Awakening the Beast Pt. 06: Harbinger

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Author’s note: This story starts where Pt. 5 left off. While not required, Pts 1-5 are strongly recommended first, to follow the story, get to know the characters, and understand what’s really happening in this chapter. Do enjoy, rate the story on the final page, and keep the comments coming, positive and negative. Even more story to come soon. I very much appreciate every read, every comment, and every star ranking. All copyrights reserved to the original author. -TIB


Mmmm… warmth. Cozy.

Kelly woke, feeling wonderful. A rare feeling lately, to be sure.

She felt her warm sheets draping her naked body, her hair all around her on her soft pillow. Lying on her side, as she opened her eyes, she saw Caelin lying next to her on his side as well, rolled away from her.

What a night. She thought back to the previous evening they had spent together and everything that had happened. And then… the middle of the night. Kelly stared at his back, studying his body, as she tried to process everything. Certainly there was already so much crap in her own life. Everything that had happened the last several weeks, whatever this “thing” with Caelin was becoming… was it too much? This was some serious stuff.

Her mind started twirling in a thousand ways, remembering the last man she had been in bed with like this. How long it had been. Those memories. Forgetting how wonderful it was to wake up naked next to someone. That awesome, comforting feeling. Someone you lo…

Ah, shit. No, no… she wasn’t going to go there. The old pain swelled again in her chest. So much heartache.

It seemed like she would always be a prisoner of her own mind. Of her past.

Her sins.

Kelly’s eyes scanned up Caelin’s motionless body. His bare shoulders, emerging from beneath the covers, taking note of his healing knife wound. The short cropped, peppered hair on the back of his head. She wasn’t sure what she felt about him, or of what was going on. But the more she thought about it, the more she felt like she needed to be with him. Whatever she felt, at least she… FELT. Felt something. Anything. The pain, the numb emptiness inside. There was finally something there.

Whether she was feeling something for him, or just enjoying the raw sex, it was something. She felt good.

And heck, if nothing else, this was a nicer way to wake up on a Sunday morning than what happened several hours before.

Being lazy and cozy, Kelly extended her fingers to gently rest on the back of his shoulder, connecting with him.

Caelin stirred, rolling over with a big deep breath to face her. He looked in her eyes, lying next to her, gently touching. A moment of silence, then Kelly spoke first.

“Morning, baby.”

Caelin smiled and kissed her forehead, then idly stroked her hair in silence.

After a few moments, Kelly got up to use the bathroom. She smiled, seeing the mess there, with their discarded clothing from the previous night as their evening had turned intimate. She picked up the clothes, and as she grabbed his pants, noticed a heavy black item clipped to the waistband. She didn’t know why she should be surprised, but she realized what it was. A gun holster.

Kelly thought the better of it, and gently set the pants back on the floor where they were. Not something to mess with.

Kelly made the two of them a late breakfast, and they ate in mostly silence. It wasn’t awkward, if anything it was the opposite. They seemed close now, just nothing that seemed to need talking about at the moment. And then Kelly got curious. She paused, idly poking at her eggs with her fork, and looked up at him from the table.

“You carry a gun.”

He raised his eyebrows in interest and finished his bite.


Caelin wiped the corner of his mouth and sat back.

“Does that trouble you?”

Kelly pursed her lips and shook her head.

“Not really. Just something I’m not used to.”

She deliberated in some thought, then continued.

“I would imagine you’re quite good with it.”

Caelin casually shrugged. “I’m an instructor.”

Well, they weren’t exactly strangers any more, so no need for her to hold back.

“I’d… like to learn. You got me thinking after that night with the festival in the park. About some of the things you said. What my own life has been like. I’d like to do more to protect myself. I… I don’t like it when I feel helpless.”

Geez, that was more true than she could possibly let on. Kelly hesitated.

She didn’t know quite why she still felt some sheepishness.

“Would you teach me?”

Caelin smiled.

“Of course, baby girl. I work at a range Tuesday nights. Sometimes we get a lot of people, some nights we don’t. Want to meet me there?”

Kelly got a big grin.


They spent a few more hours together, and then Caelin had things to do. He kissed her deeply as he left, and Kelly felt like she was in a daze the rest of the day. Life certainly was changing, and it seemed for the better.

The next day at work, Denise was nosy Sivas Escort again, pestering her for details of the weekend with “the stud”, as she put it. Kelly felt compelled to keep most of the intimate details to herself, as this new relationship was quite different and special. Something just for them. But she told Denise that it was quite the enjoyable few days, and she was seeing him again Tuesday night.

“Good for you, girl,” Denise replied, “you deserve it after everything you’ve been through. You look different. You look… good.”

“THANKS, Denise,” Kelly rolled her eyes.

Denise gave her a playful slap on the arm. “You know what I meant, hun.”

After work Tuesday, Kelly changed into some functional jeans and a button-down top, tied her hair into some practical pigtails, and headed to the address Caelin had given her. It was outside of town in the countryside, and she arrived to find a small-ish building nestled up against large dirt berms that surrounded the area behind it, like a castle protecting its keep.

Kelly walked inside, to see a double glass wall on the back of the building, looking out to the exterior shooting range in the back. Caelin was out there, standing, casually leaning against a wood post on the side with his arms crossed. He wore yellowed glasses and ear muffs on his head, the same khaki cap on he had the first time they met, with the velcro military patch in front.

Kelly got warm, with memories of that first encounter. He was even wearing similar clothes to that day. That “tacti-cool” look. She stood and watched him for a while, as he monitored a few people on the range. The “bang” of their gunshots was muffled through the thick glass. She watched them as well, with interest, noticing how they stood, their movements as they fired.

After a while, Caelin noticed her too, turned, and waved with a smile. She could see his own firearm on his hip. He came back in through the double doors, the sound of the gunfire changing as the door opened to the building.

“Hey, Pet. I’m glad you came.”

He kissed her.

“George is out there with me right now,” he motioned towards another gentleman standing outside, watching the shooters, “so give me a few, and I’ll come back in with you, ok?”

Kelly smiled and nodded, as he put his clamshell ear muffs back on and went back outside. Several minutes passed, and then he returned.

“Okay, we can spend some time. Let’s see what we need to cover. Do you have any experience with firearms?”

Kelly shrugged. “A little. I did some shooting at summer camp when I was a kid.”

Caelin nodded his approval. “Okay, that’s a start.”

He sat her down, and began with basic firearm safety, going through fundamental rules for handling any gun. He taught her different types of handguns and how they work, with different features and mechanisms. Kelly sat in rapt attention, soaking up the information like a sponge, fascinated with both what she was being taught, and with Caelin as an instructor. He seemed pretty good at this.

He placed a small case on the table in front of them and opened it. “This is a Glock 19. Very basic 9mm. Semi-automatic, striker fired. You’ll be using this today.”

Caelin took it out and showed her it was clear, with the chamber empty, slide locked to the rear, and magazine removed. Taking her to the side of the small building, he showed her how to load and unload the gun, manipulating the action. His big hands expertly handled the gun, his movements smooth and fluid like a maestro masterfully operating an instrument. Kelly replicated what she was shown as best she could, Caelin being patient with her, showing her everything she needed to know, start to finish.

They took a break, and Caelin went back out to help the other shooters on the range. George came inside, an older bearded gentleman, wearing a Vietnam ball cap, who introduced himself with a firm handshake. Kelly took a liking to him, this fatherly-type guy, and they made some small talk as the activity on the range dwindled down.

Caelin came back inside with the last of the shooters. “George, I see you got to meet Kelly. We’re going to do some one-on-one training for a bit, so I’ll lock up tonight.”

One-on-one. Kelly smiled inside at that. Hmmmm… some “private instruction” could be quite nice, actually. She giggled to herself. Caelin had her put on some shooting glasses and ear muffs, and she followed him out to the range while George cleaned up the building. They went to a wooden post with a cross bar at a shooting position in the middle of the range.

Caelin went through shooting fundamentals with her, showing her various shooting stances, and the mechanics of shooting. Kelly was nervous, but excited, much of this being new to her. Caelin stood to her side, gently correcting her form with his hands on her body, helping her and molding her. That was quite enjoyable.

“Okay, Pet. You’ve got the basics down. Ready to try some shooting?”

Kelly smiled with excitement mixed with a little apprehension.

“You bet. I’m following Sivas Escort Bayan your lead, sir.”

“Okay, then, Pet. Load and make ready.”

Caelin handed her a full magazine, which she loaded into the gun just like she had been taught. She racked the slide, putting a live round into the chamber, her heart now racing.

Caelin stood behind her. He was close, but not quite touching. His voice came from just over her right shoulder, calm and assuring, but commanding.

“Point in.”

Kelly raised the gun, making sure she had the good grip as she was taught.

“Hard focus on the front sight.”

Kelly aimed at the paper target in front of her, focusing on the sight post on the front of the firearm.

“Relax, Pet. Breathe in, ” Caelin’s voice continued in a soothing manner, almost as if he were lulling her to sleep, “let some breath out, aaaaand… pressssssss…”

Kelly’s trigger finger began to come back, slow and smooth, just like she was taught, making the shot a surprise. Waiting… pressing the trigger… slow…


Kelly started a bit as the gun went off, the feel of the recoil in her hand, the gun muzzle coming up and then back down. The empty shell casing tinkled onto the concrete floor.

Holy shit, that was awesome. Kelly felt exhilarated, that nervousness still making her heart race, full of adrenaline. She looked at the target, trying to see where the shot hit.

“Excellent, babe,” Caelin continued speaking calmly and smoothly, as if reading a bedtime story, “well done. Don’t worry about where the shot went. I just want you to get familiar with the gun and how it shoots. Let’s do it again.”

He repeated the command process, talking her through the shot, and she did it again. And then again. They went through a full magazine, until the gun was empty. Following Caelin’s instructions, she laid the gun down on a small table next to the shooting post, and Caelin brought the target back in for them to look at.

Hmmm… there were bullet holes splattered all over the small paper target. One even way up in the top right corner, as far away from the bullseye as you can get. Kelly looked apprehensively to Caelin for his assessment, hoping for good news.

“Pretty good for your first time here, Pet. Right now, I’m most interested in your form, and you getting the fundamentals right, more so than I am where the shots are going. But you’re consistently hitting the target, which I like. Want to keep going?”

Oh hell yes! She didn’t remember shooting being this exciting. Kelly eagerly nodded, and they continued. Kelly noticed that George had left, leaving them all alone at the place.

Caelin stood right behind Kelly, his left hand now gently resting on the small of her back. She could feel him right behind her, just an inch away, his cologne mixing in the air with the slightly dirty smell of gunpowder. Shot after shot, magazine after magazine, he was there. He would reach around from behind her and physically position her the way he wanted, moving her with his strong hands as her teacher. They must have practiced for an hour.


Kelly felt the recoil of every shot course through her body, exciting her.


The sound… the feel… the sensations. Kelly felt something she hadn’t felt for some time.


She felt strong. Kelly could feel Caelin behind her. Heard his calm, commanding voice with everything she did, teaching her, molding her. Helping her. His hand on her arm, her body, making small corrections when needed. She could even feel his hot breath on the nape of her neck. The sexual tension was palpable.


Another shot. Kelly stood motionless. Caelin stayed silent, his hand gently resting on the small of her back.

Kelly looked at the gun in front of her, keeping it pointed downrange as she was taught. The slide was locked to the rear. It was empty.

Kelly didn’t move.

Without saying a word, Caelin’s left hand came around her waist and held her body.

Oh, fuck.

His chest pressed against her back. His right arm came down her right and gently but firmly took the gun out of her hand. Caelin leaned to the side and placed it flat on the table off to their side, well out of their way. He removed her headset ear muffs and glasses, then took her hands and brought them to her stomach, holding her from behind. Caelin’s goatee pressed against her right ear.

Kelly’s heart pounded, oddly turned on in every way, never thinking such an activity could be so erotic. She just about melted in his embrace, yielding to his control. After several quiet moments, she spoke softly.

“You’re going to fuck me now, aren’t you?”

Caelin didn’t respond, but softly kissed her ear, his warm breath falling on her gentle skin. She shivered.

Caelin’s hands began to caress the front of her body, still holding her in his embrace. His palms slid over her stomach, her chest. He massaged her breasts, and Kelly’s breath deepened. She could feel herself getting desperately wet, her pussy on fire. Escort Sivas Oh, fuck, this was hot.

Staying behind her, Caelin unbuttoned her blouse, now being rougher with her as their passion built, gruffly grasping and squeezing her tits in her bra. His left hand came up to her head, decisively turning her face towards his. He twisted her body, pulling her mouth into his in a stormy kiss, as his right hand pushed inside her jeans and panties, to grasp her sex.

Kelly groaned loudly into his mouth, her legs turning into rubber, leaning into him as he began to steadfastly stroke her wet pussy, his hand tight inside her pants. Once again, she couldn’t move, at his bidding.

Caelin stripped her blouse off, then unhooked her bra and pulled it off her shoulders with fervor, letting her tits fall free. Kelly stood quietly, chest heaving in labored breath, as he stripped her naked. He reached around, unbuttoned her jeans, and then slid them down to her ankles, followed by her panties.

Never moving from his position behind her, she heard and felt him rapidly undress behind her as well, and then felt him press against her bare back, his mouth sinking into her exposed neck. Kelly moaned involuntarily, lifting her hands in front of her, not sure where to put them.

As if answering for her, Caelin reached around and took her by the wrists, pushing her hands down to the crossbar on the post in front of her. Reaching under the table to their side, he retrieved a length of rope and bound her hands tightly to the crossbar, so she was bent over in front of him. Her pants around her ankles, all her movement was restricted. There was nowhere to go.

There was something reassuring about this to her. Exciting. Stimulating. Already wet and in heat, Kelly’s body prepared itself. She couldn’t be any more ready for sex.

Caelin explored the naked woman bent in front of him. Now his woman. He ran his hands over her bare back, her sides, feeling every curve. He slid one hand up the back of her neck, fingers sinking into her hair, pressing on the back of her head.

Kelly’s body moved along with his lead, stretching and bending, yielding to his touch. She welcomed his guidance and her restraints, both the personal growth and the bounds. She felt excited. She felt… RIGHT.

Caelin grasped her hips, gripping her as securely as the ropes that held her hands tightly to the post. There was nowhere for her to go. Literally no wiggle room. She tried to push back against him, to feel him against her ass. Her sex. But he would not let her move. At the same time he was helping her grow, he was still showing her boundaries and setting the limits he chose.

Caelin reached down and rubbed her ass cheeks. The back of her thighs. Then his fingers trailed up her inner thigh. He lightly stroked her pussy lips from behind, finding her drenched with her preparatory juices. As he touched and rubbed her, a glob emerged and ran down her leg. Fuck, she needed him. Needed him right the fuck now.

Kelly moaned loudly, a bitch in heat. Wanting, but knowing he would only give as he chose.

Caelin spread her swollen pussy lips with his index and ring finger, exposing her inner flesh for him to stroke with his middle finger. Kelly’s moans grew louder.

Caelin pressed one palm flat on the small of her back, right at the base of her spine, holding her steady, as he pushed the fingers of his other hand inside her. So warm. Sopping wet. His fingers made a sloppy gushy sound as he pushed them in and out of her pussy. Kelly began to cry out. She couldn’t help it. She started to beg.

She was so turned on. It felt so good.

HE made her feel so good.

Caelin held her solidly in place as her fucked her with three fingers, building to a rapid pace, resting his thumb on her asshole. It was amazing how quickly he brought her to climax, aggressively finger fucking her.

Kelly’s legs stiffened, hard as tree trunks. She dug her fingers into the post in front of her, crying out unintelligibly. Her pussy clenched, and suddenly she orgasmed, gushing and spurting thick milky ejaculate fluid all over Caelin’s hand and arm, uncontrollably. She felt it flow down her inner thighs, mixing with the dust and fine powder that covered her skin now, making quite the mess.

Kelly whimpered as Caelin stood and straightened behind her, running his hands on her ass, hips, and back. He deliberately wiped his one wet hand on Kelly’s lower back, making her even more a mess. This fine prize bent over in front of him.

Her vision still restricted in front of her, Kelly felt him slide his cock up and down through her exposed ass cheeks. She tingled at his contact touch. He moistened his cock head in her dripping juices, leaving him positioned at her vaginal entrance.

Oh holy hell, she needed him. Kelly locked her knees, tried to shuffle her feet farther apart in her pants bunched at her ankles, and bent further forward at the waist, offering as much of herself to him as she could.

Caelin kept his pelvis motionless against her, and bent forward. She could feel his warm skin and chest hair on her bare back. He pushed his hands on top of hers on the cross bar, sliding his fingers between hers to grab her hands from the back. His mouth came down to her right ear, his hot breath falling on her sensitive earlobe and cheek.

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