Army Brat

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Note: I’ve had a lot of requests to do another first time romantic sports-type story. Both Tomboy and Trailer Trash were well received so here goes again. I’ve had a few friends who were Army Brats that traveled so much that they didn’t have time for friends or establishing relationships so this story is devoted to them. All characters in the story are at least eighteen years of age and the first chapter has little sex in it. If you want a lot of sex, do not read this chapter. And, it is quite long. All rights reserved.


Danny Upton was told that if he made the team he would be a second string infielder for the Wilson High Panthers. It was bothering him a lot because he had always been the star shortstop for his Little League, Army Base League and his last high school team. The shortstop and captain on the Panthers was Corey Storm who led the team in hits last year as a junior and the second basement was senior Todd Jenkins an honorable mention All-State player last year.

“Let’s see how you field,” Coach Wright yelled to Danny who was standing behind Todd at second base. Todd grinned and moved aside. Danny took his defensive position and saw the ball flying towards the hole between shortstop and second.

Coach Matt Wright knew the ball would make it through because even his star second baseman Todd couldn’t get to this one. He wanted to see the range of the new kid and decided to make it impossible for him to catch. He watched the ball hit the infield grass and then leaned over to get another ball on the ground when he heard some noise. By the time he looked up the new boy was lying horizontal on the ground. A second later he moved up to his knees and fired to first base. “Shit.”

It was the first day of tryouts and the other players all stopped to see what the commotion was about.

“Lucky catch,” Todd whispered to Danny after he ran back to the starting spot. Danny smiled and waited for the next ground ball.

“Let’s see you get this one,” Matt whispered as he threw up the ball and smacked it hard between first and second. All eyes were on Danny as he took two quick steps and flew horizonally in the air towards the ball. The ball caromed off the tip of his glove and then out into right field. His face fell into the dirt and into his eyes. He moved up again onto his knees and brushed off the dirt. “Damn.”

Todd knew that there was no way that he could have even touched it never mind catching it. “Where did you say you played ball?”

“Overseas in Germany,” Danny answered. “My dad was in the Army.” Danny moved back and the coach hit him some slower ones that he made easily.

“You’re not bad,” Todd said as the coach turned to hit some balls to Corey. “But if you are going to play you will need another position.”

“I prefer short,” Danny grinned. They both turned to see the dark haired team captain dash in to take a slow roller and fire to first on his wrong foot.

“Like I said you better find another position.” Todd grinned. After the defensive drills each new player trying out got to hit ten balls which included fouls. They all knew that of the twenty kids trying out there were only seven positions available.

The first two kids were horrible and only managed to hit a few weak grounders fair. They sighed and watched as the coach made marks on a clipboard. The next kid missed the first five balls thrown his way and the regulars from last year laughed. On the sixth ball he connected and it flew over the centerfield fence 350 feet away. They all stopped laughing. “Do it again,” Coach Wright said.

Again he missed a few balls and then again he crashed one this time over the left field fence and almost out of the stadium. “What’s your name son?” Coach asked after he removed his batting helmet.

“Andy Johnson sir.” The big soft spoken kid grinned. They all saw that he was missing his two front teeth.

“What happed to you?” The coach asked.

“I took a high hard one in my face last year,” Andy grinned. “I like to crowd the plate.”

The coach wrote something down and then Danny stepped up to the plate. He moved to the left side.

“A lefty hitter huh?” The coach asked.

“No sir.” Danny answered.

“You’re on the left side of the plate son,” the coach laughed. Some of the regulars laughed as well.

“Oh, I see what you mean. Well sir I’m a switch hitter and since your batting practice pitcher is a righty I moved to the left side.”

The coach made some marks on the sheet and pointed at his assistant coach to throw. Again the players all watched to see if he could hit as well as he could field. Danny took the first three pitches even though they were strikes. Since his ten only counted when he touched the ball with the bat he wanted to make sure he made good contact.

“Well hit the ball son,” the coach said from behind the backstop.

Danny dug his back foot in and waited for the somewhat easy pitch. He knew that he hit it well because the metal bat made a metallic binging noise. He followed through like his coach at the army base had taught him and saw casino oyna the ball shoot between the left field and center field gap. He quickly moved back into position and on the next pitch hit the ball just as hard to the exact same spot. The next three pitches were caromed over the second baseman’s head.

“Wait!” The coach yelled. “Jimmy get in there and pitch.”

Danny backed away not sure what was going on. The coach grabbed the catcher’s mitt and waited for Jimmy Thompson to throw. Danny smiled when he saw the left arm tossing the ball.

“Let’s see how you do on the right side,” the coach said moving again behind the backstop.

The lefty used a big wind-up and threw his best fast ball on the outside part of the plate. He expected to hear it hit the catcher’s mitt but he heard Danny’s bat instead.

Danny saw that it was coming in on the outside of the plate and went with the pitch like his father had taught him years ago. The ball never seemed to drop as it flew over the first baseman’s head. The right fielder didn’t even try to catch it as he watched it travel over the right field fence.

Coach Wright dropped his clipboard. “DO IT AGAIN!”

Jimmy Thompson was a good friend of both Todd and Corey and this new kid was looking way too good. He looked at Todd and winked as he took a long windup and fired the ball.

Danny saw it coming at his head and managed to duck just enough for the ball to crash against the helmet. The force of the ball knocked his head back as his body fell straight backwards. He felt the pain on his left elbow when he hit the ground.

“JESUS JIMMY!” Coach yelled hoping the new kid wasn’t dead. He was the first to get to him and was relieved when he saw him breathing. “Call 911!” he yelled to the assistant coach. Danny tried to get up but the coach made him stay down. The paramedics came and put on a neck collar before taking him away in an ambulance.

“Jimmy in my office now!” the coach yelled.

“Shit man I was only trying to brush him back,” Jimmy whispered to Todd as he headed to the athletic building behind the field. He ran to catch the coach who was walking fast.

“Sit down,” Matt said trying to control his temper.

“It was an accident sir,” Jimmy said looking down at the floor.

“Bull shit, I saw you wink at Todd.”

“I didn’t mean to hit him in the head…I swear.”

“Get your stuff out of the lockers. You’re off the team.”

“But coach, I won ten games last year. The colleges and pros are all scouting me.”

“You should have thought about that before you almost killed a young man.”

“Please coach……I’ll do whatever you want to fix this.”

“Let me think about it over the weekend. But right now I don’t want you near me. Get out.”

“Thanks coach. I swear I’ll never throw at another player again.” Jimmy’s hands were shaking. He stood and moved out of the office quickly. Todd and Corey were waiting by the dugout. The assistant coach called off the practice.

“What happened?” Corey asked seeing the expression on Jimmy’s face.

“The coach is thinking about kicking me off the team.”

“WHAT? THAT’S BULLSHIT!” Todd screamed. “Didn’t you tell him that you were just trying to brush him back?”

“Yeah but he’s right I could have killed him,” Jimmy said feeling tears forming.

“Fuck maybe I’ll kill him myself,” Todd growled. “That kid was a showoff.”

Corey put his arm around Jimmy and walked him to his car. “I’ll speak to the coach.”

“Thanks,” Jimmy said softly.


“I’m OK let me up,” Danny said to the EMT as they pulled into the emergency room. “I can’t go in there.”

“You need to get that head and neck looked at,” the tall EMT said.

“But I can’t. My mother works in there,” Danny said as they pushed him outside and rolled him towards the double doors.

“What is it?” The first intern asked.

The EMTs explained what happened and turned him over to a male nurse who rolled him through the emergency room and down a long hallway. “Stay on the cart,” the nurse said as he grabbed a clipboard. “Tell me where it hurts?”

“It doesn’t so let me up,” Danny said as he tried to get out from under the strap covering his chest.

The nurse leaned out of the room. ” I need some help down here!”

A few seconds later Danny’s mother Janet looked inside. “WHAT? OH GOD WHAT HAPPENED?”

“I’m OK Ma,” he said calmly. “I was hit on the helmet with a baseball and I feel fine.” He didn’t want to tell her about his elbow which hurt like hell.

A few minutes later as Danny told her what happened, a doctor walked in. “Were you practicing with the Panthers?” The doctor asked as he unstrapped Danny.

“Yes sir. Today was the first day of tryouts.”

“He was hit by a pitch but his helmet saved him,” Janet said to the doctor who had hired her a few weeks before.

“Who hit you?” The doctor asked as he waved a tiny flash light up and down in front of his face.

“Some kid named Jimmy,” Danny answered.

“Jimmy Thompson?”

“Yes canlı casino sir, I think that is his last name.”

“He normally has great control,” Doctor Allan Brand said. “Your head looks OK. Are you hurting anywhere else?” He pressed on Danny’s shoulders and down his young chest. As he moved towards Danny’s left arm he saw the boy pull away. “Your arm huh?”

“Yes sir, I fell on it.”

Allan lightly touched it and saw Danny grimace when he touched the elbow. “We better get an X-Ray.”

As he filled out the report Janet asked him. “Does your daughter go to Wilson High?” She remembered him saying he had a teenage daughter.

“Yes, my daughter Ellen is actually dating one of the baseball players.”

Danny overheard him. “Who is he?”

“Todd Jenkins. Do you know him?”

“Uh yeah,” Danny answered. He remembered the comments about how he needed to look for another position.

Allan heard the underlying feelings and decided to drop it. He wasn’t a fan of Todd but since his daughter dated him he just let it go and was hoping they would break up. “Let’s check out the elbow.”

It was almost two hours later when Danny left the hospital. The coach was in the waiting area for him as the doctor walked him out. “How are you doing son?”

Danny looked at his elbow in the sling. “I cracked the elbow when I fell. It looks like a small crack so I hope it won’t take long to heal. I really need to get back to tryouts.”

Coach laughed. “I don’t think you will be playing any baseball soon. Besides I’ve seen enough to know that you are on my team.”

“Wow, that’s great,” Danny smiled. “But when I was leaving I heard you yelling at Jimmy.”

“Yeah, I think he was trying to brush you back but I don’t think he was throwing at your head. I suspended him from the team until I can think about what to do.”

“Please don’t suspend him sir,” Danny begged. “Brush backs are part of baseball. I should have been quicker to get out of the way.”

The coach put his arm around Danny and they walked down the hall. “I’ll think about it but for now we need to get you better.”


Ellen was doing homework and watching American Idol when she heard the doorbell. She jumped up and ran to the front door and peeked out to see Todd smiling at her through the small side windows.

“MY DAD IS NOT AT HOME!” She yelled through the door. She didn’t want to be caught with Todd at home as well as the fact that he had put on the pressure lately to go all the way.


Ellen opened the door quickly and he reached in and pulled her petite well proportioned body into his and kissed her. She felt his tongue slash into her lips and bit it.

“OUCH!” he cried moving back and sticking out his tongue to see if it was bleeding. “What the hell was that?”

“I told you that my father does not want you here if he is not here,” she said holding the door open for him to leave.

“Umm, do you have anything on under that robe?” He whispered as he pulled on the lapel and saw most of her bare left breast.

“Todd.” She said firmly as she pulled the robe closed before he saw her nipple. “Leave.”

“I need to use your bathroom,” he grinned before turning and heading down the hallway.

“OK, but you have to leave when you are done.” She sighed and moved back into the den and picked up her chemistry text book. She was reading it and didn’t hear him walk up behind the sofa until he dove over it and landing in her lap. “TODD!”

Todd took her by surprise and pulled open her robe causing both firm and full titties to push outward. She had let him kiss them a few times but never in her house. He quickly leaned up and sucked in the right nip.

“TODD STOP!” She yelled as she grabbed the thick dark hair on his head and pulled downward.

“AHHH!” He cried as his lips popped off and his head and body tumbled back off her legs until he was lying at her feet. “Shit, that hurt.”

“When I say no it means no,” she snarled at him.

“You’ve said no too many times,” he said sitting up at her feet. “Maybe I’ll find someone who says yes?”

“Go ahead,” she said almost in tears. She started to stand and take him to the door but he pushed her back. As her butt fell her legs opened and he saw that she was wearing white panties.

“My favorite,” he grinned before forcing open her legs and looking at the white triangle and a few blonde pubic hairs escaping.



Allan walked to the front door since Todd’s car was blocking the driveway to the garage. As he turned the door knob to enter he heard his daughter scream, “TODD DON’T!”

He slammed the door open and dashed into the house.

“LET ME UP!” Ellen screamed as he moved his body between her legs and started kissing her bare breasts again.

Todd figured he would just mess with her some until someone grabbed his shoulder and flung him backwards. He went flying over the arm of the sofa and landed on his hip.

“GET OFF OF HER!” Allan had shouted before he pulled the teenage kaçak casino boy back. He saw her hands over her bare chest and quickly turned away. “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING?”

Todd started crawling away from the red faced man. He made it to the wall and started to stand. “We were just kidding around sir.”

Doctor Allen turned and saw the panic look on his daughter’s face. “Were you just fooling around?”

Ellen glanced at her father knowing that he would possibly kill Todd. “Yes,” she lied.

Allen turned to Todd. “I think we both know that there was more than that going on. I think you better get your ass out of my house right now.”

“Yes sir,” Todd said running sideways while trying not to fall. He ran out the opened front door and seconds later realized that he couldn’t get his car out of the driveway.

“Are you alright,” Allan asked his daughter who was properly covered up.

“I’m OK,” Ellen answered. They heard a soft tapping and turned to see Todd peeking in.

“Sir, I can’t get my car out of the driveway.”

Allan calmed down and without talking to the lad moved outside and backed his car out. After Todd left he opened the garage and parked it inside. Ellen’s car was covering the other side of the driveway.

After Allan knew that she was alright and calm he finally told her what he thought about Todd. “You can do a lot better than him.”

“I know but most of the time he is nice to me and we have a chance to be homecoming king and queen this year.”

“Most of the time. That doesn’t fly with me and it shouldn’t with you either. You need to meet the young man I fixed up in the hospital tonight. His name is Danny Upton.”

Ellen remembered him from her first period social studies class. “He’s in one of my classes. What happened?”

Allan leaned back. “He was beaned with a baseball at tryouts. I overheard the coach said that it might have been intentional. He’s alright except for a small chip in his elbow.”

Ellen remembered his sandy hair and nice smile as he sat behind her in the class. “I think I’m better off not dating anyone this year.”

“That’s OK with me,” Allan grinned. “But, there are some nice boys out there but none of them is good enough for my baby.”

“Daddy,” she giggled while leaning over and kissing his cheek.


Janet arrived home around 9:30PM as well and saw Danny sitting at the kitchen table wearing a sling on his elbow. “How does it feel?”

“Good, I really don’t think that I need this sling.”

“Allan said to wear it.”

“Allan? Did you call Dr. Brand Allan just now?” He grinned.

“Yes, but he’s my boss and I call him Dr. Brand around others,” she blushed.

“So he’s not married.”

“Divorced,” she answered quickly.

“Uh-huh,” he chuckled. She faked a swing but he held up his arm in a sling. “My arm really hurts,” he laughed.


Danny parked his old Honda Civic in the back of the parking lot mainly because all the new expensive cars were parked closer to the school. After slinging his book bag over his right arm he walked towards the school. He made it about half-way when Todd Jenkins and another kid jumped out in his way.

“How’s the arm?” Todd asked looking sincere.

“Just a small chip on the elbow,” Danny answered glad that the boy was concerned. “I should be OK in a week or two.”

“You know you got our best pitcher kicked off the team,” Todd said as he moved up to Danny. The other boy who had red flaming hair and a stout built laughed. “Maybe I should break your other arm.”

Danny, being an Army brat, had been exposed to a lot of self-defense training and had actually made his black belt last year. “I don’t think you want to do that,” he grinned as he dropped his book bag on the pavement.

Todd looked at his buddy and was about to throw a punch when Ellen drove down the aisle and stopped by them. “What’s going on?” She saw the new kid that her father had talked about.

Todd walked over to the window. “This is the loser who got Jimmy tossed off the team yesterday. I was just about ready to break his other arm.”

“You’re an asshole,” she snapped. “Just leave and go to the school.”

Todd laughed and turned towards Danny. He motioned to the red haired kid and suddenly the other boy cocked his arm and let his fist fly towards Danny’s head.

Danny saw the fist coming his way and quickly leaned back. The closed hand missed his face by inches and as the boy tried to pull it back Danny grabbed the wrist and quickly flipped it and his arm upward and then around the boy’s neck. It was a choke hold that his father had taught him.

“HEY LET ME GO!” The boy cried.

Danny watched Todd’s eyes and knew that he was coming his way next. As Todd took the first step Danny pulled the red-headed boy’s arm spinning him around until he fell across the pavement. He managed to turn as Todd’s fist was heading towards his face. He raised his open palm and caught the fist in mid-flight.

“FUCK!” Todd gasped as Danny pushed the hand and arm straight back twisting Todd around. Danny then put his right foot on Todd’s ass and pushed. Todd was leaning forward as his body crashed into Ellen’s hood. He saw her smile before he bounced back and landed on his ass.

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