Ashley the Escort Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 – Wednesday

On Wednesday, I received a call from a client asking me if I’d see a friend of his. I’m always down with referrals, so I agreed and he set up a time with me to have dinner with “Tom”, but we’ll call him Tom Wednesday. My client said that Tom W. wanted a GFE. That’s an acronym for “girlfriend experience”. Meaning, he wanted cuddling, kissing, and roleplaying to the point where I was his lover / girlfriend. I liked normal sex so I was happy with this arrangement.

I dressed in a beautiful red dress, showing lots of cleavage, and black heels to match with my best red purse. To top it off, I laid on the cherry, cocksucker red, lipstick. I had my hair done at a salon that afternoon. Perhaps I was going with the Marilyn Monroe feel. I smiled big in the mirror, determined to give a good first impression and headed out at 7:00.

I arrived at the Picasso in the Bellagio and asked for my ‘friend’. The hostess took me back to the table and a gorgeous hunk of a man stood up tall with a perfect smile to greet me. I had to close my mouth and blinking a few times and said, “Hello, I’m Ashley.”

“A great pleasure to meet you, Ashley,” he said as he took my hand and gently shook it. “I’m Tom, and I’m excited you’re here.”

“You are?” I asked inquisitively. I just wanted to keep him talking. He was a chiseled god. Even his jawline and clean cut, short hair seemed perfected.

“Absolutely, my friend said I’d fall in love with you at first sight, and maybe…” he trailed off, “…maybe I have.” He smiled and chuckled a little. God he was cute. I started wondering what he looked like under that expensive suit. While I was drooling, I hadn’t noticed that he’d laid an envelope on the table. “That’s for you,” he said and I caught him slightly blushing. I picked up the envelope and glanced inside. It looked like enough but I didn’t care. This god would get it for free if he’d only ask.

After having the quail while I had a salad, he asked, “Shall we go upstairs and get to know each other?” He was direct. He knew what he wanted. I liked it.

We arrived at the door to his room and he allowed me to go in first. A beautiful suite and I immediately noticed the roses on the desk. “Those are for you,” he motioned for me to go to them. “To Ashley, my love,” the card Maraş Escort read. My love? He really did want the girlfriend experience.

“They’re beautiful, honey, you shouldn’t have,” I decided to get in character. “You make me happy,” I continued and gave him the biggest hug. As we embraced, we turned towards each other and the kiss just happened naturally. We kissed deeply and passionately. My tongue slipped into his mouth and sought out his. I was getting wet now I noticed. And from the feeling being pressed against me, he was getting hard.

“I have something to give you,” he stopped kissing me. He pulled out a piece of paper, “I’ve been tested for STDs and here’s my proof. I swear I’ve been with no one in quite some time.” This was a first for me.

“Awesome baby,” I managed to get out while I processed that. “So you’re asking for no condom, right?” I asked.

“That’s exactly right,” he replied.

I paused. And then I did something I never do. But he was so scrumptious. I dropped to my knees and looked up at his dreamy eyes. “I’m all yours lover,” I told him while unzipping his pants. I reached in and pried out a very large and gorgeous penis. I then went against all my rules and put the head of his dick straight into my mouth – without a condom. I could taste salty precum and I moaned in pleasure. Looking into his eyes for a reaction he smiled down at me and said, “I love you honey.”

This role play was just perfect for me. I groaned and began running my hands up and down his shaft while continuing suck on the head and swirl my tongue around and around. He unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to his ankles. I embraced him, dick in mouth, and placed my hands on his ass cheeks, gripping firmly.

His hips began to move back and forth, so I kept my head still and lowered my hands, letting him fuck my mouth. He moaned loudly and grabbed the back of my head.

“Will you join me on the bed, undressed?” he asked politely.

I nodded yes and let him go from my wanting lips and tongue. I stood and undressed down to my panties and bra.

“Those, too, baby,” he encouraged. I removed everything. I glanced in the mirror and my lipstick was smeared all over my face from the kissing and sucking.

“Want me to fix my face, babe?” I asked. He Maraş Escort Bayan smiled and shook his head no. He was naked now and I got my first look. My mouth opened and I nearly drooled. His chest and arms were well defined. His abs were beautifully sculpted and his penis, hanging in anticipation (with a slight red hue from my lipstick) was beautiful. “God you’re beautiful,” I told him.

“Mmmm, so are you sexy,” he was running his eyes up and down my body. He laid on the bed and said, “Come.”

I crawled up next to him and laid down, embracing him once again, this time skin to skin. It was heavenly. He pushed me on to my back and his legs pushed my legs apart. He was hard as a rock as he climbed on top and began kissing my face and lips. I again sought out his tongue with my tongue and felt him pushing the head of his penis inside me. Further and further he pushed inside and I moaned loudly into his ear. Then he thrust hard and held himself deep inside me, as far as he could go, for a moment. I looked into his eyes and my breath was taken away.

“Is that ok?” he asked softly.

I nodded a yes quickly.

He began to move in and out a few times and then I saw his eyes get very wide and he suddenly pulled out and spewed cum all over my belly, some of it shooting up by my tits.

I looked at him with a “What. The. Fuck.” look. “Are you ok?” I asked.

He sighed, “Yes, I’m sorry. I have a problem and I was hoping I could overcome it with you by taking my time. I cum too quickly,” he confessed.

“It’s ok. I understand,” I managed to be nice. I wanted to have an orgasm but it looked like I was shit out of luck.

“One more thing,” he said and then he leaned down and began licking my belly. He was licking his cum off of me. Another first. He even slurped up a small pool in my navel area and then continued licking me. I didn’t know how to react, so I laid still. I swallowed sometimes. Why shouldn’t boys?

“Is that ok?” he asked as he finished up.

“Absolutely baby. Whatever makes you happy,” I smiled. I was ready to get the fuck out of there if he wasn’t going to go down on me. He began to get dressed. I was out of luck. That’s how the dice roll in Vegas, sometimes.

A while later I found myself walking through the casino with Escort Maraş my envelope. I was unsatisfied and annoyed. I didn’t understand how such a perfect looking man was no good in bed. I sat down at a slot machine next to a young man who was pretty handsome himself.

“Any luck here?” I asked.

“Nah, I’ve been waiting to get lucky all day and these machines are doing all the fucking,” he laughed. “Pardon my language.”

I laughed back and paused. Wait. I realized this was my answer. I turned to him and said, “Are you here alone?” He nodded yes. I smiled and took a pen out of my purse and grabbed his hand. I wrote my cell number on the palm of his hand and looked at him, “Call me in 15 minutes if you want to get lucky. This machine is a sure winner,” I laughed and opened my arms to show my body.

He looked at me with hesitation, “I…I don’t have any money,” he stammered.

I smiled and put a finger to his lips, “You. Don’t. Need. Any.” I said softly and slowly.

Fifteen minutes later I was standing in the room I rented for the evening, completely naked, with a condom laying on the bed. He knocked and I let him in.

“Strip. Hurry. I need to cum,” I directed.

He obeyed and in a moment he was undressed. “Can you eat pussy?” I asked him. His jaw was wide open. He nodded yes. “Good. Eat me,” I demanded.

He was wonderful at his work. He used one, two and three fingers at times. He used the tip of his tongue to circle my clit for what seemed like hours. He sucked and licked. And then it happened, finally, sweet relief. I came so hard I didn’t notice that I almost pulled out some of his hair.

I looked down at him, “Thank you so much. I needed that badly.”

He smiled shyly, “You’re welcome,” I noticed him looking at the condom.

“Ah yes,” I laughed, “please, put it on. My pussy is ready thanks to you.”

He unwrapped it and placed it on himself with some skill. I got on my hands and knees on the bed and looked back at him. He climbed up behind me and pushed himself inside me, grabbing my ass as he did. He began fucking me and I moaned loudly, “Yes. Fuck me harder!”

I heard him groan loudly. Then I felt it. He was filling the condom with cum. Thirty seconds after he started. Two guys in a row?

I gathered my things shortly after and kicked him out. It was not my day and not a good day for gambling. I called room service and ordered two bottles of wine. I decided to stay in the hotel and give up on the day.

A good movie and some wine. That’s all this girl needed. Fuck Wednesday.

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