Audrey Steps Out Ch. 02

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This is the end of this story, however a sequel is always possible if people enjoy it. I enjoy hearing from people with interesting story ideas and this was a joy to write.

It had been several weeks since Audrey had agreed to see a client herself. Since then she had seen several further clients, only one of which was actually younger than her, a nineteen year old who wanted to live out a fantasy of seducing a teacher she’d had a crush on in high school. As for the rest they were older women like Melissa who wanted intimacy with a mature woman rather than a girl like the three she managed. Unlike Melissa the other woman had desired greater discretion as they didn’t want it widely known that they were interested in women and Audrey suspected that most of them were married and tired of the lack of intimacy from their husbands. Regardless of age or reason for hiring her, Audrey was enjoying herself and she was making so much money that she was actually uncertain of what to do with it. Audrey was just musing if she should use the money to improve her boutique or arrange a spectacular vacation and practically kidnap Susan, when her phone rang.

“Yes? Audrey speaking.” It was Rochelle.

“Audrey I have another client for you. Her name is Sarah and she is married, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Should I have her meet you at the hotel tonight?” Audrey hated to admit it, but the news thrilled her.

“Yes, I’ll be there at the usual time.”

“Audrey, why are you shutting me out? I’m happy to find clients, but we still need to talk about this sudden change.” Audrey frowned.

“Rochelle there is nothing to talk about, now I have work to do before I go home to prepare for tonight.” Audrey hung up not waiting for Rochelle to continue. The day couldn’t pass swiftly enough and Audrey decided that as the shop was so quiet she would leave early. She walked over to Gwen.

“Gwen I have things I need to take care of and I know that I can trust you to finish up today. See you tomorrow.” Gwen’s surprise was obvious as she spoke.

“What’s wrong ma’am, you’ve never left the shop in my hands before.” Audrey smiled reassuringly.

“It’s fine Gwen and the reason I’ve never done this before wasn’t due to any lack of trust, I just never needed to leave early before.” Gwen nodded and returned to a near compulsive effort to keep the shop neat and tidy. Audrey drove home to prepare for her latest client. Audrey had become quite adept in her preparations and was soon ready. One last look in the mirror and briefly felt a pang of guilt pass through her, but she shook it off as she finished getting ready. Audrey walked into the bar full of trepidation, she was always nervous meeting new clients. She saw a woman who appeared a few years younger than her and Audrey sat next to her at the bar. The dark haired woman turned to her.

“Are you Audrey?” Audrey smiled.

“Sarah?” The woman nodded and took a big drink before turning back to Audrey, who led her to her usual booth. “Don’t be nervous, I promise discretion and satisfaction.” Audrey reached across the table making eye contact, trying to be reassuring.

“I’m sorry but I have never done anything like this before.” Audrey began stroking Sarah’s hand softly as she continued.

“With someone you’re paying?” Sarah shook her head.

“Or with a woman. I’ve had fantasies, but I never had the guts to act on them till now. My husband’s out of town and I’m at a loose end. A friend gave me Rochelle’s number and she told me to be here tonight.” Sarah gulped down the rest of her drink and seemed to be trembling.

“I will go slowly and if you just want to talk we can do that.” Audrey stood holding out her hand to Sarah, who took it and rose to follow Audrey to the elevator. Sarah was quiet as they walked to the room. Audrey sat on the bed and patted the space beside her and Sarah hesitatingly sat down next to her.

“Okay Sarah I imagine you were a bit nervous in the bar where people could see you. Now why don’t you tell me a little about yourself? Let me know if you want to stop, I won’t even charge you until we do something.” Sarah looked into her eyes smiling slowly. Sarah began slowly, hesitatingly and seemed to grow more confident as her words came more coherently.

“I have been married for a little over three years, we met in college. I had a roommate who was being experimental, but I was too scared to take her up on her offer. I really wanted to, but I was really confused, I still liked men. Then I met him and it seemed like a sign that it was just a phase and that I should get married. I have never stopped thinking about her and fantasizing. Until a friend told me about Rochelle I didn’t think they would be anything more.” Audrey saw tears forming in Sarah’s eyes and watched as a tear fell down her cheek. Audrey reached out slowly to brush the tear from Sarah’s cheek. Sarah looked up through tear filled eyes as Audrey carefully placed her other hand on Sarah’s other cheek and pulled her canlı bahis close, but stopped short of kissing her. When she didn’t continue in the kiss, Sarah let one word escape her lips.

“Please.” Audrey smiled.

“Of course, baby.” Audrey pulled her the rest of the way into a kiss and Sarah didn’t resist, indeed she welcomed Audrey to deepen the kiss. Audrey slowly moved her hands from Sarah’s face to her shoulders and pulled her in deeper. Sarah wrapped her arms around Audrey showing eagerness despite her trepidation. Audrey felt her growing anticipation and broke the kiss with reluctance and Sarah opened her eyes. Audrey saw fear in her eyes and she spoke softly, reassuringly.

“Are you sure?” Sarah’s response was to stand and quickly, if awkwardly, undress until she stood naked to Audrey’s appreciative gaze. Audrey looked over Sarah’s pale skin and small breasts and continued to smile, trying to be soothing. Audrey signaled for Sarah to sit and stood herself. Sarah watched with rapt attention as Audrey slowly removed her dress, dancing sensuously. Audrey dropped her dress and had started working on her panties when she caught the scent of Sarah’s arousal and redoubled her efforts at seduction. As she stepped out of her panties Audrey looked up to see Sarah’s hand between her legs, her attention so focused on Audrey that she appeared unaware of what she was doing. Audrey sat beside Sarah and returned to kissing her. Audrey replaced Sarah’s hand between her legs and moved with deliberate slowness as Sarah moaned collapsing back onto the bed. Audrey turned her attention to Sarah’s breasts, delicately taking one nipple into her mouth. She sucked slowly listening to Sarah’s moaning and continued to move her other hand against her pussy. Audrey began to move one finger in and out of Sarah’s pussy, smiling as she hear the other woman’s moaning grow even louder. Audrey moved from breast to breast holding it to her mouth with one hand while adding a second finger to her efforts between Sarah’s lips. Sarah was now breathing so hard that Audrey couldn’t hear the moaning now it was too high. Sarah’s pussy was now flowing with her juices and Audrey began imagining what it would taste like. She paused her efforts and raised her fingers to her mouth to Sarah’s audible disappointment.

“Don’t worry I’m just pausing for a taste.” Audrey delicately worked her fingers into her mouth moaning as she tasted the honey like flavor of Sarah’s pussy. Sarah’s disappointment only grew louder.

Audrey knew Sarah was close and just decided to go for it. Audrey lowered her head and began slowly taking Sarah’s clit between her lips while switching to thrusting her finger in and out. Audrey could feel more of Sarah’s juices around her fingers and against her chin as she sucked harder. Sarah writhed beneath her and Audrey felt hands on her head. Audrey heard her moaning fill her ears as she thrust harder. Sarah moaned her orgasm as Audrey held her legs to avoid getting hit in the throes of Sarah’s orgasm. Audrey sat up waiting for Sarah’s breathing to calm down and looked down at this beautiful woman panting on the bed. Sarah sat up looking into Audrey’s eyes.

“That was…amazing. I am definitely going to be calling you again.” Sarah looked at Audrey questioningly, but Audrey shook her head.

“It’s fine you don’t have to touch me. We can save that for next time.” Sarah nodded eagerly as she retrieved her clothes. Sarah dressed and Audrey collected her money, sympathetic to the younger woman, but the puppy dog eyes were worrying her.

Audrey was just about to convince a customer, a girl of no more than twenty with a parent’s credit card, to buy a dress when her phone buzzed. She remained focused on her customer even as she was dying to know if this was a client. The customer was however shaking her head.

“I just don’t know if it’s right for me.”

“That’s quite all right, why don’t I leave you to consider and I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Audrey barely heard the response as she walked off to check her phone. It turned out to be a message from Sarah.

Hi, Audrey I was wondering if you’re free tonight? Audrey was a little nervous after seeing the puppy dog eyes that Sarah gave her last time, but shook it as it was probably nothing more than gratitude for helping her to finally live her fantasy.

Yes, at 7? The response was almost immediate.

Yes ? Audrey returned to her customer satisfied that she was going to see a client.

“So have you decided?” The girl looked somewhat startled as she looked in Audrey’s direction.

“Yes I want it.” The girl didn’t even react when Audrey told her the price, which was hardly surprising as she wasn’t paying for it. Audrey wrapped up the dress hoping the girl would tell her friends about the shop, especially if they had spending habits like hers.

Audrey walked into the hotel bar to find Sarah already waiting for her.

“Hi, Sarah do want to stay and talk or would you prefer to go up to the room?” bahis siteleri Sarah looked up and smiled when she saw Audrey. The nervousness was still there, but Audrey saw something else in Sarah’s gaze and she wasn’t sure what it was.

“Actually I’m eager to return the favor I owe you from last time.” Audrey took her by the hand and led her to the elevator. The two of them of them were soon in the room and once the door was closed Sarah was on Audrey with a desperate energy. Audrey found herself pinned against the door with Sarah pushing her tongue into her mouth. Audrey opened her mouth and eagerly accepted as Sarah’s tongue wrestled hers. Sarah’s hands were initially on Audrey’s head but they soon moved to explore down Audrey’s body as the kiss continued. Audrey moaned as Sarah’s hands found their way to her breasts and squeezed lightly. Audrey broke the kiss.

“Mmm, that’s good, but I think I want to continue somewhere a little more comfortable let’s move to the bed.” The two of them walked to the bed shedding their clothes as they did so. The two of them sat on the bed and continued kissing as Sarah’s hands resumed their exploration of Audrey’s body. Sarah’s hands reached Audrey’s breasts and were soon softly pulling on her nipples as she switched to kissing toward her hands. Sarah’s kissing reached Audrey’s breasts and she began kissing and sucking moving from one nipple to the other as her hands continued to work over the other breast. Audrey felt herself growing hot and eager for her orgasm. Just as she was deciding to encourage Sarah to move down, the younger woman stopping her efforts on her breasts and moved to the floor. Sarah kneeled and began kissing Audrey’s stomach and her legs. Audrey moaned whishing that Sarah would just stop teasing her.

“Please, Sarah.” Sarah suddenly moved her hands to Audrey’s pussy began slowly exploring, prompting louder moans from Audrey. Sarah spread Audrey’s pussy lips with care and slowly moved a finger between them, just the tip at first, but soon thrusting the digit rapidly. Sarah lowered her face to Audrey’s pussy kissing it then using her tongue to explore, despite her apparent eagerness this exploration was tentative. Audrey knew it wouldn’t take Sarah long even with the trepidation she was displaying in her exploration. Audrey however wanted more and softly tapped Sarah’s head. Sarah looked up questioningly.

“What is it Audrey, did I do something wrong?” Audrey struggled to respond as she was so turned on and a bit breathless.

“No, not at all. I just want you to climb on to the bed to try something else.” Sarah did as she was bid and Audrey lay back on the bed. “Climb on top of me, do you know what a sixty-nine is?” Sarah nodded slowly and moved into position lower her pussy onto Audrey’s face before lowering her own face between Audrey’s legs. Audrey found the taste of Sarah to be as sweet as before and Sarah’s tongue returning to her dripping pussy soon had her writhing. Audrey struggled to keep her tongue moving over and between Sarah’s lips even as her own orgasm fast approached. The moaning of the two women increased and both worked frantically to bring the other to release, but Audrey was already worked up and she was the first to moan out her orgasm. Sarah was quick to cum herself as the experienced tongue and fingers of Audrey caused to catch up and her writhing underneath Sarah caused her own orgasm. Sarah collapsed on top of Audrey and the two lay breathing heavily for several moments.

“That was even more amazing than last time Audrey, I can’t wait to do this again.”

Audrey would continue to see Sarah once or twice a week for a couple more months a more often than not Sarah would kiss Audrey deeply before she left. This affection was increasingly on Audrey’s mind in the weeks to come. One night as Sarah left she turned to talk to Audrey as the other was finishing her efforts to make herself presentable before she left.

“Audrey would you be able to spend the weekend with me? Please think about it, I would pay you of course.” Audrey hesitated, on the one hand this was feeling like it was crossing a line with a client and on the other she did enjoy spending time with Sarah. One consideration was that if she refused it might drive Sarah off and Audrey did not want to ruin a relationship with a client if she could help it.

“I don’t know Sarah I don’t really see clients on the weekends, that’s when I try to spend time with my spouse. If you want we can discuss spending the night together, but I’m afraid I really have to go.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll probably call you Monday. See you Audrey.” Sarah quickly dressed and left. Audrey knew she wasn’t very convincing, but Sarah’s interest was becoming a bit uncomfortable. They had met numerous times and it seemed that her initial assessment of Sarah’s interest just being gratitude for helping her fulfill a fantasy was proving increasing thing.

Several days later Audrey was sitting at home eager for more clients, when she was surprised bahis şirketleri to see Susan walk in.

“Oh, hi baby why aren’t you ready?” Audrey looked surprised and shook her head.

“Ready for what? And shouldn’t you be working so late I miss you coming in?” Audrey tried unsuccessfully to keep the bitterness from her voice, but Susan didn’t seem to notice as she responded.

“The party being thrown by Lance Wilson. Hurry up or we’ll be late.” Audrey still looked blank.

“Who?” Susan glanced at her seeming only somewhat annoyed, but also somewhat amused.

“Baby, he’s only my biggest client, now come it’s important for my business that we attend. I might even find a new client or two as well.” Audrey nodded, Susan had mentioned this party, but it had been about a month earlier and she had barely seen Susan since. While dressing for the party Audrey’s phone rang, she didn’t recognize the number as she answered.

“Hello?” The voice on the other end sounded frantic.

“Audrey, it’s Sarah I need to see you. Can you meet me tonight?” Audrey hesitated.

“Sarah, what is it?”

“Audrey I…I can’t believe I’m saying this it sounds so silly, but I can’t stop thinking about you. We need to talk.” Audrey struggled to keep up with this strange turn of events.

“Sarah, while I am flattered I cannot see you tonight and I don’t think we should see each other anymore. I’m married so I cannot cross that line with a client.”

“But Audrey I-“

“No, I can’t get personal regardless of what I do in this job. I’m sorry Sarah. Good bye.” Audrey hung up before Sarah could respond and finished preparing. Susan entered just as she was about to leave.

“Who was on the phone, baby?” Audrey froze momentarily before smiling.

“Not important just a question about the shop. Now let’s go, we don’t want to be late.” Susan held Audrey’s gaze for a short time and Audrey feared she would question her further, but suddenly Susan returned her smile.

“You look lovely, baby. If you weren’t mine already, I’d have to steal you.” Susan laughed softly as they kissed. Susan broke the kiss as she led the way to the car. Audrey was disappointed but she had grown used to these disappointments.

The party was nothing special, just the usual gathering of rich professionals sipping barely alcoholic drinks and talking about the state of the stock market. Audrey was officially bored. Once it got around the room that Susan was the finance whiz and she was the spouse as opposed to both of them being some guy’s arm candy, the other wives and girlfriends flocked to her. The reason for this was not their particular interest in her, but rather her reluctance to walk over to their group. The conversation was equally inane, if not more so. It consisted of garden parties and children, either their lives with children or their relief to be without. Audrey was considering if it was time to extricate herself from the conversation and find Susan when she heard her name.

“Audrey? What are you doing here?” Audrey turned to the speaker and found it was Sarah.

“Sarah? I’m here with my wife, she works for Lance Wilson. You?” Sarah momentarily had a hunted look, but looked around and smiled. Her voice was suddenly friendly and cheerful.

“Of course we really need to talk. Would you excuse us please?” Sarah led Audrey upstairs to her bedroom. Once the door was closed Sarah directed her to a chair. “I’m Sarah Wilson.” Audrey couldn’t believe this and stared blankly for several moments. Audrey gave this further thought and realized it was probably inevitable, rich women with absent husbands were her clientele, meaning that she would probably run into one eventually. The city was hardly choked with rich women who would seek an escort, especially a woman.

“Well, you have a lovely home, but I should get going, I don’t want people, least of all your husband or my wife, to get curious about why we’re up here alone.” Audrey strode to the door intent upon getting back downstairs as fast as her calf-length dress would allow.

“Audrey, please stay I have fallen for you. I know it sounds clichéd but I have fallen for you. I’ll leave my husband, anything just don’t leave me.” Sarah moved swiftly to embrace Audrey trying to reach her lips. Audrey pushed her away trying to be firm, but gentle as the last thing she needed was to hurt the wife of one of Susan’s clients on top of everything else.

“No, Sarah our spouses are right downstairs and even if they weren’t, I told you before I don’t cross this line with clients.” Audrey opened the door and stepped into the hall…almost running into Susan as Sarah spoke softly.

“Don’t go Audrey, please.” Audrey grabbed Susan’s hand and started walking quickly.

“Audrey what was that about? Why we’re you gone so long with our hostess?” Audrey didn’t break stride as she responded.

“Oh, nothing baby, she was just giving me the tour and was…insisting I join her book club and I told her I don’t have the time. Can we leave now? I would like one evening with you all to myself.” Susan stopped and Audrey turned to look at her. Susan’s face was tense and guilt-ridden as well as something else she couldn’t quite discern.

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