Beverly Needs A Plumber Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Beverly was happy to see Laura. She was bursting to thank Laura and tell her all about the events after she arrived home the day before.

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for suggesting that Bobbie help me handle my problem,” she told Laura.

Laura laughed, “It appeared to me that Bobbie was very happy to help and will probably volunteer to help you again and again.”

“I hope so but I may not need as much help as I thought.”

“Why do you say that?” Laura asked.

“I had a talk with Mary after I came home yesterday. She confessed that her brother has been fucking her for a long time and also that Jack caught them. Jack hasn’t been doing anything with me because he has been black mailing Mary into giving him all the pussy he can handle.”

Laura was shocked. “Your kids too? Wow, and you had no idea? How do you feel about that?”

“I’m fine with the kids, as a matter of fact the two of them fucked my brains out when Mike came home but Jack is another matter.”

“Both of them?”

“Yes, we had a real party. Mike is hung like a horse and Mary loves to eat pussy so they really worked me over,” Bev smiled happily.

“What about Jack?”

Bev frowned, “He’s finished. He came home late and I offered him a piece of ass when he came to bed. He told me he was too tired so I told him I knew about him black mailing Mary and since he was too busy fucking her to fuck me he wasn’t going to be fucking anybody in this family any more.”

“You mean you threw him out?”

“Yep, he left with his clothes in his pickup this morning. I told him if he ever came back I’d have him put in jail,” Bev giggled.

“So it’s just you and the kids now?”

Beverly looked happier than she’d been in a long time, “Mike and Mary are bursa eve gelen eskort bayan very happy together and I told them as long as they keep their momma satisfied we’ll get along just fine. I may need to borrow Bobbie occasionally and I even wondered how you and Brian would feel about having Brian visit me.”

Laura chuckled at that, “Visit you? You mean you’d like your brother to come over and fuck you? I guess you liked sucking his cock yesterday? I seriously doubt he’d have a problem with that because he couldn’t take his eyes off you when Bobbie was fucking you.”

“So you think it would be ok? You wouldn’t mind?”

Laura sighed, “I’ve always had a thing for family fun. My brothers fucked me endlessly before I married Brian and I don’t see anything wrong with it. As a matter of fact if Brian was fucking you it might give me an excuse to try out that big cock my son has and I might even like to have a shot at Mike.”

Beverly giggled, “I guess Mike, Bobbie and Brian are going to have all the hot pussy they’ll be able to handle. I’m certain you and I and Katy and Mary won’t have to look very hard for a hard cock.”

“Poor Katy doesn’t even know yet that her and Bobbie’s ‘secret’ is out. She was out late last night and was still sleeping this morning so she doesn’t know what happened yesterday. Bobbie will probably tell her when he gets home after practice. He almost always fucks her when he gets home in the afternoon.”

Beverly snickered, “Maybe we should go over and watch. I’d love to see the surprise on her face when she finds out they’re busted and I’d love to see them fuck. I’d never watched anyone until I watched Mike fuck Mary yesterday and it really got me hot.”

Laura bursa eskort bayanlar looked at Bev and said, “You probably just want to fuck Bobbie again but what the hell, let’s go.”


Since it was still early Beverly and Laura stopped for lunch and to kill a little time. It was about 2 pm when they arrived at Laura’s house. They slipped quietly in the front door and heard sounds from the living room. They were very surprised at what they saw when they peeked in. Katy and Mary were on the floor locked in a 69 as they furiously ate each others pussies. Mike and Bobbie were sitting naked on the couch stroking their hard cocks and watching the girls intently. Laura and Bev smiled at each other and quietly walked in and sat down by their sons. Laura took Bobbie’s cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Bev put her arms around Mike and kissed him.

Laura whispered to Bobbie, “The girls look busy. Does that mean you might have a little time for me?”

Bobbie looked at her and said “Mom, I’ll always have time for you.”

Laura stood and began to remove her clothes. This was a moment that Bobbie had dreamed of but never thought possible. At age 41 his mother still had a tight body. Her 38D boobs sagged a bit and her bush was much fuller than the young girls he was accustomed to but she was hot as hell. When she was completely naked he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her pussy to his face. He buried his tongue in her wet cunt and Laura moaned.

Mike pulled his mom to her feet and began to remove her clothes also. As soon as she was nude she dropped to her knees and took Mike’s massive cock in her mouth. Mike put his hands on his mom’s head and began to fuck her mouth.

Bobbie görükle escort bayanlar was still seated on the couch and he pulled his mother down onto his lap. She reached between them and guided his cock into her. Bobbie couldn’t believe how wet and tight his mother was. Laura pulled his mouth to her chest and he sucked first one nipple and then the other as she began to ride her son’s cock.

The girls had been oblivious to their mothers presence because they were busy sucking their brother’s cum from each others pussies had now stopped and sat up to watch their brothers and mothers.

Mike had sat back down on the couch and Bev was just beginning to ride his cock in the same fashion as Laura was riding Bobbie.

Katy looked at Mary and said, “I guess we won’t have those big cocks to ourselves anymore!”

Mary smiled back at her and said, “Yeah, but we won’t have to sneak around to get fucked either.”

“I wonder what dad will think of all this?” Katy asked.

Mary laughed, “Just ask him, he’s standing right there in the hall.”

Brian walked into the room looking first at his naked daughter and niece sitting on the floor and then at his wife and sister who were each fucking their son’s with abandon. He was a bit stunned but there was no mistake about the reaction of his growing cock.

Mary scooted over near him and began to remove his pants. “Hey, Uncle Brian, let’s get these off.”

“Yeah”, Katy chimed in, “Our mom’s are busy so you’re going to have to fuck one of us.”

Brian looked down at his pretty daughter as his niece sucked his cock into her mouth. If he had any second thoughts about any of this they vanished just like his cock vanished into Mary’s mouth. Katy stood up and rubbed her wet pussy against him as she kissed him. Brian put his arms around his daughter and kissed her back as he fucked Mary’s mouth. He glanced toward the older women and watched as their asses pounded against the boy’s thighs.

“I’ll probably go to hell,” Brian thought as he pulled his cock from his niece’s mouth and lowered his daughter to the floor and suck his cock into her.

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