Big Mike Ch. 01

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I hopped off the bus with surprising grace in my hooker heels. My cherry red dress made me stand out in contrast with the plainly-dressed locals at the bus stop. They looked me over with interest. Not to brag; there wasn’t much else to look at in front of the shitty little strip mall. I was unusually dolled up that day, having just come from a modeling gig. I like to brag and say that I’m a model, but really I just do small time gigs every few months for a small cheque. This time it was a hair stylist show and they wanted me in cherry red. Not my colour.

The reason why I’d gotten off the bus early instead of heading straight home to remove my ridiculous outfit was because of a particular shop that had caught my eye. The hair show was on a side of town that I never visit, so I figured I better check it out while I was in the area. I approached the full length glass window which was plastered with posters. The sign read: East City Comics.

I hadn’t read comics since I was a kid and I didn’t really know much about them, but those damn Marvel movies were becoming addictive. I entered the shop and walked around a bit before really paying attention to who else was in there. After I fully took in my surroundings, I realized how much I stood out. Let me paint the picture for you.

I’m twenty three years old and, to be honest, I’m pretty fucking good looking. I’m five foot seven and a hundred and eleven pounds. I’m slender/curvy with soft, pale skin that I spend a stupid amount money moisturizing. My hair is sandy blonde with some sun-kissed highlights and it comes to the small of my back. I’ve got long legs which are accentuated by these ridiculous hooker heels, bringing me to two inches short of six feet. Bra size: 32C. Legs and anus: electrolyzed. Clam shell: waxed Brazilian style. I don’t normally wear much makeup but on that day I was painted up like a girl posing in front of a BMW.

I’m not trying to brag or anything. I’m just emphasizing how intensely this table full of pizza-faced neckbeards was staring at me while they played Magic the Gathering or whatever they were doing. I noticed their glances and looked over. Half of them looked away while half just stared. After an uncomfortable few seconds of that, I started walking around the store, somewhat hiding myself behind the shelves. A silence had fallen in the store and it took a minute for casual conversation to return.

I glanced around at a few titles, not really knowing what I was looking for. Aquaman: no thanks. Moon Knight: is he reverse Batman? I recognized Wolverine and the X-Men and a couple other Marvel characters, but nothing really caught my eye. Not any comic, at least.

Once I laid my eyes on the guy behind the counter I almost stumbled right out of my heels. Luckily no one noticed as I composed myself to take a second look.

I like big men. Really big. And this guy was really big. First guess: over four hundred pounds. The first thing I noticed was his big, round bearded face as he looked across the room to the table of Magic the Gatherers. He chatted nonchalantly with another guy who was watching the game. His voice was deep and bassy. Sexy. After that I noticed the huge round shoulders he had and the fat, beefy forearms that supported him as he leaned on the counter. He wore a huge black baggy t-shirt that matched his near black hair and beard. His hair was thinning a bit on top, but not enough so that made him look bald. Dude was probably late thirties. I noticed a bit of dark back hair appearing on the back of his neck and just imagined of what his big burly body looked like.

The escort bahçelievler other guy watching the game made a joke and said something about how the cards were laid out, prompting a reaction from the big man. To my surprise, and then my joy, he actually got up from behind the counter to take a closer look. Up until that point, I had thought the space behind the counter had been on a raised level, but to my astonishment I’d been wrong. As the big man pressed his meaty palms on the table and stood up, his head approaching the ceiling. He turned to one side, giving me a view of his huge, broad back, and then squeezed himself through the space around the counter. He emerged from behind the counter and nearly knocked me unconscious with a view of what was a huge round belly. Absolutely massive. What was more, he then stood next to the guy he’d been talking to, and completely towered over him. They were both adult men, but he made the other guy look like a child by contrast. I just stared, open mouthed, and nearly drooled. If it had been an anime scene then my bleeding nose would’ve launched me into the ceiling.

The giant glanced over at me and saw me staring without any composure. I met his eyes for a moment but suddenly found myself bashful and clumsy, so I looked down at the rack in front of me. It was manga, something I had some knowledge of, so I perused a few titles while I burned inside.

He was a god, a mighty god, I decided. And I had to have him. It took me a few minutes to compose myself. I’d honestly never seen a man even remotely like him. Eventually, I grabbed a volume of Death Note and headed to the counter, where my Ubermenscht had returned.

I approached the counter in my cherry red dress and could feel the eyes of the table on me. My hero behind the counter turned to me and the recognition of his gaze on me, his eyes taking me in, made me tremble. I could feel my heart beat faster as I placed one hand on the counter and dropped the comic in front of him.

Looking at him up close took me to a new depth of appreciation. His big thick beard was dark black and really bushy. His hair above was more of a dark brown. He had a big broad nose and a heavy brow with thick eyebrows. His face was heavy and round with a big double chin hidden under the mess of a beard. His lips were thick and his eyes were dark. He wore dark framed glasses.

“Is that all for you?” he asked. The sound of his bassy voice sent a tremor through me.

I looked up at him quickly, prying my eyes away from his big sexy belly. He wasn’t even looking at me, instead watching the cash and looking at the table.

“Uh, yeah, I guess.” I turned around and looked at the card game, once again seeing several heads rotate upon my glance. “Is that Magic they’re playing?” The burly man-god didn’t answer, but instead the dude he’d been speaking to was quick to offer an answer.

“Yeah. You play Magic?” He said it with a smirk. He was a bit taller than me in my heels, making him about six feet. He was younger looking and a bit more of a generic nerd-pretty boy. I hadn’t expected his response so I stared at him for a moment before thinking of an answer.

“Uh…no. I’m a basic bitch so I don’t know anything about that.”

He smiled big and laughed at my response, as did a couple Magic players. I glanced back to my beautiful colossus but there was no response. He still wasn’t even really looking at me. My eyes ran over his mammoth frame again before he finally looked up at me and saw me staring.

“That’s fifteen-sixty.” escort balgat Again, the deep voice nearly made me swoon. I held his gaze for a moment. He didn’t smile. I was nervous as hell.

“Sure.” I pulled my little mini-wallet out of my side-boob and opened it up to retrieve a fifty. “Fifty okay? To make change, I mean?”

He looked at his till and shrugged. “Yeah.” I knew breaking big bills was sometimes a bother. I worked as a server so I hated when old ladies paid for a small salad with a hundred.

He gave me change and I enjoyed the delight of feeling the brief touch of his hand on mine. The best part was seeing out hands next to one another. My slender, pale wrists seemed like tiny twigs next to his brawny, furry forearms and baseball mitt palms. His arms were practically fur-covered, and even the back of his hands and fingers were hairy.

I pocketed the change and took the book and gave another glance back to the table. The exchange was complete and I hadn’t really made any headway. I was still so damn nervous and my heart was pounding.

“So uh…I didn’t know this store was here. Has it been here long?” I looked to the man-bear, but instead the skinnier guy answered.

“It’s been here about fifteen years. I took it over two years ago.” The skinny nerd-pretty boy was the owner, to my surprise.

“Oh, you’re the owner?” I lulled for a moment, desperate for some witty line, before turning to the big man. “So what are you? The bouncer?”

Again, he looked at me without a smile. I guess he couldn’t tell that it was a joke. Or maybe I just wasn’t funny.

“Mike’s been here longer than I have,” said the pretty boy, with a chuckle. At least he found it funny. “Mike was working here when the original owner first opened, so he’s pretty much the go-to for comic knowledge.”

“Oh yeah?” I was quick to turn back to the god that I now had a name for. Big Mike.

Mike shrugged, still not revealing the slightest interest in my existence.

The owner pretty-boy showed me some interest. He was all smiles and quick to ask me what I was interested in. I made small chit-chat and mostly talked about anime, since that was all I really knew. I kept glancing back at Mike, who seemed to look everywhere except at me. After a minute or two of begging with my eyes for his attention, I broke away from pretty boy and turned to Mike.

“Hey…so if you’re the go-to guy, then what’s your favourite comic?”

Mike finally stared at me for more than a second and furrowed his heavy brow. The question seemed to annoy him, or maybe just my asking him was annoying.

“Sandman, by Neil Gaiman.” I gave him a slow nod of acknowledgement.

“Well…never heard of it.” Before anyone could explain what it was, I turned to the pretty boy owner. “Hey, when does this place close?”

“Oh, at six. Open till eight on weekdays though.”

“Well then, Big Mike…” I turned around to fully face the counter. “How about I meet you at six then? And you can explain Sandman to me.”

Another silence seemed to fill the room and Mike finally showed me some emotion: confusion. I could hear the guys at the table whispering with a chuckle before Mike could even respond.


He was really not making it easy for me. I felt kinda stupid, wearing my red hooker dress and hooker heels standing in front of a table full of Magic players who were staring at my ass the whole time. Once again, not trying to act stuck up, but men usually didn’t put up much resistance when I showed interest.

“There’s a Starbucks escort batıkent across the street. Come meet me at six when you’re done. Tell me about Neil Gaiman. Or whatever.”

Mike looked down and over at his cash. Pretty much anywhere but at me, again. He furrowed his brown as if there was something to contemplate.

“Well…it’ll take me a while to close up, so…maybe…I mean, you can find out about Sandman pretty easy. Craig can show you.” He gestured over to the nerd-pretty boy owner, who was miles ahead of Mike on what was happening. I glanced over to Craig and we shared a smirk.

“Yeah well, Craig is great and all. He and I go way back. But I was hoping you could tell me about it.” I got a bit aggressive and leaned in to the counter, pressing my elbows down next to his and showing off as much cleavage as I could muster. “I just really wanna hear it from you though, you know. Since you’re the go-to guy and all. I bet you could teach me all sorts of things.”

Again, muffled laughter from the table was the first thing I heard. Mike looked a bit stunned and frustrated instead.

“I…uhh…are you…joking?”

I can hold a pretty good stern, sarcastic face, I think, and I held it sternly and looked him right in the eyes,

“No. I’m dead serious, big man. I want you to meet me after work. I wanna go sit at that Starbucks for the next two hours, sip on a skinny chai latte like the basic bitch that I am, and wait patiently for you to bring your big, lovely self over and educate me on comics or Star Wars or whatever else you like. How does that sound?”

More laughter from the table. Even some applause. Mike was stubborn in true bashful fat guy fashion.

“I…I don’t know what you want exactly, but…if you’re joking around, just…” He didn’t finish his sentence, instead just looking at me with a frustrated glare and probably hoping I would confess to whatever scheme his fat guy insecurity was imagining.

I pushed off the counter and stood up straight in a huff.

“Jesus, you’re difficult.” I turned to Craig. “Is this guy always so difficult?”

The owner seemed amused by the whole situation, and played along with me right away.

“Yeah, he’s stubborn, alright. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

I put my one hand on my hip and pointed the other to Mike.

“Is he single?” Craig smirked.

“Uh, yeah.”

“Is he gay?”

“Ha ha…not that I’m aware of.”

“And you’re his boss, right?”

“Uhh…yes, that’s technically correct.”

“Well…” I flicked my hair out of my face in dramatic fashion. “This is what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna go sit at that Starbucks across the street and wait for you. In the meantime I’m gonna write the most hyperbolic, overbearing, basic bitch, one star review on Yelp about this place. If you don’t come over at six and let me buy you an overpriced coffee, then I’ll publish that review and lower the overall rating of this place for a full twelve hours until you complain to Yelp to get it removed. Think of the loss of revenue. Think of the damage to your reputation. Huh? Huh? Yeah.”

The table was chuckling and Craig was laughing and Mike looked absolutely bewildered.

“You’ve…gotta be joking me…” Mike still couldn’t give me the answer I wanted. I sighed heavily and looked to Craig.

“Alright Craig. I’m gonna be waiting across the street. Make this thing happen.” I turned and started to walk out of the store, only to stop in a striking pose and look over my shoulder at Mike. “I’m gonna go read this Death Note…which, by the way, I’ve already read. I just spent fifteen bucks so I’d have an excuse to talk to you.” I continued out the door with dramatic over-indulgence.

Just as the door was swinging closed I heard Mike’s bassy voice. “What the fuck just happened?” I burst out laughing as I strode through the parking lot.

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