Back in Catherine’s Arms Again

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Big Tits

Chapter One:

Summer is upon us and the weather is heating up along the Central Coast of California. This may be the toastiest July of them all. Certainly, my sex drive is hotter than ever and I’m thankful my darling Catherine is back from her time in Southern California. She was on an extended visit to her daughter’s home which left me plenty of time to get into trouble. And I did my best. I have several stories to share with her.

Currently, I’m driving up to her house in San Luis Obispo. We’re going to hike along the hills behind her house, barbecue a tri-tip and hopefully, wind up in her spa together. Catherine told me she has a new neighbor that just moved in next door. Her previous neighbor, longtime friend and co-conspirator, Lacy moved east in the Spring. Lacy’s husband, who taught Geology and Earth Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo accepted a Dean position at the University of Texas in Austin.

Last year the two of them nearly split when it came to light that her husband, John, had secretly installed video cameras along the fence next to Catherine’s backyard and was spying on Catherine when she sunbathed in the nude. Lacy found out her husband had video of us making love in the spa. She confronted him and threatened to leave him if he didn’t erase all his ‘peeping tom’ videos and remove the cameras at once. She promised to work on their marriage and be more available to him. I remember Catherine feeling so violated.

Catherine and Lacy routinely spent hours naked at Avila Beach soaking up the sun and working on their all-over tans. They loved to strut up and down the clothing-optional side admiring hard cocks and flashing their huge tits to onlookers. I wonder if Catherine has introduced her new neighbor to the joys of nude sunbathing.

I arrive at Catherine’s and park the truck in front of her house. I start to knock when I see a note taped to the door. Come around to the back Rob. We are out by the spa. I scratch my head as I contemplate the ‘We are’. I thought Catherine and I were going to enjoy some alone time. Nonetheless, I walk around the side and open the gate to her backyard. Catherine lives on a quiet cul-de-sac and her house backs up to open grazing land. She has a spectacular view of rolling green hills. Today is another day filled with sun drenched, cloudless blue skies.

I walk to the back of the property, out by the stone patio and sunken spa. Catherine has four chaise lounges that face out to the open space. As I walk closer, I see bodies occupying two of the lounges. I recognize Catherine on the left by her long auburn hair done up in a pony tail. On the right I see a head full of blonde curls. I approach the side of the ladies and am stunned to see them lying topless under the morning sun.

Catherine is the first to speak, “Hi Darling, it’s so nice to see you. It’s been too long once again.”

I’m still speechless as I focus on four fabulous boobs. Catherine stands and hugs me tight. Our lips meet in a slow, sensuous kiss with lots of tongue. I think to myself, what a way to be greeted. I feel her firm Double-D’s press into my chest and her nipples harden with our embrace. I run my hands up and down the smooth skin on her back.

“Ahem, hey you two.”

Our mini-reunion is interrupted by Catherine’s friend. We break apart and look over to the chaise lounge. Catherine giggles, “Oh yeah. Rob, I want you to meet Samantha. She just moved in next door. Samantha bought Lacy’s house, and now we are new neighbors. Samantha, this is my Rob, whom I’ve told you all about.”

“Well hello Rob, it’s so nice to meet you.”

Samantha gets up from her chaise lounge and I extend my hand to greet her. She pushes my hand away and grabs me around the waist, hugging me close. I feel her body press hard into me. Samantha lifts on her toes and whispers in my ear, “I hope she shares.”

My cock stirs, and I know Samantha feels it because she grinds her hips into mine before releasing her hold. She steps back, and I focus on her bare tits. Her breasts are nice and round; I’m guessing a C-Cup, with coral colored puffy nipples. They look so soft and suckable. I have a momentary flash back to my friend Julie who works at Sprouts Farmers Market. Samantha’s boobs look exactly like Julie’s, and I love Julie’s tits. I raise my eyes up and catch Samantha looking right at the bulge between my legs. She looks up and meets my gaze with a smile.

“Wow Catherine, you said he was cute, but I think he is handsome and has some nice big qualities about him too.”

Samantha is certainly not a shy one. I come to my senses and must ask what this moment is all about.

“Hey Cath, I thought we were going hiking today, what gives? You certainly aren’t dressed for a hike, unless we’re going to Avila Beach.”

Both Catherine and Samantha laugh at my comment as they shake their tits back and forth.

“Come on Rob, don’t you want to hike with a couple of topless hotties?”

Catherine knows that I would love to do just casino oyna that. She grabs my hand and explains.

“No silly, we were just enjoying some sunshine waiting for you. Look, we both have our hiking boots on and khaki shorts. Our backpacks are in the kitchen with snacks and cold water. But first come join us and relax for a bit.”

I find it very hard to relax when I’m looking at bare breasts. I try my hardest to concentrate, as I sit down on the chaise lounge next to Catherine. I look over to Samantha who is back to reclining on her lounge.

“Samantha, where did you live before you bought John and Lacy’s house?”

Samantha explains that she lived in an apartment on the far side of campus. She works in the same department with John, so when she found out that John and Lacy were moving to Texas, she offered to buy the house. They never had to list it with a realtor. Instead, they found a real estate lawyer who drew up the contract and made all the arrangements with the escrow company. It was such an easy process and it was quick. All the while Samantha is speaking, I watch her tits rise and fall with every word.

“So, Rob, I hear you love to RV and explore California. Catherine was telling me all about your trip to Sequoia last fall. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Visiting all of the National Parks is on my bucket list.”

“Yep, I try to get out on the road at least once a month. In fact, I just returned from a week up in Big Sur. I found a small RV Park that used to be a commune back in the 60s. It has a private beach and old fashion wooden spa. I swear 25 people could fit in it at one time.”

Catherine looks at me and raises an eyebrow. I’m sure I’ll have to tell her the entire story at some point in the future.

“Hey, I should take you ladies up there for a nice getaway. You can even walk around the park topless, if you like.”

I better stop talking before I spill all the beans about my week in Big Sur with Karen, the owner and her girlfriend, “So ladies, how about that hike?”

We all stand, and the girls grab their tee shirts from the lounges and put them on. They won’t be hiking topless, but braless is just as nice. We head into the kitchen for the backpacks. I grab the heaviest as we head out the door. I know from experience that Catherine fits as many water bottles as she can into one pack.

There is a small gap in the fence at the end of the cup-de-sac that leads out to the open space and several trails. Today we are walking down along Stenner Creek towards the water treatment plant. There is a lot of vegetation and cover to keep us cool along the way. I enjoy watching the ladies hike with their tits swaying back and forth. Catherine keeps telling me to keep my eyes on the trail. I have a hard time following her orders. About three kilometers in, we are all working up a good sweat. The ladies’ shirts show a familiar pattern of sweat down the valley between their breasts and more is visible under each round mound. The sweat stains provide a nice frame surrounding their tits, adding to my enjoyment.

We arrive at the water treatment plant and head back toward Catherine’s house. We’re feeling the heat and decide to take a water break. As we sit on some tree stumps near the edge of the creek, Catherine surprises me with a question.

“So, Rob, how was your glory hole adventure? Were you the stud that delivered the goods?”

I am completely caught off guard by her query. I hem and haw, half mumbling a response.

“What do you mean? I don’t understand the question? Glory hole adventure?”

Catherine and Samantha start to laugh uncontrollably. They wag their finger at me, hoot and howl.

Samantha adds, “Come on stud, tell us all about it.”

Catherine finally lets on to the secret. She and Samantha went to Diamond Adult World in Grover Beach and saw Lynette. Lynette is the Assistant Manager at the shop and a good friend to Catherine and me. We have visited the shop several times together, mostly to buy our favorite lube. We seem to go through lots of lube whenever we are together.

Samantha had never been to the store in Grover Beach and Catherine was happy to take her new neighbor there. They were looking for a vibrator for Samantha and ended up visiting with Lynette for over an hour. In addition to buying a rabbit vibe, Samantha also picked up a push-up bra and some crotchless panties to go with it.

The girls had a lovely time chatting. Catherine mentioned that she had just returned from Southern California and was going to get together with me the following week. That’s when Lynette related the story about meeting two ladies from Iowa at the beach. They had never been to an adult store and quizzed Lynette on what it was like to work there. One gal asked Lynette if she knew what a glory hole was, and did they really exist. Apparently, this lady’s husband has told her all about glory holes, but she didn’t believe him.

Well, Lynette invited them to the store and canlı casino then recruited me to supply the cock for the glory hole. Suffice it to say, I performed as instructed and enjoyed an anonymous blow job, plus a whole lot more.

I’m getting a little paranoid, “So, what did Lynette tell you?”

Catherine smiles, “The whole story, the fact that you took three Viagra pills before your big performance and then your little get-together back at her house. I swear Rob, I was getting a little jealous. But more than that, I was really turned on, so you better make it up to me this evening.”

Samantha adds, “Yeah Rob, it was a pretty hot story. I wouldn’t mind sucking your cock through the glory hole some time.”

Catherine and I both look at Samantha, but she just shrugs her shoulders. I think it’s time we continue our hike. I need to work off some of this nervous energy. We each drink more water and Catherine passes around some energy bars. When we’re rejuvenated, we continue our hike back to Catherine’s home. Along the way Catherine lets me know she has invited Samantha to join our walking club and thinks the three of us will become inseparable. I tend to read between the lines and start to fantasize about a threesome with these sexy ladies. My cock begins to stir and presses against my shorts.

Three kilometers later and we are back at the cul-de-sac where we started. It’s still too early for a barbecue, so Samantha asks us if we would like to help her with some unpacking over at her house. Since she just moved in two weeks ago, there are still a lot of boxes to unload.

Catherine agrees, “Sure, why not. We’ve already worked up a good sweat, we might as well continue to get dirty before dinner.”

Samantha is so happy for the help, she grabs onto me and squashes her firm tits into my chest. She plants a wet kiss on my cheek. Catherine just shakes her head and takes my hand as we follow Samantha inside. I put the backpack with the water on her kitchen table as she shows us around. This is the first time I’ve been inside the house. I never ventured over when Lacy lived here, as she was always at Catherine’s place.

The layout is very similar Catherine’s house; two story, large family room connected to the kitchen with all the latest appliances. There is extensive use of wood laminate flooring on the first floor and plush carpeting on the second story. There are several large boxes that Samantha asks me to take upstairs, while she and Catherine putter around the kitchen. It’s left up to me to do the heavy lifting.

I’m halfway up the stairs when Samantha shouts, “Just put the boxes in my bedroom please. I’ll sort through them later.”

I step into her bedroom and look around for a convenient spot for the first box. The room is larger than Catherine’s master bedroom and there is a king size bed right in the middle of the room. That’s a huge bed for one little lady; I wonder if Samantha has ever shared it with anyone else. The mahogany headboard has a large mirror at the center with several doors around it. I pass on the opportunity to snoop around and open any doors.

Before I go downstairs to retrieve another box, I peek into the master bathroom on the left side of the bedroom. It’s quite ornate with lots of marble and two overhead skylights that allow for natural lighting. On the counter next to the sink, sits a nine-inch rabbit vibrator. I can’t resist picking it up and taking a closer look. It’s light blue with wide, bulbous end. I flick the switch and it comes alive with a gentle buzz. The shaft rotates, and tiny ears vibrate quickly. I bet they feel good pressed against Samantha’s clit. I picture her pushing the shaft deep into her pussy and making herself cum. I shut off the magic wand and look around some more.

Samantha has a large walk-in shower that’s tiled from floor to ceiling. There is no door, just a high wall that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom. I step inside and am amazed. There must be enough room for at least four grown people. There are two shower heads, one on each side wall. I wonder why Lacy never invited me over to experience this. Then I wonder if she ever shared this with Catherine. I bet they did, especially after their days at Avila Beach.

I head back downstairs before Catherine and Samantha wonder where I am. They are still filling cupboards with pots and pans from several boxes in the kitchen. I ask if I can be of any more help, and Samantha asks if I wouldn’t mind unloading some boxes in the garage. There are tools and gardening equipment that need to be put away. I leave the ladies to their kitchen duties while I attend to the garage. There are several boxes that need unpacking and a lawn mower that needs to be assembled. I’m starting to wonder just what I have gotten myself into. I would rather be laying on Catherine’s chaise lounge, soaking up sun and drinking margaritas while ogling their naked bodies.

The garage is hot and stuffy while I work on setting up the tools kaçak casino and mower. I pull my shirt off and try to cool down. Forty-five minutes later, with sweat dripping down my back, I finally have the garage looking good enough for the “Tool Time Show.”

I wipe the sweat from my body with my tee and head back inside the house. The air conditioner is running full blast and feels good. Catherine and Samantha are no longer in the kitchen. I call out their names but receive no answer. Swell, they’re probably back at Catherine’s enjoying the spa.

I see one larger box by the stairs, so I grab it and haul it up to the bedroom. I place the box by the bed and start to walk back downstairs, when I hear a commotion in Samantha’s bathroom. I walk over and peer inside but see nothing. Then it registers, I hear water running in the shower. I hope a pipe hasn’t sprung a leak.

I figure I’d better look to see if I can fix the problem. As I step around the tile wall and into the shower, I am met with two gorgeous, naked ladies soaping each other.

“Well, it’s about time you join us. Where have you been? Look at you, you’re covered in sweat. Was the garage too hot?”

Catherine stands behind Samantha running a soapy wash cloth all around her backside. Her words catch me completely off-guard. Samantha’s hands cup her own breasts as she massages the full mounds and pulls on her hard nipples.

“Yes Rob, come join us. Take off those shorts and show me this glory hole cock everyone is talking about. Catherine says you have a beautiful, thick cock that she just adores.”

“Is this some sort of dream, or trick? What are you two doing?”

“It’s no dream, Samantha and I decided we need to clean off all the sweat and grime from our hike and house cleaning. So, are you going to do what she wants and drop those shorts, or will I have to do it for you?”

I certainly don’t need a gold-plated invitation and promptly push my shorts down along with my boxers. My cock springs to attention, fully engorged. Seven hard inches ready to play.

Samantha whistles, “Now that’s what I’m talking about. Nice cock Rob, and you are circumcised. You’re just what I want, bring that stiff shaft over to me.”

Catherine smiles and nods her head, giving me permission to be fondled by her naked neighbor. Samantha’s tits shine with a soapy sheen as I step close to her. The hot water hits my tired body as she reaches down and wraps her hand around my cock.

“Oooh, you are really hard, I love it.”

I grab her tits and lift them up at the same time Catherine reaches around and squeezes the firm flesh. Four hands massage her mounds at the same time. Samantha moans and strokes my cock. I move my hands down her front and let Catherine continue to fondle her soapy boobs. My fingers travel further south and locate the puffy folds of her pussy. Her skin is smooth and slick.

I whisper, “Samantha, it feels like you wax your pussy.”

“I do. Every three weeks. Do you want to taste my smooth cunt? I want you to eat me Rob, make me cum.”

I’m about to enjoy one of my most favorite activities, cunnilingus. Samantha releases my cock and I kneel on the slick tile. It’s hard on my knees, but I don’t mind. With the shower spray to my back, I have a close-up view of her hairless pussy. She looks delicious. Her thick lips are so smooth. Catherine surprised me on our one-year anniversary with a full Brazilian. I love to go down on a completely bald cunt.

I lick her outer labia with broad strokes, up and down. Samantha spreads her legs as Catherine continues to fondle her tits. I drill my tongue deep within her pink pussy. Water cascades between her thighs as her clit hardens and emerges from its hood. Her sensitive pearl is hard and ready to be sucked.

I wrap my hands around her tight ass and pull her cunt close to my lips. I suck on her rose petals and drill into her core. I snake my tongue up and down her pussy and taste her juices mingled with the shower water. I lick all around her thighs and suck more of her inner labia between my lips. Samantha wraps her hands behind my head and pulls me tight against her pussy as I search out her clitoris.

“Rob, please, make me cum. My pussy needs it right now”

I attack Samantha’s clit. Her pussy is wet and ready. I use two fingers to invade her inner flesh. She is hot and tight. I know my cock will feel good clenched inside this pussy. I use my fingers to stimulate her G-Spot and push deep within her folds. Samantha grabs my shoulders to brace herself. I feel her thighs quiver and realize she is on the verge of her first climax with me. I suck her clit between my lips and jam my fingers against the hard ridge of her magic spot.

Samantha moans as she cums hard. She holds onto my shoulders as her knees weaken. She loses control and her body convulses for several moments. Catherine holds her up while she takes shallow breaths and rides out her orgasm. I hold her ass tight, keeping her pussy tight against my lips. Her juices cover my cheeks. Catherine and I keep her upright until she regains her footing.

“Gawd, that was so good. Thank you. Catherine said you have a talented tongue and now I know firsthand.”

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