Between a Rock and a Hard

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It was finally Friday and Bridget was trying her best to get the hell out of Seattle. The trouble was, rain was coming down in buckets and traffic everywhere had slowed to a near-standstill.

This problem seemed to arise every time she and Michael tried to arrange a little tryst at his place upcoast. Michael had a cozy little cabin which overlooked the ocean near Everett. It had become the perfect getaway for the pair – a release from the hustle and hassle of the work week. Fresh air, the ocean at their feet, a cold beer or Irish coffee, depending on the weather, and plenty of time in bed always sent them back to the city refreshed.

And Bridget was sure this weekend would be no less wonderful. It was her birthday, and Michael had promised something special. Michael gave her little surprises often, so she had no idea what he might have in mind this time. But, as the windshield wipers fought a losing battle against the rain, she realized she was really looking forward to this weekend. After three very hectic weeks at work, she knew she needed some quality rest and recreation time. And as the miles fell behind her, she could feel her stress easing.

Finally, as the clouds deepened in colour and intensity, Bridget pulled up at Michael’s hideaway. A flash of lightning lit up the little abode as she decided she better sprint for the door. She got out of her car, opened the back door and grabbed her suitcase, then splashed her way to the front door. By the time she got there, she was soaked to the skin; it was really coming down now. Slamming the door behind her, she put down her case and called to Michael. As she shook water out of her fiery red locks, a completely naked Michael walked up with a hot mug of Irish coffee. “Hey babe, I thought you could use something warm inside you when you got here.”

Bridget laughed as she took the warm mug from him and fondled its warmth. “Why, how thoughtful you are,” she teased. “This is just what I needed. But, looking at you, this isn’t the only warm thing you hoped to get into me, is it?” Michael, at five foot nine and 180 pounds, was very buff. He worked out regularly and played ball constantly and enjoyed being in shape. And Bridget enjoyed the shape he was in.

Michael set his mug on a table by the door. “Let me help you get out of those wet things. You’re dripping wet and we can’t have you catching a cold now, can we?”

“No. I don’t think we can have that,” she agreed.

Michael moved close to unbutton Bridget’s blouse. She switched the mug in her hands as he pulled it off his shoulders. Tossing it over the back of a chair as Bridget sipped her heavily spiked coffee, he turned back to her and reached behind to undo her skirt. It fell to the floor and Michael wrapped his arms around her. Chilly from the rain, she could feel his warmth through her damp bra and panties and felt warmer. He moved his hands up her back and undid her bra, freeing her large, firm breasts. The chill had her covered in goosebumps and as Michael knelt before her to pull down her panties, her whole body felt like a giant goosebump. She shivered as she stepped out of her panties, then Michael took her back in his arms, his now-hard penis pressed against her belly.

“Babe,” she whispered into his ear, “this is great, but I’m cold.”

“I know, that’s why I’ve got a fire going in the bedroom. Come with me.” Taking her hand, Michael led her into the tiny bedroom, the only one in the small cabin. As promised, a wonderful fire blazed light into the room, while it’s heat emanated everywhere. Bridget could feel its warmth immediately.

“Mmmmm, this is wonderful, and so are you.” The room was nearly filled by the king-size bed the two stood before. Michael took their mugs of Irish whiskey, set them on a tiny table by the bed and took Bridget in his arms. She snuggled into him as he put her arms around her and felt the warmth of his body. Michael caressed her back, then moved his hands to cup the cheeks of her bum. As he lightly massaged them, Bridget could feel herself becoming aroused. She kissed him lightly on the lips, then poked the tip of her tongue between them. As she did, she pushed her hips away from Michael’s to allow her room to wrap her fingers around his penis.

Michael moaned lightly from the sensation and squeezed her bum a little harder. As she held his penis, Bridget pushed her tongue into his mouth to explore. They stood that way for some moments, exploring each other’s mouth, she holding his penis, he gripping her buttocks. As Michael began güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri gently pumping into her hand, though, he eased her back to the bed. Looking up at him, Bridget lied back and spread her legs. Needing no further encouragement, Michael knelt between her legs and lightly kissed the skin of her thighs, then moved to gently kiss her pussy. He ran his tongue over her shaved lips, planted a tiny kiss on her clit, then nuzzled into the patch of hair above it.

Bridget moaned as rain pounded against the window and thunder rolled through the heavens. Michael kissed his way from her clit to her belly button and up her body. As he did, she pushed her breasts together, the hard nipples standing at attention for his attention. Now straddling her, he nuzzled his face into her ample bosom, then pulled away to lick and suck her nipples. As he did so, Bridget wrapped her legs around his torso, offering herself to him. She now felt wonderfully wet and in need of Michael’s beautiful penis inside her. As he continued to lick and tease her nipples, she pulled on him with her legs, wanting him to fuck her.

Michael moved his mouth to her, kissed her deeply, then whispered in her ear, “You ready for me baby?”

“Mmmhmmm,” she moaned as she gripped him tighter with her legs, lifting her bum off the bed. “Fuck me. Fuck me now.”

Michael moved back down her body a little as Bridget lowered her legs to the bed and pulled a couple of pillows under her head. Now reclined a little, she watched as Michael moved his penis so the head was just touching her lips. She could feel his heat as he began rubbing the head along her lips and pushing against her clit. She spread her legs as wide as she possibly could, wanting him badly now. “Come on babe, fuck me now.”

Watching her watch him, Michael slowly eased himself into her, luxuriating in the feel of her wet pussy enveloping him. As he entered her, Bridget shuddered a little and arched her back in pleasure. Then, as Michael began pumping into her body, she rose onto her elbows to watch as his penis moved in and out of her wet pussy.

As she moved onto her elbows, Michael moved his legs to get a better purchase on the mattress, then began to more quickly go full length into her. As he moved from deep inside her to a point where his head was between her lips, he watched as her full, full breasts rhythmically moved in time to his fucking motion. Then he looked at Bridget’s face and noticed she was still watching him fuck her. Incredible, he thought, she is incredible. He picked up his pace a little, hearing the sloppy sounds of their sex as his balls hit her bottom. As he did, Bridget finally had to take her eyes off the action; to close them in ecstasy as she threw her head back.

Fucking faster now, and with Bridget’s breasts rolling in a wild motion, both could feel orgasm approaching. The room was very warm from the fire now and Michael could feel some sweat between his cheeks. Bridget moaned loudly, totally engrossed in the feel of Michael’s penis pumping in and out of her. As they continued to fuck, she dropped back onto the pillows and moved her hands to his chest, squeezing his nipples as he drove deeply into her.

Both moaned now, in unison, as each felt orgasm approaching. Michael clenched his ass and drove deep as Bridget squeezed him with her pussy. They could both smell their sex and hear the sounds and, as Michael plunged quickly a final few times, erupted in orgasm together. As Bridget felt waves of pleasure wash through her body, beginning in her pussy where Michael’s hot cum now spurted, he felt like his balls were emptying into her. They let their orgasms rock them as Michael slowed, and finally stopped, his penis deep inside Bridget. Both wonderfully sated, he lay on her breasts as she wrapped her arms around him. They stayed that way, he inside her, for long moments. Enjoying the warmth and light of the fire and thunder rolling overhead, she squeezed his still throbbing penis and clenched back.

Finally, Michael whispered that he was going to get more drinks. He pulled out of Bridget and went to the tiny kitchen. Enjoying a post-coitus glow, Bridget rolled onto her stomach and lightly fell into slumber.

She awakened gently when she felt light kisses being brushed all over her bum. As fingers then brushed the inside of her thighs, she stretched languorously and snuggled into the soft pillow beneath her head. Eyes closed, Bridget basked in the attention being paid to her soft, yet firm, bum. A wet güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri fingertip ran between her cheeks and then a tongue gently probed her anus. “Mmmm,” she moaned at the wet touch.

The tongue continued to probe, but, with a shocked start, Bridget realized the face nuzzling her behind had a moustache. It wasn’t Michael! Shocked awake now, Bridget jumped and pulled away from whoever was behind her. As a flash of lightning lit up the tiny bedroom, she looked behind her to see a massive, naked blonde man kneeling on the bed. “Shit,” she yelled. “Who the hell are you?” She quickly pulled her knees under her, then, looking in a panic around the room, noticed Michael sitting in the only chair, a bottle of beer in his hand.

She was relieved to see him there, but was confused. “Michael, what’s going on here?” she demanded. Michael moved to his knees at the edge of the bed.

“This is your fantasy babe, remember. You’ve told me you wanted two guys at the same time. Well, this is it.”

“But Michael,” she whispered under her breath. “That was a fantasy, I never thought it would happen. Who is this guy?” Naked, Bridget felt quite vulnerable.

Michael moved closer and quickly kissed her. “It’s Lance, I play ball with him all the time. He’s a cool guy. And, he’s hung like a horse. Plus babe, he’s moving to Texas next week, he won’t even be in town anymore.”

Bridget looked from Michael’s face to the big man at the foot of the bed. He was still on his knees, slowly stroking his very large penis and looking hungrily at her. She looked back at Michael and whispered, “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Michael took her face in his hands. “Hey, you don’t have to babe, I just thought this might be a fun opportunity for you to live out your fantasy. If you don’t want to, he’s outta here.” He looked back at Lance, gave a slight nod, then kissed her again, probing her mouth with his tongue. As he did so, Lance reached to gently caress her bum once again. Between the kissing and the caressing, Bridget began to relax a little, and she kissed Michael back, deeply.

Pulling away from her slightly, Michael looked into her eyes and saw the fiery green flash he knew so well. “There you go babe,” he whispered again. “Just relax and enjoy.”

“Well, this is feeling good,” she whispered back. As Lance kneaded her bottom, Bridget could feel herself getting into the spirit of the adventure. She poked her tongue deep into Michael’s mouth, then eased her legs back so she was lying on her tummy once again. As she put her head on the pillow once again, Michael moved to lie beside her. With his penis hard again and pressing against her, they continued kissing. Lance, meanwhile, was kissing Bridget up and down her body and Bridget found she was greatly enjoying the sensation. Still on her tummy, she spread her legs to allow Lance access.

With Michael’s tongue in her mouth, Lance moved a hand between Bridget’s legs to caress her pussy. He gently ran a finger up and down her slit and then gently probed between her lips. Almost despite herself, she found she was really enjoying the attention of two men and she moaned softly into her lover’s mouth. As she did so, Lance took her by the hips and raised her bum in the air. He then moved further between her legs, spreading her thighs apart with his legs. With her pussy now off the bed and more exposed, he began rubbing his penis between the cheeks of her bum, then alternated to rub along her pussy as well. As the head of Lance’s very large penis touched her clit, Bridget moaned “Oh my God” softly into Michael’s face.

“Gettin’ into it, hey babe?” he asked.

“Mmmmm,” was all she could manage back.

“Right on babe,” he said, then moved in front of her. At the sight of Michael’s penis beckoning, Bridget got on her hands and kissed the head that she loved. She licked up a large drop of pre-cum which oozed, then moved her lips over him. As Michael moaned with pleasure, she pulled off and slopped spit on his shaft, then began to hungrily engulf him. As the two men watched, she took him full length into her mouth, turning her head side to side as she did, and pressing on his shaft with her tongue. As she sucked hungrily at him, Michael closed his eyes, put his hands behind his back and moaned.

At her rear, Lance lustily watched the action. He placed the head of his penis between Bridget’s lips then slowly plunged deeply into her body. She was soaking wet now and despite his size, Lance found he easily went güvenilir bahis şirketleri full length. As he pressed his balls against her, he too let out a moan. When Michael had mentioned this idea to him, he had been all for it, but this action was really turning out to be incredible. As lightning flashed and lit the room again, he grabbed Bridget by her hips and drove into her, almost lifting her off her knees. Plunging deeply into Bridget as he watched her suck Michael, Lance felt he’d never been as hard. What a woman, he thought.

In front of Bridget, Michael altered his gaze from her mouth working him to Lance at her rear, shoving his penis deeply into her. Bridget was so wet that there was a slapping sound as Lance went deeply into her pussy and at his penis, she was slurping noisily at him, lips wrapped firmly around his shaft as she moved. Michael, too, had never felt harder than at this moment and was unbelievably turned on by this threesome action. Watching Lance’s motions, Michael felt he wanted to match them. To do so, he took Bridget’s head in his hands to slow her, then held her still. Then, placing his palms over her ears, he began to fuck her mouth in time with Lance at her pussy.

With her ears covered, Bridget couldn’t hear anything but the odd thunder crash, and, as lightning lit the room more and more often, was carried away by the feeling of being penetrated by two penises. She couldn’t think, couldn’t hear, could only feel as the men pressed into her. Closing her eyes, Bridget simply gave herself up to the sensation of the thrusting penises. As she surrendered to her feelings, she felt an orgasm approach, then wash over her in tides of ecstasy. Pleasure wracked her body as Michael filled her mouth and Lance her pussy with their hot, hard manhood.

Behind her, Lance had now grabbed her breasts and was working her nipples. This shot more pleasurable sensations through her body and she felt she could absolutely burst. With her heart pounding, Bridget felt could she hardly breath and pulled her mouth off Michael’s penis. Taking him with one hand, though, she continued to wildly lick him as Lance continued fucking her from behind. Michael released his hands from her ears and she could now hear the sloppy sounds Lance was making. As she did, she came again as she pushed against Lance and began stroking Michael fast and hard with her hand.

Both men were moaning now and Bridget was panting with her efforts, bucking against Lance, who now held her with her legs right off the bed as he fucked her, while she balanced on one hand and stroked Michael with the tightly clenched fingers of the other. Almost as if on cue, both men loudly announced they were almost ready. “Then cum on me,” Bridget found herself yelling, “cum on me.”

Lance pulled out of her and she settled onto the bed as she let go of Michael. Rolling onto her back, Bridget put her head on the pillow and looked at the two men. “Come here, I want you to cum on me. Hurry, don’t waste any.” Both did as she bid. Each moved to one side of her body, near her breasts, and took their penises in hand. Bridget watched, fascinated, as both men began stroking themselves over her. She quickly wet her forefingers, then pushed one into each man’s anus. That seemed to spark them to greater efforts and they both stroked faster, concentrating on their penis, or looking into Bridget’s eyes.

After several moments, and again almost on cue, the two men came, pumping their semen onto Bridget’s large breasts. Both groaned as they continued to pump themselves and the cum continued to flow. She pulled out her fingers and began to massage their cum into her breasts, enjoying the sticky warmth. Michael and Lance moaned as they finished themselves and watched her play with her nipples with cum-soaked fingers. As the two let go of themselves, Bridget took them in hand and squeezed every last bit of cum out of them. Then, as the two watched, she continued to play with her breasts, enjoying the slippery cum on her as she gazed at the penises above her.

Finally, as thunder crashed and lightning lit the room, all three were sated and there came an awkward moment when nobody knew quite what to do. Michael relieved the awkward situation by suggesting Lance hit the shower. A little embarrassed now, he quickly agreed and jumped off the bed. For his part, Michael gently laid on Bridget, feeling the cum on her breasts between them, and kissed her deeply. As he pulled away slightly, all he could think to say was, “my God babe. Happy Birthday.”

“Yes. Yes.” Bridget also had nothing more to say. She couldn’t believe the experience she had just been through and only wanted to savour it all. As the two fell asleep in each other’s arms, Lance, after a quick shower, left, quietly closing the door on the most incredible sexual experience he had ever had.

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