Back-Woods Boy (Episode One)

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Back-Woods Boy (Episode One) – True Story

It all started when I was about 12 years old. I was an average boy, meaning I was not well endowed, nor was I into sports or school. When I was 1 year old, our family moved to a remote mountain town. The nearest neighbor was literally over am mile away. Tall pine trees littered the landscape that made for a great playground for a young man to grow up in.

We hardly had any visitors to this remote homestead, but when we did, it was memorable for me. My mind floods with my early visions and memories of growing up and experimenting with sex. I was your typical boy, curious, exploratorive and horny as hell. I remember I would masturbate to playboy magazines that my fathers mining partner kept in his trailor that he had parked on our 5 acres of land. I remember looking at those beautiful women as they exposed their breasts as if to welcome my cock between them and for me to cum all over their faces. I imagined so many scenes with these women that I still get hard remembering those early fantasies.

But my fantasies would soon evolve into reality as time brought to me the gift of real sex. On one occaision, I don’t even remember who she was, or where she came from. I don’t even know her name. One day, simetime in the summer, I remember a man coming to the house. He knew my father and they sat at the dinner table drinking coffee and talking about grown-up things. The man brough with him a girl. I am assuming it was his daughter. After they introduced her to us, they urged us to go and play. She was about my age (12ish), she had brown hair, and she was pretty cute. She had small budding breasts and a cute little ass. I remember watching her as she walked admiring her swing. She, myself and my 2 other brothers went outside to play. I dont remember how we got where we did, but we found ourselves in a familiar place in the woods that we used to play often. She said she had to pee. To my amazement, she dropped her shorts and stated to pee in the middle of the woods. All of us stared at her bare ass and the stream of pee coming from between her legs.

She finished and pulled up her panties and then her pants. I could see her bald pussy in clear view while she pulled up her panties. I glanced up and she was watching me with a smirk smile on her face. We all continued to play in the woods, trying to find things to do. My mind kept wandering to the sight I just saw. I kept seeing her ass in my mind and wanted to feel them in my hands. Soon, my brothers decided that playing with 2 12 year old kids wasn’t any fun and they decided to go. I think they said they were going all the way over to our neighbors house to play there.

She and I were left along in the woods. I wasn’t worried, I knew these woods like the back of my hand. We explored the forest some more, I was telling her I have some great places, forts, hideouts etc. Here eyes perked up and wanted to see my secret hideout. I gladly guided her toward my deep woods hideout. Just as we arrived there and I pointed to casino siteleri a cave made of branches, wood, limbs, boards etc, I realized that I still had my hidden stach of dirty magazines inside. But it was too late to turn back now… As she ducked down to peer inside the hideout, I watched her little ass. I could feel my cock harden just seeing her tight shorts caress her tight little ass and I could clearly see the outline of her bald pussy.

She kneeled on all fours on the ground and slowly moved inside my hideout. I followed behind her and sat next to her in my refuge. She looked around a little, her eyes adjusting to the darkened room. As soon as she saw it, I realized she saw the playboys. She reached across me, one hand between my legs on the ground nearly touching my cock in the movement, and grabbed a playboy.

I could feel my face flush red as she looked into my eyes and said “Do you look at these a lot”?. “Yes”, I replied with a nervousness I’ve never felt before, my cock was hard as a rock feeling crushed inside my jeans. “I like looking at my fathers books too” she mentioned as she flipped to the centerfold, opening it all the way and eyeing a woman with nice breasts and showing her pussy. “I like looking at pictures of people having sex”, she continued. Mmmm, I cant wait until my boobs get bigger”, she cooed as she looked at the other pictures.

“Yours are nice”, I said. I could not believe I just said that. I was always a very shy boy, but sitting here next to a girl was beyond my wildest dreams. “Thanks”, she said looking at my crotch, “I bet you have a nice penis too”. I was now 12 shades of red. She gently placed here hand on my leg and scooted closer to me so we could both look at the dirty pictures together. She kept mentioning that she liked that picture, and liked her tits, and wanted to have pussy hair like her and so on. As she flipped the pages, her left hand crept closer and closer to my crotch, I could feel her pinky finger on the edge of my cock and I didnt want to move. My right hand was on the ground but it was barely touching her ass.

“Is this all you have?”, she asked as she moved her left hand in circles on my leg while flipping through the book, “Uhmm”, I stuttered, I have another one but it’s nastier than any of these. “Can I see it” she asked with a burst of excitement in her voice.. Nervously I reached deep into the wall between the limbs and leaves and retrieved a magazine I got from my cousins car. It was a hard-core porn magazine.

“Oooohh”, she cooed, “I like this”. She said as she grabbed the book from me and started to flip the pages. A few momemts of us sitting next to another, looking at pictures of people sucking and fucking, men fucking women, women fingering women, I could tell I was hard as hell and kept refraining from touching her ass with my hand. As she looked at each page, she moved herself back and onto my awaiting hand so I could feel her ass on my fingers. .

She leaned into me and asked “Have you ever done this”, pointing to a canlı casino woman getting fucked from behind. I could see the mans cock was buried deep in the womans ass hole. “N.N.oo” I replied nervously. “You ever youch a girl before”. she continued. “No”, I admitted. She took my hand left hand and placed in onto her budding tits. I was shocked and nearly pulled my hand away, but I froze. “It’s Okay, I like you” she said holding my hand onto her breast and making my hand squeeze her. I could feel her nipple harden under her shirt and bra. My cock was now about to explode and my heart raced in excitement.

I looked at her and could not control myself. I moved forward and kissed her. I was surprised because I’d never kissed a girl, and she stuck out her tongue into mine. We kissed for a long time, I could feel her hand moving to caress my cock. I shuttered when she touched it. We kissed and felt each other for a while. I moved my hand between her tits feeling each nipple get hard. I moved my hand down between her legs, I felt her spread her legs willingly and my hand felt her pussy through her shorts. She was hot and wet. It was the most exciting feeling my hand between her legs and her mouth sucking on my tongue. Her hand stroked my cock through my pants and I felt my pants getting wet as well. Suddenly, She stopped. “Lets get naked”… I was shocked. I’d never been naked in front of a girl before. But I didnt hesitate. We were both naked in a flash. I examined her naked body. Her breasts were very small but her nipples looked like she used a vacuume cleaner on them. the protruded and were pink. Her pussy was bare of any hair, but I could see she was very wet.

My cock stood straight up and had some liquid coming out of the end. She reached her hand forward and took my cock into her hand. I could not resist and I bent over to suck on her nipple. She stroked my cock and held my head in her other hand while I sucked on one nipple, then the other. I reached my hand down and ran my finger through the slit. She was wet and soppy and very hot. I could hear her moan and her stroking on my cock grew faster. I then took my other hand and ran it over her ass. I felt between them and felt her ass hole with one finger and she shuttered at the touch. She then whispered in my ear as we stroked each other, “Pur your fingers inside me”. I wasnt sure if I should. She could tell I wasnt sure, so she said “Push a finger in my ass and my pussy”. She was shaking with excitement. I slowly slid my finger into her asshole and she sighed. I then slid my other finger into her pussy. She was soaking wet and hotter than hell. She shuttered and began to stroke my cock even faster. I felt her other hand move to mine and she slid her own finger into her pussy. We slid our fingers in and out of her pussy and I slid 2 fingers into her ass hole. She was moaning loudly now. Then she let go of my cock and pulled away from me, forsing me to remove my fingers from her.

She laid on her side with her back to me. I laid down behind kaçak casino her and caressed her breast. It was small, but I could feel how it was growing. She reached behind and began to stroke my cock. I moved my hand down and felt the wetness of her pussy again with 2 fingers sliding in and out of her cunt. She moaned and whispered, “Fuck me”. Well, being 12, I had no idea what to do. “I…”, I stammered, “I dont know how..” She kept stroking my cock. Then without a word, she moved my cock to the entrance to her ass hole. “Push it into my ass,” she said, “so I wont have any babies”. I felt the warmth of her ass and how wet my cock had gotten. I felt her fingers guide my cock as I slowly pushed forward. I felt a hot wet ass begin to envelop my cock as I pushed into her. We both moaned at the same time as my cock pushed into her ass hole.

Her hand now guided my hip so I was completely inside her ass. She made small pulling and pushing motions on my hip making my cock move in and out of her ass hole. “Fuck me like this”, she told me. I started feeling really nasty now and felt I could do anything to this little nympho slut and she would love it. I was right. I started whispering in her ear “I’m fucking your ass hole”, “Your pussy is so wet and hot”.. I could feel every inch of my cock sliding in and out of her ass as I felt my fingers sliding a little more into her pussy. “Oh yes”, she cooed, “finger fuck my pussy”.

Here we were, my cock in her ass and my fingers fucking her pussy. Her hands guiding mine and guiding my hips. All I remember then is a wave of pleasure flow to the top of my head. I was thrusting wildly now, feeling my cock slam into her ass hole and my fingers shoshing around in her cunt with the juices flowing all over each other. She moaned loudly and I felt her tense up. Her ass hole and pussy clamped down hard on my finger and my cock. She spasmed a few times and then went alomst limp.

“Are you OK”, I asked stopping my moving fearing I’d hurt her. “Mmmm” she cooed again, “I am perfect”. She lay still for a moment. Then she pulled my cock out of her ass hole and she rolled over to face me. “Now it’s my turn”, she said moving down. I could not believe as I watched her move down and engulf my cock onto her mouth. She sucked my cock fast and hard. She loved it, and so did I. Then I had the strangest feeling I’d ever had. A wave flowed through my body, and I felt as if I were going to pass out. All I remmeber is hearing her suck my cock and slurp.

When I came to my senses, she was slowling licking my cock and my balls. She then moved up and kissed me again. “Did you like that” she asked. “That was Great” I said. “Good”, she said, “It was a great fuck”. We sat there touching and stroking one another for another 10 minutes, then we got dressed. She said she had to go so we made out way back to the house. They left about 10 minutes after we got back. I’ve never figured out who she was, or where she was from. I remember wacking off many times remembering that first day I fucked a girl. Truely a memorable First Time.

Just as memorable as the time my cousin and his wife came to stay with us for a while.

I will leave that to Episode TWO

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