Best Spring Ever Ch. 01

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Lina had only been home from her friend Debi’s house for a few minutes but she just had to call her sister and tell her about the previous evening. They kept no secrets from each other. Gretchen, her older sister, was in college and had been reassuring eighteen year old Lina that losing her virginity would be no big deal and that it would open a whole new world of fun. Lina picked up her phone and dialed.

“Hey,” Gretchen said.

“Gretch, guess what?” Lina asked.

“You won the lottery.”

“I gave up my V card last night,” she said excitedly.

“It’s about time. Anyone I know?”

“Debi’s brother.”

“The skinny kid?”

“He’s not skinny anymore. You should see him.”

“Lina, he’s what, sixteen?”

“He’s eighteen. He and Debi are twins.”

“How was it?”

“Terrifying. I was fine with the idea until I saw his cock. It’s the size of my forearm.”

“Oh bull, those don’t come in white.”

“Apparently they do. God, you should see that thing.”

“I’d like to do a lot more than just see it if you’re telling me the truth,” Gretchen told her.

“When you come home next time I’ll fix you up. He thinks you’re hot.”

“He’s got good taste. So tell me all about it.”

Lina told her sister everything, even about how he had walked in on her and Debi while they were eating each other. Lina’s mother, Hilda, was walking down the hallway when she heard Lina’s V-card comment. She had stopped to listen for several minutes to her daughter’s telling the tale. She was smiling when she returned and sat in the family room with her husband.

“You look like the cat that ate the canary,” her husband Richard said.

“Our youngest is no longer a virgin as of last night.”

“It was bound to happen sooner or later. I assume she’s protected?”

“She’s been on the pill for a year. We planned ahead,” she replied.

“Anyone we know?”

“Debi’s twin brother. We aren’t supposed to know so keep this to yourself.”

“Of course I will. Did she tell you, Hilda?”

“Not yet. She called Gretchen and was telling her. I overheard some of it.”

“I hope it was better than Gretchen’s first time. She cried for days.”

“It must have been. She told Gretch she came three times.”

“An eighteen year old boy? That’s BS. They’re to ignorant to pull that off.”

“Maybe but his dick is the size of her forearm.”

Richard looked at his forearm. “More BS.”

“Her forearm, not yours, you goof.”

“I still don’t believe it,” he said sarcastically.

“You know, if it’s true, we might have a way to check off one of your fantasies.”

“You mean watching you with a monster cock?” he asked.

“Uh huh.”

“Are he and Lina an item?”

“No, it was a one time thing. She’ll probably go back for seconds though.”

“Can you find out more about him?”

“Lina will likely tell me about it in the next couple of days. I’ll pick her brain then.”

“Christ, just thinking about this gave me a hard on.”

“Come with me. I’ll see if I can’t help you out with that.”

He followed her to their room looking at her shapely ass as she walked, with her blonde hair swinging freely at the shoulder level. At forty two, Hilda was a beauty. Once inside she locked the bedroom door and pushed him backward on the bed. She didn’t hesitate as she unfastened his trousers and pulled them down to his ankles. Her hands spread his knees and she leaned forward smiling.

“Hang onto your hat, cowboy.”

She scooped his semi into her mouth and swirled wet tongue around it. His erection grew as she masterfully worked on him. When he was fully erect she swallowed him completely. He didn’t know what was going on in her mouth but everything in there but her teeth was moving. The sensation, as always, drove him wild.

“Oh my, fucking God,” he moaned.

She had given him hundreds of blowjobs during their twenty three years together but he had never learned control when it came to this technique. He rewarded her in less than a minute with a mouthful of his hot load. She continued until he begged her to stop due to the sensitivity. Hilda raised off of him and walked to the bathroom as he lay there recovering. She returned with a wet warm washcloth and gently wiped him clean.

“All better now?” she asked.

“Do you even breathe when you do that?”

“No need. I make you cum so fast that way that one breath is all it takes.”

“Where did you learn that?”

“My mother taught me. It’s an old German trick. I’m surprised you’ve never asked before.”

“Have you shared that with the girls?”

“If I do that you’ll be wanting their mouths.”

“I already want their mouths. You’ll be doing mankind a great disservice if you don’t.”

“How do you propose I teach them?”

“How did your mother teach you?”

“On my father, of course. He said I was better at it than my mother. If you’d like to give a second opinion I’m sure Mom would be happy to oblige.”

“Hilda, your mother is about seventy.”

“What’s that got to do with it?”

“Isn’t she a bit old to be giving blowjobs?”

“I doubt it. My father bayan esmer escort bursa had his heart attack last year from one like I just gave you.”

“What a way to go.”

“Mom said he died with a smile on his face.”

“I’m sure he did.” Richard, now air dried, stood and pulled up his pants. “I’d like to die that way too.”

“I’ll see what I can do when the time comes,” she said grinning.

“If we can get that boy… What’s his name?”


“Can you do that on him?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never tried on a large one. The only two people I ever blew was you and Dad. You’re both about the same size. Would you like me to ask Mom next time she comes over?”

“That wouldn’t bother you?”

“I won’t put up with cheating. You know that. If I’m there watching and we agree ahead of time, it isn’t cheating, is it?”

“No, it’s like watching you. That’s been a fantasy of mine for years.”

“I know about the girl girl thing with me and another woman, the threesome fantasy and how much you want to do a teenager. I’m fine with all of those but I pick the other woman or girl, and I’m a participant. Do you have others?”

He thought for a minute. “Well there’s the milking table and the girls obviously.”

“The milking table is an easy one. The girls will have to make their own decisions. I won’t push that.”

“No, I wouldn’t want you to. Why the interest in my fantasies? You’ve never brought up the subject until this year,” he asked.

“We really haven’t had the freedom to live them out. We’ve had our daughters to think of. Lina will be leaving for school in the fall. That leaves us with the freedom to live them out.”

“What about your fantasies?” he asked.

“Much like yours except with the girls. If it happened I’d be fine with it but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make it happen. The thing with the guy and me is a little different too.”

“How so?”

“I’d like to be used, taken I guess is a better word. And to add to the excitement you should be bound so you can’t interfere.”

“Is that how you want us to arrange it?”

“If you’d be okay doing it that way, yes I would.”

“I don’t want you hurt or beaten.”

“I don’t want that either but I want him assertive and controlling. I want him to control me.”

“Can I think on that? It seems a little over the top to me.”

“Of course you can. Neither of us should do or allow anything we’re uncomfortable with. I need to go to the grocery. Wanna go?”

“I think I’ll pass. You don’t do to well pushing those carts.”

“I’ll have you know I’m an expert at handling a grocery carts.”

“Hilda, you crash into someone every time we go.”

“The key word there is ‘we’, my love. When you aren’t there I never crash.”

“It’s my fault you crash?”

“No, not at all. I crash into those women on purpose.”


“They’re checking out my husband so I crash into them to stake my claim.”

Richard laughed. “Right.”

“It’s true. Ask the girls.”

They left the bedroom and headed down the hall. Lina’s door opened.

“Mom, got time to talk?”

“I’m going to the grocery. Come along,” Hilda replied.

Lina closed her door and walked with them to the family room. As Hilda grabbed her purse, Richard turned to Lina.

“Lina, is your mother a good grocery cart driver?”

“The best, why?”

“I think she crashes a lot.”

“Only when someone’s checking you out, Dad.”

Hilda turned to him and smiled. “Need anything special?”

“Nope, you’re all the special I need,” he said as he kissed her goodbye.

The women had no sooner gotten in the car before Lina spoke.

“I’m not a virgin anymore.”

Hilda laughed, “Congratulations.”

“Last night, it was amazing.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“Mom, he was huge.”

“They feel that way the first time, sweetheart.”

“No, Mom. He was huge. I put my forearm up to it. It was almost that big.”

“I’ve only seen pictures of penises that size. As tiny as you are I’m surprised you could take it.”

“His sister, Debi, was there. She told me to take my time and my vagina would stretch to accommodate him.”

“You had sex with his sister there?”

“Debi and I were having a little girl fun and he walked in on us. She invited him to join.”

“So you had a threesome?”

“It wasn’t weird or anything. Dennis and Debi have been at it since they were fourteen. He broke both arms and she was helping him with things. One thing led to another and… Mom, I had three orgasms.”

“He’s talented, huh?”

“Mom, Debi is good with her mouth but Dennis is amazing. I had two that way and another one while he was in me.”

“I’m impressed.”

“I tried to take him in my mouth but I could only take about a third. Debi can deepthroat him.”

“Debi’s no bigger than you are.”

“She said there’s a few tricks to it but she promised to teach me.”

“With a penis that size she’d probably have to teach me too.”

“Mom, is there a proper way to deal with cum when he shoots in your bursa ucuz eskort mouth?”

“To the guys it’s like marking territory. They like to see it. I usually swallow.”

“He pulled out of me and shot on my boobs. Debi licked it up then kissed me and put a bunch of it in my mouth.”

“That would turn a man on. Hell, most everything you do with cum turns them on except spitting it out.”

“I swallowed it.”

“Did you like it?”

“Initially, I wasn’t impressed but after a while I actually wanted more.”

“I’ve grown to love it but what I love the most is seeing the look on your father’s face when he cums.”

“Dennis almost looked like he was in pain.”

“Unless you were crushing his testicles I can assure you it wasn’t pain. Are you going to see him again?”

“He’s not my type for a boyfriend but I think there will be a round two.”

“What’s your type?”

“Jocks. He’s built like one but he’s more interested in school than sports.”

“Good student?”

“He and Debi both get straight As.”

“I assume he dates a lot.”

“Never, Mom. Neither one of them do. They both work part time to save for college, study, and screw each other’s brains out.”

“So how did he get so good in bed?”

“He and Debi have had four years to practice.”

They arrived at the grocery store and went inside. In the second aisle someone tapped Lina on the shoulder. Lina turned. Debi was standing there.

“Hi, Debi. You remember my Mom.”

“Hi, Mrs. Muller.”

“Hi, Debi. How are you?”

“Good. Dennis and I are fixing dinner for Mom tonight. We needed to pick up some things.”

“I’d like to meet him,” Hilda said.

Lina blushed. Debi waved to the other end of the aisle for him to join them. Hilda watched as he walked their way. He was about 5’11” with broad shoulders. He had a really nice build and looked like he could have stepped off the cover of GQ. His hair was black and that smile, “Gorgeous,” Hilda thought.

“Dennis, this is Mrs. Muller, Lina’s Mom.”

“Nice to meet you. I can see now where Lina gets her looks. Hi Lina.”

“Hi,” Lina replied shyly.

“Dennis, it’s so nice to meet you. After some of the things I’ve heard Debi say over the years I expected an ogre.”

He laughed. “I can only imagine. Deb, we’d better go if we’re going to beat Mom home. Mrs. Muller, it was very nice to finally meet you. Lina, it was good to see you again.”

“You too, Dennis,” Lina said, still blushing.

“It was good to meet you too,” Hilda replied.

Debi and Dennis went toward the checkout.

“God, how embarrassing,” Lina said.

“He’s a hunk,” Hilda said watching him walk away.

“Mother, are you checking out his butt?”

“His butt and everything else,” Hilda sighed. “You did good, Lina. Can you imagine the cart crashes shopping with him?”

“Oh, Mom.”

“What can I say. I may be old and married but I’m not dead.”

“You aren’t old but you are married, Mother.”

Hilda began laughing. “Look at the checkout line they’re in. Women are leaving the shorter lines just to get a better look at him. Horny bunch in here.”

“You’re looking too.”

“Of course I’m looking.”

As Dennis and Debi left the store he turned back and waved at them. Several women shoppers turned to see who had caught his eye. Hilda smiled and waved back. Lina started laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“You should see the girls in the cafeteria at school. It’s like this but worse.”

“I’ll bet. Damn, he was hot.”

“Mom, I’ve never seen you like this.”

“I don’t remember ever seeing a 10 before. A nine maybe but not a 10. Your father will fall asleep with a smile on his face tonight.”

“TMI, Mom.”

“Gimme a break. How do you suppose you got here?”

“No more kids, Mom. I like being the baby.”

“I’m fixed, sweetheart. Not an issue.”

“If you weren’t married to Dad, you’d do him wouldn’t you?”

“In less than a heartbeat. Oh yeah, I’d do him alright.”

“It’s a good thing Dad wasn’t here,” Lina said.


“He’d have gotten jealous seeing you like this.”

“Your father trusts me completely. What he would have gotten was fucked in the car on the way home,” Hilda assured her. “Didn’t he turn you on at all?”

“Yes, but apparently not like he did you. Mom?”

“Yeah, baby?”

“You should see him naked with his face between your legs,” Lina said.

Hilda squirmed. “Oh, that was cruel. As soon as we get home you’ll need to take the groceries in. I’m taking your father to bed.”

Lina laughed. The went straight home. Hilda went inside and didn’t even take her purse. By the time Lina got inside her parents were nowhere to be found. About an hour later Richard and Hilda were talking. Hilda had told him about Dennis and plans to meet were being formulated. Hilda was feeling much better too having worked off some sexual energy. Hilda and Richard were fixing dinner when Lina joined them.

“Lina, there’s a lot of work I need to get done at the cabin before summer and I need someone with a bursa anal yapan escort strong back to help me. Do you know how to get in touch with Debi’s brother? I thought maybe he’d like to earn a few extra bucks.”

“I’ll send Debi a text and ask her to give him your cell number.”

“Feel free to give him mine too,” Hilda said grinning.

“Don’t you dare. She nearly killed me this afternoon,” Richard replied.

“Oh my God,” Lina said.

“Party pooper,” Hilda told Richard with a fake frown.

Lina sent the text to Debi. Richard’s phone rang during dinner. He let it go to voicemail. After dinner, while still sitting at the table he played the message.

“Hi Mr. Muller. This is Dennis Morton, Debi’s brother. I’d like to talk to you about the work you need done. Give me a call when you get a chance. Thanks.”

Richard dialed the number. It rang just twice before Dennis picked up.

“Hi, Mr. Muller. I hear you could use some help.”

“Call me Rick, Dennis.”

“Sure thing.”

“I have a cabin about thirty miles out of town on Grand Lake. There are several things I’d like to get done before the heat sets in.”

“When are you thinking of doing it?”

“Saturday or Sunday if you’re free.”

“I’m off this Sunday. How’s that?”

“Sunday works for me. I think it might be nice to let the girls come along and they can have some fun on the lake while we work. Do you think your sister might want to come along? We’ve got a boat there and can make a day of it.”

“Hold on. I’ll ask her. Hey Deb?”

“Yeah,” she replied.

“Mr. Muller has invited us up to their cabin on Sunday with their family. Wanna go?”

“I’d love it. Lina raves about how much fun it is.”

“Mr. Muller…Rick, she said she’d love to go.”

“That’s wonderful. I’ll send you the address. How about meeting us there about ten?”

“That sounds great.”

“Bring your trunks. We won’t work all the time. What’s your rate for a day’s work?” Richard asked.

“I’ll leave that to you. Whatever you think is fair.”

“Good. We’ll see you on Sunday then.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Bye,” Dennis replied.

“Bye, Dennis.”

Richard hung up the phone. Lina looked at her mother.

“I hope he doesn’t wear Speedos. Mom would never survive it.”

“I would. I’m not sure about your father though.”

Richard smiled. “I’ll take my chances. What a way to go.”

“Oh God, not you too,” Lina told him.

Hilda and Lina began making preparations for Sunday. There was a lot to do and buying swim suits was one of them. Debi joined the women on the shopping trip. Lina and Debi both picked out bikinis that would be both stylish and conservative since they were going to be with Lina’s parents. Hilda also picked out a bikini but it was even more conservative than the girls. When Sunday finally rolled around the Muller’s left for the lake about eight to get the cabin set up for the day. Debi and Dennis arrived just a little before ten. Lina greeted them at the car.

“Wow, this is really nice,” Debi said.

“We come up about every other weekend in the summer. Do you guys like to water ski?”

“We’ve never tried it,” Dennis replied. “I’ll be working anyway. You guys knock yourselves out.”

“Come inside and meet Dad.” They walked inside. “Dad, this is Dennis. You already know Debi.”

Richard held out his hand. “Glad you could make it. You remember my wife,” he said as they shook hands.

“Mrs. Muller,” Dennis said.


“Good to see you again, Hilda.”

“If you boys will excuse us I think the girls and I will cruise the lake. Girls, get your suits on and don’t forget the sunscreen. I’ll go get the boat ready.”

“Ready for work?” Richard asked.

“I’m ready,” Dennis replied.

“Come with me.” They walked about a hundred feet behind the cabin to a large stack of tossed firewood. “I’m not sure why they tossed it here but it all needs to be moved and stacked by the fire pit.”

“Is it okay if I pull my pickup back here?”

“Absolutely. That’ll simplify the job. Let’s walk back I’ll show you where to stack it.”

They walked back to the cabin and Richard showed him where he wanted it stacked. Dennis got in his truck and pulled back to the pile. He put on work gloves and began tossing the wood into the truck. Once he had a good load he drove the truck and began unloading and stacking. As he was nearing the end of the first load he took his T-shirt off. Hilda and the girls walked out of the cabin just as he did.

“Oh God,” Hilda mumbled nearly tripping over something.

Lina started laughing. “Mom, this is going to be a long day for you.”

“Very long,” Hilda replied picking up her pace to the boat.

“Is your Mom okay?” Debi whispered.

Lina grinned. “Seeing Dennis has got her in heat.”

“He does that to a lot of women. Poor guy is clueless how hot he is,” Debi replied.

“Let’s catch up to Mom before she falls in the lake.”

Debi laughed. “I’ll bet when Dennis sees her in that bikini he’ll need watching too. God, she’s stacked.”

“Yeah, make us look like High School girls,” Lina replied.

“We are High School girls.”

“Just for another month.”

“Even then she’ll still make us look like kids. Lina, I swear, if she wasn’t your Mother I’d go for her.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“Your Dad too for that matter,” Debi chuckled.

“I never thought of Dad that way but you’re right. He’s a stud.”

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