Belle Games

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Belle was reasonably happy with her life, she worked for a decent living and was fairly successful in her career, lived alone and was in excellent health. Her social life was limited, most of the events that she attended were work related but she vacationed often and had a small circle of friends, mostly people she kept in touch with from high school and college but she was satisfied with her progress in life so far. She knew that people in her work place speculated a lot about her life, wondering about her nationality and social habits but there wasn’t anything new about that, she’d been whispered about since she was sixteen and had grown use to it now, maybe even desensitized to what people thought or said about her. She was good looking, probably a knock out in some circles, thirty-two, single and ambitious. She had a way of life that she enjoyed and was not willing to give it up to be one of the numbers in anyone’s little black book to be manipulated, used or generally undervalued. All Belle could think about lately was a girl at her gym named Anne who she wanted to bump pussies with so bad that the thought of Anne made her wet between the legs.

It was Friday so I said my good nights at work, have a great weekend, etc. and off to the gym, I ran. I kept in shape for many reasons. At 5’8 and with what I called large bones, I had to keep my hips, thighs and ass tight. Thanks to my mixed parentage, my skin is the color of raw peanuts, white but with just enough tan to make you wondered about my nationally or as the girls in the office guessed, just how often I laid in the tanning booth. My hair was thick and dark, almost black but the Indian in me gave my hair natural highlights of browns and reds, making the color enviable by most women. It fell just below my shoulders and I usually kept it pulled tight to my head so that it didn’t bounce too much and distract my clients. My breasts are full and tight, they sit firmly on my chest separated by my full beautiful chest bone. I admired my cleavage, deep tan skin created the perfect scenery for my full round breast to be displayed. My legs are long and shapely, muscular but not hard, my thighs tight and strong, and my ass sat firmly below my slender waistline, always in motion when I moved but I controlled the movement so my ass doesn’t bounce all over the place when I walked. I loved my body and I took care of it but tonight I hurried to the gym because there was a beautiful tight ass girl that joined our yoga class about six weeks ago and we were becoming friends and somehow I knew that this was the weekend, the night that I would start her training session. All I could think of was the moment that I would push my tongue deep into her cunt to taste her and she would taste me.

Anne was there changing clothes when I walked in. “Hey doll”, I said giving her waist a little hug. “How are you?”

“I’m good, how about you?”

“Great darling, but what’s two gorgeous women like us doing at the gym on a Friday night.”

“I don’t know about you Belle but I don’t have a regular. Men don’t often ask me out so I come to the gym to relax.”

“Me too, I think guys are scared of women like us. They think that we’re stand offish so they don’t take the chance of asking us out. I usually spend most weekends alone”.

“Oh my God, you aren’t comparing me to you. You’re probably the most beautiful woman in Manhattan, even other woman can’t take their eyes off you.”

“That doesn’t seem to matter does it now, I’m still spending tonight alone.”

“Yeah me too, hurry up and change, class is starting”

She gave me a big smile and I had to resist kissing her perfect lips. Anne was almost my height, probably 5’7. She had dark auburn hair, thick and wavy. Her skin had to be what is referred to as alabaster; it was smooth and white with a natural pink blush that glowed just below the skin surface. Her breast had to be at least C cups and her nipples always push out through the fabric of her clothes. She was slender and well toned. Her ass had a little jiggle when she moved and set delicately on her back. Her legs were long and solid muscle but somehow she looked as soft as a teddy bear, like you would leave fingerprints if you held her too firmly. She was beautiful, every feature of her face perfectly proportioned with striking green eyes and full luscious lips. But Anne was lonely and repressed, I could see it the first time we met.

After class while we were changing, Anne asked if I would like to go have dinner and I said sure, I didn’t have anything else planned for the evening. I suggested a new soup and salad bar that I had heard about but hadn’t tried yet and she thought it was a wonderful ideal because she had wanted to go but hated eating out alone. I smiled because the restaurant was walking distance to my house and I would suggest ending the evening there. It was still early and I hoped that Anne wouldn’t want to go home after we finished dinner.

The restaurant was wonderful, the food choices were excellent, the service perfect and the prices high. It was canlı bahis şirketleri in a plush neighborhood with old stone building. Inside the décor was rustic with exposed brick walls, dark leather booths and the entire restaurant was lit with sparking crystals that dangled from the wooden beamed ceiling. The soup and salad bar were in the middle of the cavernous room lit by hundreds of the crystal lights that were reflected and bounced off the sleek chrome and glass of the bar to create sparks of light all over the restaurant like one of the old disco balls. The bar itself was loaded with every imaginable salad fixing and the air was filled with the most mouth watering aroma of homemade soups, breads and decadent deserts.

We were seated at a booth in the rear and had to look intently at each other to engage in conversation because the booth lighting consisted of a single crystal clad candle that sat in the middle of the table. Anne and I told each other as much as we could about ourselves in that short hour, like we had been waiting to open up to someone. She worked for a charity, having the luxury of parents that left her a lot of money, she just wanted to be useful. I on the other hand worked for my good living in investments. We shared a bottle of wine and giggled like school girls until I suggested that we go over to my house and talk more instead of ending the evening. Anne thought that was a great idea because she really wasn’t ready to go home just yet. I picked up the check against her complaints and suggested that we walk to my house because it was just a couple of blocks away. We left the restaurant arm in arm like best girlfriends.

At my house I excused myself to change into something more comfortable and quickly changed into a clinging silky set that didn’t expose anything but clung to every part of my body like a second skin. I kept my thong on but removed my bra so that my nipples pressed hard against the clinging fabric. When I went back out into the living room, I asked Anne if she wanted a drink and fixed her an amaretto and cranberry on the rocks. Anne sat on the couch and I sat on the floor facing her as we continued our conversation.

“So you don’t date at all Anne,’ I asked.

“Not much, it seems like only creeps ask me out or old men.”

“Me too Anne, that’s so weird. Sometimes though if I really want a date, I mean sex, I hire a guy for the evening.”

“No you don’t,” she said. “I can’t imagine you paying for sex.”

“Why not, you get exactly what you want with no strings, tomorrows or any of the other stupid stuff attached.”

“But how can you trust an escort,” she asked.

“I have a very exclusive service that I use and you can trust the people they send, and they send exactly what you ask for. You’re in charge of the whole thing and they will do whatever you tell them to do if you’re a good tipper. Besides you get your regulars and if you can afford it, they are even willing to become exclusive.”

“I don’t know if I could do that, if I get horny enough, I just take care of it myself,” she laughed.

“Me too but sometimes, I need a little more.”

We were quiet for a minute sipping our drinks, I noticed that Anne was glowing, the pink in her skin was deepening and she looked just a little flush. “I’m sorry Anne, did I make you uncomfortable talking about sex like that?”

“No, I probably have just had too much to drink”

“How about some cheese, it will make you feel better. Salad can wear off quick.”

“Thank you,” she said, softly.

I hurried and brought in cheese, crackers and fruit for us to snack on. Anne felt better in a minute and I knew that one amaretto and cranberry didn’t make her blush that way. “Hey let’s go get in the hot tub and relax. You don’t have to go soon do you. I’m really enjoying the company.”

“No, I’m fine, nothing to do but go home to see the cat.” I think I might have a suit in my gym bag.”

“For goodness sakes Anne, it’s just us, no suits required among just us girls. I’ll get you a robe and we can get all of these clothes off and relax. I’m having so much fun just talking with you. I don’t have many close friends and I have really enjoyed getting to know you.”

Anne smiled and said ok because she didn’t wear a suit at home either when she was alone. I got her a too short robe from my closet. She went in the bathroom, stripped and put on the robe. My pussy started to throb the second that I saw her. The robe just barely covered her upper body and her full long physique was visible. Her nipples push against the silky fabric like little round pits and a soft gasp escaped my lips. I led her to the hot tub and we dropped our robes and climbed in. Her breasts were full and round, her rigid pink nipples stood out at least a half inch from her breast and were surrounded by a small smooth circle of deep tan flesh. Her stomach was flat below her small well defined waist and her belly button was indented just a bit. Her hips were round and fuller than I thought they would be but her long legs ended at a small patch of canlı kaçak iddaa silky pubic hair. I knew that I was starring but I couldn’t take my eyes off her lean beautiful body as she sank down into the warm bubbling water. I moved my gaze up to meet her eyes and she was staring at me with her mouth slightly open. I smiled at her and asked if anything was wrong. She gulped and let out a little uncomfortable laugh and said that everything was ok.

“I was just admiring your body. It’s even more gorgeous than I imagined it would be under your clothes.”

“You’re pretty magnificent too Anne, I was just wondering what your body would feel like pressed against mine. I would love to touch and taste every inch of your body, I feel so close to you like we could be lovers. Have you ever made love to a woman?”

“No, I’m sorry, I’m not gay, I just meant that…”

“If you have imagined my body under my clothes, what else have you imagined? It’s an opportunity that you should take Anne. No one is here except us and no one will ever know if we touch and pleasure each other. Sex with another woman is very erotic and I’m so turned on by you that I would suck your pussy and make you cum until you beg me to stop, so you can say ok now and get the fucking of your life or you can play coy and delay the inevitable or worse, miss this opportunity.”

Anne stood in the water as if to leave the tub but I also moved and stood up so that our bodies were touching, her hard nipples rubbed against my own and I moaned a little. Our bodies were warm and wet from the water. She met my gaze and I ran my fingers along her hips up to her arms continuing until I ran both sets of fingers up the entire upper length of her body. I wrapped my hands in her hair and pulled her throat to my lips and begin to gently kiss her neck and shoulders. I felt her body shiver against my own, from the touch of my fingers and lips and I started to lower my finger tips down from her neck and shoulders over her breast. My full wet palm moved over her exposed nipples down over her stomach and around her hips. She moaned softly and I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her body into mine and moved my mouth to her full shivering lips, kissing her gently several times before sliding my tongue over her lips and into her waiting mouth. Our tongues met and moved from one mouth to the other in a kiss that made both of our bodies heave and push against each other. I moved my hands to hold her head and pulled her mouth deeply against mine until I felt her body weakening and her hands moved around my waist.

I slowly lowered my tongue down to her nipples, licking lightly against her hardened nubs that quickly started to swell against my tongue. I massaged her creamy soft breast with my hands and moved from nipple to nipple, lightly swiping my full flat tongue across them. She moaned and moved her hand to my head with one hand still around my waist. I started to suck her nipples like a baby. Pulling each one into my mouth and sucking the nipples alternately between my lips. When I felt her body trembling under the attention and her back begin to arch, I started to flick my tongue faster across her nipples until she moaned loudly and pushed my head against her breast. I rolled one nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I sucked the other hard growing tip into my mouth. I started to slash my tongue wildly around her nipples, flicking at both nipples with each pass of my tongue while rubbing and massaging her ass with my hands. I moved my mouth to one nipple and pulled it roughly into my mouth, sucking the tip with my lips and tongue to pull the pink bud out as far as it would go. She moaned, ‘yes` as I sucked her swollen tip deep into my mouth. I moved one hand around to her stomach and down to the silky wet hairs between her legs and cupped her pussy in my hand applying just a little pressure. She pushed against my hand and started to slowly move her hips. Her head fell back as she leaned back against the edge of the hot tub and I ran my full hand between the lips of her pussy just below the surface of the warm water.

Continuing the pressure on her tit with my mouth, I spread the lips of her pussy and ran my forefinger and index finger along the length of her slit. Her hips jumped, ready for penetration. I continued to rub my fingers along her pussy until I could feel the thick wetness through the water in the hot tub. I inserted two of my warm wet fingers into her pussy, sinking them in as deep as my fingers would go. She juiced instantly and started to lift her hips to meet the thrust of my fingers. She opened her legs and let herself float in the water as I sucked her pulsing nipples and pushed my fingers deeper into her pussy, moving my fingers around to feel the entire depth and width of the inner flesh of her sweet juicing cunt. I fucked her like that until her body stiffened and the hot insides of her pussy started to tighten around my fingers. I moved my mouth from her nipple and lifted her body from beneath the water up to the edge of the tub. I spread her legs to see her full canlı kaçak bahis glorious slit perfectly angled for my mouth to adore.

Other than the tiny wisps of hair at the top of her pussy, the lips were clean. Not shaven but hairless. Her lips were swollen and bright pink from my manipulation and formed a perfect upside down V. Her slit was fully open and creamy and the tip of her rosy pink clit protruded from its protective hood.

“Open your eyes Anne and watch me eat your pussy. Watch me lick every inch of your sweet pussy over and over again.”

Anne opened her eyes to meet my gaze as I stuck my tongue out and licked her from the creamy opening of her slit to her pink clit. Over and over again, I licked her from bottom to top, top to bottom until she begged, “Put your tongue in me please, eat me, eat my pussy, I’m so fucking hot.”

I flattened my thick long tongue and pushed it as far as I could into her creaming hole. I folded the tip and pushed it around and around moving my head to make it go in deeper, to touch her spot and make her cum. She moaned as I moved my tongue in and out of her spread hole, putting both of her hands on my head in an attempt to pull my tongue deeper inside her hot pussy. She gyrated and moved her hips to fuck herself on my tongue until her moans became screams of pleasure and she lifted her legs into the air holding them spread open for me to dine. I fucked her with my tongue to the rhythm of her movement until she dropped her legs and started to squeeze my head between her tight thighs.

With my tongue still deep inside of her, I moved my top lip over her clit and started to pull it down against my hot lapping tongue. She squirmed trying to move away from the assault of my hot tongue but I held her hips firmly with my hands and her pussy with my mouth, closing my lips around her swollen clit, fully exposed, plump and ready to pop. I sucked her clit between my lips and lashed it with my tongue, flicking my tongue around and around the sensitive tip until she begged to be released. I pulled the hardened nub into my mouth and licked against her clit with my full flattened tongue, followed by a deep flicking with the point of my folded tongue. She screamed, “Yes, yes girl, I’m cuming, oh baby, I’m cuming”. Her entire body shuddered, her hips pushed up and she opened her legs wider, she reached down and grabbed my head again and pushed her clit harder against my tongue.

I moved one hand up and inserted three fingers into her pussy and sucked her clit hard, like a little dick, flicking my tongue against it until her movements and sounds stopped. I moved my tongue down to her slit and sucked the cream from her dripping hole as she squirted shot after shot of sweet milky cum into my mouth. I moved up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste and smell her own sweet pussy juice. She sucked my tongue deep into her mouth, moaning.


From Anne’s reaction and glazed over eyes I knew that her sexual momentum was high and I needed to get her in my bed before she could start thinking and cool down. I pulled her body back down into the warm water and kissed her, pulling her tongue deep into my mouth and twisting our tongues together in a deep kiss while pulling her body as close to mine as I could. I held her firmly against the side of the tub and pushed my nipples against hers. I rubbed my body against her, nipple to nipple as I kissed her and moved my wet fingertips from the top of her back down her spine and over her waist and hips to stimulate her still sensitive and tingling flesh. I moved her hand down to the warm opening between my thighs. I didn’t have to coach her much before she began to touch and rub my pussy. Moving her fingers up and down beneath the water over my entire slit and flicking a finger against my throbbing clit. I moaned feeling her hand touching me. I wanted her so bad but I wanted her to be free, uninhibited and hot enough to fuck me like I had fucked her.

I lifted one of her nipples to my lips and began to rub my tongue across her full nipple, licking and sucking her firm tips into my mouth. She moved suddenly turning my back against the wall of the tub and placed both of her hands on my breast cupping them with a strong but gentle grasp. She turned her head up and met my eyes, she smiled at me as she started to suck my breast. Opening her mouth she slid her tongue out and over my nipple, tasting my skin and feeling my hardening tip against her tongue. She started to suck one and than the other, never moving her eyes from my face, she gently massaged and sucked my aching breast. I moaned and pushed my tits up against her mouth and she started to suck harder. She pulled my nipple into her mouth and slashed her tongue against them until my body started to quiver and sink lower into the water of the hot tub.

“Let’s go into my room so we can stretch out,” I said. I climbed out of the tub and pulled Anne up and wrapped a towel around her. I quickly wrapped a towel around my own body and led her to my room. I hit the button for the stereo to come on, filling the room with soft music and turned on the lamp on the nightstand illuminating my big soft bed. Pulling the bedding down, I dropped my towel to the floor and laid back on the bed. Anne dropped her towel to the floor and crawled in and started to kiss me.

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