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Harry pulled up to the duplex and stopped his car. He sat for a moment with the engine running as he pondered looked over to his wife. On the drive over from their quarters he figured out what he wanted to do, what he wanted him and his wife to do.

“The driveway is empty except for his car. Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, I checked on it right after I found out about her. The team was scheduled to come by just after lunch time,” Harry replied.

“So you’re sure he knows?”

“Positive and look, I’ve figured out what we can do, what we can do to truly help him.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Something he hasn’t had, not since she deployed, and now he has got to wonder if ever again.”

“What do you mean? Wait a minute, you mean…”

Harry nodded, “Come on Julie, we even talked about it before.”

“But that was with the two of them.”

“So, you were okay with it back then, it’s just we never found the right moment to suggest it. Now is the time.”

“But what will you do?” she asked.

“Just like if Jackie was there, I’ll watch. I just won’t be busy while I’m watching,” Harry replied.

“I don’t know.”

Harry reached up and turned off the engine. “Look, let’s go see him and see how he is. If the opportunity comes up, we’ll go ahead with it. I think it could do him a lot of good.”

They got out of the car and walked slowly up to the duplex. There was a small porch with doors at each end. The porch was in need of paint and the screen on the door was torn. Harry pulled open the screen door and knocked on the entry door. They waited a few moments and he knocked again.

The door opened slightly and then, after the occupant saw who was there opened wider. “Hi Harry, Julie, sorry I was on the phone.”

“That’s okay John, we just heard,” Julie replied.

“Come on in,” John said, opening the door wider. He accepted Julie’s embrace, wrapping his arms around her before turning and shaking Harry’s hand. Following them into the living room he said, “Ya’ll want something to eat or drink?”

“No, no we’re fine,” Harry replied.

Nodding toward the kitchen John continued, canlı bahis “You sure? I’ve got plenty, everybody’s bringing food.”

“Oops, I knew we forgot something,” Julie replied.

“No, no, there’s much more than I can eat right now.”

They all settled into the living room with Julie sitting on the couch next to John while Harry sat in a nearby chair. After a few moments of silence Harry nervously asked, “Any word on the funeral arrangements?”

“No nothing yet, I mean everything goes through Dover, but otherwise I’m not sure yet. They told me someone from General Services or something will stop by in a day or so.”

“Do you know how it happened?”

“IED, not five miles from the compound. It’s all so odd, I mean it’s a route they drove safely for nearly a year and then suddenly a poof, three dead, two more wounded. Sally didn’t have a chance, the others made it back to the hospital before…” he began crying.

Julie leaned over and put her arm around him, “At least she wasn’t in pain long.”

“I keep telling myself that,” he mumbled, his head buried in Julie’s shoulder. “You know she was scheduled out in three weeks, just three weeks.”

“I’m so sorry John,” Julie replied.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen her,” he moaned.

Julie looked over at Harry who nodded to her. She looked at him quizzically, her eyebrow arched.

Harry took his hand and placed it on his chest, he then nodded to her.

“It’s gonna get better John, it will just take time,” she said. She ran her hand over his head and then down his shoulder. She slid it down his arm and clasped his hand.

“I know, I know,” he replied.

“And if there is anything we can do for you,” Harry said, nodding vigorously to his wife. “I mean anything John,” he watched as his wife took John’s hand and guided it to her breast. Harry repeated himself, “Anything.”

John gently squeezed Julie’s breast and then pulled his hand away. Lifting his head from her shoulder he looked into her eyes as she nodded. Ht then turned and looked to Harry who nodded, saying once again, “anything.”

Julie pulled John’s hand to her breast, turned her head slightly bahis siteleri and then moved her head forward, lightly touching her lips to John’s. He closed his eyes, letting his lips remain just lightly pressed to Julie’s. Suddenly he reached his other hand up to her breast and squeezed both breasts as his tongue slipped from between his lips and he pressed it to hers.

Julie opened her mouth to his tongue and moved her hand down to his thigh, letting his hands move over her breasts and then begin to unbutton her blouse. As he finished unbuttoning her blouse and reach around behind her to unfasten her bra, she moved her hand up his thigh to the bulge in his pants. She slowly squeezed his hard cock as she felt her bra suddenly come unfastened and fall to her lap.

Harry watched as his wife arched her back and John began kissing, licking and sucking on her nipples. Reaching down to his lap, he adjusted his erection and gently began squeezing it as he watched his wife’s nipples harden. He could see them glistening in the light as John’s tongue circled the firm nubs, teasing them. Julie’s breath seemed to quicken a bit as Harry helped her slip out of her blouse. She continued squeezing John’s cock through his pants then moved her hands to his belt.

Unable to simply sit back and watch, Harry began working on his wife’s pants as she worked on John’s pants. By the time she was sliding John’s pants down over his thighs, Harry had her pants off and John, turning his attention from her breasts was slipping his hands under the elastic of her panties. Harry quickly helped John pull her panties off but then turned away as he heard something that sounded like the front door opening. By the time he convinced himself that it was just his imagination and returned his attention to John and Julie, her head was in John’s lap and her tight little ass was swaying back and forth.

Still unable just to watch, Harry quickly worked his erection out of his pants and easily slipped it into his wife’s pussy. just the sight of her hungrily taking John’s cock into her mouth was incredible but when he suddenly noticed another woman step up onto the couch, lift her skirt and bahis şirketleri straddle Harry’s face he couldn’t hold off anymore. Arching his back he shoved his cock deep into his wife’s pussy and came, spurting his cum deep inside her.

In the meantime John moaned loudly, lifted his ass from the couch and filled Julie’s mouth with his jism while continuing to use his mouth on the mystery woman. After a few more moments, that woman moaned loudly and then climbed down off the couch.

“Jackie?” Harry asked when he finally saw the woman’s face.

“Yes, I had wanted to surprise John by coming back unannounced, but it looks like you all got to surprise me.”

“But… but you’re dead,” John mumbled, sitting up straight on the couch.

“I’m what?”

“They told me… an IED, you… they said you didn’t have a chance.”

“What did they say?”

“Jackie, it’s true,” Julie replied seeing how befuddled John was. “It happened a couple of weeks ago, though the word just came in yesterday. Regular patrol ran into an IED, three dead, two wounded. They said you… you died instantly, he others made it back to the hospital.”

“But I’ve been cooped up in Wiesbaden for three weeks.”

“You weren’t due out for another month.”

“Yeah, yeah but the let me out early. Don’t know if my calendar was off or theirs, but when they said go, I went. Wanted to surprise John but flights from Wiesbaden back to the states were grounded, some volcano or something.”

“So if it wasn’t you on that patrol, then who?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know but I hope they straighten it out soon. Someone else’s wife or daughter is…”

“Oh wow, this is a bit embarrassing, we must seem like a couple of vultures to you,” Julie said.

“No, no, I was a little surprised but to be honest, John and I had talked… we wondered if you two, ah, swung. And considering what you thought, this was a beautiful gesture.”

“Was? Hey I was just getting started,” Jackie replied. “You guys seem a bit spent for the moment, why not let Julie and I give you some inspiration,” she finished as she reached over and gently cupped Julie’s breast. “Gentlemen, just sit back and watch, while Julie and I entertain ourselves.”

“Now that’s entertainment,” John said with a broad smile.

Harry could only nod as he watched his wife settle onto the couch with Jackie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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