Bella’s Inferno

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Double Penetration

It was a late summer evening when Bella stood on the porch of her old country house watching the storm brewing in the distance. She could hear the claps of thunder out over the horizon, “it’s going to be a bad one” she thought.

Jack came out of the house with his suit cases packed and grabbed Bella around her tiny waist, kissed her on her neck and looked out into the direction of the storm. “You gonna be ok here without me?”

“Yes, you know I love storms, I will just curl up with a good book. I will be fine. Do you think you plane will be on time,” Bella said, as she turned to face Jack. She ran her fingers through his hair and looked into his eyes and gave him a hug good bye. “Be careful, call me when you get there,” she said.

Jack gave her a peck on the cheek and walked to his car, “I will be back before you ever miss me. Don’t forget to close the windows and lock the doors. I love you.”

Bella smiled and watched as Jack pulled way. She waved and started to walk back into the house when she noticed a man on a street bike slowing down in front of her house. He came to a stop just at the end of her drive way. Bella watched him intently but did not move. He pulled off his helmet and nodded toward the storm, “Its certainly going to be a show tonight,” he smiled warmly revealing a set of perfectly white straight teeth.

Bella smiled, and wrapped both her arms around her waist as if she new she might need protection from him, not because of him but from herself. “Yes, it certainly is.”

He turned off his bike so he could hear her and said, “I don’t mean to bother you, but I am not from around here, I think I have gotten way off my path. Can you tell me how to get back to hwy 136?”

Bella, walked down the steps of the porch and her long dark hair whipped across her face by gusting wind, she took a very deep breath, pulled all her hair to one side and started down the pathway toward the bike. “Yes, I can, but your going to need to write it down, do you have something?” As she walked closer to the strange man she noticed that his black leather pants hugged his thighs and surrounded his perfect body like a glove, she couldn’t stop her thoughts from going to a place that married women should not go. She looked into his eyes and was momentarily spell bound by the deep pools of blue that stared back at her. She smiled warmly at him and said, “Unless of course you have a great memory.”

He was watching her intently as she approached him, almost as if he did not hear a word that she spoke, and finally after a long pause, he said, “I have a great memory.”

Bella gave him the directions, but she could tell he would have to stop and ask someone else again later. She was being undress by his mind, and the erotic-ness of the moment sent an intense desire throughout her body. She liked the thought of this man touching her, wanting her; she didn’t want the moment to end. She smiled at him knowingly, and with a sarcastic giggle she said, “Well, OK then you should have no problem getting there, Have a nice ride. Oh, and you might want to hurry so you don’t get stuck in this mess coming behind you.” Bella pointed toward the dark sky as she turned to go.

He reached for his helmet, hit the ignition and revved his bike, “Thank you Miss…?”


“Miss Bella.., yes, well, I should be going, you should take cover as well.” He smiled that smile again and rode off in front of the storm.

Bella, walked back to her porch, and watched the stranger climb the hill at the end of her road until he disappeared into the evening horizon.

She walked back into the house made a cup of tea, grabbed her book and sat longwise on her overstuffed brown leather couch. She put a throw across her legs and opened her book. She tried to read, but nothing was sinking in. Her thoughts were whirling around in a thousand directions. The thunder was coming closer and the lightening was flashing brightly through the evening sky. She could feel the wind whipping through the open windows across the room. It was a strange moment of complete silence, intermittently followed by excruciating loud claps of thunder.

She felt a tightness growing in her body, a feeling of uneasiness, scared but excited, lonely but a mind racing with anticipation. “Well, the hell” she said out loud, and laid back down on the couch. She tied to read again, but the eyes and smile of that man would not leave her thoughts. She closed her eyes and imagined putting her lips against his lips, pressing her body against his body, and feeling the swell arise in his leather pants, straddling his bike with the vibrations of the engine against her tight thighs and wet pussy…

Bella slowly lowered her hand into her blue jeans. He fingers gently guided between her lips and the wetness allowed her finger to move effortlessly across her clit. Her body tightened and relaxed her clit was swollen and throbbing. …

Jessie crested the second hill at 65 mph, the buzzing mecidiyeköy escortları of his motor in sync with the rhythms of his bind. Rain began to fall, and he could see lighting flashing through the cloudy sky like lightning bugs on a clear summer night. He could not take his mind off of Bella, the way her jeans rode up her ass, the hem just short enough to show what must have been 5″ stiletto hills; the man’s dress shirt barely buttoned revealing the top of her tanned and freckled breasts; her hair waving gently in the wind. Suddenly the skies opened up in a downpour, as if a months worth of rain was pouring from the heavens in one moment. Jessie slowed down and made a u-turn, not that he minded riding in the rain, but he wanted, he needed to see Bella…..again!

As he approached the dimly lit house he slowed and killed the motor, drifting to a stop and pushing his mount underneath the poor. Soaking wet and cold his eyes adjusted to the darkness illuminated by one light in what he assumed was the living room. What was he doing here? He knew by the ring on her finger that she was married…was her husband at home? Would he return at any moment? Did he care? No, he was transfixed on seeing Bella again.

Pulling off his helmet and his shirt he wandered over to the big living room window where he heard nothing but the sound of Alex Trebek seeking questions from contestants. Jessie peered in the window and what he saw immediately set off butterflies in his otherwise calm and confident body….There lay Bella on the floor of the living room, her shirt unbuttoned her jeans on the floor beside her….She was laying in a sit up position with her feet, still in the stilettos, on the floor and spread apart. Her long sexy legs were bent at the knee so he could see the wettest and most swollen slit he had ever seen in his life. Bella was two fingers deep while slowly rubbing her clit with her thumb. Jessie could barley see Bella breathing, her perfect breasts just slightly raising and dropping with each breath, her nipples looked like a berry that need to be nibbled, taunted, teased and then alternately bitten and sucked hard. Jessie stood there taking in the sight, the sound and the atmosphere of a gorgeous woman pleasing herself while he himself could feel his cock growing in the constraint of his leather pants. Never letting his eyes leave hers, though she was completely unaware of the stranger watching her, he unbuckled and unzipped his pants, dropping them to the ground. He stroked the shaft of his cock slowly, squeezing then stroking it from balls to swollen head, watching her all the while. At times she would speed up with her fingers, in rhythm with her thumb and he could here the soft moans of an approaching orgasms. At the same time, he was hard, like he had never been before, stroking his entire length. He could feel the tightening in his groin and things, feel the first drop of pre-cum on the tip of his cock.

Suddenly Bella eased over to her side and stared right into Jessie’s blue eyes for the second time that evening, the site of him was too much. She knew she must be imagining him, so desperate with desire for him that hallucinations where tormenting her mind. But then he moved closer to the window. Her passionate dreams turned to reality and she realized she was actually looking into the eyes of the stranger.

Fear gripped her into complete panic. She jumped from the floor and prepared to run. A horrific crash of lightening lit up the porch, illuminating his face and body that stood still staring back at her. The thunder rattled the house with the intensity of a horror flick and the house went completely black–Bella stood frozen, half naked, gripped with fear and no sight. She slowly backed out of the living room toward the kitchen. She could hear her breath and the rise and fall of her chest. She listened intensely, mind racing, she opened the knife drawer and felt around for the biggest one. Pulling out the knife she continued to back away toward the kitchen wall. She heard the front porch door openly slowly, and another flash of lightening revealed that he was standing in the living room.

Bella screamed at her intruder, “What do what, I have a knife?” pressing her back against the wall she stood praying for more lightening. Her breast rose and fell with each breath. She could sense him coming closer. She stood ready and raised the knife above her head, prepared to attack the stranger at any moment.

Jessie, walked slowly toward the kitchen, the last place he saw her naked body glistening in the flash of light. “I am not going to hurt you,” he said, in a soft tender voice. “I am mesmerized by you.”

Bella felt her fear dissipate, but kept the knife high above her head. She felt his presence only inches away. “I swear you take one step closer…” Bella felt his warm hands touch each side of her body. She stiffened up against the wall like a cat ready to pounce. “What do you want from me…” she said.

Jessie etiler escort placed one hand on Bella’s wrist high above her head and squeezed until the knife lost its power. His other hand gently caressed her breast and his mouth kissed the hard nipples that awaited his touch. Jessie sucked them and bit them until they rose up into hard berries filled with desire. The knife fell to floor with a resonating sound of defeat.

Bella thoughts danced between fear and desire; was she going to kill him or allowed herself to be devoured by him? Just then Jessie placed his mouth over Bella’s drawing her in with his powerful arms. He lifted her leg up and placed it around his waist. He pushed his hard body against hers forcing them both to lean against the cold wall. Bella felt her fear turn to passion, she felt herself fall into him, and her will power dissolve, and “this strange man has me, and I don’t want to escape” she thought.

Bella began to suck on his neck hungrily, squeezing her leg around his body. Standing with only one stiletto on the floor she pressed her body into his and she could feel his hard cock begging for her body. She wanted him, she wanted all of him.

Bella traced his body with her fingers and found pleasure every step of the way. His tight abs rose up and down with each breath, she felt his thighs and they were strong and powerful, his ass was round and hard. She was drowning with desire, her own body pulsating to the rhythm of his kisses Bites and nibbles. Jessie lifted her other leg up around her waist and shoved her hard against the wall. His tongue wandered aimlessly over every reachable inch of Bella’s body. Bella reached for his member and found what she had often dreamed about but had never had. She wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked it slowly. She felt his body move with her movements, she felt the skin on his shaft move with her hand and she felt the head of his cock which was smooth as silk and slippery with pre cum…

Their tongues danced together as they kissed first hard, then soft, quick then long, with Jessie nibbling her bottom lip in between. Their movements in sync both Jessie and Bella could feel his swollen head at her entrance, their bodies seemed to be made for each other, the touch the feel, the smells it all seemed surreal. Like all of the passions of 1000 lovers being unleashed at once. This lasted for what seemed hours with time standing still but was really just minutes. Jessie put his hands on Bella’s ass, ready to pick her up to just the right angle when the lights crackled back to life startling the two would be lovers and stopping their kiss. They stared into each others eyes blue oceans gazing into smoldering embers. They lost themselves…their gaze was so intense that they didn’t hear Barry White on the radio, his baritone voice blasting out….My First, My Everything…..half way through the song Jessie broke his gaze, and holding Bella by the waist with one hand reached over to turn the kitchen light off. Pulling her close he stepped back and threw the kitchen table out of the way making a small space in the middle of the room.

He pulled Bella to his chest and began a slow dance, both naked, both wet on the verge of exploding. Jessie’s arms gave Bella the sanctuary she had already dreamed of and they danced and danced, kissed and kissed, touched and touched as the storm outside blew over and the wind died a slow death. In one sweeping motion Jessie picked Bella up beneath the knees and neck and carried her, still wearing only her stilettos, to the front room. Jessie stood Bella by the dining room table and stood behind her gently kissing her neck, nibbling her ears, breathing warm breath on her neck….all the while cupping her perfect breast with his hands….he kissed down her back along her spine his hands following their way down to her hips…wet kisses on her ass, his hands feeling every inch of her body…as she moaned his hands would linger until at last he reached down and picked up one foot, make sure to balance her, and placed it on the edge of the dining room table….his hands slid up and down this leg while he kissed and licked her other inner thigh…Bella could feel her lovers warm breath on her as his hands worked their magic….Jessie spread her cheeks apart and slowly tongued Bella’s ass as his hands came down to meet her wetness. For what seemed an eternity Jessie used his fingers, tongue and teeth to bring Bella to the edge of climax, over and over again. Each time slowing the pace at just the peak, when Bella felt a tremor coming on…Jessie slipped one, two even three fingers in her pussy while tonguing her asshole then would move to her clit where he would suck it and kiss it, flicking it in his mouth forcefully while slipping a wet finger in her ass. This went on and on, Jessie not letting Bella cum, the release Bella was begging for…When Bella could no longer stand it the moans become words, Bella begging Jessie to let her cum….”don’t şişli escort stop let me cum, all over your tongue…” and as Jessie did he quickly drove 2 fingers in and fucked her with them while sucking her clit and shoving a third finger in her ass….Bella exploded, a symphony of feelings, desires, waves and waves of pleasures not felt in so long…all meeting at one spot deep inside her…it was draining….Jessie stood up and led Bella over to where he had first seen her and sat her down…he slowly, slowly dressed her….pulling off the heels, pushing the jeans on…..putting her blouse, first through one arm then the other, buttoning it….peppering her lips with sweet kisses, attentive to her every moan. Finally her put her heels on and proceeded to get dressed also…Bella was confused, dazed, in a state of utopia her body still feeling the aftershocks of an orgasm like she had never experienced before. Jessie led her to his bike where, with the flick of a finger, he turned the engine over and helped Bella on to the perch while he himself slipped into the controls. Helmetless and carefree, Jessie gunned it up the driveway and out onto the main street feeling Bella’s body close to his, her breath warm on his neck….Bella clasped her hands around Jessie, wandering if she would ever let go….she could feel his hardness, his release still waiting through his jeans…occasionally lightning would light up the night sky in the distance illuminating the world and each other….Jessie flicked the bike left onto another road and Bella know exactly where they were going….the beach, she could already hear the roar of the waves over the noise of the engine…the sea mist felt salty on her skin and thick in her hair as the bike came to a stop in the pier parking lot, at this hour, and with the storm so recent they were the only ones there….

Jessie turned to her while still sitting on the bike and lifted Bella onto his lap where he took her face in his hands and kissed her, hard their lips meeting with the salt of the wind and the booming crashes of the surf. Jessie felt he had never been kissed so deeply and passionately in his life; like she was breathing energy into his body, life into his soul. It was as if Bella could reach out and touch his mind, knowing just what he needed to feel.

Jessie took Bella by the hand and led her over to the waters edge, the moon peaking through the clouds danced a waltz across the ocean lending to the magic of the moment. Bella could feel her desires stirring within her, she wanted him again even more than before; she knew Jessie was still throbbing and swollen beneath his leather pants.

After a moment of staring into the water, Bella turned to face Jessie; she ran her fingers through both sides of his hair, looked deep with in his eyes and said, “Will you take me here? I want you inside of me, I want to feel your body dancing with mine?” Bella’s eyes bore holes into Jessie’s soul, and she slowly lifted the shirt off her lover’s body. She ran her hands up and down his chest and back and attacked his nipples with bites and kisses that sent Jessie soaring with pleasure.

Bella kissed his neck and lowered herself to the sandy earth beneath them. She knelt before Jessie, and looked up into his eyes as she unbuttoned his tight leather pants. Jessie head fell backward and awaited the impending pleasure. Bella unzipped him and as she saw his swollen tool standing before her, waiting in anticipation she felt the blood rush to her own erotic zones. Jessie, moaned with desire, Bella moaned at the sound of Jessie’s desire. She reached behind him pulled Jessie’s pants off his ass, accidentally scratching his back with her long nails. Jessie moaned again. Bella, caressed his balls sweetly, and began to lick the length of his cock with slow precision. Their eyes would meet and then fall shut from pleasure.

Jessie could not stand up anymore; he fell forward to his knees. Bella pushed Jessie back onto the salty sand beneath him while she continue to stroke him, lick him and suck hard on his penis. Jessie moans where getting louder, and the louder he moaned the more excited Bella became. She wanted him inside her, but watching him feel her pleasure was bringing her to her own climax. She paused, slid up his chest and met his face, she kissed him long and hard as the waves lapped at their feet desperately trying to get a taste of the lovers on shore. Bella could feel his body shaking beneath her. She looked into his eyes and said, “lets cum together, you and me, right here, right now!”

Bella pulled her legs up straddling Jessie and squeezing him with her thighs. She lifted her body above his penis and slowly lowered her wet pussy down on top of his trembling body. Their two pleasure points met and the moment stood still in time, Bella took a deep breath and grabbed Jessie’s chest. She didn’t know if she could last another minute before she exploded on top of him. She pushed her body slowly down on his and felt his hardness; warmth and size penetrate within her. Bella’s eye shut tightly and felt her body contract and pulsate. She wasn’t going to be able to hold on-she stopped to regain herself, held her breath-looked at Jessie and said, “I am going cum baby, what should I do?”

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