Another One of Those Days

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Jimmy looked out the window at the countryside passing by in a green blur. His train had been on time, taking him to his grandparents for the weekend. He had a good idea what his parents would be doing while he was away and hoped Dan would give him all the dirty details upon his return. A familiar swelling in his crotch distracted him from the idyllic scenery as he thought about it, his hand softly stroking over the beefy bulge in his jeans.

‘Why not?’ He mused, unzipping himself, ‘there’s nobody to see.’

The conductor had checked his ticket already and he had the carriage to himself, but he looked round briefly to ensure nobody had come in while he day-dreamed. All clear. He smiled and furtively fished his cock out, greeting the head with a moist thumb, teasing the slit, running it down the shaft before gripping it hard, pulling it free from the constricting denim to stand proud. Public masturbation had never occurred to him yet he acted on impulse, giving himself time to enjoy the sensations building in his balls. His imagination conjured scene after scene of erotic images in a sexy slideshow; the nubile little bitch who lived two doors down, on her knees, sucking him off; his best friend jerking off with him, Dan fucking his tight arse; the fat lady at the post office, rubbing her huge tits up and down his shaft; his English teacher, riding her pussy until she came all over his balls; the snooty woman at the library, bent over with her plump arse in the air, begging him to ride her – ‘oh fuck!’

He hurriedly grabbed his jacket and flung it across his lap as the train pulled into another station, hoping he’d be left alone to continue. His hope’s were dashed when a well dressed lady sat diagonally opposite his seat.

‘Christ! Now what?’ He wondered, keeping a firm hold on his cock which throbbed insistently under cover. ‘If she doesn’t get off before me, what am I going to do?’

The woman gave him a brief glance before turning to look out the window as the train pulled from the station, wheels squealing in protest. She crossed her long legs at the ankle and sighed, obviously bored at another routine trip to the office. Her stockings whispered as she scratched an itch on her calf, wrinkling her sensible black skirt along firm thighs. Jimmy scrutinised her from the corner of his eye, scanning over the proud swell of her large breasts, rising and falling gently beneath a cream blouse. He could discern the attractive pattern of a lace bra surrounding the soft flesh and squeezed his balls, fantasising how they’d feel in his hands, his mouth, around his swollen cock. Soft blonde curls danced beside the smooth curve of her neck as she looked down, searching through a brown leather hand bag for her ticket, prepared for the ticket collector who wandered through momentarily with practised ease, rocking with the motion of the train that sped them on their way. Jimmy took the opportunity to adjust his position, spreading the jacket wider across his lap to hide the growing excitement in his crotch.

The conductor gave him a swift look, then exited the way he came, swaying to and fro. She smiled across at Jimmy and he returned it, stroking gently while she fished around in the depths of her bag for a cigarette; “do you mind?” She politely inquired, lighting up with a blissful sigh after he shook his head. Her husky voice suggested a strong addiction to nicotine. “I’ve been trying to give it up,” she said, blowing a plume of smoke high in the air, “but I can’t do without my morning cigarette – last chance before I get to work,” she added ruefully, smiling around the filter as her lips sucked hard on it.

Jimmy squeezed the root of his cock to prevent her suspecting what he was up to and hoped his voice wouldn’t betray him; “A habit I never picked up,” he said in slightly higher tones than usual but un-noticeable casino oyna to a stranger, “but I need coffee first thing or I’m good for nothing.”

She blew a swirling pillar of smoke in the air and said, “I get mine at the office,” turning her sky-blue gaze to the world outside.

‘I bet you do!’ Jimmy thought, surreptitiously stroking his shaft, brazenly staring at her breasts, her legs then back to her breasts, matching the gentle rhythm of their rise and fall as she smoked, apparently unconcerned with further conversation. He noted the sparkling presence of a diamond ring on her finger and wondered if she sucked her husbands cock as sensuously as the cigarette, taking the smoke deep into her lungs as she would a mouthful of spunk, exhaling the former, but no doubt swallowing the latter with much delight. His cock throbbed harder in his hand as he thought of her lips enfolding his flesh, sucking him into the warmth of her wet mouth, looking innocently up at him with her baby-blue eyes. Jimmy stifled a moan of pleasure with a discreet cough, lifting one leg up to place his foot on the seat opposite, covering his arousal.

The woman stubbed her cigarette out and sighed, expelling a final cloud of smoke that drifted between them like early morning fog. “I love the view from here,” she said ambiguously, “where do you go? I usually have the carriage to myself at this time of day.”

Jimmy explained where he was going without missing a stroke and agreed that the scenery was wonderful; a burst of sunlight shone through the window, highlighting her breasts through the sheer material of her blouse and turning her blonde hair into a shining cascade of golden curls. A diamond sparkled from her ear as she brushed back her hair, rummaging through the contents of her bag until she found a pair of sunglasses, put them on saying; “can’t see a thing without them in this light – ” took another cigarette and lit up, ” – you really don’t mind?” She said, puffing another bluish cloud of smoke across the swaying carriage.

“No, really,” he assured her, “not at all. My mum smokes like a chimney – says it gives her something to keep her hands busy.” He added, an inner voice reviled him for such innuendo but the woman merely smiled politely and murmured; “really,” in her deliciously husky contralto. “And how do you keep your hands busy,” she purred, “after all, you don’t smoke.”

Jimmy froze, hardly daring to breathe, looking at her through wide eyes, like a rabbit caught halfway across the road as it hears the loud blare of a warning horn. ‘Did she know what he was up to?’ He thought, his mind whirling frantically in an adrenalin rush of fear at being caught, (and, truth be known, a thrill at what might occur). ‘Surely she hadn’t seen anything?’

“Are you a handyman?” The woman teased, her pert red lips curling into a knowing smile. “Do you do a lot of d.i.y in your spare time?”

“I…er,” Jimmy said, feeling a flush spread like a tropical sunrise across his face.

“Is it me, or is it getting warm in here?” She chuckled, popping a button loose from the top of her blouse, “you look awfully hot.”

“It’s, er, quite warm.” Jimmy agreed, squeezing his cock to keep the blood flowing through his loins. He focused on the swell of both breasts rising from the gap in her blouse, willing the next button down to pop open. ‘Was she flirting with him, or just making conversation?’

“I like a man who’s handy around the house,” she went on, sensuously smoking the cigarette and blowing plumes of smoke across the aisle, shrouding him in a fragrant cloud, “my husband does a pretty good job at putting things up, taking things down, but sometimes I need a man to help in the garden…”

“I can do that!” Jimmy blurted, sure now that she was doing more than pass the time with idle chit-chat.

“…Can you now?” canlı casino She mused, thoughtfully inhaling, “have you any tools for the job?” She asked, blowing a long stream of smoke through pursed lips.

“Just the one,” he grinned, putting his foot back on the floor, “but it’s adjustable to any task.”

“Really? Do you keep it handy?” She said, leaning slightly towards him, her breasts straining at the leash of her clearly visible bra.

“Oh yeah,” he replied, pushing the jacket off his lap, his hips upward, to expose his rigid erection, “it’s always handy!”

The woman took a sharp intake of breath, threw the cigarette to the floor, stamping it out under an expensively shod foot as she stood up, confronting him in an attitude of outrage.

“You filthy little shit!” She hissed, “just what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“But…I…oh shit…I thought…” Jimmy stammered in dejected confusion.

“I should call the conductor,” the woman said, moving towards the sliding door, “or the police,” she added, turning to look down upon his faltering flesh with a withering expression of contempt.

“I…I didn’t mean to…”

“Didn’t mean to what?” She snapped, “expose yourself to a respectably married lady? My arse!” The coarse expletive stunned Jimmy into shocked silence. He looked up at her with a pleading expression, hoping she’d let him be on his way if he apologised.

“I’m sorry,” he began.

“You’re sorry? Too bloody right you’re sorry – you’re the sorriest thing I’ve ever seen!” She removed her sunglasses and regarded him through slitted eyes, kneeling on the seat behind him to whisper confidentially in his ear; “you’ve got about ten minutes to get off before the next stop.”


“Shut up!” She hissed, “shut up and listen to me. I knew what you were doing the moment I saw your hand move, do I look stupid to you?”

“No madam.” Jimmy replied, automatically assuming a submissive role in the tenuous position he found himself in.

“That’s good,” she breathed, “very good. Now, keep stroking your cock and tell me what you were thinking, I saw the way you stared at my tit’s – are you wondering if they’re soft and firm?”

Jimmy moaned and stroked his shaft; “yes madam.”

“Are you wondering if my pussy is smooth, wet, hot and tight?” She whispered, “It’s all that – and more!”

“Oh-my-God!” He groaned, picturing the object of ultimate desire in his mind’s eye.

“I can feel it getting juicier by the minute, mmmm…” she went on, panting into his ear, “it tastes so sweet!”

Jimmy moaned loudly, listening to the slurp-slurp of her fingers sliding into her mouth. A bead of pre-cum seeped from his nob, greasing his hand to ease the hot friction growing in his distended shaft. He fervently wished it was his cock sliding in her mouth instead of those sticky fingers.

As though reading his mind she whispered; “I bet you want to cum in my mouth (yes!) – over my tit’s (yes!) – my pussy …”

“…Oh yes – and over your beautiful bum!” Jimmy appended, daring to glance over his shoulder.

“Ohhh!” She said, pushing his face firmly away, “you would, would you? Naughty boy! No-one’s ever had that pleasure – not even my husband, though he does try, bless him!”

“Can I cum over your tit’s, then?” He begged, “please!”

“Certainly not!” She snapped, “I have to be presentable for work today.”

“Can I at least see them,” he persisted.

“Only if you promise to keep your hands exactly where they are.”

He nodded, taking deep breaths of her fragrance; a delicate, fruity aroma mingled with an earthier odour, rising from her excitement while she deliberated.

“Alright,” she conceded, “but remember – you can look, but not touch!”

Jimmy watched the woman sit across from him, keeping his eyes kaçak casino firmly locked on her fingers as she loosened two more buttons and slowly opened her blouse, fully exposing her breasts, spilling over the cups of her lacy bra.

She smiled, watching his hand closely as he worked up and down his shaft, hefting them in both hands, offering them to his hungry gaze; “You like?”

“I like!” Jimmy licked his lips and pumped his cock, wondering how they felt, how they tasted.

Her smile widened – as did her legs, parting slowly to give him a glimpse of white silk between firm thighs. She took one, then the other breast into her hands, lifting them up to her wiggling tongue, searching, tasting the erect bud upon each pert mound of sumptuous flesh.

Jimmy’s tongue waved in the air at them in a vain attempt to get closer, his hand moving faster, panting with desire for her, so close and yet -.

“You’ve got a beautiful cock,” she murmured, placing one hand beneath her skirt, “don’t make it cum just yet – we’ve a few more minutes, keep stroking!”

“Your tits are magnificent,” he breathed, returning the compliment, “let me suck them. Please!”

“No-no-no,” she mumbled around her nipple, sucking it between pearly white teeth; “we mustn’t,” she added, parting her thighs wide to show moist panties, fingers spread taut over bulging lips.

Jimmy saw that her body language belied the words of denial and stood up: “Mustn’t we?” He said, arching a quizzical eyebrow at her crotch; “who’s to know? Your husband?”

“Come any closer and I’ll scream rape.” She said, closing her legs defensively around her busy hand.

“I don’t need to,” he grinned, fisting his cock at a furious pace. “I’m going to cum right here – all over you!”

“Oh shit!” The woman’s eyes widened in panic as she realised what was about to happen and had only moments to make a decision. Should she stay where she was and risk having her clothes covered in cum or – swiftly she decided to accept the lesser of two evils and preserved her dignity by grovelling on the floor at Jimmy’s feet, opening her mouth to catch the first burst of hot, sticky spunk on her tongue.

“Oh yeah, suck it!” He gasped, looking down at her moist red lips, sealing his nob in an air-tight grip, eyes closed in blissful degradation as she swallowed a mouthful of spunk. “Fuck yeah,” he groaned, holding her head tight to pump his spunking tool deep in her mouth, “suck it all…every drop!”

The woman moaned lewdly around his cock, draining him dry to their mutual relief, enjoying a thrill of pleasure by rubbing her clit as she sucked, using her tongue to flick the last drop to the back of her mouth and swallowing it down with a sigh of satisfaction.

“Mmmmmm, nice ‘n creamy,” she purred, licking an errant drop from the tip of his cock, “just the thing to get a working girls juices flowing for the day ahead – so much sexier than caffeine!”

Jimmy smiled and sat back on the seat with a groan of contentment, stroking his sensitive flesh ruefully as she’d scraped it hard with her teeth in the heat of the moment.

“Are you alright?” She asked, her eyes sparkling with secret mischief.

Jimmy opened his eyes to see the woman looking down at him, momentarily disoriented by the abrupt change in positions: “er, yes?” He ventured to say, feeling a warm trickle between his fingers that remained wrapped around his softening cock.

“I thought you should know the train stops here.” She smiled brightly, adjusting the bag around her shoulder. “I do hope you wanted to come this far. You seemed to be having such a good nap it seemed a shame to wake you.”

She turned and walked down the aisle, ignoring the door only two rows down, wiggling her buttocks provocatively as though waving goodbye to him. Jimmy watched her go, squeezing his balls thoughtfully, imagining them bouncing on his balls, before zipping himself up and examining the sticky mess smeared inside his jacket.

“Fuck it,” he muttered, and sighed: It was just another one of those days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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