Birth of a Goddess Ch. 04

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Daddy went back to kissing my stomach as he slowly reached down and started caressing my mound over the entrance to my life portal. He looked at it and said, “You are beautiful all over and furry just like your amazing mother.” I smiled with pride in response to being compared to my mother. I was always in awe of her.

He then reached down and stuck a finger between my pubic folds and his face lit up brightly. “Oh Princess, you are indeed greatly wet! Mommy has never even been this wet. I am pleasantly surprised and amazed! Your body is encouragingly eager to receive the gifts of womanhood!” I smiled happily with pride that I was pleasing to my father so much already.

I was then amazed myself as I saw him take the same finger and he licked it. He made a sound of approval as if tasting a sweet dessert. He explained, “It is a delight to taste the syrup of passion; the nectar of life and welcoming for life’s seed to be planted.” He dipped in two fingers this time as electricity shot through me, and then presented the coated fingers to me.

“Taste of it my Princess. Taste how sweet your honey is that flows to welcome life seed to your portal.”

I opened my mouth to take in Daddy’s index and middle fingers to sample my own sweetness. I sucked them gently yet eagerly, and was so in awe of just how sweet it was, and especially how sticky. It was nothing like I had experienced before.

Daddy slowly pulled his fingers out, dipped them again in my folds, and then rubbed them across his lips and then mine, as he then leaned down to kiss me. It was a mighty incredible experience to taste my honey off of my father’s lips. As we continued to kiss for a bit, he then reached down and started to rub my little bump within my mound. I gasped.

I had touched this bump myself many times, just as I did last night to soothe myself to sleep, but his touch was so much different. His touch was powerful. His touch was intense. I did not want him to stop, yet the more he kept going I felt like I was going to explode off of the bed. I couldn’t control myself. His rubs increased in intensity and friction. Both my legs were sahabet güvenilirmi trembling harder and harder. My hands were grasping for a sheet that wasn’t there. I was breathing so hard I was gasping. I didn’t know what was happening but I did know that whatever it was… This… This moment… This must be what the word ecstasy truly means. All of a sudden I screamed out as my whole body contracted in waves of muscular convulsions. My button and life portal throbbed. I could barely breathe. I saw bright lights and stars and thought I would black out.

Daddy slowed his rubbing and told me, “Princess, you have just experienced your first orgasm. It’s like the thunder of the life-giving process and Daddy will produce the lightning.”

I wasn’t quite sure how it all fit in. But I felt an overwhelming relaxation coming down from that glorious high. I couldn’t even put two words together and just sweetly moaned in response. He chuckled.

He let me rest a few minutes as he caressed my body, tracing different places with his finger. When I could finally put together rational thought I commented that I didn’t know sex could be this amazing.

He laughed. “But Princess we aren’t even finished with the first stage.”

I was utterly astonished. I did recall him explaining there were three stages, but I couldn’t imagine there could be more involved than this.

He continued, “And I really don’t like to refer to this as just sex. It makes it sound so common and mundane when this is a sacred and spiritual experience of the mind, body and soul. It’s deserving of a better word.”

“What would you call it, Daddy?”

“I sometimes like to refer it as implantation, life renewal, nurturance, soul release, or sometimes seed comfort.”

“Those all sound very nice. I will call it whatever you wish, Father.”

“Well we can discuss that all later, but we have more work to do right now.”

He then explained to me that we were almost to step two but that he wanted me to know the most important feelings that my body’s power should be familiar with. He reinserted his two fingers between sahabet yeni giriş the folds to my life portal and slid them into my vagina. I gasped and my body tried to clench around his fingers and pull them in deeper still instinctively.

“Hold on, DeAundra. Try to relax and just enjoy experiencing the sensations. Get to know your body.”

My body tingled when he said my birth name. It always made me feel warm, how smoothly and tenderly he uttered it. My tingles turned to surges as he used his fingers to massage me all inside. It was doing crazy things to me and I wanted him to go deeper in and press harder…BADLY. I was ready to start begging.

“Daddy, please! I need…”, but I stopped because I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed. But then without further direction I blurted, “Daddy, I NEED YOU!”

With almost a growl-like response, he removed his hand, and at first I feared he was displeased. But in a swift motion he moved down further on the bed and placed his head between my legs. He pushed my thighs apart and had me bend my knees. Before I realized what was happening he buried his face in my furry mound. He moaned and the vibrations against my skin were so tantalizing. I could feel the heat of his breath as he hungrily inhaled my aroma of need.

“Oh DeAundra, your nectar smells just as sweet as it tastes. Even your scent gives life to my nostrils. Now I must kiss the portal of life before we move to step two. It is worthy of great worship.”

I was soaking in the sensations of feeling his rough face rubbing against my lower lips. I felt myself get wetter. He spoke, though a bit muffled. “Oh Princess, the honey is greatly flowing. That’s my sweet, sweet baby. The Life Parents are using you to bless life indeed.”

Daddy then took his hands and spread my outer lips apart and started licking my love button. Later I would learn this was called the clitoris, or clit, though I would find out my brothers liked to jokingly call it the doorbell to the life portal, and saints how they liked to ring it!

My, my, my…my Daddy sure knew how to worship a clit. He went from slow sahabet giriş licks to sucking, and sometimes to loud slurps. I thought he might suck it so hard that it would separate from my body. I writhed in the bed and kept wriggling, trying to hold still, and clutching my imaginary sheet. At times he even bit down on it, but I felt no pain, only pure pleasure. I gave up trying to grab a sheet and my dad sensing this reached up and grabbed my hands holding them down to my sides.

This worship was so intense. My hips started automatically trying to buck his face. I was losing all control. He held my hands down more firmly and with the weight of his face pressing into me was trying to hold my pelvis to the bed as well. He kept at it until I was screaming in pleasure. I once again saw stars and the room started spinning. He eased off of my clit and then greedily lapped up my juices with his tongue. I laid there relishing the sensation as I tried to catch my breath.

He then let me rest a bit and he got up to get me a glass of water from the bedside table. He seemed prepared for everything. He then helped me to sit up a little to drink. He refilled the glass from a matching pitcher and then refreshed himself as well.

In a few moments he laid down beside me and just quietly fondled my breasts, while he let me calm my still heaving chest. After some quiet and my breathing had slowed, he let me know that stage one was successfully complete. I couldn’t believe there were still two more! Now I understood why we didn’t do this last night, I wouldn’t have had the stamina and probably would have truly passed out.

Daddy explained to me that in the union between two Life Partners, especially those between male and female, it was important to know the body, needs, and feelings of both genders, because there were differences. He said I had successfully learned the female’s and experienced the true range of its power, and now it was time for him to show me the power the male body has.

I did wonder how this was all going to play out because I knew their anatomy was different. I had studied drawings of it for my biology, but never a true picture of a man naked in the flesh. Daddy got up and slid off his ritual robe and my eyes were immediately drawn to his fully erect penis.

My body reacted again with warmth, and I had no clue what was about to happen, but I wanted it badly.

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