Apt. 201: Helping Hand

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I opened the door to see Yvette standing there in her customary trenchcoat and pumps. It was rare to have much conversation beforehand; basic “How are doing?” chat to see that each other is okay. We regularly dated other people, and usually by the time we hooked up with each other conversation was the last thing we wanted. See, Yvette and I were far too self-centered to be with each other in a “normal” relationship, but we were too good together sexually to walk away. So, our routine was simple: fuck first, talk – or sleep – later. We cared about each other, but this thang we had was about getting our freak on – which happened to be the topic of one of our last conversations. We tried to see which one of us had the wildest fantasy – she won.

I let Yvette in, and she stayed in the living room while I went into the kitchen to get her a glass of red wine. When I came back, her coat was laying across the top of the chair, and her shoes were under the endtable. She was sitting cross-legged and topless on the couch. Yvette had tan skin, and perky titties. She was a small woman – if I put my hands on either side of her waist, my fingertips could almost touched – but her sexual energy was off the scale. I handed her a glass, and as she sipped the wine I shared a concern with her. The last two times we hooked up she seemed to want to more than what I could provide. The longest I’ve been able to maintain an erection was 2 1/2 hours, cumming about five or six times – and I was sore after that. Yvette has wanted to keep going after I was spent, so I asked if I was leaving her unsatisfied. She said no, then laughed and added that it may just be that she needs two men to get the job done.

“Thanks,” I said flatly.

“Do you honestly think I would continue to make plans to see you if you weren’t satisfying me?”

“I guess not.”

She set her empty wine glass down and unfastened my pants. I took off my shirt and let her push my pants and briefs to the floor. She kissed my thighs, then my throbbing dick. I laid back and watched her head slide up and down, fast then slow. Yvette jerked my dick with her hand as she licked and sucked my nuts. She consumed my dick in her mouth again, and it was feeling real good. She jerked the shaft and sucked the head until I unloaded in her mouth.

I sat up and sucked on her perky titties, while opening the drawer of the endtable behind her. I took out a blindfold – she sat back and looked at me when I went to put it on her. She asked me why I was about to fill one of my own fantasies instead of one of hers; after all, she won our contest last time. I joked that her fantasies scared me, and that I wasn’t sure I could be down with any of them. Yvette laughed, called me a chicken, then let me cover her eyes with the blindfold.

I stood her up, kissed on her body as I removed her panties, then led her back to my bedroom – where I had a video camera, and other accessories, set up. I laid her across the bed, and guided her arms above her head. I grabbed a bottle of caramel syrup I had warmed casino oyna up before she got there, and squeezed the contents over her body. She smiled and told me not to hurt her. I licked and ate the syrup from her neck, chest, breasts and stomach, then went to work on her thighs and shaved pussy. Her giggles turned to moans, as she ran one of her hands over my head and told me to eat her good. With the syrup gone from her legs and toes, I went back to her pussy. The mix of the caramel that was left and her natural juices was delicious. I kissed her lips, and dragged my tongue from her asshole to her clit while working my finger inside her – her moans got steadily louder. Then I started sucking her clit, and stroking her g-spot with my middle finger. She grabbed my head with both of her hands, and I stopped to order her to lay flat like I had put her and to not move again. She complained that I was messing up her flow, but I didn’t resume my meal until she did what I said. Within a few licks I was back in my rhythm, and so was she. Eventually she was driving her pussy into my face and cumming in my mouth.

She told me to slide my dick in her. I stepped away and motioned for Tim, my boy who was waiting quietly in the corner, to go to the other side of the bed. He stood over her head and ran his dick across her face (he showered with my soap, and used my cologne so we would have roughly the same scent). She commented that I already had some mouth action from her, but proceeded to lick his nuts anyway. She reached up to grab his dick, and Tim caught her at her wrist. He put her hand back down to the bed, as I moved behind him and warned her not to try that again. Tim and I were about the same height and weight, and I hoped she wouldn’t notice any subtle differences beyond that. She continued licking his nuts, then curled her tongue around his dick. She licked every area that she could from that position, the cocked her head to the side to suck on it. I crossed my fingers and held my breath because this was a real hurdle. She stopped and turned her head back so that his dick came out of her mouth, and asked how come I was so quiet? I said I was just admiring her beauty, and her talent. She laughed and resumed sucking, harder. She would definitely know Tim’s voice from mine, so I had to make sounds to go along with his facial expressions – basically, I said what he mouthed. Yvete had a wonderful mouth, and I knew how good she was making his dick feel. Soon Tim was grimicing, and unloading cum inot her mouth.

He pulled his dick out, and asked if I needed “to take a break?” I walked to the other side of the bed, told her that there were no timeouts tonight, and pulled her to the edge of the matress. I spread her legs, and worked my dick inside her. A few minutes later I pushed her legs back so that her knees were by her ears. so I could go deep. She told me through gritted teeth to “take that pussy,” and grabbed her ankles to pull her legs even farther back. She was so wet it felt like my nuts could slip inside her with the rest of my dick. canlı casino She started meeting me stroke for stroke unitl I buried cum deep inside her.

Tim, still erect, motioned for me to turn her over on her hands and knees, which I did. He went in her, and pumped real slow. Her “ohhs” and “yeahs” were deep and long. Watching a woman getting dick in that position was even more live than in videos. Tim made his strokes shorter and faster, and got up on the bed. Soon she was riding her ass, and she was loving it. He started smacking her cheeks and she urged him on. Then put his hands around her waist and pulled her back to meet his thrusts, and her “ohhs” and “ahhs” got more determined. Tim had broken a sweat, and I notived Yvette’s back and forehead was gliscening also – I couldn’t help stroking my growing erection. Yvette’s screams suddenly stopped, though her mouth stayed open. Tim’s mouth dropped open, and his eyes rolled back in his head – then they both relaxed.

When Tim pulled out Yvette rolled on her side, breathing heavy. I told her this wasn’t a good time to be acting tired. She grinned and confirmed that there were no timeouts tonight. I told her she ws right, and lifted her leg to slide back inside. I put her leg on my shoulder, and leaded over her so that her pussy was good and spread. She was clinching a fistful of my sheet between her fingers and telling me how much she loved my dick. I lifted her leg off my shoulder to kiss on her calf and the back of her knee, which made her leg shiver. I let it rest on my shoulder again, then reached down with my other hand and stroked her clit with my thumb. Her whole body jerked, and she pulled it away. I stoked it again, and her pussy started clamping down on my dick. Once it relaxed again, I braced myself and started increasing the pace and intensity of my thrusts. She started screaming and clutching my chest. We came together; me shooting more cum inside her, and her voice echoing of the walls of the apartment.

Tim motioned for me to stand her up, so he could lay down for her to be on top of him. I left her standing on the side of the bed, and walked to the other. She commented that I could even abide my my own “no timeout” rule, and I told her to hold on a second. When Tim was situated, he grabbed her wrists and guieded her onto the bed, and onto him. She let out an “oh shit” on her way down, and asked where I was getting all this energy from. With my head near Tim’s I told her that her fantasies had inspired me to improve my performance. She smiled, repositioned her legs, and started riding him. The she bent her body back and grabbed his ankles – her body looked so good stretched out like that it was hard not to start sucking her titties. Tim and I had been repositioning the camera the whole time, and I decided to get it and come in for a close-up. She sat back up, and put her hands on Tim’s chest.

She was working her ass in all kinds of ways – grinding motions, circles, ovals – I was having a hard time holding the camera and rubbing my dick, so I put it back on kaçak casino the tripod. Her smooth movements became sporatic, and I could tell she was cumming again. When her orgasm was over, she said she wasn’t stopping until she wore me out once and for all. I put my head near Tim’s again, and dared her to try. She started pumping her pussy onto Tim more intensly than I had seen her thrust before. I verbalized the “oh damns” Tim was mouthing intensely. Then she started grinding on him again. From the way her hips swiveled and swirled I could imagine how she was making his dick touch every inch of her pussy. She must have hit her g-spot because she let out a deep, quivering “ohh,” then focused her grind in that area. Soon she was grunting and grinding her teeth, until Tim’s toes curled and she let out a high-pitched scream.

She laid back on the bed between Tim’s leg. Tim rolled off the bed, I got on and slid back in. She let out a series of “oh shits,” so I asked her in her ear if she had enough. She shook her head no, so I took her at her word and started thrusting into her again. She brought her knees up to my waist and held my head to her shoulders. She pulled me tight to her, and was grunting in my ear. I pumped into her as hard as I could, and could feel her cum again. I started grinding into her, and thrusting slow. We both came, then her arms fell back to the bed.

Her breathing was even heavier, so I asked her again if she had enough. It took her a little longer to respond, but she said she was loving it. Tim took my place between her legs and held her arms down. He put his dick in her pussy, and Yvette opened her legs wider saying “give it to me baby.” He was pumping hard enough for the slap’s of their bodies coming together bounced off the walls of the room. Yvette’s mouth was open, but no sound was coming out. She gritted her teeth as she came, then let her mouth open again. Tim eased up, took his dick out and slid it across her clit. It must have still been really sensitive because she started turning her head side to side and screaming. He slipped back inside her, and bent his head down to suck on her titties. She clinched her fists as she started to cum again. Her knuckles started turning white as Tim thrusted into her a few more times, then came with her. Yvette’s entire body tensed up for half a minute, then she relaxed.

Tim got off her. We stood there watching and filming Yvette’s body as it trembled. She caught her breath somewhat, and started saying she had enough – after nearly 4 hours. I sat her up, and told her to kiss my dick and call it her king – she grinned and complied. Tim stepped over, and I told her to do it again. I led her back out to the livingroom, and untied her blindfold. She told me how wonderful her night had been, and that she may be walking funny tomorrow. She kissed my lips, and took her clothes to the bathroom. While she freshened up and changed, I got the video and wrapped it. When she came out, I walked her to the door and gave it to her to watch later. She asked what it was, and I told her it was a surprise.

After she left, Tim came out and asked if I was sure she was going to be okay with this? I told her we had actually fulfilled two of her fantasies – being with two men, and being videotaped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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