Another Time, Another Place

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You ask where we are going as I turn off the main highway onto a dirt road. “I’m taking you to a place unlike any you have ever seen before.” Is all I will tell you.

Before long, you see a sign that says “four wheel drive only beyond this point”. You look at me and I can see the question in your eyes. I just smile and tell you to sit back and relax, just enjoy the scenery!

As we begin our climb we see antelope grazing and as we go up, a pair of bald eagles soaring above us, then big horn sheep and elk.

It’s not long before I turn on the 4WD, and we have to take it slower. We come around a bend and over a small rise and there before us lies an old town. One hundred and fifteen years before it had been a large community, full of people. Now, only two buildings remain standing, the rest reduced to ruin as nature re-takes it’s own.

We can only imagine how the town looked back then as we walk amongst the ruins. I lead you to the largest of the two standing buildings. We pause in the doorway and look around, the old hinges from the swinging doors are still in place, the bar itself had long disappeared but we can see where it stood.

We walk inside and explore a little, the stairway leading Manavgat Escort Bayan upstairs is still sturdy and we discuss going on up in a bit. I walk over to you and tell you, “Imagine with me, what this place would have looked like back then.”

We imagine the saloon girls in their skimpy, for that era, attire, the cowboys, dusty from a days hard work, the bartender as he dries a glass. Men sitting at the bar and others playing poker at the tables. The old player piano, playing it’s melodies, slightly out of tune.

I come closer to you and kiss you, when I step back, you realize I am no longer of this time period, I am dressed like the other girls there in the saloon and what we had imagined together was now reality. You look at me and I can read the question in your eyes and I tell you “Lets enjoy living in this time for awhile.” You smile as I lead you up the stairs. Behind your back I make a hand signal to one of the other girls.

I lead you to a room and as the door closes behind us I begin to un-fasten your pants, as I lean forward to kiss you I take your big hard cock out and stroke it lightly with my finger tips. I take your hand and lead you to my bed, then finish undressing Manavgat Escort you. As you sit on the edge of the bed, I kneel between your legs, my hand around your cock. I watch as the little drop of pre cum forms at the tip then lean forward and take it with the tip of my tongue. I moan, you taste so good! I can feel the moisture pooling between my legs.

I lick down the sides of your cock then nibble my way back up. Biting just hard enough to make it sting a little then licking away the sting with my tongue. I feel your hands as they fist in my hair and lift my head. I stand and wait as you move to sit against the headboard. I know what you want and I lift my skirt and settle on your lap.

You can feel how wet my pussy is as it rubs against your cock. I reach between us and move your cock to my entrance. You can read the wonder and desire on my face as the head slowly expands me. Feels so good! and I moan. I feel you lift my breasts from the top of my gown and roll my nipples between your fingers, then, as I finally have you all inside, I feel your hands move to my throat. I smile into your eyes and lean forward increasing the pressure…you can see the trust in my eyes and I feel you Escort Manavgat begin to move deep inside me.

You enjoy my moans and whimpers as I ride your big hard dick. You enjoy the look of desire, pleasure, trust and submission that you see in my eyes. With all you are making me feel, it doesn’t take long for me to cum, hard and intense, you feel my muscles pulsing around your cock as my cum floods over you.

You hear the door open and look to see who it is. It’s another saloon girl. You look at me in question. I tell you, “She is for us to enjoy together.” You smile. She undresses and lays on the bed, as you reach over and begin to fondle her breasts I lean forward and kiss you. You watch as I part her pussy lips and rub her clit.

We lift her on a pillow, and I watch intently as your big hard cock enters her hot pussy. I watch you stroke in and out as I reach over and play with her clit. Her moans and whimpers of pleasure making me wetter and you harder. Then we watch together the pleasure that crosses her face, and we watch, as she cums hard.

You pull out of her and I lock my lips around the head of your cock, tasting the mixture of all three of us. My tongue begins to lick over the head and I feel you tense and I know you are about to cum, I taste your cum flooding my mouth and swallow it down, then she and I lick your cock clean.

We dress and go back downstairs. I kiss you as we reach the bottom, when we part, once again we are in what’s left of the old saloon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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