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We’ve been down the pub for a drink and have just arrived back at the house. Both slightly drunk and turned on from the flirting we’ve been enjoying all evening.

You open some wine and we start drinking, you dancing to some music as I sit, drink and enjoy watching you – your boobs swinging and even better your arse swaying when you turn round, god how I like your arse.

Seeing my eyes all over you you smile and dance toward me swaying, leaning over so I can see your cleavage, turning round and wiggling your arse, lowering yourself onto me wiggling again and up and away as I reach for you and miss. You’re laughing now and so am I – “do that again!” – I demand.

You tease me, getting more outrageous with your dancing, easing your top down over your shoulder to show more breast, running your hands down your body, over your arse as you turn. You come back again and, back towards me, wiggle and lower yourself down until you can feel how hard I am for you as I pull you down hard and hump against you.

The feel of my cock makes you groan and you turn and kiss me, your hands stroking me, mine reaching for you and caressing your breasts. Your lips down my neck and then you stop, pull away and say, “Sorry love, but you need a bath.”

You go to the bathroom and run a bath for me, using some of your bubbles to make it smell nice and feel nice. While we’re waiting you continue to dance, keep coming over to kiss, me, to tease me, each time my hands going a little farther, a stroke of your arse, a tease of your nipples, making you hotter, making you more excited. Then the bath is ready and you pull and push me toward the bathroom, “go and get clean,” you say.

Once in I shut the door and start to strip. Removing my t shirt casino siteleri to expose my chest then lowering my shorts and boxers to release my long, hard cock, wet at the tip thanks to you! I ease myself down into the hot soapy water and start to get clean. Then I lay back and relax, letting the heat soothe me, drifting a little in the wonderful humid heat.

Suddenly you’re there. Quickly you pull your top off and undo your bra, making my cock rise again at the site of your glorious, generous breasts that I so long to lick, to suck, to bite. Then you ease your jeans down and your thong. I want you so much. “Room for a little one” you ask as I sit up in the bath and scoot backwards, legs parting to allow you room. You lower yourself in, exposing your cunt to my gaze as you step in, my cock getting harder and harder and I feel drawn towards you stopping you with one foot in, kissing your bum, down between your legs until I reach your sex. Your wonderful heady scent is enough to make me throb, but I need to taste you once more, to feel your slippery fluids on my tongue, so I lick you, start to penetrate you with my tongue, my fingers reaching around your leg to find your clit, to stroke it gently… but it’s too much, you’re starting to slip and so you lower yourself and sit between my legs, my cock pressed into your back and your knees raised.

You turn your head towards me and we kiss. I start to stroke your upper body with my hands, getting you wet and slippery, stroking the sides of your breasts, stroking your belly.

My tongue tickling your lips as my hands cup your breasts and start to knead them gently. Feel my tongue getting bolder, probing into your mouth, finding your tongue, seeking out all of your mouth, kissing canlı casino you deeply, slowly as I start to stroke your nipples gently, one in each hand. Then I get more direct, start to hold your nipples between my fingers and gently stroke them, pinch them and twist them as your kisses get more passionate, your breathing heavier.

I stop being gentle and tweak them harder, pulling them away from you breasts, pinching hard as you start to get frantic, keeping going, pressing my cock against your back moving it up and down as I keep pinching your nipples, twisting them roughly as you go rigid and then relax.

Still pinching one, my right hand strokes down your belly and into your crotch, cupping your sex. Then sliding one finger along the slit between your lips, stroking you. Then teasing each lip between thumb and forefinger, tugging gently as you start to climb again, then in with my finger, finding your clit and stroking circles around it, building the tension, the sensation, making you swear and gasp and then entering you with the same finger, making you groan as I curl it up inside you, once…then pause… then twice then three quick in and out movements, making sure my hand impacts your clit at each stroke.

I keep doing this, keep turning you on more but never settling to a rhythm that will let you come. I keep going and going and then penetrate you with two more fingers, curling up inside you and then pulling hard upwards, quickly, again and again, palm on your clit gripping your pubic bone hard at each tug, making it so intense that you come, and come, and come, and come, until you can’t take any more and push my hand away, overcome for the moment.

I wrap my arms around you, cuddling you and kissing kaçak casino you to allow you to calm down for a while until you get your breath back. Then my hand is back, stroking your clit, inside you, getting you going again. Time for bed.

You get out of the bath first, followed by me. During all of this I’ve been getting more and more excited and can take no more. The sight of you drying yourself is too much and I reach for you, pushing you so that your hands are braced on the basin, your legs apart, ready for me. Moving in close I place my cock between your legs. I move the tip up and down your slit, feeling you slipperiness despite the water from the bath. “I want you inside me right now, I want to feel you come,” you whisper hoarsely.

How can I refuse? I push the head of my cock against you, feeling for your entrance as you reach down with one hand and guide me in. Immediately I ram into as hard as I can, making you cry out with the pleasure of it. I stay still inside you, throbbing from time to time as you start to move against me, start to rotate your hips in that move I love so much.

But I start to pull out, feeling you pulling on me as I go, squeezing me. When I’m nearly out I thrust back in hard and start to slowly withdraw again, then thrust in hard again and slowly withdraw. My hand reaches round your hips and starts to stroke your clit as I bang in again. And now I up the tempo, steadily fucking you from behind, you meeting me for every stroke, my hand pinching at your clit, after about a dozen strokes you start to come, but there’s no let up, I keep fucking you, hard and fast now until you’re coming almost continuously, almost too much, having to hold you up, you’re wondering how much more you can take and then you feel me stutter in my thrusts, losing control as you clamp down harder than ever… coming so hard as you feel my cock pulse uncontrollably inside you, filling with my come…

And now it really is time for bed, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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