Battle of the Babes Pt. 03

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Seeing Victoria simply kneeling there, Apple made a tentative feint, testing for any resistance before springing forward. As Apple came forward, believing Victoria too winded to retaliate; the Amazonian beauty rises and meets Apple’s charge with one of her own. Although starting from a disadvantaged position Victoria had more than a few advantages to compensate, notably something called ‘inertia’.

The two combatants clashed, Apple had more momentum, but Victoria had leverage, and bulldozed Apple backwards towards a conclusive body slam… Except for the fact that Apple was smiling, again. Too late did Victoria realize, that she’d been baited out of her trap, and into Apples …again.

Victoria slams forward into the matt with Apple behind her to give her impact a little boost. Muzzily, Victoria tried to push herself up to combat the Asian’s next move, but finds one of her hands pulled behind her. It’s not overly painful, but uncomfortable enough for her to realise that attempts to escapes will result in certain pain, and uncertain escape. She decides to bide her time to ride out Apple’s wrath for a more opportune time to escape.

However, Apple doesn’t plan to leave any opening for escape; instead, her probing fingers are looking for a few openings to exploit. Victoria moaned as she felt Apple’s finger probe inside her. All the while, she’d been watching for nimble footwork, but what she should have been looking out for now was her nimble finger-work. Apple’s skilled hands explored the ebony girl’s body in tantalizing and exotic ways that hot-wired her body in delectably foreign ways. Further exciting matters, it was made even more thrilling by the fact that it was all being done by a girl half her size.

Unable to concentrate on retaliation or escape, Victoria has no option but getting finger fucked to a literal screaming orgasm. Her free hand clutches at the mat ineffectively as she tries to pull herself free but Apple hotwires her senses again and again, turning Vicky’s mind into mush. Apple had released her hold on Victoria’s arm, instead supporting herself as her fingers pistoned into Vicky’s pussy. Though she needn’t have worried about any retaliation, Vicky was too busy seeing stars.

As she reached the crest of her fourth successive orgasm, het body still bathed in disorientating heat, something in Victoria finally snapped. Blurrily her mind managed to get her mouth into gear to utter the words, “I give up.” Even in the midst of her throws of passion, those three words rang out clear.

Hearing the admission of submission, Apple eased her fingers from out of Victoria’s soaking wet pussy. Then pushing herself off her larger opponent she looked towards John with a triumphant smile. He nodded, looking very subdued. He’d never imagined his wife loosing before, even when he saw her on the verge of defeat, his only concern was how she’d turn it around, never ‘if’. Apple cleared her throat and gave him another meaningful look. Sighing, John rises slowly, clearing his throat, “Victoria has announced her submission and forfeits the match.”

As her senses slowly reconvene playing back to her the last few blurry moments in exquisite detail, the realization of what’s just happened slowly sinks in to Victoria, “Fuck.” The word isn’t said with much enthusiasm, but the heavy thud of her fist slamming hard onto the matt speaks volumes.

“Oh yes, yes you are hun,” Apple slid two fingers into her mouth, slurped on them noisily for a few seconds, then pulled them out with a loud pop that made Flasher’s dick jump, “Looks like I won hun, and finger-fucking you senseless only goes to prove that I’m the sexier woman. Now you’re going to get it coming and going. You and your husband too.” Apple’s wreathed in smiles as a stands proudly over Victoria with her hands on her hips, the fatigue of the match draining in the light of triumph.

“Now up on your knees, I’ve got something special in store for you.” She nods to Flasher who stands and scurries off with a smile. As she waits for Flasher to return, Apple walks sedately around Victoria, talking to her airily. “My, my hun, how the mighty are brought down low.” She prods Vicky’s ass with her foot, smirking, “Looks like this didn’t help you at all.” Coming round to Victoria’s side, she prods at Victoria’s breasts giving a smile so wide it creeps into her voice, “And as for shoving these fat sacks in my face earlier…” She stops and grins evilly, “Now there’s a thought…”

Flasher hurries back in the room with Apple’s little bag of goodies and promptly drops it at what he sees. With Victoria kneeling down demurely, Apple has pressed her perky breasts pressed into Victoria’s face, rubbing them back and forth over with a wide grin on her face. Although there’s no chance of suffocation, there’s the absolute fact of humiliation, and Victoria’s tightly clenched fists attested to her annoyance.

Gloating heartily as she rubbing her breasts into Victoria’s face, she stole a glance over to Flasher. Mouth agape, Eskişehir Escort he gawked as he watched his wife’s B-cup breasts rolling over the Amazon’s face. He’d pulled his shorts back up during his quick excursion to fetch Apple’s bag. Now he felt an overwhelming urge to pull them back down again and pick up where he left off.

Sufficiently satisfied with lauding her pert breasts over Vicky, Apple steps back to look at her rival. She gives a snort as she tries to keep from laughing. Vicky returns with an unamused snort of her own, puffing her dishevelled hair from out of her face. Apple stops her with a smile, “Ha-ha! Oh, that’s rich! No, no hun, leave it like that. So much for it looking ‘wild’ and ‘exciting’, now it’s just a bird’s nest.” Apple gave the amazon’s hair another ruffle, smiling happily at the glare she received in return.

Turning sharply, she glances over at John, passively standing a few steps behind Vicky. Although he didn’t have any visible tenting, as he idly rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet Apple thought she could see the suggestion of his heavy member swinging against his shorts. She traced the tip of her tongue against her lips, taking care to ignore Victoria, “I’ll take care of you soon enough, why don’t you have a seat? I need to take care of your wife first.”

Still ignoring Victoria, Apple continued over to Flasher, shut his mouth, gave him a kiss, and began to slide down his body. Tracing down from his neck, over his chest, down his abs, and then stopped as she reached the waistband of his shorts. Looking up at him lustfully, she began to ease her finger along the front of his short, tracing out his erection. Flasher stared down, breathing heavily and heatedly, as he watched his wife tease his erection up to full steam… and then some. Tracing a finger lightly against his head, she guided him up over the waistband of his shorts. Already leaking pre-cum, his head glistened as the entirety of his cock pulsed, over-energised this close to release. Flasher closed his eyes awaiting Apple’s finishing touch.

He kept on waiting. Opening a curious eye, he was disappointed to see that Apple had picked up her bag, and was now headed purposefully back to Victoria. He gave a groan, which caused Apple to half turn, shooting him a look. “Oh? Disappointed that I didn’t finish you off? Feeling a little strained? Well that’s what you’re getting for getting off with zeppelin-tits earlier. I’ll sort you out soon enough as well, but right now…” She stopped in front of Vicky, her hair still unkempt, “Someone’s in need of a lot of discipline.”

Curling her finger to Flasher, Apple beckons him over while keeping her eyes locked on Victoria. He stands alongside her uncomfortably, his erection still wildly excited and waiting for release. Apple ignored it; instead, she rummaged in her bag pulling out a large wooden paddle. Victoria watched as Apple hefted it, feeling the weight of it. It looked heavy, hard… thick. This was no little wooden spoon; this was a straightforward means of causing pain. You would need a super human stature to handle a hit from that. Victoria smiled to herself, ‘No problem there.’

Seeing Victoria amusedly eyeing the paddle, Apple decided to up the ante. Handing it over to Flasher, she reaches back into the bag, pulling out a pair of open-soled black stiletto heels. Even then, ‘stiletto’ would be an understatement compared to these shoes, which came to an almost dagger-like point at the heel. Apple takes her time in slipping the heels on, giving Victoria’s imagination plenty of time to run wild.

Apple finishes securing the heels with a flourish and stands confidently in front of Victoria with her hands planted on her hips. She gives Victoria a cunning smile that says, ‘Who’s the bitch now?’ She then looks to Flasher who straitens in apprehension, and is relieved when her gaze falls back on Victoria, “On your feet.” Victoria gives a snort at the command, but says nothing and stands. Even with Apple’s boost in height, she still comes in a little shorter than Victoria, something that’s noticed by the ebony girl and causes her to smirk. Nevertheless, Apple doesn’t seem to mind, and is still smiling to herself. She bats the underside of Victoria’s breast lightly. “Stand up straight. Stick your chest out… as if those flabby tits are anything to show off.” Victoria gives a smug smile as she proudly juts her chest out. Flasher swallows noisily at this display but Apple pays him no mind.

Gingerly stepping to one side, she holds her hand out for the paddle, which Flasher passes over hurriedly. Taking it from him, she slides the broad side of the wood against Victoria’s bare ass. “Feel that hun?” Victoria gives a noncomitted murmur of confirmation, now trying not to smile. Apple gives Victoria’s ass a sharp smack, grinning as this gets a slight jump from Vicky, “I said, ‘Did you feel that hun?'”

Victoria only shrugs, “Not really. You’re going to have to hit a lot harder than Eskişehir Escort Bayan that if you want to get past all that booty.” To illustrate, she gives her hips a little jerk, making her ass bounce a lot. Hearing Flasher swallow again, Apple felt that she was losing the initiative and quickly rallied by delivering another smack to the quivering mass. As Vicky gave another little half jump, Apple slid the paddle down between her legs, pressing the edge against her bare pussy. “How about down here hun? Seems like you’re pretty sensitive down here…” Victoria bites her bottom lip, saying nothing. Apple’s finger bang earlier had left her weak between the legs and secretly she was hoping Apple would focus on her tits or her ass, while her exploited pussy recovered. But now Apple was dragging the edge back and forth against her labia, and she could feel herself growing wetter and more aroused.

Panting as she tries to maintain and keep from moaning, Victoria isn’t prepared for Apple sliding the paddle back and forth against her, rocking the edge to catch her clit. Her knees falter some and she leans forward moaning as Apple slides the paddle back. Legs still trembling, she manages to remain standing, despite the thick piece of wood between her legs. Apple isn’t looking to bring Victoria to her knees, not yet. Instead, she wails Vicky’s ass hard, giving a sound resounding ‘SMACK’. The blow wasn’t overly hard, but going from pleasure to pain is nearly enough to make Vicky cum, and she falters again.

Paddle meets ass once more, this time with the strict accompaniment of Apple’s words, “I said, ‘Stand up Straight.'” Legs trembling, Vicky complies, pulling herself back up to full height impressively. Even Apple gave a nod of approval, Victoria had all curves in all the right places, curves that were once unfamiliar territory to Apple… and were now at her fingertips. No need to rush things though, she had all night. For now, let’s just start with something simple. She passes the paddle over to Flasher, “You take over. If she leans for even a second, give her a good hard smack for me.”

She then strolled round to face Victoria head on. The amazon was still breathing heavily, but looked more composed and matched Apple’s stare. Reaching out, Apple grabbed Victoria’s nipple, fingered it gently as she looked up at Victoria’s flushed face, and then gave it a hard yank down. Vicky gave a slight yelp, more in surprise than pain, but it was quickly followed by a louder yell as Flasher delivered a strong smack to her rear. “I did say to stand up straight, didn’t I hun? Try to pay attention.”

Victoria shoots Apple a look of pure anger, but Apple only smiles, grabs the big girl’s nipple, and gives another downward tug. Victoria closes her eyes and gasps as her body jerks down, and then cries out as its jerked back up by the paddle’s impact on her ass. Again, Apple pulls on Victoria’s nipple, and again her body falters and is immediately corrected by the paddle. Pull. Smack. Pull. Smack. Pull. Smack?

Apple blinks as she fails to hear the paddle connect and looks at Flasher curiously. He bows to her penetrating gaze but keeps his ground, answering her, “She didn’t bend that time…” Apple turns her attention back to Victoria and see’s that her husband is right. Jaw set forward, Victoria resolutely stares over Apple head at the wall behind her. Apple tilts her head, smirks, and gives an even harder yank. Vicky’s eyes shut and her nostrils flare as a tremor runs through her body, but she remains upright. Grabbing both of Victoria’s dark chocolate nipples, Apple gives them both a harsh tug, pulling them down hard. Victoria bites her bottom lip but remains upright. Again, Apple gives Vicky’s tits a nipple wrenching, but the ebony amazon stands firm, even jutting her chest forward some in contempt.

Apple smiles to herself, ‘Well if you want to play like that hun…” Slowly, Apple begins to twist Vicky’s nipples. Clockwise, then counter clockwise, and then back again as though she was working a tumbler lock. And then without batting an eye, yanks her down again. Unsuspecting, Victoria is forced to follow and is rewarded (after a moment’s pause to get Flashers attention), with a resounding smack. Again, Apple repeated her erratic twisting and turning, eliciting gasps and moans from Victoria before jerking both down harshly. Jackpot; Vicky falters forward and Flasher belts her ass again with the paddle. Jackpot. Jackpot. Jackpot. Victoria is unable to keep up with Apple’s deft hands manipulating her tits and is soon panting hard, now barely upright enough to prevent getting another smack. If it weren’t for her dark skin, her ass would be glowing red right now. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of torture, Apple released Victoria’s nipples and waved Flasher at ease as she stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Slowly circling Victoria, Apple enjoyed the shudders and jerks of Victoria as she tried in vain to keep herself composed but she wasn’t Escort Eskişehir through the woods just yet. Pausing as she rounded Victoria’s rear, Apple held out her hand to Flasher and graciously took the paddle from him. Tapping it thoughtfully she eyed Victoria plump booty for a second before giving it another smack. It didn’t have the force of Flasher’s hits, so even with her ass throbbing painfully; the hit did little more than surprise. However, instead of pulling away for another hit, Apple instead began rubbing the paddle back and forth over Victoria’s long tortured ass.

As the smooth wood of the paddle was dragged across her ass, Victoria could feel herself relaxing unwittingly, knowing full well she should stay on guard for the next smack. Soon Victoria’s hips were bucking along with paddle out of the own accord. A thick hard piece of wood rubbing between her legs was not an uncommon experience for her, in fact if you traded ‘thick’ for ‘long’ than it was practically something she experienced and enjoyed on a nightly basis. But never had it come from an actual piece of wood, and definitely not one wielded with such skill and precision by a girl half her size. She inhaled sharply and shivered as the heavy wood nicked against her clit again. Her body arced backward, showcasing her statuesque figure as she did. She could feel herself so close… so very close to orgasm… just a little more…

At that moment, Apple whipped the paddle away. Victoria’s hips now working on automatic carried on bucking for a moment before faltering, pitching the ebony skinned amazon forward, “No!” So close to cumming, Victoria couldn’t restrain her voice, but it was Apple who had the last say, delivering a sharp smack to the black girls thick booty that sent her over the edge and into fits of orgasmic rapture.

Only then, once Victoria was gasping and panting from arousal and desire, did Apple pull the paddle away. Victoria’s nectar ran freely from her pussy down the inside of her thighs, the edge of the paddle similarly soaked. Panting hard with her hips jerking ever so slightly now and again, only a scaffolding of pride keeps her standing.

Pleased with a job well done in breaking down Victoria, Apple’s attention turns to Flasher, “Alright then dear, time you learned your place.” Flasher tries an innocent look and opens his mouth to protest, but Apple cuts him off, “And don’t even try feeding me that BS. I saw how you were when we started out and she was rubbing her body all over you, working you like you were some stripper pole.” She gives an exasperated huff, “Hmph, you didn’t even try to resist either. Oh no, you got right into it. I bet you couldn’t wait for her to win just you could see about getting your hands on those overrated tits of hers.” Apple smiled cruelly as Flasher failed to conceal his guilty look, “Don’t go trying to deny it, I remember you starting to jerk off when she was sitting on top of me. And don’t think I didn’t catch you making eyes at one another either. You’d think that you were in some plan together to try and get her to win, but I know this isn’t the case because I know you’re not suicidal…anyway…”

She turns away, dismissing her previous argument now focusing on the figure of John. Still wearing a wicked smile, she beckons him over. Eyes not leaving John, she continues talking to Flasher, “You wanted me and Vicky to compare bra sizes earlier? Well, now I want you and John to compare cock sizes.” She beckons John forward, and gently begins to caress his crotch.

“So you’ve got your little soldier all prepped and ready for me, John dear?” Apple slides her fingers up along the front of his crotch and then snakes them under the waistband of his shorts to grab his rod directly, “Oh dear…” her face fell. Lowering his waistband some, Apple eased out John’s semi-hard cock, stroking it absent-mindedly. “No, now this won’t do at all; I want as advertised, not some assembly required.” She sighed but gave a faint smile, “Oh well, I guess there’s no helping some people, now let’s get you up to size big boy.” Curling her hand around his shaft, Apple began to pump John’s cock up to full steam.

Resolutely staring at the ceiling, John gave no sign that Apple was having an effect, though his cock was rapidly responding to Apple’s touch. It wasn’t long before his member was arcing upward at a solid ten inches while Apple calmly stood alongside him, casually jerking him off. Now this was power; having this chocolate Adonis literally in the palm of her hand, with her fingers wrapped around him, she had him wrapped around her finger. To make thing even more delicious this was one of her more basic techniques! If he responded so well to this, than how would he fare against one of her more advanced maneuvers?

Grinning Apple keeps the thought to herself, shelving it for later use. As for right now, it was time to take Flasher down a peg or two. Guiding John by pulling on his dick, Apple led him over to face Flasher, smiling every step of the way. Then, not even bothering with any foreplay, she tugged Flasher’s shorts down in one fluid movement. Freed from its confinement, Flasher’s dick sprung upward excitedly, greeting Apple with a firm salute. She paid little attention to his display and instead brought his and John’s dick alongside one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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