At Long Last

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Authors Note: This is my twenty-first story…even though it’s not technically a story. This is a work of fiction, however it IS based on factual people…most importantly, my wonderful friend “R” who has been so good to me over the years and who I simply adore! Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is greatly appreciated!


We’d been online friends for over five years…I was 16 and he was 17 when we first met online and started chatting.

We had seen each other through relationships, break up’s, family issues, friend issues, as well as through many sexual exploits.

He lived in the States and I lived in Canada…we both knew all along that it wasn’t very likely we’d ever be able to meet in person, and this is why we had both agreed when our friendship began blossoming into something more complex that neither of us would harbor any thoughts of feelings from the other, but also for neither of us to have any delusions of a long distance romance, since we’d both been down that road and felt that burn before.

Now…here I was…22 years old and going to Toronto for Management Training as I had quickly moved up in “the ranks” of my sales associate job at a nationwide chain of retail stores. Rob was 23 and in graduate school in the States…lucky for us, however, that my trip to Toronto happened to fall during the summer months and he’d been able to request a week off of work.

I had arranged to have my wee of holidays right before the Management Training was to take place and arranged it with the hotel that I pay for a room for a week and the company would pay for the second week.

I had driven all day and all night and finally arrived at the hotel at about three in the morning on a Monday and collapsed into the bed and promptly fell asleep.

I was awoken at approximately 1:30AM by the phone ringing. It was Rob calling me from the edge of the city to let me know he’d be at the hotel in about an hour.

We had arranged to meet in the restaurant on the main floor of the hotel. Rob told me he’d made a reservation for two in his name and whoever got their first would just sit at our table and wait for the other.

I got into the shower and tried to think of anything BUT the fact that in a little less than an hour I would finally be seeing him face to face.

I blow-dried my hair and put on a little bit of foundation, mascara and lip gloss before slipping on my black satin and lace push up bra and a matching black satin thong. I moved to the closet and pulled out the dress I’d bought just for this occasion. It was a shimmery slinky black fabric that felt like heaven against my skin. The dress had little cap sleeves on it and the neckline was in a very deep V to show off more than ample cleavage. It was curve hugging but not tight and fell two inches above my right knee and then was cut on an angle so that it ended two inches below my left knee. I slipped on a pair of black leather sandals with a two inch heal and laces that wrapped up past my ankles and I was ready.

However…I still had about twenty minutes until Rob was expecting to be at the hotel. I admitted to myself that after all these years of emails and chatting and caring so much on so many levels for him…I was nervous about finally meeting him face to face. Very nervous in fact. I took one last look in the mirror…slipped my lip gloss into my hand purse and made my way downstairs to the restaurant.

The hostess sat me at a small two person table in the back corner of the restaurant. It wasn’t a booth, but it might as well have been seeing as how it was the farthest table from the kitchen doors and from the front of the restaurant and seemed to be a fair bit away from all the other tables in the place. I moved to sit in the chair that would put my back to the wall (as I always do) and there was a single white rose (my favorite) on the seat of the chair. I blushed slightly and placed it in the vase of water the waiter immediately brought for me.

I ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and sipped at it as I tried very hard to think of anything I could not to make myself more nervous about Rob’s arrival.

When I finished my second Long Island I glanced up at the hostess stand at the entrance to the restaurant and saw him standing there with his head cocked as he listened to her say something, but his eyes were looking directly at me. We made eye contact and I felt all the air whoosh out of my body as I tried to calm my nerves and not do something to embarrass myself.

Rob turned to the hostess, thanked her and started making his way towards our table. I watched him walk towards me and couldn’t help but notice how well his jeans hugged his legs in all the right places and how his simple black t-shirt was just tight enough to show off his well toned torso and arms.

I stood up as he got closer and once he was within arms reach we both instinctively reached out and hugged each other.

I leaned into bahis siteleri his over six foot tall and well muscled body and hugged him so tightly I thought for a moment that I might actually push my way through his body.

His strong arms felt so good around me that I didn’t want to pull away, but I knew I had too.

I moved slightly out of the hug and looked up at him and smiled. As usual his skin was a number of shades darker than mine, seeing as how all my very white skin ever managed to do was burn and he worked outside about 25% of the time and had that rich Italian skin that just soaked up the sun.

His dark hair was cut short and his eyes were a deep shade of hazel and I felt as though I might melt into them.

Before I could say or do something to embarrass myself Rob smiled at me and motioned to the table, “Why don’t we sit?”

We sat and talked and drank and nibbled on appetizers for over three hours before the dinner crowd started to slowly filter into the restaurant.

I glanced at the table nearest to us where an elderly couple had just been seated. As if reading my mind Rob motioned for the waiter and asked for the bill.

I smiled at him and by smiling back at me and ever so gently rubbing my ankle with his foot he distracted me enough to grab the check as the waiter brought it for us. Being somewhat of a macho guy he insisted on paying for the entire tab.

I’m not sure what the strongest driving force was, if it was the alcohol, the sense of comfort and warmth being around him made me feel, or our long history of sexual tension that made me grin at him and say, “Fine then…you pay for drinks and dinner and I’ll just have to find a way to repay you for them!”

He grinned at me as he stood from the table and as I stood beside him and we began walking into the lobby he put his hand on the small of my back…an act which he knew I felt was more intimate than holding hands.

We stood in the lobby for a few minutes deciding what we would do next. Rob suggested we catch a movie and then come back for a later dinner before both adjourning to our own rooms for the night. It sounds like a good idea to me, however I’d left my purse up in my room as I figured I would just charge whatever I ate or drank to my room and pay it later.

We rode up in the elevator in silence. It wasn’t one of those awkward elevator silences most people have…it was a relaxed silence between two people who knew they didn’t have to use words to fill the silence. Rob still had his hand on the small of my back and to me that said more than any words could have.

I unlocked the door to my hotel room and stepped inside. It had gotten dark while we were in the restaurant and it took me a moment to find the light switch. Eventually I found it and when I flicked it on I turned around expecting to see Rob standing in the doorway. Instead I turned to find him right behind me, so close that as I turned my breasts rubbed against his broad chest and my face was only a couple inches away from his neck.

For a second I was surprised and almost pulled away…then I caught a whiff of his cologne and aftershave and I practically melted. He knew I was a sucker for the smell of men’s shaving lotions and he’d found a cologne that seemed to bottle that intoxicating scent. I took in another deep breath, hoping he wouldn’t notice, before I moved back a step.

“Sorry about that,” I said as I turned towards the chair I’d thrown my purse on when I’d stumbled in the night before. As I was reaching for my purse he gently grabbed my arm and turned me to look at him. “Don’t be sorry. There’s no need for you to apologize for something I did.”

“What do you mean? I turned around and almost ran into you, it was my fault.” He smiled down at me, one of those smiled adults give little kids when they ask about Santa Claus, and said, “No. The only reason you almost ran into me was because I had moved as close behind you as I could possibly get. I didn’t want to freak you out, but I just had to be close to you, to touch you.”

With that he released my arm and moved towards the door. I just stood there, frozen and conflicted. He saw this in my face and said in a voice devoid of any emotion, “Well come on. Grab your purse and let’s go see what’s playing.”

In that moment I made a choice without really thinking at all. I left my purse where it was and walked up to him. I hugged him tightly and then pulled back somewhat and tenderly kissed his cheek, then I pulled back a little farther and looked up into his dark eyes and saw what I needed to see, passion, desire and hope, and then I leaned in and kissed him.

The kiss started out tentative and gentle, simply a tender pressing of lips to lips. Then once each of us realized the other person wasn’t about to pull away we both let our inhibitions go and the kiss became one of intense passion and lust. It was as if we were feeding off each other through the kiss, both starving and being offered a feast.

My canlı bahis arms were around his waist and his around my shoulders from the hug. He wasn’t moving to touch me at all, but I couldn’t hold back any longer…I HAD to touch him. I pulled the shirt out of his jeans in the back and plunged my hands up inside his shirt.

His back was smooth skin covering hard muscle and I relished in the feel of it. I kissed him frantically as my hands explored his back and moved to the front of his chest, pulling the rest of the shirt out of his jeans as I went.

I moved my hands up to cup his face from underneath his shirt and once I had his face in my grasp I started slowly moving back wards towards the bed. Rob was so absorbed in the passion of the kiss that he didn’t even realize he was following me towards the bed until I bumped into it. At that point he pulled away from me and looked down at the bed, then he looked deep into my eyes and said, “Are you sure?”

I could see the anxiety in his eyes, and at the same time the strong desire he felt to finally fulfill all the fantasies we’d shared with each other over the years. I knew he was apprehensive about ruining the mystery of fantasy by having us actually be together, and also was tied up in his own emotional struggle with the complexities of our “relationship” and what it all meant. Not to mention his fear that I would lose my nerve and pull away at the last second and leave him unsatisfied and rejected.

He stood there motionless as I pulled the shirt off his body and began kissing my way from his neck all the way down to the edge of his jeans. I knew he was trying to stay emotionless to save himself from being hurt if I pulled away, but the occasional soft moans and whimpers that escaped his lips as my lips journeyed down his chest betrayed his eagerness and desire, as did the very large bulge awaiting me when I reached the edge of his jeans.

I’d heard all kinds of stories about his sexual exploits…I knew of the intense pleasures he’d experienced as well as the incredibly painful rejections he’d received from uncaring women who couldn’t handle him. It wasn’t so much an issue of personality or “baggage” that caused some women to reject him and others to long for him…it was his unique physiology.

Not only was he pleasant eye candy; well muscled, well tanned, and disarmingly adorable, but he was more than well “equipped” with a cock that was large by regular standards when it was soft and reached anywhere up to 11 inches long and almost 2 inches thick when hard.

Rob knew I’d never been with a man anywhere near his size and had experienced problems with being too tight to handle some of the men I’d been with. I knew in his mind he was afraid I would change my mind once I’d seen his cock, that I would back out and embarrass us both and hurt him and our friendship. Little did he know that when we’d decided once and for all to meet face to face I’d begun to prepare for meeting him in ways he could only imagine.

I unzipped his fly and caught his underwear under my thumbs as I pulled both the jeans and boxer-briefs down past his knees. I made a point of not looking at his cock until I had him standing in front of me completely naked. Then I sat down on the edge of the bed and began unlacing my shoes.

Rob remained standing perfectly straight, his eyes faced forward as if he couldn’t bring himself to even look at me until he knew if I was going to push him away or not. My heart ached to ease the pain in him, make him see himself as I saw him, to erase the painful memories other women had caused and leave him only with the joyful memories of pleasure. With that thought I kicked the shoes away from the bed and finally allowed myself to look straight at his cock.

It was a sight to see. He was probably around 9 inches long and growing harder every moment. He was circumcised and the head of his cock was swollen and deep red by this point.

I reached out with my hands and grasped his cock at the base and held it with one hand as the other began tracing the veins along the length of him.

Once I’d familiarized myself with his cock I glanced up to see he was still staring straight ahead…waiting…hoping…trying not to feel. I continued to hold the base of his cock with one hand as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I heard him let out a deep breath and then moan as I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock. I felt his body shudder and glanced up to see him looking down at me with a look of wonder, devotion and passion in his eyes.

I gave myself over completely to the task of making him feel good, accepted, loved, and pleasured. I began slowly, taking the head of his cock into my mouth, then a little more, and a little more, until I was taking as much of his cock into my mouth as I possibly could.

At some point Rob moved his hands onto my shoulders and was rubbing my shoulders and neck, occasionally running his fingers through my hair as my mouth, tongue and hands güvenilir bahis worked frantically on his cock.

His breathing got deeper and deeper, frantic, moans and grunts escaped his lips and his body broke out in a sweat. Then he did something I wasn’t expecting…he put a hand on either side of my face and pulled his cock from my mouth.

He then knelt down on the floor and kissed me. It was the most tender kiss I’d ever received…simply lips on lips, but that kiss held so much more…it held all the words I knew he couldn’t say.

Then he pulled away from me and moved to put his clothes back on.

I was temporarily stunned by the kiss…but quickly grabbed his arm as he reached for his pants and underwear, “What are you doing?” I asked my voice breathy and thick with passion.

“You’ve paid me back for dinner, now it’s time for the movie.” He said in a tone that showed he was trying to mask his emotions, but failing.

I moved to block his access to his clothes on the floor, “That’s not what this was about. What I just did I did because I wanted too, not because I felt I owed it to you. Don’t you get it? I’ve wanted you for more than 5 years. I’ve wanted to be able to sit across a table and see you, to talk to you in person, not on some stupid voice chat program. I’ve wanted to be able to hug you and kiss you and touch you. I’ve wanted to be able to feel you…to live out some of the fantasies I’ve had about you and that you’ve had about me. I know you’re worried I’m going to chicken out, but I’m not. That little blowjob was just a taste of what I’ve been aching to do for years. I can’t classify what I feel for you, but I do know that I love you, not necessarily in any kind of traditional sense, but I DO love you and have for a long time. The size of your cock doesn’t change how I feel about you. It’s simply part of who you are, and I love who you are. I admit to being nervous about what might happen between us, if and when things got sexual, would I be able to take all of you…that’s why when we made these plans I went out and bought something…”

I moved away from him and opened my suitcase. I pulled out the dildo I’d bought the very day he said he’d be able to make it to Toronto. It was 11 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. I turned around and handed it to Rob. “I started out practicing my blowjob techniques, relaxing my throat muscles to be able to take in more and more until I felt I could give a decent blowjob with a cock this size. Then I started practicing penetration. At first I could only take in about 7 or 8 inches max until it started to hurt, but with lots of practice, a lot of lube and years worth of fantasies to fuel me I eventually managed to take it all.”

He looked at me then…he almost looked shocked, “You went out and bought this so that if while we were both here we decided to try to have sex you could without it hurting?” I simply nodded my head yes.

Rob didn’t say anything. He moved towards my suitcase and put the dildo back inside. Then he stood behind me and began unzipping the dress. He let it fall to the floor and then unhooked my black satin bra and slid it off my shoulders and it too fell to the floor. Then he slowly slipped my matching thong down my legs and let me step out of it. He stood back up and put and hand on each of my hips and urged me forward, towards the bed.

When I stood at the edge of the bed he wrapped his arms around my torso and pressed his body to mine from behind. His head rested on my right shoulder and he breathed a sigh of contentment before he said in a soft voice, “I don’t know what I did to deserve a person like you in my life, but now that I’m here with you I wish we’d found a way to get together sooner,” and then he turned me to face him and he kissed me with a passion so great it took my breath away.

We kissed furiously as we tumbled to the bed. Rob maneuvered himself on top of me and broke the kiss with something near a growl. He then began kissing my neck and shoulders, moving down to my breasts. After leaving little wet kisses all over my chest he finally placed a single, tender kiss on each of my nipples and then let out a sigh and said “I have wanted this for so long,” before his mouth descended on one of my hard nipples and he began licking and sucking at it with a vengeance.

The feeling of his body pressed against mine and his mouth working wonders on my aching nipples drove me insane. I hadn’t been so turned on in ages and I felt like I was going to cum right then and there. Somehow Rob sensed this and pulled away from my nipples and moved back up to my lips and began kissing me softly, tenderly, trying to calm me down so he could continue torturing me.

Once my hormones subsided somewhat he began kissing his way down my body again, starting with my neck, then shoulders, then teasingly licking each of my nipples before moving down. He stopped at my belly button and played with my piercing for a moment before he continued his downward trek.

Just before I hoped in the car and started driving to Toronto I had shaved my pussy completely and lathered it with lotion to ensure the skin would stay smooth and supple in the hopes that this very thing would happen.

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