Bathhouse Accessory Ch. 03

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Taking good photos is a difficult skill to acquire, especially when sex is involved. However, it isn’t the resulting images that are the main attraction in my case – making pictures of sex turns me on much more intensely than looking at them. Not that looking – and sharing – them later isn’t fun, of course.

Using a camera at a bathhouse requires at least a certain degree of discretion, the bathhouse being an intensely private space, considering how much public male sex is going on. Much the same is true of using a camera at a nudist beach – nude people have a higher expectation of privacy than those wearing clothes. However, when the photography is clearly between consenting adults, no one has a problem.

The baths have their private spaces, and what happens there is the exclusive business of the people involved – generally cock sucking and rimming and fucking and kissing and even occasionally cross dressing. I haven’t taken photos often, in part because using a camera is work, and the baths are distinctly a place to play. However, after several recent extremely satisfying visits, my desire to take more photos had grown pressing.

Arriving right when the baths opened, in less than a quarter of an hour later, I was in the whirlpool after drinking a beer, having my cock stroked as I stroked his erect rod. When he began touching my ass lightly, a leg went over his, making it easier for him to pleasure my hole. Soon, I started doing the same to him, making him sigh and stretch out, his cock rising above the water as my finger slid deeper into the smooth and pulsing tightness.

At some point, we were fingering and stroking each other, creating pleasure in a luxuriously rising wave. Looking at how horny the other was, knowing that we’d done this several times over the past years, never exchanging a word, as our bodies understood each other perfectly. One of the true attractions of a male only sauna being how uncomplicated it can be to find someone else who has had male sex with a hundred partners – or more. Practice hones skill, though not everyone at a bathhouse can be described as skilled, nor is every man interested in precisely the same experiences or styles.

A couple of other men were also in the jacuzzi, but none became involved in our explicitly open activities. I took my leave after almost cumming several times, only mildly surprised when noting that the clock above the steamroom door showed I’d been in the whirlpool for more than a half hour.

Entering the steamroom, the space was somewhat empty, making it easy to do a hit of rush in the enclosed shower area. Breathing out, I walked towards the back, noting one couple breaking up and leaving the dimness, along with a man on the bench against the rear wall. I went into the dark corner section, starting to play with my swelling cock. Aware of how it was illuminated by the light from the glass door, turned on by the thought of invitingly exposing myself like this.

Watching how the sitting man turned his head to see, hand touching his own obviously horny cock. Leaving the darkness to sit near him, letting my foot slide over his, testing his reaction. He responded quickly, his hand making me gasp when it found my erect rod. Soon, we were doing much the same together as I’d enjoyed in the whirlpool before. It took little time to discover how the other was also a nipple slut when jacking off, or how good a finger playing with an ass felt.

Again, like in the whirlpool, the other men that entered the space remain uninvolved, a fact that was barely noticed as we brought each other close to orgasm. However, here the heat places a limit on how long one can enjoy getting off with other men, leading him to leave just before reaching my own, already shifted a couple of times, personal limit.

Outside, spending some time under the shower, starting to soap my cock, the familiar sensations turning me on, without any inhibition about being in public. Leading to leaning against the wall, jerking off, not caring if anyone saw, though not exactly in an exhibitionistic fashion. Generally, bathhouses are not a place for showing off, they are a place for having sex, which is considerably more satisfying.

Drying off, I went to the locker room, getting Eryaman Escort out the black bag concealing the camera, noting that another half hour or so had passed. Going upstairs, little seemed to be happening, though one man was laying on his stomach in the row of booths next to the darkroom. Knowing what that meant, the temptation grew increasingly inviting after seeing how the porn cabins and theater were empty, the playing porn being uninteresting.

More than an hour and quarter had passed till now, and idea of taking pictures of sex with a stranger prompted me to return to the booth. Entering, I let my hand stretch out to lightly stroke his legs, soon using both hands to tease him. Teasing that gradually led to its desired result, as his cock became accessible after an extended period of growing temptation, making him groan and shift, no longer able to restrain himself.

I love letting my hands roam over a willing body, first lightly, just above the skin, playing with the hair. Aware that starting between the ankles and knees allows the chance to expand into several erogenous areas. After reaching his inner thighs, one hand, then the other, went down to his feet, making him sigh with bliss as his toes and soles were massaged, letting one hand or the other slide over his ass, reminding him that this was just the beginning.

Spreading his legs in clear invitation, I closed the door while putting the towel and bag on the platform, taking a moment to get condoms and the rush bottle out. The camera remained discrete, but readily available.

Continuing to turn him on while sitting between his opened legs, at some point, it became impossible to ignore my swelling cock. Touching it, I began to circle his hole. The feeling of soft flesh is incredibly arousing, particularly when the person about to be fingered is obviously helpless with desire to be pleasured that way.

Lifting his hips, reaching for and touching his erect cock, becoming even more turned on at the sight. As soon as the questing fingers reached his cock head, my finger began to go deeper, watching him stroke himself while starting to finger fuck his willing ass. Over the years, I’ve learned just how easily bathhouse sluts are manipulated, in part due to being one myself.

The pulsing rhythm from his anal ring surrounding my finger provided a clear signal of his horniness. He twisted around, letting me see his face for the first time, bringing his head near my jutting cock. As his lips approached, I managed to say ‘con .. condoms’ before letting his welcoming mouth envelop a far too willing cock.

After years of gloryhole and bathhouse visits, it is no longer possible to consistently resist letting a stranger’s mouth surround my bare cock. Mainly, as any repeat bathhouse visitor knows, the sensations from head are too good to stop, and the more often it occurs, the easier it becomes to allow any horny stranger to go down on me whenever the opportunity arises. Meaning basically every time I visit the local baths, that being one of the reasons the baths are so addictive, being able to sample so many cock suckers.

As his tongue circled my cockhead, I reached for the brown bottle. Taking a good hit as his lips slid down my shaft, saying ‘slowly,’ keeping as much of the rush as possible in my lungs. Feeling the intensity spread from erect cock to my entire being, a cock centered sense of infinite size being surrounded by infinite pleasure. My favorite use of rush is when getting head, something true for more than 3 decades, starting with my first girlfriend.

Not that the other uses are that easy to ignore, of course. His finger began to probe my ass as his mouth continued its inexorable approach towards my curly pubic bush. Arcing a bit, giving his finger better access, cock temptingly close to orgasm even before breathing out. The hand with the closed bottle lowered towards his face, but he showed no interest in inhaling.

A lack of interest shared by a number of men, though in most cases, they don’t care if someone else is using such a perfect accompaniment to anonymous male sex with a stranger or group. His mouth reached the base of my cock, prompting me to pump Sincan Escort it back and forth, his finger touching my ass as he deep throated me.

My left hand found his erect cock, beginning to hold it tight, barely moving up or down. A style he matched with his mouth, extending the pleasure of being sucked, keeping orgasm distant while the sensations of pure anonymous male sex filled me. As the wave continued to run, I breathed out, distracted words following – “camera .. take pictures .. sex pictures .. fuck yes .. suck it .. I have .. a camera.”

The combination of getting blown, being fingered, poppers, and talking about my kinky interest in pictures was fantastic. As his mouth slowly withdrew, I reached over to the black bag, already anticipating looking at the pictures later. My mind was hazed, but getting the camera out was simple enough, as there was no need to be subtle. I enjoy looking at voyeur photos as much as anyone, but taking them seems unnecessary – it is easy enough to follow the wishes of one’s partners, after all.

Turning his ass towards me, kneeling, cock straight, it was clear that his wish was to be finger fucked again. A wish made easier by his hand reaching for my erect length. I began to take pictures, a dozen in two minutes as it turns out, each flash providing a direct jolt of kinky pleasure, knowing that pictures were being made of myself having sex with a stranger.

Putting down the camera and withdrawing my finger from his soft ass to do another hit of rush, he was able to provide more uniquely male pleasure, bringing his cockhead against mine. Since he had already sucked me, any considerations about such intimate contact were irrelevant by this point, especially as the entrancing combination of cock, spit, and poppers swirled through my mind.

Soon drawing my hand to his cock, beginning to rub our aroused cock heads together. A luxuriously enthralling sensation, the rush making my cock feel immense against his sexy skin. Discovering just how sexy cock can be was a shocking discovery, one that led from gloryholes to my now regular bathhouse visits.

Now, repeatedly pressing the button on the camera, trying to do my best to focus on what was going on – the reality of just making me hornier in turn. Each flash an incredible turn on, knowing that the best pictures would be later shared. Admittedly, amateur pictures have their limitations, especially when the distracted photographer is the subject. Luck is required, which is easier to create using digital means.

His ass remained too inviting to resist, so I started fingering him again, as he continued to grip my flared cock ridge. By now, we had a fair idea of each other’s talents and tastes, both of us hard and turned on. Soon, I used the hand fingering his ass to play with his stiff rod between my thumb and index finger, making him bury his face in the platform.

The pictures reflected memory with accuracy, as any slut who loves being fingered on their hand and knees ends up with their face pressed down, helpless against the pleasure driving deeper into their willing hole. A pleasure that sweeps the person causing it along, forcing me to give up taking pictures for the next five minutes.

Only to take up the camera after inhaling more rush, capturing his mouth going down on my wanting cock, barely able to press the button as he went down on me. The camera soon leaving my hand as my body arched, giving him complete access to my extended length.

When he came up to my mouth, lips smelling of cock, I managed to pick up the camera, taking pictures of us kissing. The sexy taste of pre-cum on his tongue made me greedy when pressing against his lips, pushing my tongue deep into his skilled mouth. A real element of kink was turning me on, making such shots irresistible, two just met cock suckers enjoying themselves at the baths.

Another five minutes passed before the next picture series, a finger returning to pushing itself deeper into his horny ass. A delay due in part to getting out a condom, followed by me going down on him. Sucking his covered cock caused the pictures to be even less well framed than previous ones, though by this point, the camera Etlik Escort was not a primary concern of either of us.

We went down on each other in turns, ten minutes passing before I became able to pick up the camera for further action. Kneeling, doing a hit from the brown bottle, taking shots of his teasingly open mouth, framing the scene to include his still hard cock. Then fully losing any ability to even press a button as my naked cock sank into his warm wet mouth. His finger began to touch my ass, as he shifted position, hearing moans starting to flow from my mouth.

Playing with our cocks, now starting to make pictures of my ass being touched by another man. Pictures showing just how much I loved sex like this, both of us hard. Taking pictures of me going down on him again, sucking hard, a bathhouse slut worshipping a stranger’s dick.

A dozen minutes passed before taking up the camera again, taking lazy kneeling shots of feeding my cock into his mouth. Neither of us cared the least about privacy at this point, being far too turned on to be concerned about anything but sex. A bathhouse provides a convenient spot to meet men capable of enjoying sex over an extended period, orgasm playing a reduced role in exchange for longer running pleasure.

Time becomes impossible to keep track of in such a state, as is any thought beyond the most directly sexual. A reality that the file times on the pictures circumvent, at least retrospectively.

Leaning against the wall, I took my last pictures as he caressed my nipple, capturing the scene of his still condom covered cock and jacking off my slippery length from his latest blow job. Letting the camera out of my hand as the bliss of nipple play enveloped me, finally concentrating enough to go down on him again.

His head was at the end of booth, so I straddled him and straightened, doing another hit of rush as he began to teabag me, finger circling my wanton and greedy hole. His other hand reached around, fingers flat as he pressed my length against my skin, rubbing up and down. Almost cumming when he began to press his finger deeper into my ass, gasping in delight.

However, as time went on, the lack of lubrication became noticeable, making me stand to break contact. Causing him to sit up in turn, back on the wall, mouth at the perfect height to go down on me. I groaned loudly when a finger returned to caressing a stiff nipple, slumping in slutty response to his actions.

Standing and getting head provides a sense of sexual power that is as seductive as it is illusory – as anyone who has experienced both knows, the cock sucker is in complete charge of the one being sucked from the second the sucker’s mouth touches a horny cock. A feeling craved by any man who has experienced it, standing over the mouth of a willing partner.

My hands reached out for the wall, shifting position to allow a stranger to take my cock as deep as possible into his skilled mouth. Feeling the bottle still in my right hand, the reminder was enough to muster whatever concentration was available to do another hit, fully aware of how addictive poppers become in such situations. Indulging in another chance to enjoy pure naked male sex, without breaking any of my important rules.

After decades of experience, using rush during sex is possible in a way that taking pictures isn’t. I have had much more practice, and regardless of how hot it is every time the camera flash reveals another sex picture’s creation, rush is much more potent. Combining the two is essentially contradictory, though the idea of group sex, rush, and pictures provided a shockingly intense jolt of fantasy while settling my ass down to let his finger go deeper before breathing out.

After spending a stretched interval pumping my cock into his mouth, it became apparent to both of us that cumming was not going to happen, a condition that often occurs remaining on the edge of orgasming for so long. After his mouth withdrew after a final tender and lingering kiss at the tip of my rod, he began to softly beg for me to cum on him. Something that I have never found that erotic, to be honest, even as I kept stroking my slippery cock above him.

He moved, preparing to leave, considerably more focused than I. Settling clumsily next to him, he gave me a last kiss and smile, and left the room. The clock downstairs said it was almost 4:45pm, well within my schedule. It was only after getting home that the camera file times revealed I’d easily spent more than an hour and a quarter in that bathhouse cabin having sex with a stranger.

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