Awakening Dawn

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[This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities whether it be person, place or thing are entirely coincidental.]

(C) Copyright 2009 M Saint

NOTE: This story is a combination of two separate stories, to bring characters together. Can you guess which ones?


Winter came, and Dawn was now living with her boyfriend, Rich. They shared a one bedroom apartment close to her college. Her friend, Amberlyn, had also moved in with them. Although it was a smaller apartment, there was just enough space to accommodate the three.

Dawn had been really busy with school. After classes one night, Dawn went home. It was super late, but she was okay with that. Her life was on track and she felt very happy to be doing what she was doing. She parked her car in the designated spot, and got out. As she walked to the door, she slipped her key in the door knob and turned it. The door opened quietly, and she stepped inside. The warm air in the apartment felt good, and she unzipped her coat, took it off and laid it on the back of the couch. From a long night, she was tired. She also felt highly turned on, having been so busy she had been thinking about surprising her man. As she walked to the bedroom door, she opened it up and walked halfway inside before taking a quick step back. She stood in shock as her boyfriend was laying over her friend, thrusting his hard penis into her, and before anything could be said he ejaculated into her hole. Amberlyn’s lips gripped onto his cock, taking in his semen. Her vagina swallowed his thick cock, and semen dribbled down her crack as he accidentally slid out of her. The hair on her mound was glistening with sweat. They quickly jumped as they saw Dawn standing in the doorway.

“Dawn, how long have you been there?” Rich said nervously.

“Too long,” She answered, a tear welling in each eye.

Amberlyn slid backwards towards the wall, covering herself with a blanket.

“You bitch,” Dawn began to cry, “I fucking trusted you.”

“I–I am so sorry, Dawn,” Amberlyn started to cry.

“I bet you are. You were fucking my boyfriend, you slut!” Dawn tried to scream but her face was covered in tears.

“He was alone, and I felt so bad for him,” Amberlyn spoke. “You were never here for him!” She raised her voice.

“You fucking know better than that you cunt! I fucking have been going to school and working part time to help make our life better! You fucking whore, you ruined us!” Dawn broke down and cried as she turned to leave.

Rich got up from the bed and chased after her. He placed his right hand softly on her shoulder. She turned, and their eyes met.

“Dawn, I’m so sorry baby,” He said to her, trying to apologize. A small smile formed on her face. He smiled and for a second she felt forgiving. Her eyes lowered looking over his naked body. As she stopped at his penis, her smile disappeared. His penis still had semen dripping from the tip, announcing that he did indeed cheat on her with her best friend. Looking back up, Dawn put on a small fake smile.

“I love you–” She said to him. He reached in to give her a hug, but the smile faded away and she swung her right hand fist directly towards his nose, connecting, and watched him drop to the floor passed out cold. “–no more,” She finished the previous statement.

Amberlyn’s eyes widened as Dawn stood shadowing Rich’s body. She knew the emotion Dawn was carrying and cowered under the covers, naked from sex.

Dawn began to cry again, and ran out of the apartment. She ran down the street. Almost a mile down, she stopped to catch her breath. Cars began to speed by her, and she stood back to avoid getting hit by one. She looked back and forth, and was surprised when one pulled over to a stop. Dawn felt frightened, but did her best to not show it. The car door opened, and a young woman stepped out from the drivers side.

“Are you alright?” The woman called out to Dawn.

Focusing in, she noticed that the canlı bahis young woman was very attractive. She looked familiar, but couldn’t place where she may have seen her before.

“I’m okay,” Dawn answered back, not being very convincing.

“Sure you are. Why don’t you hop inside, to get you out of the cold?” The young woman asked, assuring Dawn that it was okay.

Dawn looked at her, then walked towards the passenger door, opening it and getting inside. She shut the door and the young woman greeted her with name. “I’m Danielle, what’s yours?” She asked.

“Dawn,” She answered her question, still with a tear, that had frozen to her cheek.

“Dawn, would you like to come over for a drink? Maybe some tea?” Danielle sounded as friendly as she could.

“Sure, that would be okay I guess.”

“Okay, then home it is.”

Danielle drove down a few more blocks, turned right and took a road to a little home.

“By the way, I have a class with you,” Danielle commented, “Professor Pepper’s English.”

“Oh yeah, I was wondering where I have seen you before,” They both smiled.

They shared a few laughs as they discussed class, Professor Pepper’s perversions, and the different clubs they were a part of.

“Wow, I always wondered why Pepper always excused himself in the middle of class, and returned 15 minutes later holding his chest,” Dawn wondered.

“Well,” Danielle began, “That is partially my fault, and now it is Mary Hurley’s,” She finished.

“Why is that?”

I wore a skirt at the beginning of the semester, and it was very revealing, but comfortable, light and let the breeze tickle me in all the right places,” She told,” But apparently it did more than tickle MY fancy, it also sent Professor Pepper into a frenzy.”


“And, to the men’s room to jerk off to my cunt,” She finished, smiled and gave her many hot thoughts.

Dawn tried to picture it all in her head. “So, you didn’t wear any panties?”

“Nope, not at all. So Mary decided to do the same, and hasn’t worn any since. I heard she has fucked him stupid on many occasions, just for good grades.”

“No way,” Dawn was surprised.

“Yeah, but I’m definitely not like that. I have a man, and want to earn my life and degree, not sell my pussy for a credit. No sir, not me,” She exhaled.

Dawn smiled, then laughed a bit feeling comfortable that she was among a friend now.

“Let’s go in, my John must be worried sick about me right now.”

“John?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, my new husband.”


They both exited the car and walked to the front door. As they got close, the door opened and a slightly older man greeted them.

Danielle hugged him tight and introduced Dawn. “This is my friend from school, John,” Danielle said.

“Nice to meet you, Dawn. Please come in, I made a wonderful dinner.”

There was little talk before eating, but John brought out a bottle of wine. He poured it into 3 glasses, and began a toast.

“To new friends, 2 lovers, and good times ahead,” John toasted.

“Here, here,” Danielle replied.

Dawn smiled and they all took a sip from their glasses.

“So what is it that is on your mind, Dawn?” Danielle asked.

Dawn paused, feeling like she had just been put on the spot.

“Um–er–uh,” She tried to speak.

“We don’t have to talk about it, it’s fine,” Danielle assured her.

“No,” Dawn interrupted, “It’s fine.”

“Okay,” Danielle and John answered.

“I went home to the apartment that me, my boyfriend, and my best friend shared to find them having sex in our bed,” Dawn spoke, wanting to cry but feeling like she had cried enough already.

Danielle and John listened on as Dawn continued.

“I know I was busy a lot, but, I gave him my heart, and I fucked him,” She began to cry, “and I blew him whenever he asked me to,” she couldn’t finish.

Danielle put her arms around her and comforted bahis siteleri her. “I know it hurts, but to know this means he is no good for you. You deserve much better,” Danielle assured her, running her fingers through her hair.

A warm feeling began to slowly rise in Dawn’s body, and she felt herself blush as she thought of Danielle’s lips kissing her own.

“You know, I had a similar thing happen to me,” Danielle began. “I had heard from other people that my ex-girlfriend, Kimmy, was sleeping with other people–“

“Girlfriend?” Dawn interrupted her.

Danielle smiled, “Yes, but ex-girlfriend now,” she added.

“Wow,” Dawn thought, “That definitely puts things into a different perspective.”

Dawn now thought more about Danielle, knowing now that she if not still likes girls, she at least had at one time. She could feel her groin moisten and swell, and she did her best to hide it.


Dawn jumped. “Yes?”

“Are you okay?” Danielle asked.

“Yes! Yes, I’m fine,” She stammered.

“Well, you are more than welcome to stay here the night with us. We have an extra room, and it is quite cozy,” Danielle and john offered.

“Thank you, I don’t know where else I would be able to go.”

Danielle and John set her up in the room across the hall from theirs. “Now, if you need anything we are just across the hallway,” Danielle said to Dawn before leaving to her own room. “Don’t be afraid to just come in if you are upset or need to talk.”


The lights went out, and silence for the night.


As Dawn lay there in bed, she couldn’t get to sleep. She was betrayed, deserted, and probably already forgotten. All these thoughts swirled in her head. Slowly, she began to think about Danielle, and how she felt so warm pressing up against her back, stroking her hair to calm her–“Oh, the way she smelled,” she thought out loud. “So good, and alluring.”

Her body felt hot, and she began to rub herself all over to feel the heat as it rose from her. Her right hand slipped down her front, and down into her panties. Her left hand rubbing her nipples. She began to slip one finger, then two into her now soaking wet hole, unable to stop thinking about the possibility of maybe something happening between her and Danielle. The more she thought about it, the harder she fingered her cunt. The harder she fingered herself, the more she wanted to scream out loud. She had to control herself.

She lay there after-wards, thinking, and contemplating. “Should I, or should I not?” she thought long and hard. She never felt this way about another girl. Guilt rushed through her mind, and she felt weak, but an overwhelming sense of lust kept her juices flowing, and she felt ready to give in and go into the next room to see her. She got up and walked to the door. Once there she slipped across the hall and into the room that Danielle and John shared. She crept lightly, and was already at the side of the bed that Danielle was on. She paused, and wondered if she was making a big mistake. As she tried to turn around and leave, she felt a hand grab gently onto her wrist.

Danielle had a light hold on her wrist, and slowly pulled her into the bed and under the covers. Dawn was scooted into the middle between the two.

“Are you okay?” Daniele asked her, still concerned, and half asleep.

“I’m fine,” Dawn answered, looking into Danielle’s eyes as she faced her.

John rolled over to face the back of Dawn. Danielle looked at him, and gave a gesture for him to leave for a moment.

“No, please, stay here next to me too,” Dawn pleaded. “I feel safe between the two of you.”

Danielle reached out and began to stroke Dawn’s hair. John inched closer to her, laying against her back.

“Am I okay?” Dawn asked.

“I think you’re fine,” Danielle smiled.

As Dawn lay in place, she slowly slipped forward and placed her lips onto Danielle’s. Her thoughts raced bahis şirketleri and she realized that at that very moment was her first lesbian kiss. Her tongue pressed against Danielle’s lips, opening them up and tasting the warm saliva from Danielle’s tongue as it swirled around with her own. With her left hand, Dawn reached back and slipped her hand down the front of John’s pajama pants, grabbing hold of his thick erect cock, and slowly stroking it as she kissed the mouth of her new lover. Her left hand tugged at John’s prick, and he moaned as she jerked him off almost making him cum into his pants.

“Are you sure that you want this?” Danielle asked Dawn, wanting to make sure that it was truly her own free will and not confusion.

“Yes, I am sure.”

They shared another intimate kiss, and Danielle began to kiss down Dawn’s neck, to her breast, licking on Dawn’s nipples. Dawn slipped off her panties, and guided John’s cock into her pussy from behind.

John slowly pushed inside of her, and Danielle licked all over her nipples. Her fingers rubbed against Dawn’s clit while John thrust into her, harder and deeper. Dawn pressed into Danielle’s dripping hole, and she slowly penetrated her amateurishly, but easily.

John wrapped his left arm around Dawn’s waist and he pressed deep inside her, making Dawn’s body fill with heat and complete desire for more. She was ready to cum, and as the last few strokes past, she opened up and gushed. John’s cock splashed into her hole. The sound of wetness was heard as he smacked against her ass repeatedly. It felt too good as he fucked her from behind harder, and harder before ejaculating inside her filling her with a hungry load of fresh cum. Her pussy sucked it all in, to the last drop.

Danielle looked into Dawn’s eyes, and she could see absolute lust in them, but also love. She was safe, and Danielle knew that. Dawn smiled and lay on her back. Danielle knew that she was giving herself to her, and to a female for the very first time.

Danielle inched her way down Dawn’s body, kissing her stomach, and her belly button before moving down to Dawn’s pink middle. She slowly licked on her lips, and nibbled on them before pressing her tongue inside to taste the combination of sweet juices and salty cum. She let her tongue become saturated in them before thrusting deep into her soaking wet pussy. For herself, it has been time since she was last with a female. It was new to her again, and she felt a deep connection with Dawn now. The intimacy had risen and she licked inside and up and down Dawn’s wet, pink lips. Dawn moaned. Her hands cupped Dawn’s buttocks, and she pressed into her sucking her pussy hard and nibbling gently on her clit as she did so. Dawn began to moan wildly, and she placed her hand on the back of Danielle’s head, pulling her into her hot snatch.

As Danielle continued to lick, Dawn shook and came the hardest that she ever had before, still convulsing at the sensitivity. Slowing, then they lay resting.

“Was that bad?” Dawn worried.

The two pressed against Dawn gently, comforting her, and protecting her. “No, it was very nice,” Danielle said to Dawn, smiling.

“We’ll never let anyone hurt you anymore,” John said.

They fell asleep in each other’s arms.


The next day, the three drove back to Dawn’s apartment so she could grab a few personal belongings. As Dawn walked into the door, Rich had her stuff packed by the door. She could feel the redness in her face. He walked out of the bedroom, barely dressed as he appeared to have just had sex.

“This is no longer your place, get your shit and get the fuck out, bitch!” Rich angrily boasted.

Dawn felt a gentle nudge pushing her to the side. John stepped forward and smashed his fist into Rich’s face, knocking him to the floor with a broken nose.

“Oh my God!” A female voice echoed, as the source of it exited the bedroom wearing just a t-shirt.

Dawn noticed that it wasn’t Amberlyn. But, she smiled at her, grabbed her stuff and left for good.

John and Danielle kept their promise and would not let anyone harm her again. They share a new love for each other. Forever, the three of them.

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