Anything For Family

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(please note this is a sequel to the Help My Wife! series of stories. Check my profile to read them.)


It really did come as a shock to us all when Bill’s wife left him for a younger man. Bill was my husband’s younger brother and at the age of fifty two and after being married so long the poor man was devastated.

It had always been a bit of a family joke that Bill had fancied me in our younger days. He respected his older brother as much as we all did, and when he had made a few silly confessions to me and Tom one drunken night about his fetish for me, we had simply listened sympathetically and then forgot about it straight afterwards.

As an elder brother, Tom just told him kindly, “Never mind, Billy. It’s just that you cant always have what you want.” I remember Billy nodding sadly. I didn’t think too much about it at the time except it was nice to be wanted by another man even if I had no intentions of ever doing anything about it.

Tom had always told me that Billy’s problems stemmed from the fact that he wore his heart on his sleeve. “We just have to help him when we can,” he always said and we did try to be a good family for Tom as he was to us.

My son Luke had always adored his Uncle Billy too. When Luke was a young boy, his Uncle Bill would take him to football matches and often out on fishing trips. They were not simply uncle and nephew, they were really best friends.

Now with his wife leaving him, Billy had a huge problem. He cried a lot and we were all worried to death. Luke was distraught, and constantly thinking of ways to help his beloved Uncle Billy, taking him fishing and to the local matches but nothing could console him. Tom and I were in our lounge one afternoon one such time, when in came Luke with his uncle after watching a football match. I could tell that Billy was still down in the dumps.

Tom brought them a cup of tea and we all made a special fuss of Billy. He was making an effort to cheer up, we could see that, but we could all see he was so sad deep down. Our hearts went out to him.

As the men chatted, I bustled around, putting some dishes away and then noticed that Billy was watching me a bit forlornly. Luke noticed it as well and smiled, trying to cheer him up by joking. “Do you still fancy my mother, Uncle Bill?”

My brother in law blushed but just shook his head hopelessly, making me feel even sorrier for him. Luke was closer to Billy than any of us and tried to keep the chat going, jokingly asking, “What do you like most about her?”

Bill looked confused, “About who?”

Luke persisted, “About my mother. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, uncle Bill. She has always been a fine looking woman. What turns you on the most about her? Is it because she’s big?”

Billy blushed being asked this question in front of us all, “It’s a bit embarrassing,” he stuttered, “But I suppose it is her… top… parts.”

I was a bit intrigued but didn’t want to intervene and I knew Tom wouldn’t, as Luke carried on. “What do you mean by her top parts?”

Billy was getting drawn in and muttered almost apologetically, “Her breasts, I suppose? You know…”

Luke laughed. “You are right, bayan esmer escort bursa uncle Bill. She does have nice tits,” then he added meaningfully, “Nice big titties.”

Billy blushed, “You shouldn’t say that, Luke. Your mother and father are here.”

Luke looked at Tom, who averted his gaze. Apart from Bill, we all knew that his father wouldn’t interfere. That was the agreement. Luke spoke to me seriously, “Have you always had big tits, mum?”

I sighed. Luke was twenty seven years of age and all his life he had always been very direct. I just nodded and tried to answer sensibly, “I have always been big since I was a teenager, but I am fifty-five now so they are sagging a bit.”

Luke smiled. He was enjoying the conversation and I could see that Bill was more alert as Luke asked, “Do you think her tits are sagging, Uncle Billy?”

Bill shook his head vigorously and surprised me by saying, “I think you are gorgeous Margaret. If you hadn’t married Tom, I would have given anything to be with you.”

It was an unusual conversation, but in a strange way Billy’s words were so heartfelt it made me feel yet more sorry for him. I could see that Tom, my husband felt the same but he also knew it wasn’t his place to intervene, and so he just kept quiet.

Luke was leading the conversation still, “You are dead right, Bill. Her tits aren’t sagging. Come on, mum, lift them up so we can see them at their best.”

Rather than make a fuss I just stood in front of them and rather self-consciously pushed my breasts up with my hands. I had a green jumper on and I was aware that they were quite heavy to raise but knew they were attractive to men.

Billy sighed, “Oh, they are gorgeous!”

Luke asked him, “Do you want to see her in her bra?” We could all see he did, but he muttered awkwardly, “What about your father?”

Luke just told him not to worry about Tom, and then nodded to me. I lifted my jumper up, exposing my substantial pink bra and as I did, Billy gasped. He couldn’t stop himself brushing his groin. It was the first bit of interest any of us had seen in him for weeks.

Luke told me, “Show him some nipple, mum,” so I lowered one of the bra cups. Tom had moved and was now sitting in the corner out of the way.

Billy had forgotten about him though, and about his worries of his wife leaving him as he muttered to himself. “This is like my wildest dream.”

Luke smiled. He was relieved that his Uncle was at last showing some life and he asked him, “Well, uncle Billy, as you’ve seen her tits, you might as well see her knickers.” I thought Billy was going to faint as Luke nodded to me, “Okay, mum. Take your skirt off and show him your panties.”

Tom was in a daze now, and even I seemed to be obeying Luke in all things now. Without question, I slipped my skirt down and stood in front of them all with my breasts hanging out of my bra cups and my pink knickers on display.

Although he as trying to hide himself, I could see that my brother-in-law was holding his penis through his trousers, squeezing and rubbing but Luke wasn’t finished. As I stood there in my underwear, he asked bursa ucuz eskort his uncle, “Well, do you want me to tell her to take her knickers off, uncle Billy? Make her show you between her legs?”

Billy stammered, “B-b-between her legs?”

I could see that my husband Tom was now looking down at his feet, but he was also breathing heavily. Billy was deliberately avoiding looking at his brother, I thought he was probably feeling ashamed but aroused at the same time. It was quite erotic but I almost wanted to giggle too.

Luke persisted, “Yes, uncle Billy, would you like to see right up between her legs, where her slit is?”

“Her slit?” Bill gasped. He was almost repeating whatever Luke was saying now.

His nephew was gently leading him on, “Yes, uncle Billy. Her nice, big, juicy cunt.” As they were talking Luke nodded to me, telling me to start pulling my drawers down. I wasn’t sure how much so I eased my panties down just below my vagina. This did show some of it and a lot of my pubic hair.

Bill was staring at me intensely as he repeated, “Margaret’s juicy cunt.”

Luke had him going nicely now. “Do you like looking at my mother’s cunt, uncle Billy?”

Billy cracked and confessed, “I am ashamed to admit it but yes, I have always dreamed about seeing her cunt.”

He sounded so lonely, as Luke nodded, “Take you knickers right off, mum, and give them to uncle Billy.” I slipped my panties off and handed them to Billy. Then I stood in front of him. I only had my bra on and the cups were pulled down on that. My breasts are big in normal circumstances but standing in front of my brother-in-law like this was so erotic that they seemed enormous and I knew my big nipples were swollen and full. They were also turning a deep pink.

Billy was almost sobbing with excitement and I could see him squeezing himself. Luke simply told him, “Pull your prick out, uncle Bill.”

He did. It was enormous, not quite as big as Luke’s but much bigger than my husband’s. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Tom had pulled his penis out and was trying to discretely masturbate. He was excited but even his erect penis looked tiny compared to his younger brother’s. We were now moving onto a serious situation. We all knew it but we were all waiting for Luke to decide what came next.

Finally, he spoke and very deliberately. “Well, Uncle Billy, do you want to fuck her?”

It was out in the open now. The moment of truth had arrived. Again Billy looked all excited but confused too, “Fuck her?” he said slowly.

Luke repeated, very calmly, “Do you want to fuck my mother?”

Billy shook his head in bewilderment, “But your mother is married to my brother, Luke. Tom wouldn’t allow it.”

Both Tom and I kept quiet as Luke told Billy, “I don’t want to go into long explanations, uncle Billy. But I will tell you that she is my bitch and she does what I tell her. Ask my father.”

Billy looked at Tom who quietly nodded his head, “Yes, Billy,” he confessed, “It is complicated but Luke is quite right. Margaret is his bitch.”

I had no clothes on except for my bra, and I was still bursa anal yapan escort standing astride in front of my brother-in-law in our comfortable lounge as he looked at me and murmured, “I have always wanted to fuck you, Margaret.”

I nodded that I knew. Although these circumstances were unusual I had always known it anyway. So had my husband. Luke interrupted then, and told me, “Go and lie on the sofa in the corner, mum, and open your legs nice and wide for uncle Billy.”

It was so strange, but I tottered over to the sofa and lay back. I opened my legs wide like Luke said and waited for my brother-in-law. Billy was still waiting for instructions so Luke issued them. “Go on, uncle Bill. Get between my mother’s legs and stick your prick up her.”

Billy hesitantly leaned in between my legs and slowly eased his penis into my slit. I was so wet that even as big as it was it just slid up me easily. Although he didn’t feel as big as Luke, he felt twice as large inside me as my husband did. I could see Tom looking a little forlorn as he watched his younger brother mounting me but he was still masturbating furiously.

I tried not to show too much enjoyment for my husband’s sake but it was so delectable as Billy began to ram his cock into me.

“My dick is inside you, Margaret,” he said with wonder in his voice.

“Yes, it is,” I commented, looking into his eyes, still trying not to give away how excited I was for Tom’s sake but it was difficult. As Tom humped his big penis in and out of me, it felt so nice.

“Go on, uncle Billy,” Luke urged him on, “Fuck your sister-in-law’s hairy cunt.” Billy was really fucking me fast now, and I knew he was going to cum. Luke must have been able to tell because he added, “Shoot your cum up her slit, uncle Bill.”

I sighed with joy when I felt him cumming with mighty surges. Billy half collapsed in excitement once his dick was fully empty into me, and whispered, “That was gorgeous Margaret. Will you let me do it again sometime?”

I didn’t want to hurt him but I had to say, “You will have to ask Luke, Billy. I belong to him.”

“You can fuck her occasionally, but only when I say so,” Luke replied when Bill asked him. Then Luke bent down and threw my knickers to Tom who was still wanking himself. “Cum in there, dad.”

Tom caught them and with a few final few pumps on his stiff little penis, he sighed and spunked into my knickers, then Luke told him to go and clean up so red-faced, he shuffled off out of the room in the direction of the bathroom.

“I am horny now, mum,” Luke said, pulling his big one out of his trousers, “But you are messy with uncle Billy’s spunk, so suck it.”

There was no way I could refuse, so I took my son’s dick in my mouth. I could tell he was almost there already, so it didn’t take long. I cupped his balls in my hand and worked my tongue around the bulging tip of his penis, tasting the saltiness of his juices.

Uncle Bill was standing there, his knob now hanging down limply, but he couldn’t help but watch me suck Luke. Finally Luke’s hand went to the back of my head and he shoved his prick right down my throat, almost making me gag. Then he exploded straight down my throat, his cum feeling warm as I swallowed it down.

“Thanks, mum,” Luke said, stroking my hair affectionately and putting himself away. “I feel so much better now, I hope you do too, uncle Billy?”

All Bill could do was nod. “Thank you, Luke, and you, Margaret.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, “I will do anything for family.”

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