Babysitter Rin

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“Hurry up Honey; we don’t want to be late for the play.” Kevin was standing in the doorway adjusting his tie and making a few last minute adjustments to his tuxedo. It had been a few years since the last time he’d been able to take in a musical and everybody who’d seen Wicked had simply raved about it.

“Coming!” Susan appeared at the top of the stairs in her signature little black dress. Her black opened toed heels were hooked through her purse strap. Her dark brown, very nearly black hair was pulled up into a tight bun on the back of her head. That combined with her rectangular rimmed glasses made her look like the sexy librarian from eighties or nineties soft core porn. Kevin smiled warmly at his wife. “Well how do I look?”

He knew what he wanted to say. Kevin wanted to tell her she was the most beautiful sexiest woman he’d ever seen. It wouldn’t have been a lie if he’d told his nearly forty five year old wife that. Well it would have been a lie but the lie was that he suddenly didn’t care much about going to see some play based on ‘The Wizard of Oz’. He wanted to rush up the stairs apologize for ripping her favorite dress on her way to the bed room and ravage her until neither on of them could move.

Only three things stopped him from doing just that. The first being his wife wanted to see ‘Wicked’ more than he did and the front row tickets had cost over three hundred dollars and that was before the hotel room he’d reserved so they could stay out the night. The second was his son was home and the paper thin walls offered little in the way of privacy. Kevin could still remember when he’d come home from college June 25th 1989 and heard the coupling of his way too old to be sexual active parents. The final reason was that he’d ordered something extremely special for his son.

He’d ordered him a babysitter.

The Babysitter Sluts were something of an urban legend around the city of Sunridge. If it was to be believed there was a group of college age girls who’d discovered that there was a lot of money to be made with a combination of actual babysitting and prostitution. Sometimes they showed up early, left late or accepted a ride home from daddy and made sure he was one hundred percent satisfied with their service. More often though they were called to house sit with young adults whose parents didn’t trust them not to get too rowdy in their absence. In those cases they’d find a way to keep the rowdy young men in line.

At first Kevin, like most people, assumed that it was just a rumor. It wouldn’t be the only salacious rumor about promiscuous behavior amongst Sunridge’s residents. He could think of at least a half dozen others like supposedly there was a Book Club that was just a cover for women to lez out with their friends. He’d heard one about a secret rape fetish club that could supposedly deliver anybody you wanted if the price was right. There was even a story that the upper crust of Sunridge’s population regularly went into the slums for raunchy sex in back alleys. And those were just the realistic rumors.

The Babysitter Sluts however were very real which Kevin learned when his best friend, Trent, had decided to use their services prior to a night of poker. He claimed that he’d stumbled onto the Babysitter Sluts while looking for an actual babysitter for his eleven year old son. When she asked if he’d like her to show up early or leave late he’d told her early was better. He wasn’t planning on needing a babysitter after he got back from the game. When she’d arrived she’d asked where his son was and when he told her Peter wouldn’t be home half an hour at the earliest. She’d immediately slipped out of her dress and kissed him. Having been divorced for two years Trent went right along with it after the initial shock. He’d passed on the story to the guys at the table. More importantly he’d passed out the business cards for ‘Babysitters United’.

Kevin had been skeptical at first but he figured it couldn’t do any harm to call them just in case it wasn’t a prank. When he called he got a young woman named Lilly who asked him a lot of fairly standard for a babysitting service. How many children where there, what were the ages, how long would he need their service? Then came a few slightly unusual questions. She wanted to know if there was a wife in the picture and if he needed the sitter to show up early or be prepared to stay later while he settled in. Finally she started asking a chain of questions that seemed to raise the temperature in the room. She wanted to know if he had any personal preferences in his sitter. Should she be tall or short, curvy or slender, tits or ass, blonde or brunette. He hung up mid way through the interrogation too embarrassed to continue on.

Kevin’s mind immediately went to his eighteen almost nineteen year old son and immediately a plan started to form. It was a long standing tradition amongst the men in his family for the dad to purchase the son’s first woman. His İstanbul Escort father had almost enjoyed telling the stories of how Grandfather had taken him to the local brothel and paid for a night with a black woman with a name he couldn’t quite pronounce. In turn he’d taken Kevin to a special club just outside Vegas where Kevin had been introduced to the pleasures of the Orient. His wife had expressly forbid him from carrying on the misogynist legacy of his forefathers but that had never stopped him from thinking about it and here was a plan literally delivered from upon high.

Susan still didn’t really trust her boy alone in the house. It might have been because she still remembered when she left him alone when he was ten and he’d let the dog in the house because it was raining outside. I might have been because of the time when he was ten and she’d left for an hour and come back to find that he’d used a pair of sheets to try to clean up the bottle of orange juice he’d spilled. It might have been when he was fifteen and he and his friends had gotten together for an all night get together that had resulted in a seriously sick cat because nobody had put up the pizza at night. At any rate Kevin wasn’t going to have to push much to convince her that someone needed to protect the house from Jason.

That was a little more than a month ago.

“You look amazing my dear.” Susan came scampering down the steps lightly brushing his cheek with a kiss as she passed. “Yeah we should get going.”

“What about the sitter?” The doorbell rang as if to answer her question.

Susan answered the door. She knew that against her wishes her husband had hired a female babysitter but the sight of her put Susan at ease. She’d expected her husband to have hand picked some leggy, big tit blonde who’d show up dressed like it was an eighties horror flick in her short shorts and half shirt. Instead here was a demure little thing. She was maybe a hair over five feet tall. She her vaguely almond shaped and hued eyes were hidden behind square rimmed glasses. The girl had her hair pulled away from her face and into a cute twist on the back of her head. It was a bit difficult to get a gauge on her build between her sweat pants and baggy shirt but she didn’t look like a strumpet here to fuck her son. She looked like a college girl who needed a place way from the dorm to study for a few hours. She’d even brought a backpack no doubt filled with books. “Hi, I’m Rin.” The girl extended her hand and stopped just shy of meeting the statuesque brunette’s gaze. Susan took the petite woman’s hand noting quickly what tiny fingers Rin had.

“Hello Rin, glad you could make it.” Kevin said quickly looking her over. He thought he detected the hint of a smile. “Well me and the missus will be out over night, there’s a twenty on the fridge for pizza. He shouldn’t be much trouble to keep in mind just don’t let him have any friends over or anything crazy. Everything else you need is on the fridge so just make yourself comfortable and the guest room is next to the bathroom but you can have Kevin show you to it.” Rin nodded barely dodging out of the way before the couple trampled her on the way to their BMW.

“They were certainly in a rush.” Rin closed the door behind them and kicked off her sandals stepping down onto the plush green carpet and sinking in most of an inch. “Ooooh. Posh.” She pranced around for a moment on the thick carpeting taking a look around the house. She silently rattled off an inventory to herself. Large screen HD TV, Xbox 360 and a Wii U. Stepping out of the living room and into the kitchen revealed something like what she wanted for her own someday. Marble tops, double oven, an Island and a door straight out to the patio with a built in BBQ pit. “Well I guess I should make myself comfortable, I figure he’ll come down on his own sooner or later.”

Jason thrust his finger into the blinds pulling them apart enough to watch his parents back out of the driveway and speed off down the street. “Nobody asked if I wanted to watch Wicked.” Letting the blinds fall back into place Jason rose from his chair. “Didn’t ask if maybe I wanted to hold a huge party with all my . . . three friends. Okay so maybe that wasn’t realistic but they could have asked.” Jason angrily stomped his foot. He meant to angrily stomp his foot what he did barely qualified as putting his foot down. “I guess I should go freak out the old lady they hired to watch the house.” Jason sneered.

Ten minutes later Jason came trotting down the stairs completely nude and dripping wet. He didn’t spot Rin but he knew she must have been in the living room because the television was on. He made absolutely certain he was exactly halfway between the kitchen and the stairs before noisily clearing his throat.

“Oh hi, I was just about to come find yo . . . aren’t you a bold one?” Rin grinned over the back of the couch. Since his parents had left she’d changed Kadıköy Escort into a transparent yellow nighty with a pair of lacy panties. Jason slipped and fell flat on his ass trying to run in two different positions and managing neither. Rin’s eyes widened slightly and she ran around the couch over to the hardwood where Jason was sitting. “You okay?” She squatted down so she was at eye level with him.

“I-i-i-I’m fine!” He eventually managed to force out. “Who are you?”

“I’m Rin, the babysitter. I mean house sitter. I hope you don’t mind my get up, your Dad said I should get comfortable so I did.” Jason was still at a loss for words. Rin decided that she was going to take that as him being okay. Her eyes slowly wandered over the boy. He wasn’t quite what she’d expected but that was probably because she still didn’t know better than to listen to these eighty’s action dads as she called them. Guys who’d come of age watching Stallone and Schwarzenegger and when their boys had ended up more likely to build a Terminator than built like one couldn’t help but let that disappointment flavor their opinions. Jason for example had a soft stomach but his father had described him as a little overweight. It was actually a little hard to believe that he was actually a virgin. Well for a moment it was.

Rin was about to steal a glance at Jason’s manhood when he managed to bring his hands down between his legs, cross them and scurry backwards fast enough that his head thudded against the wall. “I’m sorry; I was looking for a towel!” He blurted out still desperately searching for something, anything within reach.

That look of nervous panic instantly flipped Rin’s predatory switch to the on position. She slid to her knees and crawled towards him making a show of each movement. “Why’d you come down here naked if you didn’t want me to see?” He wouldn’t look her in the eyes. Once she was close enough Rin started pawing at his hands. “I wanna see it? Is it for me?” Rin smiled while Jason’s normally pale flesh turned bright red.

“No, I’m sorry!” Jason twisted away from Rin tucking his head between his knees.

Rin blinked. The poor boy was trembling. “Okay, go get some clothing on. I promise I won’t look.” Rin walked away into the kitchen and poured two margaritas. Like she expected he’d taken advantage of her absence to escape back to his room. She didn’t bother knocking when she got to his room. He was still in the process of pulling on a shirt when she barged in. This time Jason only brushed up against the wall. “Drink?”

“You know I’m under age right?” Jason looked of all things like a trapped animal. His eyes were darting around the room for something. It wasn’t his custom computer, or his alarm clock. His Programmers Certification wasn’t exactly going to protect him against a half naked woman either. It might have kept them away in the past but this one was already in his room, barefoot.

“Yes I also know your parents left me in charge and I never drink alone so c’mon over here and take it. I promise I don’t bite.” Rin sat on the edge of his bed holding the drink out toward him. Still like a frightened animal Jason slowly inched towards Rin until he could take the drink and once he had it he retreated away lest she steal it back and sat in front of his computer. “Wow, you got it bad.” Rin rolled onto her belly kicking her feet overhead. “I mean beautiful half naked woman lying in your bed and you’re checking your email? I mean what’s a girl gotta do?”

Jason took a huge gulp from his glass and immediately regretted the burning sensation. He looked up to see that see Rin was choking back a laugh. “Delicious.” He finished the rest of it and put the glass down. Jason tried to keep from making a face when he swallowed the rest of his drink.

“So are you coming over here now?” Rin asked tilting her head slightly. Jason shook his head. “Why not? I already promised not to hurt you. Am I not pretty enough?” Rin forced a pout. She’d heard from some of the other sisters that some of the virgins really were terrified of you but she’d never actually seen it before. It was adorable in its own way. She scooted over to the edge of the bed. “Don’t make me go over there Jason.” Jason rolled his chair a bit closer, still well out of arms reach though. “Closer Jason. If you don’t come over here now I’ll make sure this is super embarrassing for you.” Rin let a playful smirk play across her features. “Maybe I’ll go to Sunridge High, that is where you go right? I’ll tell everybody that I was naked in your bed and I had to wait until your Dad got home before anybody would play with me!” She rolled onto her back. “Then they’ll really give you hell.” Her head was hanging upside down over the bed looking at him.

“Fine.” Jason replied wheeling his chair up alongside the bed. “Is this close enough?”

“It’ll do. You really are a virgin aren’tcha? I haven’t seen one in real life in a while. I’d forgotten how Ataşehir Escort adorable they can be.” Rin reached out and ran walked her fingers up his thigh stopping shy of his crotch.

Jason tensed up then glared at her. “I’m not a virgin! What makes you think I’m a virgin!?”

“Your dad sure thinks you’re one and you seem to be acting on it. Most guys would have me upside down and halfway to lalaland by now.” Rin crossed her legs.

“Oh.” Jason didn’t know what else to say at the moment. His father wasn’t wrong it was just a little insulting that Kevin thought he couldn’t handle it on his own in his own time.

“You want my drink? I can make another.” Rin’s hands were empty and so was the glass before he answered. “You know if you’re really uncomfortable with this Jason we can not and say we did. I get paid the same amount no matter if I spend the night with you or downstairs watching television.”

Jason finally let his mind settle on the fact that there was in fact a woman, a willing woman, lying in his bed in her lingerie. She was cute as all hell to boot. Nice graspable tits without being too large for her petite pixie like frame. Rin had whimsical brown eyes and slender legs. And she was in his bed in clothing so sheer he could see the thin nest of curls around her private areas and the dark circles of her nipples.

The liquor was slowly working its way from Jason’s belly and into his blood. Unlike the majority of boys his age it never occurred to him to steal a few drinks here and there from his parents and Rin had mixed the drinks a little strong expecting that he had. He wasn’t really thinking when he reached out and grabbed her breasts.

Rin immediately clamped her hands down on top of his with a delighted giggled. “Now that’s better, just a little gentler next time.” She guided his hands, gently rubbing her own flesh, using his hands to guide the straps down over her shoulders and then returning his hands to her now bared nipples.

“Oh my.” Jason let Rin take the lead for a while but soon he wanted to run his hands down over her smooth stomach. He’d never even really noticed a woman’s naval before but hers was so perfect and cute. He couldn’t help but dip his fingers into it.

Gin giggled slightly in response. She opened her mouth to speak then stopped and let him go back to exploring her skin. Jason’s hands slid down to her hips and came immediately to a stop. “Go on.” She put her hands over his again hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his panties. Jason was frozen in place though.

“I can’t.” Rin kept him from pulling his hands out of her panties. She raised her legs straight up and started guiding his hands up her thighs along with her lacy underwear. She had to keep herself from smiling, he was still trembling and as much as she wanted to tease him about it she just bit her tongue. “So what next?”

“That depends what do you want to happen next?” Rin kicked her feet playfully. “You must have some idea what you want to do with a woman.” Jason’s eyes widened for a moment. “Oh come on and tell me, it can’t be that bad.” Rin smiled and Jason remained silent. “Fine, you know what. You’re too sober. Can you run downstairs and get the tequila? It’s sitting on the island in front of the fridge. Might as well teach you take shots while I’m at it.” Jason stared at her for a moment. “Go on. Shoo. I’m in charge and I say we’re doing-” Rin paused a moment trying to think of something that would end his argument, “-body shots. You do want to shove your tongue in my tummy don’t you?” She brought her hands down over her belly. That ended the conversation and sent Jason out the door.

“Well that was harder than expected.” Rin plopped down in Jason’s computer chair and brought up his browser. Just as she’d expected there was no password protection and just like she expected he hadn’t cleaned out his history in . . . probably ever.

Jason almost dropped the bottle when he saw Rin sitting at the computer. “Oh you’re back you kinky fuck!” Jason tossed the bottle on the bed and rushed over to Rin but she pushed the chair away and stood leaned over the computer using her bare ass as a ward he wouldn’t dare touch. “Me and Mommy? I admit your mom’s a MILF but wow. Teenyboppers? Oh this one’s great. Sailor Poon!” Jason circled and darted but there was no way to get to his computer without touching Rin inappropriately. “You know I’ll stop if you can tell me what you want to do next!”

“Fine. I want to eat your pussy!” Jason expected Rin to crack some joke, when she didn’t he panicked. “Can I take that back?!”

“Nope. You can’t.” Rin grabbed him by the shoulders and shoved him down on the bed. “Now you listen and do as you’re told understand?” Rin straddled Jason’s face. “Now ki-” Jason’s tongue boldly pushed into Rin who raked her nails up his torso in response. “Good start. Now-” His tongue by instinct found her clit. “Another lucky guess.” Luck must have been Jason’s middle name since the next five minutes eventually ended with a very satisfied Rin curled up on the bed beside him gently kissing at his throat. “Can I keep you? I promise I’ll feed you everyday.”

“I take it I did good?” Jason’s speech was starting to slur just a bit.

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