Auntie Knows Best Pt. 03

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An aunt teaches her nephew the art of sex with an older woman.

A few words from Jayne.

This is a story told from the perspectives of two people: me a forty-something-year-old woman and my nephew, a twenty-three-year-old, delicious young man who fantasises about his mother, my sister. It would probably make things clearer if you read the other parts first but, if you can’t be bothered this should stand as an erotic read by itself.

Let me know what you think please.




I felt fucking stupid crying, but somehow it all just got to me. But why cry? Fuck knows, whoever he is! I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually cried, probably at my nan’s funeral, I guess. It was as though something was troubling me, but I didn’t know what it was, although I felt it might be mum. I couldn’t talk to anyone about the fact that I fancied my mother and wanted to have sex with her, it was simply impossible. But I had to get it out of my system, I had to bare my soul as it were and I wanted to tell you, so I had.

As usual you so amazingly understood. I had just told you, my aunt, twenty-five years my senior that I fantasised about you and my mother, your sister, having sex and what did you do? You kissed me, shoved your tongue in my ear and said that you wanted to take me upstairs and suck my cock. How fucking cool was that?

“Do you fantasise anything else about Samantha?” You asked as you lay me down in the middle of the bed. “Just a sec” you went on walking out of the room and down the stairs.

The sight of your bare arse wiggling as you went across the room was only matched by the sight of your bare tits jiggling as you returned. Each of those sights, though were almost surpassed as you went round the room placing and lighting a number of lovely smelling candles. Standing beside the bed you looked fantastic with the light flickering across your body.

“So do you?” You asked getting into the bed, pulling the light duvet over us and cuddling up to me, your fingers running up and down my nearly erect cock as if to check that it was still there.

In the bed, in the semi darkness, my arm round your shoulders, your head on my chest your blonde hair grazing my body and your glasses rubbing against it now and then, I felt better, more relaxed and less inhibited. I felt more able to open up as I wanted to.

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you want to tell me about it Jack or, shall I guess?”

“I’ll tell you,” I replied loving the feel of your body in my arms. Fuck, I thought, it feels so good to be with a woman like this, sex is hardly needed. “I imagine having sex with her, is that terrible?”

“No, it’s quite common, loads of young blokes do.”

“Phew that makes me feel better” I replied as I felt you softly kissing my chest and sucking my nipples, something else that had not happened with any other of my conquests.

“Good, that’s what aunties are for, to make their nephews feel better,” you said quietly as you licked and kissed further down my chest, nearly to my waist. The duvet had slid down a bit, so that half your head was now under it.

“Have you done anything with her?” I heard from under the duvet.

“Er no, well not really.”

“What do you mean, not really, have you or not?” You said as my body jumped when I felt your tongue licking my stomach as you cradled and gently squeezed my balls.

“No, all I’ve done is sort of walked around a bit in my pants or wrapped in a towel.”

“How did she react?” you asked taking hold of my dick.

“I don’t know, once as I came out of the bathroom, we almost bumped into each other and she looked me up and down.”

“What sort of look.”

“She looked like you did just now standing beside the bed.”

My body jerked for instead of replying you licked the tip of my cock. It was fucking amazing.

“How do you mean Jack, was she turned on as I was?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Anything else, how do you think ¬she feels about you?”

“Well, I’m her son aren’t I? What do you expect her to feel about me?” I replied not sure where this was going, but hoping it was leading to my cock going into your mouth.

“Yes and you’re my nephew but I see and treat you as a man as well,” you said scratching that lovely patch of skin between my balls and bumhole.

“So what you asking?”

“Do you think she wants you to make love to her?”

“Sometimes I do.”

“When’s that?”

“Well sometimes when she says goodnight I think she does.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Lately I have seen more of her tits and sometimes I think she looks at my cock.”

“I see,” you said just before I felt the most marvellous sensation as your mouth slid down my cock.


As I slid your cock into my mouth, I was wondering whether, perhaps, more had gone on between you and Samantha, than you were owning up to. I licked and sucked, slurped and kissed your dick, bringing it to another marvellously hard erection as I cupped and gently squeezed your surprisingly large for your age balls. You were moaning, groaning and sighing, clearly loving all I was doing, but then artemisbet yeni giriş I would fuckingwell hope so too. I as good as took it out and just held the bloated tip resting on my lower lip.

“Nice, baby,” I asked stroking your balls?

“Fucking amazing Jay,” you groaned your hands running through my hair.

“So, nothing more has happened between you and her?”

“No, just looks several times. I even left my door open once when I was naked and I saw her looking at me.”

“She didn’t do anything though?”


“But you wanted her to?”

“Oh God yes, I can’t explain it. Oh, and I sometimes see her tits when she says goodnight.”

“What as her nightdress or dressing gown gapes.? I asked licking your balls and scratching gently your perinium which made you jump and moan.

“Yes but sometimes more.”

“How do you mean more?”

“The whole thing.”

“What you mean?” I muttered.

“Well she doesn’t wear the dressing gown sometimes and her nighty slips down and see her full tit.”

I found your admission exciting so I pushed the duvet back so you could see me sucking you. You tasted good and felt even better on my tongue and lips.

When I really fancy a man, I simply adore fellating him. Isn’t that a great word? So much more evocative than the female equivalent of cunnilingus!

Although I’d ‘fellated’ you before, you tasted and felt so different this time. Now it was mutually tender lovemaking, well at least two-way sex and not the rough ‘suck my cock bitch’ type of thing it had been on my lounge floor.


It was incredible. Fucking you is amazing. Before we had fucked at your flat I had thought that all older women who had had children would have loose, baggy cunts. You soon proved that wrong. The feel of your tight, hot, wet cunt gripping my cock as I slide in is awesome. That’s better than the feel of your mouth, tongue and lips, but sucking, somehow, is more intimate and more giving on the woman’s part than is fucking. You are doing something to and for me; when we fuck, we do it together. When you suck me, I am totally yours, so I lay back and love it, fucking marvellous. God, I was getting lyrical with my thinking and phrasing about sex. Was that growing up I wondered?

I had nothing to compare your oral skills to. The young birds I got didn’t do oral, well they did but it was miles away from what you were doing. Instinctively, though, I knew you were good, I knew that before you bobbed your head down my body, your blonde hair caressing my stomach. Before you licked me and kissed me, before you slid my hardened cock into your mouth, before you plunged it up and down and before you almost took it out and kissed and licked the bulbous end. I knew it before you licked my balls and sucked them individually then together as you slowly masturbated me with your soft fingers. Before you took me back in your mouth and used your fingers to gently squeeze my balls and rub me between my legs on that patch between my scrotum and bumhole that I didn’t know what it was called or even if it had a name. God, I wondered, how did you know just the most perfect things to do and by far the best places to touch me? My entire body felt as if it was undergoing a series of electric shocks, you were stimulating me everywhere. It was absolutely fucking amazing.


I love it when a man really reacts to me sexually. When his whole body responds to what I am doing and when our physical and mental states are in sync. As I used every trick, I knew ours were exactly that.

You were moaning and groaning, grunting and sighing. Your head was rolling from side to side, your eyes were clamped shut and your mouth was open as if you were gasping for air. My body and mind were also reacting to what was going on. My tits felt incredibly heavy and burning hot. My nipples felt ready to explode there was so much pressure and my clit seemed ready to explode and it seemed as if it was hotwired to each of my nipples. Your hands were alternating between gripping the bedclothes, my hair and, where and when you could my tits, as mine moved from your now perfectly rigid cock to your nice big bag of balls, then to between your legs and all over your chest. It was as if we were becoming one!

Your actions were giving you away, they were betraying you, signalling what was happening to you. Your cock was almost vibrating; it got even harder, your body tensed and your hips started to move. Slow at first and then slightly faster you started pumping, pushing with little surges, of your hips and thus, your cock. Yes slowly, but surely you started to fuck my face, it felt wonderful.


Were you really going to, I wondered? Was it actually going to happen? Surely, I couldn’t be this lucky, could I? Did it really happen in real life? A few guys I know had said that a girl had let them cum in their mouth and one boasted that his bird swallowed, but I had my doubts.

We were now well into the swing of it. We had gone past, it seemed to me, a quick suck, this was full oral sex or what my mind considered that to be. We had found a rhythm. artemisbet giriş My hips started to move in time with your mouth. Your fingers and hands were now fully part of what we were doing, they were wonderfully everywhere and I was loving every bit of it. I just wished I could get my hands to your tits more often and for longer or, better still your pussy, but I didn’t have the nerve to move you, I thought maybe not being able to touch you much was part of the sucking etiquette.

I knew I was about to cum. Should I warn you? Should I yank it out? Or could you tell that I was near? Again, I had no idea what I should do. If I cum and you didn’t want that, I’d be in trouble, yet if I pulled out I might miss it. Fuck, what should I do? I was getting very near and my hips were moving, almost of their own volition, in time with your mouth sliding up and down me.

I squeezed your head.

“Oh Jay I am so near, I’m starting,” I groaned.


You were considerate enough to warn me, to give me the chance to take you out. I liked your thoughtfulness, but had no intention of doing that.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” I moaned through the flesh I had in my mouth sinking my lips further down it.


My balls were tightening, my cock was twitching and throbbing uncontrollably as my cum built up and started its journey.

“Oh God Jay. Oh yes, yes, yes,” I groaned.


I smiled as I thought that in porn stories ‘His spunk would splatter against the back of my mouth’ whereas in the reality of that cottage bed, your cum more squirted and oozed onto my tongue. It isn’t a particularly wonderful taste.

Physically, it’s not really anything for the woman to let a man cum in her mouth. You don’t get a surge of physical feelings as he ejaculates, nothing in your body is particularly sensitised by a gush of semen on your tongue and in your throat. But the emotional outpouring can be huge. And it was for me then. I was doing something to you that I am not too keen on. Other than giving a man my bum, letting him cum in my mouth is probably the biggest gift I can give him.


I felt I had done as I should. I had warned you and sort of offered to withdraw. You hadn’t let me so I felt that it was ok to cum.

I didn’t shoot a big load, but then I had already done that earlier. It did though feel to be a reasonable amount. It also felt fucking fantastic, so rude, filthy and wanton to be oozing cum straight into your mouth, God it was an amazing feeling. But more so was the intimacy. Obviously fucking a woman is intimate. She’s usually under you, you’re holding her, your bodies are glued together and your cock’s inside her doing all the lovely things you both so want. So yes, of course, fucking is intimate. But her sucking you off, giving you a blowjob or having complete oral sex with you is something else again just as licking her cunt is ultra-intimate or, so I was now learning.

I just lay there loving the feeling of my spent cock still in your mouth.


After cumming, your cock immediately softened a little. Not that much, not like many older guys who go soft immediately, but the rigidity went from it. In some ways it felt even better in my mouth, different, but certainly as nice as when hard.

I looked up and sort of smiled. You smiled back. I tilted my head back, opened my mouth a little and then with an exaggerated gesture I swallowed your cum.


“Oh fuck Jay, that’s incredible” I gushed as I watched you swallow. I’d read about it and that prick Stevens said a bird had done it for him, but to actually see a woman, my Aunt, you, really doing it was something else.


Although you had cum, I hadn’t, I was still on a sexual high, I was still aroused.

Swallowing your juice was also more of an emotional thing than anything physical, but I loved your reaction.

“Was that good baby?”

“It was incredible.”

“You enjoyed it then?” I asked wiggling up the bed and cuddling you.

“Mmmm it was fantastic, thank you,” you said kissing me making me half wish I had kept some of your sperm in my mouth, but you probably weren’t ready for that so it was as well I hadn’t.

“You were thinking of me as I sucked you weren’t you Jack?” I asked cupping my breasts and squeezing them.

“Yes Jayne, yes, yes I was,” you said noticing what I was doing and staring at me.

“Not the lovely Samantha?” I went on pinching and pulling my nipples.

“No honestly Jay it was you in my mind.”

“Good,” I replied looking right into your eyes as I slid one hand down my body to cup my mound.


‘Fuck she’s wanking herself,’ I realised, watching what was surely the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed. I’d never seen a girl do anything like that before and it was fucking awesome.

As your hand reached your pussy you bent your legs upwards and opened them. Even in the dim light I could see the folds and glistening pink lips of your cunt as your fingers rubbed the bit that I knew, or guessed really, was your clit.

Although in some ways I wanted to, I couldn’t hold eye contact with you artemisbet güvenilirmi as I so desperately wanted to see what was happening lower down your body; I had never seen a woman masturbate before and here you were, my aunt doing it for me.

“Oh fuck Jayne,” I groaned, reaching out for you.

“Just the tits love, let me have the rest, I need that,” you said in a half groan and half moan as you ran a finger all the way around your lips before adding. “Any of your conquests do this for you Jack?”

“Fuck no, no no one Jayne, it’s fantastic; I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Still fondling one of your breasts and rubbing your clit you muttered fairly hoarsely. “You like seeing me wanking do you Jack?”

“Yes Jay yes of course.”

“Playing with my clit do you?”

“Fuck yes,” you groaned stroking your cock.

You smiled as you muttered. “Don’t be too ambitious love, it’s only ten minutes or so since you came, just enjoy me as I am.”


It was fantastic to see you so excited and pleased at watching me masturbate and, of course, all my exhibitionist tendencies that had persuaded me to pose for my ex in naughty shots and go swinging with him came to the fore and I put on a show for you. I laid back, raised my knees further, opened my legs more and used both hands; one rubbing my clit and the other finger fucking myself. I groaned, moaned and sighed and I let the strong feelings run over me as I started to orgasm.

“Oh fuck Jack, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I said louder than I should as I realised I was nearly shouting just as I had when you fucked me that first time in my flat.

“Yes baby, yes,” you retorted moving closer, kissing and then cuddling me to you.

“You like seeing Auntie fuck herself Jake, do you?”

“God yes do I.”

“Jack I am near so near,” I sighed pushing two fingers right up inside me pressing on my clit as my orgasm exploded.


I dozed. I felt I fucking well deserved it. I felt proud of myself that I had performed several times in about four hours getting completely hard and cumming quite a lot each time. Smiling, I just hoped you were beginning to realise fully how good young blokes can be; what we may lack in technique we certainly make up in fucking power. But then, of course, you must have done as you had just jacked off, if that’s what women call it, in front of me and boy was that something incredible!

As my heavy eyes started closing, I glanced at my watch and realised with a thrill that we still had hours left tonight. I also realised with yet another thrill that we were actually going to sleep together. The idea of you lying naked beside me in my arms as we slept was quite enough to start another hard on.

As you messed around in the bathroom, a couple of times walking out past the bed to get things from your bag, so I suddenly realised it was a little bit like being at home.

It was like it was sometimes when dad was away and it was just mum and me there. How she would be in the bathroom just round a corner from my room, just a few feet from me, probably naked as I lie in bed my erection growing by the second as I thought of her, visualising her big tits, bare and sagging a bit. Similar to yours in most ways although hers sagged more than yours but then, they were larger. That would put some young blokes off I knew, but not me, I love big tits even if they are a bit saggy. In fact, I prefer ‘a bit saggy’ to the ultra-pertness of youth and particularly to the unusual feel and appearance of manufactured tits that are so popular nowadays. Probably why I am attracted to older women, but that doesn’t fully explain why I fancy my aunt and my mother so much.

When I hear mum turn the bathroom light off, I always go completely hard, as I know she will come into my bedroom to say good night and give me a kiss on the cheek. She always used to understandably, but frustratingly, slip into one of her several dressing gowns, but recently she hasn’t always and sometimes she’s just in her nightie. The dressing gowns she used to wear had plunging lapels that I was always hoping would slip just a little further apart showing me her tits. That almost happened numerous times, but always, right at the last moment, she seemed to catch them and pull them back together again. It’s almost as if she’s teasing me. I sometimes wonder if she is and what she would do if I grabbed the fucking lapels, pulled them apart and buried my face between her double D saggy tits.

Nowadays it’s similar as the same routine happens each night. She half opens the door and nearly always whispers.

“Are you awake Jack?” I say no and she opens the door and stands there for a few moments the light from the landing behind her. I often wish she had one of those thin gowns that go almost see through with the light behind them.

“I’ve just come to say good night,” she says, moving over to the bed.

She has to bend over of course and that’s bloody marvellous. I see more and more of her tits and, or so it seems, recently most if not all including a nipple flash. Nowadays I often wonder if, perhaps, I imagine seeing all of them? Maybe my mind is registering what it want to see and not what it has seen. Or am I getting too deep with my grown-up thinking? I just know, though one day I’ll cop a gander at the lot. Yes, I’m sure that soon she’s going to flash them at me, or is that totally wishful thinking?

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