cries echoing from the sauna walls. I slowed my motions as her body began to relax. She loosened her grip on my hair a bit using it to urge me up onto the bench beside her. I looked at her and smiled, well pleased with myself. Her eyes opened and she looked at me in surprised awe.

“What the hell was that?!” She asked. I chuckled and slipped my arms around her waist. She put a finger to my chin pushing so that I opened my mouth. “Where do you hide the batteries?”

“If you’re nice I may share my secrets with you sometime.” I said in a low voice. Marti looked at me with that grin I loved and placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

“How about tonight?” She asked. “Come home with me.”

I could feel my smile getting bigger and brighter, my heart swelling with an emotion I wasn’t ready to examine too closely yet, and all I could do was nod.

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