Best Friend’s Brother

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Me and my best friend would Skype each other since we finished high school. I was now doing computing in college while he started work straight away in a diner somewhere a few towns away from where I lived. This meant we couldn’t really hang out as much as we used to. It was in about 10th grade that I came out, and my best friend did about two months after I did. However, we didn’t do anything together. Unlike those teens who feel the need to ‘experiment’ with each other, we remained friends. Of course, that doesn’t mean I hadn’t fooled around with others in high school. I blew a few people, a few people blew me. I also gave out a few hand-jobs. But never full-blown sex. I’d always felt scared, and also in my mind; actual sex made me feel like I’d be a whore. Yet somehow I felt doing other stuff was totally fine.

But anyway; Skype. It was really great to talk for hours on end. My best friend, Jay, had an older brother called Scott. He always seemed to be in Jay’s room whenever we were video chatting. Mainly because Jay owned the XBOX. This meant our conversations were quieter than hoped, because Scott was playing away, complaining if we made too much noise. Scott is the kind of guy that hadn’t really grown up since being 12. When Jay would leave the room, Scott liked to joke around with me, like flipping me off or making the weirdest faces known to man. His face was naturally quite handsome; the strong features, the smouldering eyes, cheeky grin. His hair was cut short into a dark brown faux-hawk, showing off his face. He’s also really built, as well. He works at a gym or something, so it’s part of the job for him to be fit. Just a few years ago he was a little overweight, always eating chips while playing games all day, when his hair was a mop. What made him sort himself out was when the girl he was crushing on had rejected him, and he devoted his life on getting all fit then rejecting her in revenge. But after all that he started dating her for a few months, until she caught him in bed with someone else. I didn’t know all the details, because it was never my business. So our only interaction was just on Skype for a few minutes while Jay was doing something else like getting food or going to the bathroom.

It was just an average Tuesday at 8pm, I was tired after a 7-hour day at college, and Jay only had a 3-hour shift. We were chatting about a lot of stuff; college, work, that new video game with so much hype even though it isn’t even that good. Scott was gaming in the room as usual. It was interrupted by Jay suddenly realising he’d left his phone at the diner, and he needed to get it. His phone was his lifeline, he needed to be called by his manager in the morning about work-related stuff, his phone was his alarm-clock, and he’d need his phone fully-charged for after work tomorrow when he was going out. The diner was only a few blocks away from his three-bedroom house which he shared with his family, so he left to go get it. I was staring at the screen for a moment, wondering what I should do. So I began going through facebook. Mostly the güvenilir bahis same stuff; girls moaning about their boyfriends, people posting pictures of them at lame parties, all the usual. The video chat was now a small box in the corner of the computer monitor, which only showed the backdrop of Jay’s bedroom. Then the box showed movement, which I naturally assumed was Jay back. As I maximised the chat. I was completely wrong. Scott was standing in front of the screen, just staring at me.

“What?” I asked with a smirk, waiting for some prank or remark about something. Scott just smiled at me, and pulled down his grey sweat-pants. A massive bulge formed underneath his white boxer-briefs, and sprung out as he pulled those down as well. His cock was bigger than I’d ever seen before, and thicker too. Dark pubic hair spread around his cock and balls. He was completely hard, and began to stroke himself in front of the camera as he stared at me. I watched in amazement, shock and slight arousal 0xas he continued jerking himself off. The sudden sound of someone coming up the stairs stopped Scott completely, and he quickly pulled up his underwear and pants then sat down in front of the xbox, not before pressing his finger to his lips, gesturing me to keep quiet. Jay breezed through the room and slumped down on the chair, breathing heavily out of exhaustion.

“So what’s been going on?” Jay coughed.

“Uh… Nothing. Just Facebook…” I lied, trying to keep a straight face and a hidden erection.

I spent half the night wondering why Scott had done that. As far as I knew; he was a straight 21 year old with bad boy looks and a body every girl would want on top of her and every boy would dream of owning. He must have been drunk or something… It was Wednesday morning; I was chilling at home while Jay was at work. It was revolving around attempting to do homework while actually going through Facebook. It began with me going through Jay’s wall, laughing at all the dumb stuff he puts on there, but then my eyes rested on a picture he posted a week ago. It was him, smiling next to his older brother. Scott was smiling back, not wearing a shirt. His body looked like it was sculpted by God himself. My hand uncontrollably clicked on his profile, where there were dozens of pictures with him half-naked. One in particular left so little to the imagination. He was at the beach, wearing only a pair of shorts. And those shorts were pretty revealing; they were soaked with seawater, outlining every detail. Even the outline of his crotch. That picture got me so hard, I had to relief the tension. I pulled down my boxer shorts, and began tugging at my dick. I stared at the picture, and unwillingly clicked on the next picture. Scott was still at the beach, this time; he was turned around. His shorts were moulded into the shape of his ass. The perfectly rounded shape, the outline of his butt crack was almost visible. I jerked off even harder to this one, and as I clicked to go to the next picture…

I accidentally accepted a Skype video chat from Jay.

It didn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri seem possible to do that. Of course there were a few occasions where I’d do it, but usually I was careful. Before I knew it the screen flashed white, and a pair of dark brown eyes set on me, then my raging boner. But those eyes weren’t Jay’s, they were Scott’s.

“I see I came here at the right time.” He joked (I assume). “But I guess you know why I’m here?”

“Uh… Uh… What?” I stammered with embarrassment, and quickly hid my boner.

“Yesterday. You liked what you saw, right?” He pressed, eyebrows raised.


“I’ll let you in on a little secret… I’m gay. And I really need some sex. The thing is; you’re the only gay guy I know, that isn’t my brother. So I propose we fuck.” He spoke carelessly. A lump formed in my throat. This sounded too good to be true, and I’m sure he was yanking my chain. As I frowned, he cleared his throat.

“So here’s the plan! You’re going to sleep over here this Friday with Jay. You suggest it, though. That’s all you gotta do. I’ll sort out the rest.”

“Okay…” I mumbled, hiding a forming grin. This was pretty exciting. That exact night I asked Jay if I could stay over at his. We hadn’t done it in over a year, so he jumped at the idea. He was excited, but wasn’t nearly as excited as I was.

As the days approached, I tried to get myself prepared. I was showering everyday, taking special care of my asshole. Making sure it was clean, shaved, and of course; loose enough for anal sex. There was also the matter of my own appearance. I got a new haircut, tried working out as much as possible. It’s not like I’m one of those skinny losers. I have muscle, I’m just not buff. As the day got closer, my emotions were all over the place. I was excited about being able to fuck Scott, but I feared the pain of butt sex. Even fingering myself didn’t feel right. But I couldn’t let Scott down; this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Then the day was here. Friday at 5 o’clock. I stood outside Jay’s house with a sleeping bag and a change of clothes. Jay opened the door excitedly, and led me up to his room. Not much had changed in the six years we’d known each other. He was crazy for Call of Duty. Which was why nothing had changed in his room. Every poster to exist was on his wall, almost every collectible, it was like a museum. I set down my sleeping bag, and sat back as I watched him play… You guessed it! Call of Duty. He was destroying his enemies in multi player, while I just waited for night to come. We ate our delivered pizza while happily laughing about what we usually did. Scott came in from time to time, to steal some pizza, or give me meaningful stares. At about 9, Jay’s parents went to bed. Their bedroom was at the end of the hall, one side of Scott’s room. Jay was on the other side. After watching some action movie, Jay fell asleep out of exhaustion. He’d been working from 10 until 4 today, so it was painful for him. I waited a few minutes, before escaping the room. I opened the door of Scott’s iddaa siteleri bedroom, where he was completely naked, waiting for me.

“I’ve been waiting.” He whispered, showing me his rock hard dick. The walls were paper-thin, which meant we had to be quiet.

“So are you ready?” He asked quietly, and I nodded. Scott walked over to me, and pulled me in close. So he was going to prolong it… His lips met mine almost violently, and he forced his tongue into my mouth. Our tongue’s fought for dominance as we groped each other, and then Scott let go.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss a guy for so long.” He admitted, then started another make out session. His mouth tasted like pizza and alcohol, which must have been him trying to calm his nerves. It was calming my nerves, though, as it became a very welcoming taste. Scott slowly pushed me onto his king-sized bed, and began tugging at my jeans. I broke away from him to pull my shirt over my head, and then we continued to suck each other’s faces off. I began nibbling on his lower lip, and he finally pulled down my jeans. That just left me in my boxer shorts. Our sweaty bodies started to grind against each other, causing more heat. Scott began leading kisses all the way down my body, sending ripples of ecstasy through my body. Every single kiss felt like a small orgasm. As Scott reached the liner of my underwear, he lifted my legs over his broad shoulders, then removed my last piece of clothing. My ass was in full view of his face, and I could guess what was coming. I felt his warm tongue circle my asshole, then push deep inside me. It felt like fireworks went off in my stomach, and doubled the swelling of my erection. As he continued to rim me, I could only lay back and pant like a dog. Scott finished lubricating my anus, and then climbed on top of me.

“So how do you wanna do it?” He asked seductively, I quivered slightly at the sound of his voice.

“How about his?” I replied, swinging my legs off his shoulders and pinning him down to the bed. I climbed on top of him, and took hold of his dick. It felt massive in my hand, almost as thick as a coke can, but a lot longer. And I guided it to where it had to go. The eager head pressed against my asshole, until I sat down on it. We both made a noise of utter pleasure, like a spluttered sigh of relief. Despite the pain, it felt amazing. I bounced on top of him, trying to make sure the bed didn’t squeak. My hands trailed all over Scott’s sweaty body, tracing all of his muscles, teasing his nipples with my fingers.

“We… Gotta stay… Quiet.” Scott persisted with a whisper. I looked down at him, then smiled.

“It’s okay. They won’t hear us.” I reassured, and leaned in for another kiss. After about 8 minutes of Scott making sexy strained moans, I felt him shoot his load inside me. I didn’t expect it to feel so good. As soon as he came I began rotating my ass on his softening cock, which was still in me. Twenty seconds later I came, sending a rope of warm cum all over Scott’s chest and stomach. I slowly licked it off his body, then started kissing him again, this time letting my cum transfer between our mouths. He swallowed it, and then held me in a tight embrace.

“Thank you.” He whispered, hugging me tighter.

“Anytime…” I replied. And boy did I mean it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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