Beauty and the Geek Ch. 18

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PART 1 – Best Friends


Miley slowly pulled her BMW into the driveway where Stacy lived with her parents. She turned the key off and peered towards the house, not looking forward to the coming moments. Things were not that great between her and Stacy, and Miley wasn’t sure how to fix their relationship. But she had to try, they had been best friends since kindergarten and Miley couldn’t turn her back on twelve years of friendship. At least they’d be alone; Miley purposefully waited until Monday so that Stacy’s parents would be at work.

Taking a deep breath, Miley opened her car door and walked up the drive towards the front steps.

Stacy was already standing in the entryway behind a screen door, having seen Miley pull in. “What do you want?” she asked in a flat tone.

“I want to talk,” Miley replied gently.

Stacy folded her arms across her chest and leaned against the doorjamb, the screen door still between them. “What is there to talk about?”

“Stacy, please. We’re best friends, can’t we-“

“No!” Stacy barked, “No, Miley, we’re not best friends anymore. It’s become very clear that you don’t give a shit about me.”

“How can you say that?” Miley frowned. “How can you just throw away our friendship?”

“It’s not anything I did,” Stacy replied coldly. “You’re the one who always sides with Brian. And then you take him to Miami and let him hook up with some random bimbo-“

“He didn’t cheat on you!” Miley fumed.

“Whatever,” Stacy said, her eyes growing moist.

“You didn’t even let him explain,” Miley argued. “And how could you punch poor Sam? We thought her nose was broken!”

“She deserved worse,” Stacy spat. “And I didn’t let Brian explain because I saw it with my own eyes.”

“You didn’t see anything, Stacy. Nothing happened between them.”

“Save it, Miley. Brian already tried that line of bullshit on me. The fact that you’re lying for him tells me everything I need to know about our so-called friendship.”

“Oh god… I was there!” Miley yelled angrily. “I was sitting in Brian’s hotel room when he passed out. Charlie had to lift him into his bed so I’m pretty sure Brian wasn’t in any shape to do anything but snore, much less cheat on you. Sam was drunk too, we were all drunk, so there was no way I was going to let her drive home. She slept on the couch in Brian’s room. I know, because I helped her find some bedding!”

Stacy narrowed her eyes, not ready to believe Miley, “But she was wearing his shirt, she was half-naked-“

“I gave her the shirt!” Miley threw her arms up in frustration. “I got it out of Brian’s luggage. And of course she was half-naked, she was asleep! Do you sleep with your pants on?”

Stacy blinked.

Miley exhaled a heavy breath, trying to keep her anger in check. She didn’t want to get into another screaming match with Stacy. “Let me ask you something, Stace, and be honest with yourself even if you’re not with me. What are you really afraid of, losing Brian? Or being alone?”

Tears began to stream from Stacy’s eyes and she lowered her face to her palms, “Oh Miley, I’m so afraid of being alone.”


“She’s never going to talk to me again,” Brian lamented.

“Sure she will,” Charlie replied, sucking some soda through a straw. He and Brian were seated in the mall’s food court, during Charlie’s lunch break. “Miley’s going over there today to talk to her, she’ll fix everything.”

“You didn’t see the look on Stacy’s face in Miami. She wouldn’t even give me a chance to explain, she just punched Sam, called me a bunch of names I won’t repeat, and stalked off.”

“Why didn’t you go after her?” Charlie wondered. He and Miley had missed the entire encounter between Stacy Brian and Sam, as they had been asleep in their hotel room. They only experienced the aftermath.

“Because Sam was on the floor with blood streaming from her nose,” Brian replied. “I had to help her.”

“Well, don’t worry yourself too much. Miley will sort it out.”

“I’m afraid my situation with Stacy is too complicated for even Miley to sort out.” Brian picked at a basket of French fries that he had barely touched, “It’s like I told you in Miami, I feel like Stacy and I are forcing our relationship.”

“First things first,” Charlie advised. “Stacy needs to understand that you didn’t cheat on her. Once she’s civil enough to talk to, the two of you can figure out what happens next.”

Brian nodded slowly, “I guess.”


“Can I please come in?” Miley asked.

Stacy sniffled and nodded, unlatching the screen door and pushing it open.

Miley quickly moved to hug her best friend.

Stacy squeezed back, hugging tightly and still crying. “I’m so sorry, Miley. I’ve been such a bitch lately.”

“Me too,” Miley said, tears forming under her eyes as well. “That argument we had before I left for Miami was so stupid.”

“I know,” Stacy stepped back, wiping at her cheeks. “I’ve been really depressed about it ever since.”

“Honey, you know you’re never going almanbahis to be alone, right?” Miley wiped at her eyes, “You have me. I’ll always be your best friend, I love you.”

“I love you too,” Stacy said amidst more tears.

Miley clenched Stacy in another hug, “Let’s not fight anymore, okay?”

“Never again,” Stacy swore.


“Hey Charlie,” Chip greeted as Charlie returned to work.

Charlie stepped behind the cashier’s counter with his younger co-worker, “Has it been busy?”

“Nah,” Chip shook his head. “I sold some Justice League back-issues to that guy who works at the toy store, but that’s about it.”

Charlie pinned his name tag back on, “Did he say when the new McFarlane action figures were coming in?”

“Thursday,” Chip answered. “So you’ve been pretty tight-lipped all morning, how did it go in Miami?”

“It was… interesting.”

“Did they like your comic?”

“Unfortunately not,” Charlie sighed. “But Brian and I met a really great girl who wants to be our editor. She has agreed to be show our work to some of her other publishing contacts.”

“Wow, that’s so cool,” Chip sounded envious. “I bet some day you’ll be a world-famous comic book writer, like Bendis, and I’ll be able to tell all my friends we used to work together.”

Charlie grinned, “Thanks Chip. I don’t know that Bendis is world-famous, but I get your point.”

“By the way, a packaged arrived for you while you were at lunch.” Chip pointed to the side, “It’s under the counter there.”

Charlie glanced, “A package? Why would anyone send me anything here?”

Chip shrugged, “I don’t know. Looks like a trade paperback or something.”

Charlie moved to fetch the package. It was a thin box that looked like it would contain documents or a magazine. Looking at the front Charlie noticed that it wasn’t mailed. There wasn’t even an address; the package was simply labeled with his name written in magic marker. Charlie thought the writing looked familiar.

“Who dropped this off?” Charlie asked.

Chip answered, “I was sworn to secrecy.”

Turning the package around, Charlie tore open the seal and gently removed the contents. It was a comic book carefully contained in a bag with a backing board.

“What is it?” Chip was peering curiously.

Charlie stared at the comic book. “The Brave and the Bold number fifty-four,” he said reverently.

Chip looked on in awe, “Whoa, that’s the first appearance of the Teen Titans. That’s like a five hundred dollar book.”

A slip of paper fell out of the package and Charlie knelt to pick it up. He set the comic book down gently to unfold the note and read it:


I wanted you to know how proud I am of you. Things didn’t go your way last weekend in Miami but you didn’t let it get you down. Here is a present to remind you that every super-hero had to start somewhere. Captain Darkness will get his chance, and so will you. One day the first appearance of your creation will be hanging on the wall of a downtown comic book store, just like this one was.

You are the love of my life. I will always believe in you.


Charlie blinked and wiped at his cheek, hoping that Chip wouldn’t see the tear that dripped from his eye. He remembered the exact wall Miley had mentioned in her note. It had been over a year ago, the day after his high school prom, when he and Miley were browsing downtown. They went into a comic book store where a copy of Brave and the Bold 4 was hanging on the wall. Charlie remembered, because the Teen Titans were his favorite super-hero team, and he’d always wanted a copy of their first appearance.

“She came in earlier,” Chip said, “right after you left for lunch.”

Charlie wiped the back of a hand across his cheek and turned around, “Huh?”

“Miley,” Chip said. He pointed at the comic book, “She dropped it off. I told her you were headed to the food court, but she said she had to get somewhere and made me promise to give it to you.”

Charlie picked the comic book up again, “This is the coolest thing anyone has ever given me.”

“You’re so lucky,” Chip remarked jealously. “Not only is your girlfriend the hottest babe on the planet, she’s a Teen Titans fan to boot.”


Miley sat on her couch, pushing a hand through her dark curly hair. She exhaled, tired from an emotional day. She ended up spending the entire afternoon with Stacy, crying, talking, and crying some more. But she had one more task to perform, so she slipped her cell phone from a tiny purse.

“Hello?” Brian answered.

“Hey hon,” Miley greeted. “You got a minute?”

“Of course,” Brian replied. “I’ve been waiting for you to call all day.”

“I know,” Miley nodded. “I’m sorry, Stacy and I ended up in a huge bonding tear-fest that was completely unavoidable. I just got home.”

“How is she?”

“She’s scared,” Miley said. “Scared of being alone, and scared of being a single mother.”

Brian was silent on the other end of the phone.

“She almanbahis giriş knows you didn’t cheat on her,” Miley continued. “I convinced her of that. But I was honest with her, Brian. I told her that you and Sam kinda clicked, and that you seemed to like her.”

“Was she angry?”

“No,” Miley answered. “Not really. I think Stacy realizes that you and she aren’t working out, and that she’s been clinging to you because she’s afraid of being alone and pregnant. You need to go talk to her though, and figure out where you guys are at.”

“I will,” Brian promised. “Thanks Miley, seriously. You’re the best.”

“Wait sweetie, there’s something else.”

“What is it?” Brian asked.

Miley was silent for a moment, not sure if she should be the one to tell Brian, “Don’t wait to talk to her, okay? I think she wants to get an abortion.”


Chip stood behind the cash register, leaning on the counter with an elbow and his chin planted in a palm. He was absorbed by a comic book he was reading and didn’t notice a man approach the counter.

“Ahem,” the man cleared his throat. “Can you tell me if Charlie White is working today?”

Chip looked up to see a sharply-dressed gentleman, and then pointed towards the far side of the store where Charlie was organizing some trading cards.

Moving through the store, the man approached Charlie, “Hello there.”

Charlie glanced up, “Mr. Andrews? Hey, how are you?”

Jack smiled, “I’m doing just fine, Charlie. And how many more times must I ask you to call me ‘Jack’.”

Charlie grinned, “Sorry, old habit. What brings you to The House of Spandex?”

“You do,” Jack replied. “Though while I’m here I may catch up on what Superman is doing. He was always my favorite. I’m not disturbing you, am I?”

“No, it’s cool.” Charlie held out a hand, “It’s good to see you sir… er, Jack.”

Jack shook Charlie’s hand, “It’s good to see you too, Charlie.” Jack was always impressed with Charlie’s mannered demeanor.

“So what can I do for you?”

“It’s about my little girl. As I’m sure you know her birthday is next week.”

Charlie nodded, “Yeah. July 20th, right?”

“Her golden birthday,” Jack said. “I’d like to throw her a party.”

“Cool. That sounds fun. Do you need me to help out?”

“I do,” Jack nodded. “I need a guest list.”

Charlie lifted his brows, “Oh, uh…”

“I can handle her family, of course. But I’m afraid I don’t know many of her friends.”

“Wow,” Charlie lifted a hand to wipe the corners of his mouth in consideration. “I’m not sure I can help you out.”

Jack look confused, “You and Miley are still together, right?”

“Yes, absolutely. But Miley doesn’t really hang out with many of her high school friends anymore. And I was at Brown last year so I’ve never met any of her college friends; she hasn’t mentioned any of them this summer either.” Charlie searched his thoughts, “Oh, I did meet this Brett guy. Um… but you probably don’t want to invite him.”

Jack squinted, “So who does Miley spend all her time with?”

Charlie looked at Jack and lifted a shoulder, “Me, I guess. And sometimes my buddy Brian. The three of us were in Miami last weekend, for example. And of course there’s Stacy, but I’m not sure where they’re at; they’ve been fighting lately.”

Jack chuckled, “Unbelievable.”

“Is something wrong?”

Jack shook his head, “Miley used to be the most popular girl in school. I remember her sixteenth birthday party; she had a hundred and fifty people she wanted to invite. Half the class! And now there’s just you.”

Charlie winced, “Is that a problem?”

“No,” Jack answered firmly. “No it’s not. If anything, it shows me she really does love you as much as she says she does.”

“I hope so,” Charlie replied. “Because hardly a day goes by when I don’t pinch myself to make sure I’m awake. Miley is an amazing girl, and I’m lucky to have her.”

Jack reached out and clasped Charlie’s shoulder, “You’re lucky to have each other. Now, why don’t you show me where those new Superman comics are?”


Miley opened her oven door to a billowing cloud of smoke, which was so thick she had to throw her forearm over her eyes and couldn’t help but to cough. She had to wave her oven mitt in the air to clear the smoke away before pulling out a burnt casserole.

“Way to go, Miley,” she said to herself dryly. “Another cooking masterpiece.”

Miley could only sigh when her smoke detector went off.

“What is going on?” Charlie had to yell.

Miley turned around with a start; she hadn’t heard when Charlie came in to her apartment with his key. She watched as he batted at the smoke alarm high on the ceiling. After a few tries Charlie finally hit the button to silence the thing.

“Are you okay?” Charlie asked, concerned.

Miley nodded miserably, “I tried cooking again.”

Charlie chuckled and walked to Miley, wrapping her in his arms. “Why didn’t you order out? You know what happens every time you try cooking.”

Miley almanbahis yeni giriş stretched her arms around Charlie’s waist and pressed the side of her face against his chest, “I wanted to make you dinner for once, like a wife does for her husband when he comes home from work.”

“We’re not married yet,” Charlie rubbed a soothing hand across Miley’s back.

“But we will be one day,” Miley looked up at Charlie. “What kind of mother will I be if I can’t even cook for our children?”

Charlie narrowed his eyes, “You’re not pregnant are you?”

“No,” Miley laid her head back against Charlie’s chest. “But I’ve been with Stacy all afternoon, so I’ve been thinking about that kind of stuff.”

“Tough day?” Charlie wondered.

“Kind of,” Miley answered. “It was good though, I guess. Stace and I made up, and I think I helped her sort some stuff out. At least, in regards to Brian.”

“Well, I had an awesome day.”

Miley looked up at Charlie, “Yeah?”

Charlie nodded, “A package came for me.”

Miley beamed out an excited smile, “Did you like it?”

“I loved it,” Charlie replied. “How did you know I wanted that issue so bad?”

“I remember you staring at that thing like it were a blonde with big boobs.”

“You remembered that after all this time, exactly what issue it was?”

Miley shook her head, “I bought it that day, and hid it from you.”

Charlie squinted, “You’ve had it all this time? That was over a year ago!”

“I know,” Miley nodded. “I was going to give it to you for your birthday last fall, but then you were at Brown and we were more or less broken up. But I’m glad you like it, I thought it would make a nice present to cheer you up. Our weekend in Miami ended up being kind of a downer.”

“I loved it,” Charlie said. “But I loved your note even more. I like being the love of your life.”

Miley bit her lip and smiled, then leaned close to kiss Charlie. The two teenagers grew entangled, kissing passionately in the middle of the kitchen amidst the stench of burnt casserole. Things quickly escalated and before long Miley was clutching at Charlie’s shirt and yanking it from under his khakis. Their kiss broke long enough for Charlie to lift his arms, allowing Miley to pull the shirt off, but then they went right back at it.

Lifting Miley to the kitchen counter, Charlie sweeped away plates and utensils with one motion of his arm. Miley knew instinctively what to do as soon as she was seated on the counter and began unfastening her shorts as they continued to kiss. He pulled her shorts down her tanned legs, bringing her panties along for the ride, but when they got hung up on her sneakers he pulled those off too. While Charlie was working on that, Miley pulled her top off, casting it to the kitchen floor. She didn’t have time to work her bra off, because as soon as Charlie moved between her naked and spread legs Miley reached down to begin the process of removing his pants.

Their lips remained connected, with Miley sticking her tongue in hiss mouth. Charlie kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants down his legs. Using his feet to bunch the pants on the floor, Charlie was able to step out of them without having to pull his mouth from Miley’s.

Miley was in heaven as Charlie slid her butt to the edge of the counter and started poking at her sex with his erection. No bothersome foreplay, no appetizers, just straight to the main course. It was exactly how she liked her sex and she let Charlie know by clutching an arm around his neck tightly, trying to shove her tongue down his throat.

Charlie grabbed her under her knees and spread her legs. In turn, Miley took a handful of Charlie’s length to guide the head of his cock towards her slit; she often aimed for him this way during their couplings. He slid into her easily and Miley gasped at the intrusion; Charlie’s near-ten inches never failed to illicit an aroused response.

Curling her legs around his waist, Miley pressed her shapely ankles against the small of his back. She used this hold on him to spur him into action, encouraging Charlie to hump himself deeply into her passage. And still they kissed. She began sucking on Charlie’s tongue like it were a cock coming out of his mouth, flicking her own tongue against the tip of his. They’re hands explored each other’s torsos, groping and fondling. Their bodies moved in unison against one another as Charlie bucked and humped with his hips.

Finally the kiss broke as Charlie started working his hips with more force. His hands found the top of Miley’s ass and squeezed. She gasped over Charlie’s shoulder, clinging to him tightly with both her arms and her legs as he thundered between her thighs.

Her orgasm arrived first, a sudden and powerful thing. Miley dug her neatly-manicured fingernails into Charlie’s back as the orgasm quickly consumed her every sensibility. She didn’t scream, her jaw simply went limp and her mouth hung open; gasps were all that escaped. Miley became a quivering rag doll clinging to Charlie for dear life as he fucked her through the orgasm, prolonging her exquisite pleasure with every thrust.

Charlie could feel each flutter of Miley’s pussy around his length, and it quickly fueled his own climax. When he felt the surge about to boil over, he arbitrarily pulled out.

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