Beauty and the Geek Ch. 15

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PART 1 – The Cold War


Miley marched through the mall, drawing the eyes of every man she passed, her long spiked heels echoing against the hard floors with every step. She was wearing a blue mini-skirt that was so clingingly tight that the outline of her heart-shaped butt was on full display. The skirt was also short, extremely short, displaying nearly the entire length of Miley’s tan legs. A black baby-doll tee was equally snug, her smallish breasts straining against the form-fitting material. Ignoring all the male attention, Miley pushed a hand through her long brunette curls and strode with purpose towards a comic book store known as ‘The House of Spandex’.

She was on a mission.

Chip was working the front register when Miley walked in, and her mini-skirt nearly gave the seventeen year-old a heart attack. “Holy cow. Um, h-hey Miley.”

Miley cast her gaze around the store, “Hi sweetie, where’s Charlie?”

With his mouth hanging open in awe at how incredible Miley looked, Chip lifted a distracted finger towards the back of the store where Charlie and Theo were organizing the paperback books.

Miley’s blue eyes followed the direction of Chip’s pointing digit, spotting her boyfriend. Charlie’s tall slender frame was clad in a pair of faded black jeans, a geeky tee shirt displaying someone named ‘Colossus’, and a flannel short-sleeved shirt hanging untucked and unbuttoned.

“The X-Men movies totally sucked, man.” Theo was telling Charlie. “And that Wolverine movie was even worse. I mean, how could they… holy crap…”

Charlie glanced to Theo, who was ogling Miley as she approached the two boys.

“Hi Theo.” Miley greeted somewhat curtly, and then added, “Charlie.” in a cold tone.

“Uh, hi Miley.” Theo responded with a stupid grin.

“Hey babe.” Charlie tried.

“Don’t you ‘babe’ me, Charlie White.” Miley scowled.

Charlie winced. “I did something wrong, right?” he guessed.

“It’s been two weeks, Charlie.” Miley fumed, placing her palms at her hips. “I can’t take it anymore. I won’t take it anymore. You’re driving me crazy!”

“Hey, don’t forget this stupid embargo-bet thing was your idea.”

“Well I didn’t think you could hold out on me for two whole weeks!”

“Does that mean you’re giving in?” Charlie asked.

“No I am not giving in!” Miley snapped. “But I’m tired of using my toy and if I don’t get some real cock in me soon, I’m going to go nuts.”

“Oh jeez, um…” Theo muttered, “Maybe I should go clean the newspaper racks.”

“Stay right there Theo.” Miley instructed coolly, eyes locked on Charlie.

Theo didn’t move. “I think you two need…”

“Do you think I look sexy?” Miley interrupted Theo.

Theo swallowed nervously and glanced at Charlie, not sure how to answer that. Theo was fairly certain he’d ever seen anything sexier in his entire life, but he didn’t want to anger Charlie by saying so.

“Well?” Miley pressed, tapping her foot impatiently.

“You better answer her.” Charlie sensed Theo’s trepidation. “When she gets like this I start to fear for my life.”

Miley narrowed an angry glare at Charlie’s mirth, letting him know she didn’t appreciate his levity.

“Yeah, Miley, I think you look sexy.” Theo admitted. “Like, seriously sexy.”

Miley continued to stare at Charlie, “Good. Because when I leave this store I am going to ask the first guy who looks at me if he wants to go underwear shopping.”

“Underwear shopping?” Theo sounded as though he were ready to volunteer.

“That’s right.” Miley confirmed. “I’ll tell him I seem to have lost the pair I was wearing. If I can’t get laid by my own boyfriend, I’m betting I can find someone else in this mall willing to do the job.”

Charlie gave Miley a dubious look and didn’t believe her for a minute. “Whatever. You’d never go through with it.”

“Oh yeah?” Miley’s tone was deathly serious. “Just watch me, buster.”

“I’ll take you underwear shopping.” Theo interjected.

Charlie swatted Theo’s shoulder with the back of his fist.

Miley continued her ultimatum. “Are you sure you don’t want to give in, Charlie?”

A smug smirk was Charlie’s reply. “I know you, Miley. You wouldn’t cheat on me.”

“Whatever.” Miley spun, feigning sudden disinterest. Charlie got a view of her backside in that tight skirt as she strutted towards the store’s exit.

Theo stood in shock at the drama of it all. “You won’t have sex with her? Are you an idiot, Charlie?”

“It’s not like that.” Charlie said. “We made a bet, to see who could hold out the longest. Miley wouldn’t cheat on me. She won’t go through with it; I just have to call out her bluff.”

“You’re nuts, man. I’d lose any bet in the world to have sex with her.” Theo declared.

Charlie glared at his co-worker.

“I’m just saying…” Theo shrugged.

“Hey Chip!” Charlie called towards the register, “Can you see Miley outside the store?”

Chip leaned to look through the store’s large front window, out to the mall. “Yeah?”

“What’s she doing?” Charlie asked.

“She’s talking casino oyna to some guy.” Chip answered.

Charlie dashed through the book aisle towards the front of the store.

Theo followed hot on Charlie’s heels, “Oh man, I can’t miss this!”

Charlie hopped over the counter to join Chip at the register, peering through the window and spotting Miley right away. She was smiling and talking to a man that Charlie guessed was in his late twenties.

Theo bumped into Charlie as he rushed to join his friends and get a view of the mall outside. “Uh oh.” he said, “I bet she’s telling him right now about losing her underwear.”

“Shut up Theo.” Charlie warned, no longer as confident that Miley was bluffing.

“Miley’s not wearing any underwear?” Chip wondered.

“Can either of you read lips?” Charlie wondered.

Theo squinted, trying to make out Miley’s words. “I think she’s talking about a ‘store’. Oh snap! I bet she’s asking him to go to the underwear store with her.”

“Miley’s not wearing any underwear?” Chip asked again, feeling lost.

“Would you guys stop talking about my fiancé’s underwear?” Charlie sounded frustrated.

“You better get out there Charlie.” Theo advised. “Or she won’t be your fiancée for much longer.”

“She’d never go through with it.” Charlie sounded like he was trying to convince himself. “She’s just trying to trick me into giving in and having sex with her.”

“I don’t think so.” Theo replied as he watched Miley and the man she was talking to walk away together. “It looks like she’s tricking that guy into having sex with her.”


“Do you think I look fat?” Stacy asked, standing sideways to her bedroom mirror and looking at her own naked body in profile.

Brian glanced from where he stood near the bed, fastening his pants “A little.”

“What?!” Stacy exclaimed, twisting a glance towards the bed. “Are you serious???”

“I-I mean, no, not fat.” Brian stammered. “It’s just, I mean, you’re starting to get a little tummy.”

“Great.” Stacy sighed, turning back towards the mirror. “God… I think my boobs are getting bigger too.”

“Um, Stace… isn’t that supposed to happen? You are pregnant, after all.” Brian looked around for his shirt. “You look beautiful.”

Stacy smiled, pushing a hand through her long blonde hair. “Yeah?”

Brian nodded, then walked behind Stacy and slipped his arms around her.

“Will you still think I’m beautiful in about six months when I’m all round and bloated?” Stacy asked, watching their reflection in the mirror.

“Probably.” Brian answered, smoothing his palms over Stacy’s stomach. “I’ve thought you were beautiful since middle school.”

Stacy grinned. “Who would have thought we’d end up together, huh?”

“I’m happy we did.” Brian kissed her neck, softly.

“Me too.” Stacy replied. “I’m glad we worked this out, Brian. I’m really proud of you, you know? For standing by me and being so supportive. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize.”

“It’s kind of funny though…” Brian started.

“What?” Stacy inquired.

“Have you ever noticed that when things are going well between us, they go bad for Charlie and Miley?”

“Oh god, I know, right?” Stacy rolled her eyes. “Miley has been calling me every night for the last two weeks, complaining about some stupid sex-embargo and telling me how horny she is. That girl is driving me nuts.”

Brian laughed, “It’s the same with Charlie.”

“We have been suffering their drama ever since the first time they hooked up.” Stacy declared. “It’s like a fucking soap opera. Promise me we won’t be like that?”

“I promise.” Brian assured, glancing at Stacy’s clock/radio. “Shit, I better get back to work. My lunch hour is almost over.”

Stacy turned in Brian’s arms, pecking a kiss to his lips. “Thanks for coming over and giving me some nooky.”

“Are you kidding?” Brian laughed. “Any time.”


Charlie roamed swiftly but cautiously through the mall, keeping a lookout for Miley and trying to be sneaky. He didn’t want her to spot him and discover she had made him jealous, but at the same time he wanted to know if she was still with that guy she was talking to. He hated leaving the comic store while he was on shift, but Chip and Theo had things under control and there was no way he was going to let some stranger get with Miley.

Reaching the lingerie shop, Charlie leaned against a wall and peered through the store’s front display window. He spotted Miley inside immediately, and she was still with that guy. Charlie watched them like a hawk as they wandered around the store together, looking at various female undergarments. Is it possible she would actually go through with it, Charlie wondered?

Then, as Miley stood near a table display of underwear, the man put his hand at the small of her back and pointed out a particular pair. Charlie’s blood began to boil with jealousy. He stormed through the store’s entrance towards Miley and her new friend, fists clenched at his sides.

“Get away from her!” Charlie hollered, and as the man turned around canlı casino Charlie swung a punch right at his face.

Miley shrieked as the man’s head snapped to the side from the impact of Charlie’s jealousy-fueled fist. He fell backwards into the table of underwear, which shattered under the weight of his fall.

“Charlie!!! What are you doing?!?”

“I can’t believe you!” Charlie yelled at Miley, “You were going to sleep with this guy?”

“Of course not!” Miley screamed back. “This is Tony, he works here! He’s been selling me underwear from this store since I was sixteen!”

“Wait, you know this guy?” Charlie was confused.

“Of course I do!” Miley explained, “I ran into him outside the comic store and he said they just got a new line of lingerie in, and he wanted to show me.”

“Oh shit.” Charlie looked down at Tony, who was lying in a pile of splintered table and lacy bikinis, rubbing his jaw. “Oh man, I’m so sorry.” He reached down to offer Tony a helping hand.

“I can’t believe you hit him.” Miley folded her arms across her chest, leveling a stern expression upon Charlie. “Have you gone completely insane?”

“I’m guessing this is the boyfriend you always tell me so much about?” Tony took Charlie’s hand and rose to his feet.

“Yeah, I’m really sorry.” Charlie apologized again, “I had no idea, I assumed you were trying to hit on her and I thought…”

“It’s okay.” Tony lifted a hand. “I understand, I think.” He looked towards another one of the sales people. “It’s okay, everything is okay. No need to call security.”

“Tony, I’m sorry too.” Miley said. “This is partly my fault. I kind of told Charlie a fib to make him jealous. I’ll pay for the damages. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Tony assured them. “That’s a hell of a right hook you got there, Charlie.”

“I feel like such an idiot.” Charlie lamented.

“Don’t worry about it, my wife makes me crazy sometimes too.” Tony patted Charlie’s shoulder. “Tell you what, you two can make it up to me by buying something really expensive and padding my commission.”


Miley walked with Charlie towards the comic shop, carrying a large bag of purchased items from the lingerie store. “I can’t believe you actually thought I’d sleep with another guy, Charlie.”

“You said you were going to!” Charlie defended himself, “You sounded pretty serious.”

“I was only trying to make you jealous so you’d stick your cock in me!”

“Well it worked.” Charlie replied. “Making me jealous, that is. Not the cock-sticking part.”

“You are so infuriating, Charlie!” Miley growled. “I can’t believe you’ve held out this long.”

“I’m a little surprised too.” Charlie grinned. “But there’s no way I’m losing our bet, not after I’ve held out this long.”

“Oh my god.” Miley threw up her hands in frustration as they reached the House of Spandex. “I can’t take it anymore. Come over to my apartment after you get off work.”

Charlie blinked with surprise. “You’re giving up?”

“Yes!” Miley’s face clenched in defeat. “Yes, I’m giving up, okay? You win, Charlie. I can’t take it anymore. I need to get fucked by something other than my dildo.”

“You agree to be my slave for a whole day, to do whatever I want?”

“Yes, yes, anything…” Miley nodded. “Just come over right after work, okay?”

“I’ll be there, doll.” Charlie leaned to kiss Miley’s cheek, and then left her to finish his shift.


“He did what?” Stacy’s voice came through Miley’s cell phone, which was set on speaker-mode.

“I swear to God. Charlie hit him so hard the poor guy fell through a table.” Miley replied, sitting on her couch and painting her toenails.

“That’s actually kind of romantic.” Stacy said.

“Yeah.” Miley grinned. “But I had to buy three hundred dollars worth of lingerie to make it up to Tony, I felt so bad.”

“Serves you right.” Stacy chided. “You were playing with fire when you tried to make Charlie jealous. But at least it will be over soon and I won’t have to hear you complain how horny you always are.”

“Have I been that bad?” Miley asked.

“Worse.” Stacy replied.

“I’m sorry hon.” Miley apologized, dipping her brush into the polish. “Charlie just makes me so crazy sometimes.”

“I know.” Stacy replied. “That’s love for you.”

“So how are things with you and Brian, still hot and heavy?”

“Ever since that night I went out with Adrian.” Stacy said. “You were right, you know.”

“Of course I was right.” Miley paused then. “Wait, right about what?”

“About Brian being just like Charlie, and treating me like a queen. He’s been so great.”

“Brian’s a doll.” Miley said. “I’m happy you guys finally worked things out.”

“He wants to get married.” Stacy said in a hesitant tone.

“Oh my god, are you serious?”

“Yeah, it’s kind of sweet. He thinks we should do it before the baby is born.”

“What did you say?” Miley asked.

“I told him I don’t want a shotgun wedding. I said we should wait until we both know it’s right, and if that’s after the baby is born then so be it.”

“So kaçak casino you do want to marry him.” Miley giggled happily.

“Maybe.” Stacy said, and Miley could hear a smile in her best friend’s tone. “I do love him, and I think he’ll make a great father. But don’t say anything to Charlie, okay? I want Brian to sweat it just a little.”

“I won’t say a word.” Miley promised. “But I better go, Charlie will be off work soon and I need to pick out some lingerie.”

“Oh lord. Okay love, have fun. Get laid.”

Miley grinned. “Love you.”

After reaching for her phone and hanging up, Miley stuck cotton balls between her toes. She walked on her heels towards the bedroom and started looking through the assortment of naughty goodies she bought at the store earlier that day. “Now what should I wear…”


Two weeks isn’t that long to go without sex, Charlie told himself. After all, he’d gone his entire freshman year at Brown when he and Miley were apart. Still, he couldn’t get to her apartment fast enough. Parking his car on the street outside, Charlie hurried to the door. After Stacy had moved out, Miley gave Charlie Stacy’s key so he could come and go as he pleased. After unlocking the front door, Charlie practically sprinted up a flight of stairs and down the hall towards Miley’s apartment.

He almost fell over at the sight which greeted him.

“Hey big guy.” Miley greeted Charlie as he walked through the door. She was sitting on the couch, fully naked, with her legs propped up on a coffee table and crossed at the ankles.

“Damn.” Charlie remarked.

“I wanted to turn you on with some sexy lingerie, but I couldn’t decide what to wear. But then I remembered you haven’t gotten laid in a while, so that big dick of yours probably gets hard in a slight breeze. Do you like my birthday suit?”

“Damn.” Charlie repeated. “Do you want me to…?”

“Let me put it to you this way, Charlie.” Miley leveled a frank look at him. “Fuck me now or never fuck me again.”

“Right.” Charlie agreed, stripping out of his clothes quickly on the way towards Miley and the couch.

Lifting her legs off the coffee table, Miley laid back as Charlie’s weight pressed against her body. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a heated embrace. They kissed like two starved lovers who had been denied one another far too long. Feeling his hard-on poking between her legs, Miley reached between their bodies to help facilitate Charlie’s efforts.

Both of them breathed in a sharp intake of air as a third of Charlie’s considerable length slid easily into Miley’s damp sex. They looked into each others eyes, each wearing expressions of lust mingled with affection. Charlie started to slowly slide his cock back and forth, penetrating Miley’s sex a little deeper with each thrust.

“Make love to me later.” Miley whispered, cupping Charlie’s cheek. “Fuck me right now.”

“Got it. ” Rising to his knees, Charlie lifted Miley’s legs so that her ankles could hang over his shoulders, bent at the knee.

“That’s it baby.” Miley encouraged, looking up at him from her back. “Get it inside me; then give me a good fucking.” With her legs spread and draped over him that way, Charlie was able to work nearly his entire length into her. Miley started moaning in pleasure from the penetration, which caused her toes to curl. “Oh my god you’re so deep already.”

Charlie placed his hands at the bottom of Miley’s thighs and pushed her legs back, leaning his body forward. This effectively folded Miley in half, almost like a lawn chair, forcing her knees to press against her breasts. The weight of Charlie’s body held her in place.

“I can feel you in my tummy.” Miley gasped and her eyes fluttered from the sensation of Charlie filling her tight canal. “You’re so fucking deep, so big.”

Driving with his legs and using the arm of the couch for leverage, Charlie began to thrust hard into Miley. “Does it feel good baby?”

“Yes.” Miley whimpered, “I needed it so bad. I know I’m a horny slut, Charlie. I can’t help it. I’m addicted to your big cock. Tell me. Tell me how naughty I am.”

“You’re the horniest slut I’ve ever met.” Charlie said, his hips slapping against Miley’s ass cheeks.

“More… tell me more, talk dirty to me baby.” Miley begged. “Tell me what a slut I am.”

“You’re a naughty whore, aren’t you?”

“Oh god.” Miley quivered. “Yes!”

“A filthy whore…” Charlie continued, “But you don’t want money, do you?”

Miley shook her head. It was the only thing she could move, with her body folded up and pinned as it was.

“Tell me what you want.” Charlie demanded.

“I want cock.” Miley gasped wantonly, aroused by their dirty talk.

“What do you want?” Charlie encouraged, “Say it louder.”

“Oh fuck.” Miley gasped, incredibly turned on. “I want cock, baby. I want your big cock…”


“I want cock!” Miley admitted loudly, “I’m a whore for your cock, Charlie!”

“You’re such a nasty slut, Miley.” Charlie played along, watching Miley moan and writhe beneath him. Her pussy was soaked through from their dirty talk, the fluids leaking down the crack of her ass and lubricating Charlie’s swift thrusts. “You’re willing to give me your body, to be my slave for a whole day, just to get some cock in you, aren’t you?”

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