B.M.O.C. – Big Man on Campus Pt. 02

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Matt awoke to a foot gently nudging his shoulder and his name being whispered by a soft, feminine voice.

“Matt… Matt, wake up…”

He smiled, remembering last night. He cracked his eyes open, hoping to see Katie semi-clothed or (fingers crossed) naked. Instead, the sun streaming through the window haloed the blonde hair of his human alarm clock.

“C’mon, wake up, little brother.” Amanda had made her way back to the dorm. “It’s almost 10 o’clock.”

Matt grumbled, rubbing his eyes. He sat up and looked around the room. Katie was not in bed and was nowhere in sight. Amanda was standing in front of him, wearing the same clothes as last night, albeit not as neatly.

“Whoa! Are you naked?!?” Amanda had seen his bare chest.

“Hmm? No, I have boxers on.”

Amanda shook her head.

“Oh, Matt… you’ve gotta be more careful. Did Katie see you like this?”

Matt’s mind flashed back to last night, when Katie yanked his boxers off and marveled at his erect cock.

“Yeah, I think so,” he replied.

“Great, she was already pissed at me for ditching you guys last night. I’m going to hear about this later.”

Matt smiled. He seriously doubted that she would be hearing the full story.

Amanda announced that she was taking a shower and walked into the bathroom she and Katie shared with their suitemates. Matt rolled over, grabbed his jeans from yesterday, and fumbled through his pockets until he found his phone. Seven text messages.

Five of the texts were from Sheila. She had messaged him multiple times the night before.




Then, twice more that morning.


And, most interestingly,


The phrase “I thought about you” was Matt and Sheila’s code for masturbation. She had masturbated to a fantasy about the two of them last night. He felt a surge of guilt; he had cheated on his girlfriend. It was an odd feeling, if only because he felt no urge to confess. He knew he should, but he definitely did not want to. Also, he really wanted to have sex again. As soon as possible. And not necessarily with Sheila. Maybe the guilt would go away with time.

The other texts were from Katie, who had given him her phone number the night before just in case they got separated at the party. The first was a selfie from that morning; she was standing in the dorm room, wearing the same tanktop and panties he had seen slip under her sheets the night before. Her dazzling smile lit up the screen. The text below it read:


Matt stared at the photo for several minutes, transfixed by her piercing eyes and glowing smile. Amanda re-entered the room.

“So, did you have fun last night?” she asked. Matt frantically locked his phone to hide Katie’s photo.

“Uh… yeah. Yeah, it was great,” he stammered. His mind replayed the memory of Katie, writhing and grinding on top of him.

“And, Katie? She took good care of you?”

Another flashback, this time of Katie’s body twitching and quivering uncontrollably as they came together.

“Uh… uh-huh,” he managed to respond. He felt his penis stiffen at the memory; he adjusted the blankets, trying to hide it.

Amanda was wearing her cheerleading uniform. She told him that she had practice before the football game this afternoon and, if he wanted to go to the game, he could get a free ticket from the dorm building’s front desk. She apologized for abandoning him again, but she really had to go. He could use the shower in the shared bathroom. She didn’t think the girls from next door were here. Amanda smiled, waved goodbye, and was out the door.

Matt unlocked his phone. The photo of Katie greeted him and he smiled back at her. He scrolled down to see her second message.


He clicked the link at the bottom of the message. It opened a video. Grainy, dark footage of the outside of Hamilton Hall, captioned with “big man on campus”. The video played automatically and he heard Katie’s orgasmic ecstasy from the night before.


Matt laughed in embarrassment. He knew that she had yelled directly out the window, and he knew that it was impossible that no one had heard her, but he had not expected it to be posted online. At least neither of them was visible in the video.

Groggily, Matt rose to his feet, rubbing his eyes and staggering. His head was throbbing. The events of last night had left him hungover and dehydrated. He stumbled into the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and stuck his face under it, drinking directly from it. He looked around the countertop for some kind of pain reliever. He pushed aside prescription bottles ankara üniversiteli escort and a birth control pill case until he found a bottle of aspirin. He fumbled it open, poured two pills into his hands, filled his mouth with water from the faucet, and tilted his head back, dropping the pills inside and swallowing.

Matt wandered back into Amanda and Katie’s room, kneeling down next to the futon to gather his toiletries out of his bag. He saw his phone again.

He should call Katie, he thought. No, he *wanted* to call Katie. He *should* call Sheila. Maybe a shower would clear his head.


The water temperature gradually warmed as Matt stood outside of the running shower. He stuck in his hand, confirmed it was safe to enter, slid his boxers off, and climbed inside, closing the opaque palm-tree patterned shower curtain behind him. He showered in a daze, rivulets of water running down his toned chest.

Last night had actually happened. He had lost his virginity. Finally. A small part of him was disappointed that he had not waited until marriage, but, mostly, he felt relief. The pressure was off, in more ways than one. And, now, he would be able to be the experienced hand that led Sheila into womanhood.

His thoughts returned to Katie. Her lithe body grinding against his. The taste of her pussy. The feel of her lips around his erection. The sound of her uncontrollable orgasm.

Matt felt his manhood twitch. Absentmindedly, he closed his eyes and allowed his soapy hands to find his penis. His fingers wrapped around his shaft, slowly rubbing up and down and around. He moaned softly, the sound lost in the steamy shower.

A distant thud brought him back to reality.

“Manda? Is that you?” called a vaguely-familiar female voice. Matt was sure he had heard it before, but he could not place it. He did not respond, terrified of being found masturbating in girls’ dormitory by a stranger.

The door to the suitemate’s dorm creaked open. Matt froze.

“Katie?” came the voice again, followed by a knowing giggle. “OH, I see… who’s in there with you?”

The fog in Matt’s mind cleared just enough to understand. His boxers were still on the floor. Clearly, this girl assumed Amanda or Katie was not showering alone. He heard footsteps get closer and closer to the curtain.

“Come on, bitch,” she said again. “You’ve never been this shy before.” A small hand reached inside the far end of the shower curtain. Matt panicked.

“Uh… uh… occupied?” he stammered.

“Who the fuck…?” she said in shock, throwing the curtain open. Matt frantically tried to cover himself with his hands and looked up.

He saw a short, curvaceous girl with sandy blonde hair, tied into a ponytail. The roundness of her voluptuous breasts was visible beneath her pink robe. He had seen her before. She had grabbed him by waist and attempted to kiss him outside the party last night.

Stephanie. Katie had called her Stephanie.

Matt stood, dumbfounded. He felt his face flush red with embarrassment. He had no idea how he was supposed to behave right now. She glared at him, but stole a glance at his body. Her eyes widened temporarily before she shook her head slightly and refocused.

“I said, who the fuck are you?” she demanded.

“I… I’m Matt,” he managed to utter, adding, “I’m Amanda’s brother.”

Stephanie visibly relaxed, then laughed.

“Oh, I am so fucking sorry,” she said. “I thought you were a… I don’t know what I thought.”

“It’s okay,” Matt muttered. “I didn’t think anyone was here.”

“I just got back. I crashed on a couch at Sigma last night,” she explained, closing the curtain, adding, “I’m Stephanie, by the way.”

Matt smiled to himself, knowing that she had probably passed out in a bush halfway back to the dormitory, given the state she was in the last he had seen her. He relaxed, safe alone inside his vinyl and tile box.

“Yeah, last night’s party was *insane*,” she giggled. “I made out with, like, five different guys.”

“Mmhmm,” said Matt, not sure how to respond.

“It would have been six,” she continued. “There was this hot guy out on the deck that was totally vibing me.”

“Oh?” he smirked, remembering how she had drunkenly fallen into him and he had been to shocked to move.

“Yeah, he was all over me, until Katie…” Stephanie stopped mid-sentence, before continuing with “Wait a second…”

The curtain flew open again and Matt panickedly tried to re-cover his semi-hard manhood. Stephanie looked him up and down, smiling.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “It was you, wasn’t it?!? You’re the guy Katie blocked from me last night!”

“I… uh… yeah. Yeah, it was.”

“So, did you fuck her?”

Matt felt the redness return to his cheeks.

“Oh my god, you did!” she laughed. “She’s such a fucking slut! Are you even 18 yet?”


She shook her head.

“Fuck… the only way she can get laid is to steal guys from me,” she teased, yenimahalle escort adding, “at least she picked a good one – a *damn* good one – this time.”

Matt smiled nervously, before quickly asking “This time?”

Stephanie ignored his question.

“I just can’t figure it out,” she continued, running her fingers along the edge of her robe near her chest, looking his body up and down. “What does she have over me?”

Matt’s eyes were drawn to her chest. He knew that Stephanie saw him staring, but he did not care. His penis twitched beneath his hand. Her fingers slid down to the belt of her robe and hooked into it.

“I mean, she has those tiny, little mosquito bite tits,” she said, staring at Matt’s hands over his crotch and gently pulling the robe untied. Slowly, she opened the robe, exposing her full breasts. His eyes widened, staring without shame. Her breasts were round and firm, the size of ripe grapefruits, with dark, erect nipples the size of half dollars. The robe dropped to the floor behind her. Stephanie stood before him without shame, wearing nothing but a pair of yellow cotton panties. She ran her hands up her thighs, across her stomach, and up to her chest, squeezing. He felt his manhood throb.

“But I…” she continued. “I offer a little more, don’t you think?”

Matt’s eyes explored her full, womanly figure. He knew he was staring for an uncomfortably long time, but he could not pull himself away. He had never seen such magnificent breasts outside of pornography. A quiet voice in the recesses of his mind reminded him of an uncomfortable truth.

“I, uh, I have a girlfriend,” he managed to say.

Stephanie looked around playfully. “Where?”

“Where what?”

“Where is your girlfriend?”

“She’s… she’s not here,” he said, somewhat confused.

“Exactly,” she replied with a devious smile.

Matt smiled to himself. He had walked right into that one.

“Move your hands,” Stephanie commanded.

He obliged, exposing his semi-hard seven inches.

“Mmmm, you offer a little more, too, don’t you?” she grinned. He nervously chuckled. She tilted her head to the side, casually running her fingertips over her nipples. She reached up and removed her hair tie. She shook her head from side to side, her long sandy blonde hair cascading flirtatiously across her face.

Matt stood in disbelief, with what he was sure was the stupidest look on his face. How the hell was this all happening? Sex with multiple partners was something that happened to other people, not to nobodies like him. Besides, he had only lost his virginity to Katie so that he could have the necessary experience when it came time to have sex with Sheila.

However, it stood to reason that, if sex with one girl was good for experience, sex with two would be better, right? That was it. He was just making sure that he could perform at his best when it finally came time for Sheila to lose her virginity. After all, he wanted her to have the best possible experience her first time.

Even without booze, he was getting really good at rationalizing.

“Can I join you…?” she paused. “Wait, what’s your name?”

It was then that Matt realized he was about to shower with a girl he knew so little that she had not learned his name yet. They both laughed at the awkwardness of the situation.

“Matt,” he smiled. “I’m Matt.”

Stephanie slyly smiled as her hands slipped down her stomach, her thumbs hooking into the elastic of her panties. Slowly, she bent forward, sliding them down and letting them drop when they reached her knees. She ran her fingers up her thighs as she raised herself back up to her full, if diminutive, height. Matt’s eyes moved up her legs before stopping to gaze in lustful amazement. Where Katie had a trimmed, neat patch of pubic hair, Stephanie had none at all. She was waxed bare. Stephanie caught him staring and smirked.

“Mmm, you like it?” she flirted, running her finger along the bare patch. “Nice and smooth.”

Matt nodded, still staring.

Stephanie casually stepped into the shower, her eyes perusing his body, and closed the curtain behind her. She stepped towards him, running her fingers up his torso before wrapping her arms around the back of his neck. Matt felt her full breasts press against his bare skin; his cock lightly throbbed. He slid his arms around her back, pulling her close and bending down slightly. For the second time he felt her warm breath on his lips, but this time there was no one to stop them.

The kiss was passionate and deep. Their tongues slipped in and out of one another’s mouths. Their hands moved freely across warm, wet skin. Matt reached down, cupping and gently squeezing Stephanie’s voluptuous backside. He felt her fingers move from his neck, her nails dragging down his chest, across his stomach, and stopping at his upper thighs. Lost in their kiss, he realized what was happening only a moment before it did.

Stephanie’s nimble fingers wrapped around his shaft, squeezing it playfully, ankara zenci escort before steadily stroking. Matt moaned, his kiss becoming more intense. Her other hand cupped his balls, mischievously kneading and tugging, as her hand swirled and slid up and down his cock.

“Oh, fuck yes,” he sighed, breaking the kiss. Stephanie looked up into his eyes, an impish grin spread across her face. Matt slid his hands around her waist and up her stomach before, eagerly, grasping both breasts, squeezing firmly. His cock pulsed in her hand.

“You like my tits, baby?” she cooed.

“They’re amazing,” he breathed in reply.

“Mmm, thank you,” she smiled, adding, “your hands feel really good…”

“So… so do yours…” he sighed. Her erect nipples called to him and he lightly pinched them.

“AH!” she squeaked in surprise. “Naughty boy.”

Stephanie’s hands moved faster, traversing every inch of his manhood. Begrudgingly, Matt removed his hands from her breasts in order to stabilize himself against the wall of the shower. The water cascaded down his body, splashing against Stephanie’s chest and dripping down to her hands, where it mixed with his precum, further lubricating his shaft. A soft moan escaped his lips.

Matt’s eyes were closed in ecstasy. He was lost in her touch, completely unaware of his surroundings until he felt a glorious pressure on the head of his cock. His eyes flew open.

Stephanie had dropped to her knees and was vigorously sucking the tip of his manhood, her hands now flying up and down his shaft. Her pale blue eyes met his. She winked, then inhaled his cock, the head rubbing the back of her throat.

“OOooh, fuck,” Matt moaned, struggling to keep his balance.

Stephanie’s head bobbed up and down, her hands still massaging his shaft and balls. Her experience was apparent. She knew exactly what to do to drive him wild. Her hands slid around his hips, cupping his backside and pulling him closer, forcing his cock deep down her throat. She held it there, her throat pulsing around his head. Matt shivered; his toes curled. After what seemed like an eternity, she leaned back, withdrawing his manhood with a gasp, a string of saliva stretching from her lips to his tip. Stephanie’s hands immediately moved back to his spit-covered shaft, furiously rubbing and swirling up and down. Matt nearly collapsed.

“Oh my god… oh my GOD…” he moaned. “I’m… I’m gonna…”

“Mmm… do it. Cum for me. Cum for me, please,” she begged.

Her words pushed him to the point of no return. He felt the orgasm build and he held off as long as he could. A loud moan filled the room as he gave in.

Matt’s cock throbbed as thin ropes of hot cum burst forth. The first shot made it all the way to her forehead, the long string trailing down her nose and across her lips. Stephanie flicked her tongue out, running it along her lips and moaning softly. She pointed his cock at her chest, her hands continuing to work his shaft. His cock spasmed and pulsed, coating her full breasts in his seed.

“Mmm, look at that hot load,” she said, giggling. “Katie couldn’t have been that good if you still had that much cum for me.”

She stood up, reaching up to grab the back of his neck and pull him into a deep kiss. He could taste his cum on her lips.

Awkwardly, they rotated positions, still kissing. Stephanie broke the kiss, turned to face the shower, and began rubbing her face and chest, washing off his cum. Matt was positioned behind her, greedily gazing at her soft, round backside. Playfully, he slapped his semi-hard cock against her ass cheeks. She giggled in reply, bending over slightly and bracing herself against the wall. The shower hit her back, rivulets of water running down her curves. Remembering his experience the night before, he knelt behind her, grasping her thick thighs and spreading them to see her dark pussy lips. His fingers slid along her thighs reaching her lips and separating them to expose the light pink of her wetness. With enthusiasm, he leaned in, licking slowly from clit to taint.

“Oh, yes,” Stephanie gasped. “God, I haven’t been eaten in *months*.”

Matt let out an inquisitive “hmm?” as he continued to run his tongue up and down her lips, occasionally probing it into her wet hole.

“C-college boys… they don’t like to… to eat pussy… they just – fuck – they just want to fuck and leave,” she moaned in reply. “Fuck yes, baby. Suck my fucking clit.”

Matt obeyed, licking across her lips to her clit and lightly sucking. In this position, his nose was slightly penetrating her hole. He breathed deep. Her scent was different, darker than Katie’s, but not unpleasant. She tasted sweet and sharp; her juices overwhelmed his senses.

He spun his body around so that his neck would be at a better angle. He buried his face in her thighs, sucking her clit into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue. Stephanie’s quivering thighs squeezed the sides of his head, covering his ears. If she was giving him any more instructions, he could not hear them.

Matt reached behind her, cupping and squeezing her backside. His lips released her clit and he started greedily lapping it with his tongue. In the distance, he heard her moan. He ran his fingers to her wet lips, using his index finger to tease her lips, up and down. She shuddered. He slid his finger inside, exploring her pussy.

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