Aunt Carla Ch. 06

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This is part of a short story, if you haven’t read the previous chapters, I would encourage you to start with chapter 1 and read them all in order.


The next weekend had arrived. Part of me was saying break it off with Amy so I don’t have to go through with this. Another part of me said I should just say I have to drop something off with my aunt to give to my mom, but did I do either of those things? No. I think it was the part of me that wanted to be tortured. I told Amy my aunt was coming to town and that I should have supper with her. I gambled. It was only our second date; she could have freaked out and said no. I told here this wasn’t like meeting my parents. I told her my aunt was more like an older sister, and if she didn’t feel comfortable, I would take her out later, but I would really like it if she met my aunt and her friend Stacy. To my surprise, she agreed to do it. I called Stacy and told her to prepare a dinner for us.

She was surprised herself. “This girl must like you if she’s willing to meet family already. Doesn’t surprise me, you are quite the catch, to bad your nearly neutered though.” she said laughing.

I picked up Amy. She was in a pair of tight jeans, a tight sweater, and her leather jacket, god how I loved the cold weather. She was wearing heels, not boots, but nice pumps. God this girl is perfect I remember thinking to myself. We arrived at Stacy’s. I didn’t know what the hell to expect. My aunt was there, and she got the door. She was in a pair of her knee high boots, a pair I had cum on many times, and if it weren’t for the chastity device on my cock, I would have been harder than hell at the sight of those boots. She invited us in. Stacy came out of the kitchen. She was in a pair of awesome pumps also, with a real short skirt. I was surrounded by 3 beautiful bursa escort women, all of whom I had a sexual connection with on some level or another.

Amy connected with Carla and Stacy immediately. She told them she loved their outfits, and said she really liked my aunt Carla’s boots. I suddenly realized why Stacy and Carla wanted to meet her. I was going crazy listening to them, and that’s exactly what they wanted. They had so much in common; clothes, even major’s in college. It suddenly dawned on me why I liked Amy so much; she was a younger version of my aunt. If my aunt were our age, they would have been hanging out in the dorms together, going to parties, all that girl stuff. Amy was working part time in one of the high-end clothing stores.

As soon as my aunt and Stacy found this out, they said they were going to go shopping there the next day.

Amy floored me when she told them she would give them her employee discount if they would let her wear some of their clothes once in a while.

They said it sounded like fun, but Amy would have to let them wear her clothes sometimes also. I was just sitting there in my own little hell; my cock bursting at the chastity device. I wanted a release so bad I couldn’t take it.

When we finished eating, Stacy said “Franky, why don’t you clear the table and load the dishwasher and Carla and I will take Amy and see if I have any clothes I want to get rid of. A lot of stuff my ex bought for me, and I don’t even want to look at it anymore. They are to expensive to just through away, but perhaps Amy will take some of them for us. Will that be even for your employee discount dear?”

Amy said it sounded like a great idea. I started clearing the table while the girls went to Stacy’s room. I heard lots of giggling bursa escort and almost got scared, but reassured myself that my aunt would not hurt me in that way. I almost wondered if they didn’t know Amy ahead of time and were in on this little game of domme and slave. I finished loading the dishwasher, and went in the tv room. Amy came out of Stacy’s room in a pair of knee high red leather boots, and a short skirt.

“How does this look?” She asked playfully.

“Amazing.” was all I could say.

“Your aunt told me you would like it. Thanks for bringing me over, this was a great idea. Your aunt and Stacy are so cool.”

As soon as I had the chance, I got Stacy by herself. “Please Mistress, take off the chastity device. I want Amy so bad, but I’m afraid to just make out with her, what if she does try to put her hand down my pants, what’s she going to think when she feels that?”

“Sorry Franky, your not ready yet. But don’t worry, you’ll get your chance. Your aunt and I want you to come back over here after you drop Amy off tonight, ok? We’ve got something planned for you.” Stacy said.

“Yes Mistress” I said.

I took Amy back the dorm. She had a duffel bag full of Stacy’s clothes, shoes, and boots. My head was spinning. It was as if I was drunk. I’m amazed I didn’t get into an accident on the way back to the dorm. I carried the bag up to Amy’s room for her, I had to, it was almost to heavy for her to carry up the stairs. We got up to her room, she told me to wait in the hall in case her room-mate was home.

She opened the door and motioned me in. “My room-mates not back yet, do you want to stay for a while?” she said with a smile.

I wanted to say no, but I was afraid if I turned her down again she would think I was gay bursa eskort or something. Knowing that her roommate could be home any minute, that would keep it pretty safe, I knew she probably wouldn’t initiate sex for fear of being walked in on.

So, instead of answering I just started kissing her. We laid down on her bed and just made out for a while. Anytime she started reaching for my crotch area, I just motioned her hand away, and told her if she got anywhere near there, I wouldn’t be able to contain myself and I didn’t want my first time with her to be spent worrying about her roommate coming in.

“What makes you think I want to go that far?” she said with a smirk on her face.

“Well, unless you want it to, then you just better keep the action above the belt.” I told her. I guess it worked.

She told me she couldn’t believe the clothes she got from Stacy, she said the boots were at least $200 new. She said she couldn’t wait for the day when she could go out and just buy clothes without having to worry about money. She said that was the whole reason for her part time job, not only the money, but the employee discount was like a bonus check for her. She said my aunt told her she would bring her stuff she wanted to get rid of next time she was in town and whatever Amy didn’t want she could just give to good will. The thought of her in my aunt’s boots or heels was almost too much for me. If it hadn’t been for the chastity device, I probably would have ripped her clothes off and had sex with her right then.

I then asked her “So, does this mean we are going steady then, or are you just using me for my aunt’s and Stacy’s clothes” I said half jokingly, but seriously wanting to know what her answer would be.

She said, “No, I’m just using you for their clothes” she said with a smile that was to die for.

I told her it was good enough for me in a joking way. Luckily, her roommate showed up about that time. I kissed her one final time and said I would call her the next day to pick her up and take her over to Stacy’s so she could take them shopping.

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