Back at the Bakersfield Motel Ch. 01

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This story bent some of Literotica’s rules the first time around. Nobody seemed to notice, or be bothered by it, for about a year: then all of a sudden it was gone, and the storyline “began” with Chapter 2.

So let’s try this again, and summarize what we’ll call Chapter 0 thus:

Seven and a half years ago, when Donny and his cousin Zoey were 12 and 11, they were driving to a family event with Donny’s older brother Brad and Zoey’s older sister Wendy. They stopped off one night at a motel and instead of Brad and Donny sharing one room and Wendy and Zoey sharing the other, Brad and Wendy ended up in one room while Donny and Zoey ended up in the other. The two younger cousins didn’t see anything odd about this; but when they innocently looked in on their older siblings, they saw things… well, which they didn’t completely understand. But clearly Brad and Wendy had more than a cousinly relationship.

Which brings us to the present, and Chapter 1:

We were on our way to my brother Brad’s wedding, in the town where our grandmother lived. She was pushing 90 and couldn’t travel anymore, so he and his fiancee had agreed to have the ceremony there. Since my cousin Zoey and I both went to colleges within an hour’s drive, and I had a car, the plan was for me to pick her up and drive her.

But you know what they say about the best-laid plans: this was early February, and we’d barely left Zoey’s school when it started snowing. And kept getting worse until about halfway there, we went into a skid that scared the shit out of both of us.

I regained control of the car almost immediately, but clearly it was time to stop somewhere for the night rather than challenge the storm. A few minutes later, peering out of the window through the wind and driving snow, we spotted our safe haven… the Bates Motel!

Nah, just kidding about that part — though that was what I thought the sign said for a moment. It was actually the Bakersfield Motel, and it looked like a very nice place. Not that we were in any position to be choosy.

“You’re okay with one room with two beds?” I asked Zoey.

“Sure. It’s not as if we haven’t shared a room before.”

And then I suddenly realized why the lobby looked vaguely familiar. “Holy shit. Zoey, this is the motel we stayed at that time with Brad and Wendy. Remember?”

“Are you kidding? That’s a night I’ll never forget. Not only what we saw, but that night after you fell asleep it was the first time I–“

“The first time you what?”

“Never mind.”


“Drop it. It’s not something I should be taking to you about.”

“Okay, okay,” I said, “sorry I– well, you mentioned it.”

The last thing I wanted to do was have Zoey pissed off at me. She was my favorite cousin, plus we were going to spending the night in the same room and then God knows how much time on the road together tomorrow, depending on how much snow the storm leaves behind.

Fortunately, they had a vacancy. I think normally the clerk would casino siteleri have been suspicious of two 18-year-olds renting a motel room (“Two beds? Yeah, ri-i-i-ight…”), but the blizzard made our story a lot more credible.

I called my mother, who was already at my grandmother’s and told her to let everybody know we were stranded but safe, and would definitely be there in time for the rehearsal dinner the next evening.

The room was warm. Too warm, and there was no separate thermostat so we could adjust it. It felt good coming out of the snowstorm, but it didn’t take long for it to get a bit uncomfortable. It was already late, so we took turns changing into our night clothes. Zoey had a flannel nightgown right out of Little House on the Prairie — a sensible thing to pack, since we really didn’t know what the sleeping arrangements would be during the wedding weekend — and I had a pair of sweatpants. I was grateful that I didn’t have to bother with a shirt.

“What are you daydreaming about?” Zoey suddenly asked me. I hadn’t even realized I was.

“The last time we were here,”I said. I was remembering details of the last night, from how nice it was when Zoey crawled into bed next to me because she couldn’t get to sleep, to how it felt to see Wendy’s naked breasts.

“And the sad part is,” I added, half to myself, “I haven’t seen another pair since.”

“A what?”

“A pair. Of boobs.”

“You’re kidding. A jock like you?”

“That’s kind of the problem,” I said. “All through high school, between basketball and the swim team, there was never time to have a steady girlfriend. And now that I’m in college, I don’t know, it’s just been a few months, and I haven’t found anybody yet. How about you?”

“Well, I have seen a lot of breasts.”


“Seriously, a couple of guys have seen mine, but I haven’t gone much further than that with anybody. I’ve had some nice boyfriends I really didn’t feel that way about, and other guys, guys I would have done it with, who just wanted a quick fuck and probably would have bragged to their friends about it afterward. So screw ’em. Or, I guess, not.”

“What a pair we are,” I said with a laugh

“Hey, Donny?” Zoey said after a few minutes.


“Do you want to see mine?”

“Your what?”

“What where we talking about, dummy? My breasts.”

“Um… sure, okay.”

“You could sound more enthusiastic, you know. Is it too weird, looking at your cousin’s breasts?”

“No, not at all.” I still had the mental image of Wendy’s breasts. “I’d love to see them.”

“That’s better,” she said, climbing out of the bed and switching on the light. The she grabbed the hem of her nightgown and lifted it over her head, and stood next to my bed wearing only a pair of red bikini panties and a smile.

“You look nice,” I said, feeling a bit tongue-tied.

“Thanks. When I’m home, in my own room alone, when it’s warm at night, this is how I sleep. Of course it’s rarely as hot canlı casino as this room is.”

“I’m not complaining,” I said.

“Oh, you naughty boy,” she teased. “You’re not supposed to like looking at your cousin that much.”

Of course by now I was thinking about Brad and Wendy, and I suspect she was as well. “So how do you sleep when it’s warm?” she asked. “In your underwear too?”

“Umm… not even,” I said.

She thought about that for a moment. “You know, the same way you hadn’t seen any naked breasts, I haven’t seen a naked cock since that night.”

“You wouldn’t mind if I took off my pajamas?” I asked.

“Not in the least,” she said.

I slid off my pajama bottoms and dropped them to the floor. I hadn’t realized quite how hard my cock was, though I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Zoey came over to my bed to get a closer look — which was fine by me, because it also meant I’d be closer to her breasts. “You can take off your panties too if you’d like,” I said, trying to sound casual about it.

“I’d better not,” she said. “I know what might happen if I were naked too.”

So did I. And just thinking about it, and hearing her mention it, make my cock twitch.

“Cool,” she said. “Can I touch it?”

“Are you kidding me? Hell yeah.”

She wrapped her hand around my cock. It felt amazing. She smiled, and started stroking me. “How long do you think you’ll last?”

“You’re the first girl who’s ever touched me there, and you’re almost naked. Maybe ten se — uggh,” I suddenly groaned, spurting cum all over my chest, her chest and arm, and the bed. You’d think I’d been storing up that load for the past 7 ½ years.

“That was fun,” she said, handing me a fistful of tissues to clean myself up.

I touched the front of her panties. “Let me do you now.”

“No, I told you, I’m afraid of what would happen.”

“You can trust me,” I said.

“Who’s talking about you?” she asked. “But come on, I want you to sleep in my bed with me. Yours is one big wet spot anyway.”


When I woke up my body was pressed against Zoey’s back, one arm draped around her, my hand on her bare breast, my cock wedged deeply between her legs. I guess she was right that she’d better keep her panties on, I thought.

Wait a second, she’s wearing white panties? Wasn’t she wearing red last night?

My movement woke her up. She turned her head and gave me a sleepy smile. “Good morning, you naughty boy.”

“Naughty? What did I do?”

“You really were asleep that whole time?”

I’m sure I was looking at her with a blank stare.

“About three in the morning, you started poking against me. Your cock, I mean. I opened my legs a little and you kept at it, really humping against me through my panties. It felt good, so I started humping back, making sure the head of your cock was pushing against my pussy. These panties are so thin, it almost felt as if you were kaçak casino inside me a bit. Donny, you made me cum.”

“I didn’t even know I was doing it.”

“Well, you did. And then I guess it was my shaking that put you over the edge, because you came too. Not as much as last night, obviously, but enough to really mess up my panties.”

So that’s why she changed them.

“Why didn’t you just take them off?” I asked her.

“Because if we were both naked, I might have woken up a couple hours later to find your cock deep inside of me.” She gave me a quick kiss. “And if we end up going there, I want us both to be conscious at the time. Anyway,” she said, changing the subject, “you want to shower first?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to shower together?” I asked her, climbing out of the bed.

She slapped my ass. “Just go.”

I realized after my shower that I hadn’t brought any clothing into the bathroom with me, but it hardly mattered: Zoey had seen all of my anyway. So I wrapped a towel around my waist and went back into the bedroom, then dropped the towel on the bed and began getting dressed. I could see that Zoey was watching me.

Then she waked into the bathroom, and I admired her ass through her brief white panties. When she came back ten minutes later, she was wearing two towels: one around her waist, and one wrapped around her wet hair. Her breasts were proudly exposed. She was holding her white panties, so I knew she was naked under that towel.

What a tease. I wondered whether she wanted me to just throw her down on the bed and have my way with her.

She threw the while panties into her overnight bag and bent over to pick out a fresh pair. I could almost see her pussy as she bent, and she knew it.

She pulled her new panties (yellow) up her legs under the towel and when they were in place, she dropped the towel and finished getting dressed. I’d never seen a woman putting on a bra before, and it was a sad sight: I didn’t know when or if I’d ever see her bare breasts again.


Dressed and repacked, we walked outside and threw our bags into my car. Well, after I spent twenty minutes clearing my car of snow, anyway. The storm had ended, though, and the roads looked clear.

We went into the office to check out, and I asked the guy at the desk how much snow we’d gotten. “Not so much. The worst of it missed the valley here. As bad as it looked last night, with all the wind and all,

we had six, maybe eight inches tops.”

(“Not so much”: Where we grew up, a few states south of here, two inches of snow will paralyze the entire county for a week)

“Where are you heading?” he asked as we were leaving. I told him. “No you’re not,” he said.

“Come again?”

“East of here is where they got the worst of it. A couple of feet and a lot of ice, and the Interstate is closed.”

“Don’t they have trucks to clear it?”

“They do, and they did, but there are cars and trucks stuck and abandoned all over the place. So it’s closed.”

“How about the local roads?”

“They still have two feet of snow on them. Basically, fella, if you’re heading east… how about the same room for one more night?”

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