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(This story was originally written for someone who means a great deal to me. Her name has been concealed in this version. Enjoy…)

I awaken as the sun strikes my eyes through the uncovered window. My eyes flutter open to the light and I am rendered blind as they are immersed in its intensity, handicapped by the remnant pull of sleep. While my sight lazily returns to me, my sense of touch, my shameless addiction to feeling, springs immediately to attention. It instantly processes my surroundings and soon other parts of my body follow suit — rigidly. My mind finally takes in the situation but my body reacted first.

Before I knew it my hand was gripped to a bounty of whore flesh and my cock was at the ready between a luscious pair of legs. Shea, who was awakening along with me, moaned with approval and placed her hand over my claim upon her breast while she quickly began to gyrate her toned abs. She rubbed her flesh along my length just enough to get me properly lined up. My love meanwhile was asleep but Shea, the woman of the night, the slut for migrants and thieves and anyone else (for the right price) paid that situation no mind. The talented seductress soon awakened my love just as she had with me.

She tempted my guardian with lips, using them just like she had used boob and cunt with casino siteleri me. Not that my love needed much persuasion. Clearly, the prostitute was as practiced as any at her art, though it was clear that she needed no acting to be remarkably keen for the coupling she had engaged us in. No matter what, given time and access, I had little doubt that Shea could pull any man, or as she was no displaying with my love, woman, into her bed. Or, for that matter, whatever surface made itself available for the act and the pleasures she could bring with it.

I could feel the connection between my love and Shea the likes of which I had not encountered before, and my body, now that I did know it, certainly was not going to complain. It was as I thought on this that my love, uttering a moan of over-stimulation, finally pushed back onto the whore and the meeting of feminine lips truly became a kiss. This served as a signal for Shea, who had been teasing and stroking me with the fringes of her vagina all this while, to claim her prize. She pushed, and despite her incredible, unnatural tightness I slipped right inside. Shea wriggled her hips to “lock” me in before the fuck began in earnest.

Shea cooed with satisfaction as she enslaved my cock that was enveloped within her and enthralled me along with it. Almost without canlı casino moving her hips she began to work against me on the bed with an enthusiastic rhythm. She was breathing through the stimulation and yelped with surprise and appreciation as my love decided to cut that off and re-establish the seal of their lips. The new attention from the other woman did not slow Shea down a bit and I squinted hard as I felt the pleasure begin to build — slowly but surely about to overwhelm me. I didn’t want to do that — didn’t want to waste my seed on some whore, no matter how skilled she was.

It was then that became no longer an issue. My love pushed against Shea, shoving her down, and I moaned with appreciation but also instinctive protest as our connection was broken. Shea rolled to the right as I slipped out. My love kissed her slut once more as a reward and briefly reached down to rub in her appreciation, prompting Shea to coo with bliss. However, I was clearly her objective.

“I will guide you and protect you…” My love said, looking into my eyes. “But we will, most of all… ooooo….” She breathed out as I interrupted her with a swift grab to the hips and, without pausing, drove inside. It was time for me to take the initiative. “We will fuck,” I said, finishing her sentence. “Every night. Or day, if kaçak casino you like.” Thrust. “Just.” Thrust. “Like…” Thrust. “Now…” My love only moaned with a tempo that quickly became a scream as I powered into her from the side. We enwrapped each other in arms as I looked to her fascinating, hypnotic eyes and their dissimilar color.

Her eyes quivered with each thrust and my love stared directly into my own eyes without interruption. We simultaneously fell under each others’ spell as Shea kissed my cheek and then nibbled my ear, clearly doing her utmost to distract me. In my love’s arms, I knew, I would always disappoint such an aim. Seeming resigned to this fact but certainly not displeased, Shea propped her head up on an elbow while her other hand went to work on her cunt. My love and I remained within another world of our own making as she began to twist and gyrate her hips in time with my thrusts.

Out of the corner of my eye I witnessed Shea fingering herself at the same tempo but I paid that virtually no mind beyond my love’s beautiful eyes. We pressed foreheads together and dove our mutual gaze deep into a pool of ecstasy. Her orbs practically did not blink and neither did mine as the ramming action continued. Her pussy grew tighter, my dick grew larger, and her eyes spread wide. An explosive orgasm for both of us was on the horizon and we knew it. With one final thrust, it hit. My thighs became soaked in feminine juices as I simultaneously fired my seed with a gasp. I saw only my love’s smile before I passed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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