At The Movies Pt. 02

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Author’s note: I received an anonymous message from someone saying they rated the first part of this story a “1” because I didn’t say in the title that it was an incomplete story. To that person, I would like to ask, did you hate Raiders of the Lost Ark, or The Godfather because you didn’t know they would have sequels?

In the interest of full disclosure, I wasn’t planning on breaking this story into parts, but I was short on time and wanted to get at least one part of it submitted.

Obviously, anyone has the right to rate stories per their own set of guidelines, but I would rather you rate the story based on the merits of the writing than on the fact that I threw you a curve at the end. To that person, please let me know what you thought of the writing. Your message mentioned only that you were upset I hadn’t forewarned you that the story was incomplete. Did you enjoy the writing and the story in general? Was there anything you liked, or was you enjoyment of the story completely ruined?

I will now climb down off my soapbox.

Enjoy part 2!


The drive home took much longer than usual as I thought about everything that had just happened in the movie theater, and about everything I hoped would happen when we got to my place.

In the seat next to me, my daughter continued to rub her well fucked pussy as my cum leaked out of her. She had her legs spread as wide as she could in the tight space of the car, but I could see everything. I was thankful the streets were relatively empty. If there had been a lot of traffic, I would have been too distracted to drive.

Brenda’s pussy shined in the light of the passing street lamps, glistening with a mixture of her sweet juice and my cum. Occasionally, she would bring a finger to her mouth to clean it off, tasting our combined juices.

In the car behind us, Dan was driving but I couldn’t seen Dani’s head. I would find out later that I was right when I assumed she was sucking him.

After what seemed to be hours, we arrived at my house, where Brenda had grown up, and where she and I became lovers. When she came to visit me, she would sleep in my bed like my wife. Her own room had been converted to an office after we became lovers. We knew she would no longer need it.

Dan and Dani parked behind me in the driveway and when he got out of his car, Dan was tucking his shirt in and zipping up his pants.

Brenda asked Dani, “Did he cum again?”

Dani smiled slyly, “No, he wanted to save it, he said.”

“For what?”

Dan answered, “For you.”

Brenda linked her arms with the twins and escorted them into the house that I had opened.

She led them into the living room where they all sat on the couch, Brenda between the two of them. I moved to the bar and started taking drink orders.

The women asked for wine, for Dan a whiskey sour, and I had scotch.

We sat and talked for a moment. I discovered that Dan and Dani had never gone as far as they had in our presence. They had kissed and touched. They had masturbated each other to climax, but nothing beyond that.

“That was why we were at the movies in the first place,” Dani explained. “When our parents are home, we can’t be alone. So we go to the movies to make out and get each other off. When we saw you guys, I guess whatever inhibitions we had just vanished.”

She was smiling at me, as Dan was focused on my daughter. Brenda was stroking the front of his pants which revealed his excitement.

“My daddy and I are happy to have you here,” Brenda said to Dan as she started kissing him.

I had wondered what my reaction would be to my little girl fucking another guy in front of me. I didn’t know if I’d be upset, angry, jealous. As I watched her unzip his pants and take out his hard cock as she kissed him, I felt complete arousal. Blood rushed to my own member, and Dani was there to take advantage.

She knelt in front of me and quickly took me in her mouth. She looked up at me with large eyes as she sucked me deep into her throat. Her hands caressed my balls.

At one point, she pulled her mouth off me to say, “Brenda, I can taste your pussy on him. The mixture of your juice and your daddy’s cum is exquisite.”

My daughter broke away long enough to reply, “I know, right?”

By casino oyna this time, Dan had Brenda’s tits out and was sucking them. Brenda was thicker than Dani, with bigger tits and a bigger ass. It was clear Dan was not used to being with a curvy girl like Brenda. He was lost in her cleavage and seemed to never want to be found.

Not that Dani wasn’t gorgeous. She absolutely was. She was just thinner, so her tits and ass were smaller. It was a change for me, too. I hadn’t been with too many really thin women. I found the change exciting.

I watched my daughter take Dan’s pants off begin sucking him in earnest. She was working him as well as she knew how and he was loving it. He was groaning as he alternated between watching my daughter suck him, and his sister suck me.

I pulled Dani up and led her to the bedroom. Brenda and Dan quickly followed. We were all shedding clothes as we walked.

The twins seemed impressed by my bedroom, with the huge king-sized bed, and a recliner from which I could watch TV if I wanted, and soft indirect lighting.

We got on the bed. Dani laid me down and continued my blowjob. Beside us, my daughter laid on her back with her head hanging off the side of the bed, and asked Dan to fuck her face while standing.

Dan held my daughter’s head and slammed his cock into her mouth over and over. I couldn’t see it, but I suspected his balls might give her black eyes. Brenda seemed to be loving it, though, because her fingers were buried in her pussy. It had simply never occurred to me she might like such rough sex.

Dani reached over with one hand and pinched Brenda’s nipple, then moved her hand down to Brenda’s sodden pussy. She quickly found my daughter’s clit and ruthlessly rubbed it, sending my daughter over the edge.

I could hear her muffled moans as Dan pummeled her throat. Finally, she pushed Dan away and focused on what Dani was doing to her, “Oh, fuck, Dani, rub my pussy! Oh, fuck! FUCK!”

My daughter’s orgasm pushed me closer to the edge and I felt my steely cock throbbing as Dani stroked it with one hand and got Brenda off with the other.

Brenda writhed on the bed for a minute or so before she began coming down. She was catching her breath when Dani leaned over and kissed her. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen, watching this young woman push her tongue into my daughter’s mouth, and my daughter returning the favor.

Breaking off the kiss, Dani said, “I’m going to fuck your daddy now.”

Brenda nodded rapidly, and said, “You’re brother is going to fuck me in the ass.”

“Oh, shit,” Dani replied, smiling.

Dani climbed on top of me and guided my cock between her soaked pussy lips. When my cock-head pushed into her tight pussy, she moaned, “Oh, daddy, your cock feels good.”

I took her breasts in my hands and she lowered them to my mouth. I suckled her tits, moving my tongue around the sensitive nipples as she lowered herself all the way down on my shaft. Her pussy was very warm, very tight, and so wet!

“What do you call Brenda in bed, daddy?” she asked me.

I paused from sucking her nipples just long enough to answer, “I call her princess and sometimes baby.”

“Will you call me princess, daddy?”

“Yes, princess.”

“Oh, yes, daddy. You feel so good in my pussy. What a big daddy-cock you have.”

I glanced over and watched my little girl get on her hands and knees. Then she lowered her head to the bed, leaving her ass up high. She spread her legs wide and offered her ass to Dan.

Brenda looked at me and said, “Daddy, Dan is going to have to put his cock in my pussy to get it lubricated for my ass. Is that okay?”

“Of course, princess,” I replied. “Whatever you want.”

I couldn’t see it, but I knew when Dan had entered my daughter because she moaned in exactly the same way as when I pushed into her.

“Fuck, you have a wet pussy,” Dan said as he filled her up.

“You’re cock is so hard,” Brenda replied, pushing back against him. “Don’t move, Dan. Let me fuck your cock.”

Brenda started moving her hips, sliding her quim along his length. I knew what he was feeling was intense pleasure. Brenda’s pussy was one of the best I had ever had and she knew exactly how to use it.

On top canlı casino of me, Dani was working her pussy up and down my shaft in the same rhythm as my daughter. I discovered immediately that Dani also was an expert with her pussy. She would rise up until only my head was still inside, and then let me feel her envelope me inch by incredible inch until my balls were resting on her tight ass.

Dani stared into my eyes and said, “Daddy, your cock feels so good. Do you want your princess to cum on your cock?”

“Yes, princess,” I replied breathlessly. “I want to get you a wonderful orgasm and then fill your pussy with a load of cum.”

“Oh, yes! I want your daddy-cum in my pussy!”

“Fuck my cock, baby, and you’ll get it.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Dani’s movements became more urgent and I squeezed one of her sensitive nipples with one hand and held one ass cheek with the other.

“Daddy, I’m getting close,” she groaned.

“Don’t hold back, princess. Cum for daddy.”

That was all it took. Dani announced her orgasm by saying, “Daddy, I’m fucking cumming all over your cock!”

Then, she groaned and grunted her way through what must have been a wonderful orgasm. I could feel her pussy clenching my member as if she were trying to milk the cum out of me. Somehow, I managed to hold on as this gorgeous woman soaked my cock, balls, and bed with her juice.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” she said through gritted teeth as I pushed up into her over and over, prolonging her pleasure, until finally she rolled off me. “Too sensitive,” she said holding her legs together as she rode the wave down.

Her body trembled next to me and I wrapped my arms around her. I kissed her forehead and she looked up at me. “Thank you, daddy,” she said as she kissed me for the first time.

“You’re welcome, princess,” I said, kissing her back.

On the bed beside us, my daughter was shuddering through an orgasm as Dan pummeled her pussy. I could tell it was a little one, but her familiar groans filled the room with lustful sounds.

“Dan, are you ready to fuck my ass?” my daughter asked.

In reply, he pulled out and rubbed some of the fresh pussy juice that was running out of my baby’s well-fucked hole around her ass.

“Be gentle,” Dani warned him.

“I will,” he replied, grinning from ear to ear.

Dani whispered to me, “He’s always wanted to do this. She’s is making him very happy.” Then she looked at me. “Don’t you worry, daddy. Brenda and I will take care of you.”

“I wasn’t worried, princess,” I said confidently.

We couldn’t see exactly what was happening, so we just listened. Dani stroked my cock as we kissed and listened to her brother and my daughter.

“Easy,” Brenda said. “Go slow.”

As if in slow motion, Dan’s hips pushed forward and Brenda moved backward.

“Fuck, the head’s in,” Brenda announced. “God damn it, you have a big dick!”

“Oh, my god,” he replied, “Your ass is fucking tight!”

They moved their hips slowly toward one another, allowing Dan to fill my daughter’s ass with his hard cock.

When he was all the way in, he sighed, “Damn, that’s good!”

“Fuck me, Danny. Fuck my virgin ass,” my daughter said.

Dan wasted no time in plowing into my daughter. Their moans and grunts and gasps of, “Oh!” and “Yes!” filled the room, punctuating their pleasure.

“Daddy?” Brenda said between thrusts.

“Yes, princess?” I answered.

“Daddy, this man is fucking my ass so good. Will you fuck my ass, sometime?”

“Of course, baby. Whatever I can do to make my little girl happy.”

“Oh, daddy, this makes me happy!”

Seconds later, Dan announced, “Fuck, I’m cumming! I can’t hold it!”

“Don’t hold it,” Dani said. “Shoot your cum in her ass, Dan!”

“Here is comes,” he called, and then his body stiffened. He started shaking and a long, low, “Oooooohhhhhhh!” escaped his lips.

My daughter, hearing and feeling her lover going over the edge, quickly joined him, “Oh, my god! Fuck! Shit! God damn it!”

I could see them both quaking with pleasure. Dan’s hands were holding my daughter’s hips as he pumped his load into my daughter’s backside.

They came down slowly. My daughter fell forward on her stomach and Dan went with her. He was reluctant kaçak casino to let himself slide out of her.

They heaved together, regaining their breath, and then they both moaned as his softening member finally slid out of her tight ass.

“That was wonderful,” Brenda said as Dan rolled off her and kissed her.

“Thank you. I’ve always wanted to do that,” Dan replied.

“You’re so welcome,” Brenda said as she kissed him deeply.

“That was fucking hot,” Dani said.

“Daddy, that was incredible,” Brenda said to me. “Now, we have to take care of you. I have an idea. Dani and I will sixty-nine, and you can fuck her from behind. When you cum deep in her pussy, I will lick it out.”

“I like how that sounds,” Dani said looking at me expectantly.

I nodded, “Me, too.”

Quickly, Brenda laid on her back and Dani got on top of her. Dani didn’t hesitate, she shoved her tongue into my daughter’s wide open and well-fucked pussy. I knew she was tasting my cum along with my daughter’s pussy.

“Fuck, Dani, you are good at eating pussy,” Brenda observed with a sigh. “Have you done that before?”

“No, but you have a beautiful pussy, and I love tasting daddy’s cum leaking out of you.”

I watched for a moment as she licked my daughter. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. As I watched, she slid her tongue down to Brenda’s ass and tasted her brother’s cum oozing from that hole.

“You’re just full of cum, Brenda,” she remarked as she went back to Brenda’s pussy hole and clit.

“Not yet. I need some cum in my mouth.”

I didn’t know if Brenda had ever eaten pussy before, but as Dani lowered her bald snatch to my daughter’s mouth, Brenda’s tongue reached out and she started licking Dani hard and fast.

Dani wiggled her hips, grinding her pussy on Brenda’s face.

My cock was standing at attention watching these two beautiful women pleasure each other.

I looked at Dan and he was watching with rapt attention. He couldn’t take his eyes off the women.

“Brenda’s tongue is lonely, daddy,” Dani whimpered as she shook her ass a little more.

I moved in behind Dani and took in the sight of Brenda’s tongue pleasuring my new lover. My cock throbbed and I could resist no longer.

I knelt behind Dani and once again eased my cock into her juicy pussy. From behind, she was even tighter and she groaned in response.

“Oh, daddy, you and Brenda make me feel so good!”

When I was fully inside her, I felt Brenda’s tongue lapping at my balls. “Daddy,” she said. “Your balls taste like Dani’s pussy.”

I started stroking in and out of Dani. “Yes, daddy,” Brenda encouraged. “Fuck her good. Make her cum.”

“Oh, fuck, daddy,” Dani groaned. “Brenda has my clit and you are filling me up with your cock. I’m going to cum so fucking hard!”

I put my hands on her hips to hold her and pounded into Dani over and over. I could feel her growing wetter.

“She’s going to cum,” Brenda said breathlessly.

“Oh, fuck! Brenda, daddy, oh, fuck! FUCK! YES!”

I felt her pussy contract on my cock as her orgasm washed over Dani. Below us, Brenda hummed, “Mmmmmm,” as Dani flooded my cock with fresh nectar.

Her hips shook and I held them as I continued to thrust into her as deeply as I could. I didn’t really pull out, just allowed the pressure off a touch, and then pushed back in. The head of my cock rubbed against her cervix and as she was starting to come down, I said, “Here it comes!”

“In my mouth, daddy,” my daughter cried. “Please!”

I pulled out and put the head of my cock in my daughter’s mouth. She sucked me hard and ran her tongue along the crown of my cock.

That was all it took. Brenda groaned, “Mm-hmm,” and the first spurt of my load shot into her throat.

I pushed my cock further into her mouth as the second spurt erupted. “Oh, baby, swallow my cum!” I said as my body trembled.

“Cum hard, daddy,” Dani said as she rolled off Brenda. She moved her mouth by Brenda’s and looked up at me. “Fill her mouth with cum.”

I did as she bade. Jet after creamy jet of cum shoot into my daughter’s waiting, sucking mouth.

Finally, when I was spent and already softening, I pulled out of Brenda’s mouth. Dani was there to put her mouth on Brenda’s and they shared my cum.

“You’re delicious, daddy,” Dani said to me with my sperm coating her lips.

She went back to kissing Brenda and I laid on the bed beside them, spent, satisfied, and happy.

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