Best Friends

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Carrie and I have been friends for 4 years. It was a chance meeting; she and her husband Ryan were looking to purchase a used car from my husband and me. We soon learned, our husbands had served together in the Air Force and knew some of the same people, although they had never met, and she and I were in the same line of work.

We became “couple friends” the four of us double dating and enjoying each other’s friendship. From this, Carrie and I became best friends.

It wasn’t unusual for us to go shopping and out to dinner alone, leaving our husbands to do the macho things on their own. This particular weekend, the boys were on a fishing trip. Carrie invited me over for dinner for a girls’ night while they were away.

I brought the wine and she made a delicious dinner. We were through our second bottle of wine when the conversation started to become more personal. Carrie, for the first time mentioned her first husband to me.

I knew she and Ryan had both been married previously, but she had never offered any details, and I had never thought to ask. She told me how she and her first husband married young, and had a very active and open sex life.

Carrie then started to tell me how she and her previous husband had been into partner swapping, and threesomes. She then explained that Ryan didn’t have any idea about her past experiences as he was to straight-laced and wouldn’t understand.

Carrie confided in me the one thing she would love to experience again escort bayan is to have sex with another woman. Right then, I knew what she had in mind, and I was more that willing to go along. One of my secret fantasies was to be with another woman, and now the opportunity had presented itself.

We dipped into the third and final bottle of wine and headed up to her Jacuzzi. I was really happy I had shaved my legs and arms this morning. As soon as the tub was filled with water Carrie unabashedly got undressed and dropped her clothes on the floor. I knew Carrie was sort of a closet nudist, but her comfort with her nakedness quietly proved it.

I had never realized how large her breasts were. She easily had to be a D cup, which was very surprising as she is only 5 foot 2 and weighs no more than 115 pounds. Her long brown hair was tied into a ponytail I got undressed and followed her in.

The tub was warm and inviting, and we sat there in an awkward moment of silence I wondered who would make the first move. Just then, Carrie slid up along side of me and planted a long, wet, deep, kiss on my lips. It was an incredibly soft kiss, nothing like kissing any man.

Her hand then moved onto my breast and gently began circling my nipple with her long slender finger. I placed the palm of my hand on her breast and she let out a gentle moan. Her hand moved from my breasts to my throbbing red furred nether region as she expertly rubbed my swollen, erect clit. It’s true that when you have the izmit eve gelen escort equipment, you know better what to do with it. In no time I was moaning and moving my hips with the rhythm of her hand. I soon lost myself in the hum of the Jacuzzi jets and the motion of her hand on my clit. I moaned and felt myself come in waves.

Carrie then pulled herself onto the edge of the tub and spread her legs in an invitation for me to taste her pink swollen pussy. I put my head between her smooth pubic area and began licking her clit and outer lips in an up and down motion. She let out an encouraging moan. I could tell her pussy was getting more wet with each stroke. When she was sufficiently wet I plunged two fingers into her moist hole. Her pussy was tight as I slid my fingers in and out of her. I could feel her tighten around my digits as she bucked her hips and gave me a seductive glance downward.

She got back into the warm bubbling water and took filled both of our wine glasses again. This time Carrie threw both of her legs over the side of the tub and placed her pussy against one of the jets of the Jacuzzi. I sat behind her and played with her swollen tits while she got herself off from the pulsating water.

After she was done for a second time she climbed out of the tub and pulled out two towels and offered me one. We dried off and grabbed our wine glasses as we retired to the adjoining bedroom.

Carrie reached under her bed and pulled izmit otele gelen escort out a plastic bin of dildos that she intended to on me as well as herself. Incredibly, she showed me what she called her “bunny.” It was a purple dildo with a rabbit head attached. The rabbit’s ears were meant to stimulate the clit and beads on the bottom rotated in a clockwise motion. When she turned it on I was fascinated by the complexity of it. When she put it in me I came almost instantly. I made a note to order one of those for myself the next day!

She then dug into her “bag of tricks” and pulled out a double ended dildo. Carrie then instructed me to get on my hands and knees doggie style. With me in that position, she the stuck one end of this 14 inch monster into me. As it stretched me I at first felt a little pain, but then it surprisingly felt good as it stretched me to unknown places. She then assumed the same position as she inserted the other half into herself. She then began pumping her ass back against mine as she rode her half of the double dong. Soon we were able to get a harmonious rhythm going. I glanced down between my own legs and could see her pink nippled D cups swaying in rhythm. I could hear her moaning and squealing with each pump of her hips as she achieved orgasm for a third time that night. Her energy and vocalizing got me hot and I soon got off as well, the massive dong punishing me with pleasure, shooting my come down my trembling thighs,

As we both collapsed happy and flushed, Carrie told me to stay the night. She said she thought I had had too much to drink and she didn’t want me to drive home, but I knew the real reason she wanted me to stay.

Needless to say, I can’t wait for our husbands’ next weekend fishing trip.

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