Bisexual Fantasy Ch. 02: Sleepover

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I don’t dare remove my tongue as I take a deep breath. I’d been holding it for so long, massaging her clit and gently sucking while my tongue flicks here and there. After catching my breath, I dive back into my wife’s delicious pussy. As I ravage her on the edge of the bed, our wet bodies begin to dry from the blankets and movement. My cock is leaking precum all over the place. The bed spread below is speckled with drops of my anticipation. I need to fuck.

I’m hesitant to leave the tantalizing smell and flavor of her sex, but I know it’ll only be a second before I can enter her and feel another type of bliss. I take one last lap as I climb onto her and skillfully penetrate her without a guiding hand, I’m that hard.

“Bullseye!” I say with a grin.

She doesn’t like to talk much during sex. I sometimes feel like it’s all I want to do and can’t shut up. Regardless, she gives me a congratulatory smile and exhales in pleasure as I press further into her.

With both of her hands, she pulls my face to hers. Her sex juices all over my face blend with our saliva and I’m again rewarded with her heavenly aroma as it gets stirred up in our passion. This doesn’t seem to phase her even though she’s not really into women, but to me, it’s hot as hell and she knows it. She breaks our kiss and licks the sides of my mouth like a hungry animal, cleaning up the last remnants of her honey off my face, nearly driving me to orgasm right there.

“Goddam woman, you are driving me wild right now!”

She responds by reaching down with one hand to grab my ass and pull me in hard with every thrust into her. With her other hand she alternates between running her fingers through and pulling my hair.

This sex is spontaneous and there wasn’t much time for buildup or foreplay. She was preparing for her weekend trip with family and I caught her at the tail end of her shower. Slow and powerful, that’s the way I’m going to make her cum.

We slowly build toward climax so I speed up just a bit. It takes a lot of control to not just let loose and go crazy. My body and mind are ready for release, but I want her to cum with me.

“Go babe, i’m right there” she whispers.

That’s all the encouragement I need. I quit the halftime pace and double up my thrusts. Our faces are pressed together, me, passionately exploring her tongue with mine. After only a few more seconds of pumping, I’m there. I quickly drop back to long, deep thrusts as I feel that tingling sensation work it’s way through me, an utter eruption into my wife’s womb.

My pulsing cock shooting ropes of sperm, and the deep, slow thrusts sends her over the edge. Her body tenses and I can feel her contractions as she can mine. We wrestle each other, fighting to enjoy the last seconds of our shared climax together. We both exhale and collapse in a heap, her vaginal pulse still knocking on my slowly deflating penis.

“Same time!” I smile and hold up my open palm.

The moratorium on talking is over and she high fives me. “That’s a baby for sure!”

It’s not, I had a vasectomy years ago, but it definitely felt like it would have been.

We lay there, her body draped over mine with one leg resting across my pelvis, her head nuzzled into my chest and my arm holding her close.

“Listen” she says. “I want you to enjoy your weekend and I know that you very well could by yourself, but…I think I’ve come to trust Danny and what we have going on so…I think that if you want to have some guy time…I can be okay with that.”

Danny is the guy I had my first bisexual experience with. My wife surprised me a few months back and we had an absolutely unforgettable mmf threesome. Since that amazing night, we’ve had him over a couple more times, each as good as the last. Our agreement though, was that we would always both be present so we could minimize potential damage to our relationship. Up to now, we both feel like he’s become an amazing addition to our sex life. I’ll admit, he’s mostly for me, but she definitely has her fun too.

“Wow, are you for real?” I say, taken aback.

“Yeah, I mean do you feel like I should be worried about anything?”

“Not at all! On the contrary, although I THOROUGHLY enjoy Danny’s company, I feel more closely connected to you than I ever have.”

“Me too, and I think that’s why I’m comfortable with it. I trust you.”

She looks up into my eyes and we kiss.

“Thank you babe! I obviously trust you too and…yeah…now I can’t wait!!”

“For me to leave?!” She fake scoffs

I blush as she grabs my revitalized cock.

“No! I see…you’re excited for some man meat!”

She is 100% absolutely correct. Being recently inducted into the “swings both ways club.” I still find myself blushing at times about it. Almost not believing it’s real. I’m not embarrassed, or ashamed, but as I grow in my sexuality, I realize that it just takes time, a lot of time in some cases, to fully erase the discomfort society can place in people about what brings them pleasure.

“Well, Bostancı Escort Bayan conveniently, he was already going to come over on Sunday to work in the shop with me. His sister just bought her first house and she asked him to make a new dining table for her. I said we could use my shop since I have a bit more space.”

A grin grows in her smile, “so now you can woodwork, then work wood!”

“Mmmm, 8.5 I laugh. Could have been a 10.0 if you made a limerick out of it.” I tease.

She doesn’t miss a beat. Puffing up her chest and mimicking a poetry reading, she performs:

My husband

Playing in his shop

Working til the wood is hard

He cannot wait to

Suck a cock

“Whooop!!! 10.0! 10.0!” I shout as she, very proud of herself, genuflects into me on the bed.

We kiss again and she releases my geared up cock and hastily gets up to get dressed.

“We gotta be on the road in 30 minutes, help me get out the door, then you can…” she points with a wink “…take care of that.”


The next day, with the wife and kids gone to a “girls only” family event (shopping and wedding shower extended weekend extravaganza!) I’m left to my own devices. So, I do the only logical thing I can think of, hop out of bed and proceed to go about my Saturday morning completely naked.

There’s something so enjoyable, so natural about living in the nude that when coupled with my teenage-like sex drive, makes me want to do things that are wholly unnatural. I hop in the shower for some me time, bringing my favorite suction cup dildo. Before I get too wet, I stick it to the wall and begin sucking it, making the tip protrude out from inside my cheek and snap a pic.

I send it to Danny with the text: “hey buddy, wish this were you!”

I know he just started his 24 hour shift at the firehouse, so I figure I’d give him some time to settle in and respond when he could.

After my shower, which was lovely by the way, I’m happy to see a response waiting for me.

I open my phone only to be rewarded with a completely shocking shot of a gorgeous, shirtless man sporting the unzipped lower half of his bunker gear, battalion chief helmet and a rock hard fatty. To top it off, he’s half hanging off a decorative fireman’s pole they have in the old part of the station.

I don’t know how he’s doing this without getting caught! It’s soo cliche, but I love it, I have a weakness for firefighters and Danny loves to remind me of his profession.

His accompanying text reads “hey buddy! Wanna climb on my pole?”

My cock twitches as I respond. “HOT!! *drool emoji* Don’t get busted before I can make you bust!”

“They’re headed out to training, I told them I needed to call my mom real quick to remind her of some stuff.”

“Nice! I’ll make this quick. Wife and kids are out of town til Monday evening. She gave the go ahead for a little sleepover+ if you’re interested?”

“If I’m interested!!? Hell yeah! I’ll be over after shift change in the morning…we can still work on the table right?”

“Of course, but don’t mind me if I get a little handsy!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, gotta go! See you tomorrow stud!”


She’s teasing me. Her perfectly shaped tits are out and daring me to touch. But for some reason, I seem unable. She rubs her face all over my dripping cock. Licking my entire length as her mouth goes by. She doesn’t stop to take me in, but keeps rising, placing my cock in between the most perfect breasts I could ever imagine. But she doesn’t stop. Damn. She keeps rising and I wait for the moment when her pussy will be revealed. As she ascends, her body snaking from side to side, she takes hold of me and begins the most painfully slow stroking ever. I want so bad for her to jerk me hard, but the sly grin on her face tells me that’s not going to happen. She’s almost standing now, her mound will be revealed in mere moments above the threshold of my bed. My eyes are fixed at the point.

She’s practically dancing, in the moment, her eyes closed, just vibing. At first, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. She must have the largest clit I’ve ever seen, but no…soon it’s clear. That’s no clit. That’s a cock! Oh my God is that a cock! Glistening in the light of the morning sunrise, it’s soo hard and standing straight out, ready to penetrate any hole placed in front of it.

She’s uncut, but her foreskin is no match for her engorged length. It’s pulled all the way back revealing a pristine shiny head streaming with precum. She continues standing until fully erect, in more than one way. Her height brings her cock just above mine and she grasps them both. Stroking together now with a pace that will send me reeling in moments. I can feel every millimeter of her skin touching mine as they slide next to each other, lubricated by streams of precum from both of us. I can’t even see her other hand but I know it’s on my balls, cupping and tickling them. She takes hold of them, careful İstanbul Escort not to smash, and pulls. The tension is too much to bear. I feel my orgasm welling up inside of me and simply explode all over my belly and face. With cum spurting seemingly endlessly out of my steel hard dick, something strange happens. My gorgeous cock lady begins to disappear.

As she fades into nothingness, I’m confused, upset and to be honest, downright pissed. I notice however, her grip on me remains. ‘What is happening??’ I’m so confused until at last, I open my eyes and find, I’m in my room, in my bed. Danny is straddling me with his cock and mine in hand. It’s clear he’s just come too.

As my senses come back to me, I realize I just had the wildest dream ever, instigated by my buddy who must have let himself in and couldn’t help but get things started, even as I slept. He leans down and begins to clean up our combined mess.

In my half awake, half dream stupor, I mumble without thinking; “dude, where’d those amazing tits go?”

He stops and immediately looks up, a string of cum dripping off his lower lip.

“What the fuck!?” He stares at me with a confused smile, seeming to realize I’m not all there yet.

I giggle at myself and grab his sides and pull him up to meet his lips with mine. I lick the string of cum off his lip and suck it in with a small bite. He’s so hot, I just want to touch him all day. But I cant.

“You have to leave.” I say sternly, breaking our kiss.

Mortified, like he maybe crossed the line, he looks shocked and gives me the saddest puppy dog face.

“I’m sorry, you have to go. You smell awful!”

A sidelong grin on his face; “I know!! Three alarm fire last night it’s all over the news, but you were too busy dreaming of titties!

“They we’re truly amazing, but so was her cock!” I explain.

“I’ve already showered, but you know…I figured I could do a better job with a little help…”

“Right you are sir! Now take that ass into the shower! I’ll be there in a moment.”

He jumps off me and runs to the bathroom like an excited toddler.

When he turns the corner, I too excitedly jump off the bed and head to the closet. I have to get something I’ve been saving for a while now. I grab my things, cover it with a towel and place it on the counter in the bathroom.

I can see the foggy silhouette of Danny in the shower, running water over his face. Gazing at his nude form, I just stand there for a bit, enjoying the scene. Wondering how I got soo lucky. Lucky to have found a guy like him, to have a wife that noticed, and instead of getting jealous, realized there was a need I didn’t know I had, and started something beautiful. Sure I had desires and curiosities, but what I have, what we have with Danny is special, and even if it doesn’t last forever, or even long, I want to enjoy every last second.

I step quietly into the shower and grab the bar of soap. Danny is faced away with his head still under a stream of water. Behind him, I slip my arms into a back hug, gripping those gorgeous abs while slowly starting to rub soap all over. Washing someone in a shower is an excellent and completely innocent way to explore their body, touch every inch of it, when elsewhere, that may not be so practical, if not unwelcome.

Feeling the soap glide along his skin, lubricating my movements excites me. I can feel every pore, the softness and warmth of his skin as it passes under my careful hands. As I reach his chest, my thumb finds his nipples erect, making a few circles around them as they pass. When I get to his neck, I draw him closer and bring my lips to nibble his ear, placing my hands firmly around his neck. I squeeze ever so gently. I’m not choking him, but massaging his esophagus, slightly constricting his breathing while the excitement increases his breath. The resulting arousal makes him reach back and grip my semi hard cock. As much as I like his touch, I push his hands away. He really does stink.

“I’m busy!” I whisper into his ear.

I release his neck and work my way down his body, passing the soap from hand to hand while washing every inch of his manly form. When I get to his waist, I split my efforts, one hand soaping up his ass while the other inspects my work in the front. I’m happy to feel a lovely semi and I just can’t resist. I quickly crouch down in front of him and take him in. I love sucking a rock hard cock just as much as the next guy, but taking in a half chub and feeling it grow in your mouth is as rewarding a sensation as there is.

I’ve gotten way better in the last few months with technique and I smile to myself thinking back on how far I’ve come. I have his full length down my throat and my tongue out licking his balls. He puts his hand on my head and starts fucking my face. Dude just frotted me less than five minutes ago and he’s already about to cum down my throat!

Since the entire length of his meaty shaft is gliding in and out of my mouth, and my tongue Anadolu Yakası Escort is massaging his smooth balls, I find my hands with not much to do. I once read somewhere that ‘Idle hands are the Devils workshop.’

‘We mustn’t have that,’ I think. So to deprive the devil of idle hands, I put them to work. I use one hand to reach around his body and with my index, middle finger and thumb, spread his cute butt cheeks a bit. I snake the other around and poke his hole with my middle finger. I kinda hook it in like it’s the only way I can hold on. I smile, as much as I can with a great big dick in my mouth. With the looming satanic crisis averted, I take note of Danny’s breathing, his grip on my head has tightened, he’s thrusting harder now. I’m about to be rewarded for my efforts.

“God DAMN!” He screams as his entire body convulses, his sphincter closing around my finger, his cock shooting cum straight into my belly, his balls dancing on my tongue. I make eye contact, wink, and give a few bonus sucks to make sure I’ve drained him completely. When it’s clear he’s now as dry as Lynchburg, Tennessee, I let him slip from my mouth. I can’t re-up like he can, so while I’m certainly aroused, I’m not rock hard or anything. I stand up and we make out a bit, he tries to get me going, but I know my body. It isn’t going to happen that fast.

It’s difficult to get enough. I try to keep in mind that he does actually want some shop time so I pull back and try to wash up myself. Danny offers to help and does his best to keep it all above board…and waiste! We finish up and turn the water off.

Remembering my secret stash, I motion Danny to hand me the towel. He hands me mine, and when he grabs his, he uncovers my little experiment.

“Woah!! Who’s that for?!” He asks with excitement.

“Whoever you want!” I answer. “Do you wanna be dom or sub today?”

He stands there pensively, finger and thumb on his chin, still dripping wet.

“Will we be going out in public?” He asks.

“Mmm, yes, but the intention is for it to mostly remain hidden.”

“Uh huh…mostly…Well as a public figure…”

“You’re a fire fighter, not the mayor! Do people ever see your face without SCBA gear on anyway?”

“Uhh ever heard of the annual Fire Department calendar? I’ll have you know I’m Mr. April and I, quite successfully I might add, made it rain!”

That was an excellent point. In fact I had jerked off to it just the other day!

“Ahh, good point. Ok, I’m game!” I say, excited that this is the path we’re taking.

“Hey don’t worry, it looks be like it’s going to be a lot of fun for both of us!!” He assures.

I approach the counter and retrieve my accessories for the day. A while back, I had gotten inspiration and hopped on to the funner side of Etsy to order a great big meaty, Stainless steel anal hook. This hook had no ball on the end, but instead was 3/4″ diameter solid steel rod, bent in a Sweeping “J” shape with a single chain link welded on top. Highly polished surgical stainless, it glistened, even in the dim bathroom light. I also purchashed a collar and strap to span between. When I purchased, I wasn’t certain who it would be for, but being honest with myself, I had always hoped it would be me.


We decide it would be best to source our lumber from a little further away than usual. I know all the guys at my local store and while I have no shame, I’m wearing a collar that has a chain attached to a giant hook in my ass. They can’t see it, but the collar might be enough to turn eyes and make me loose my nerve.

But not with strangers… We decide to hit a lumber yard about an hour out. I can do just about anything with only strangers around. I asked permission to remove the chain for the drive since it was so long and sitting put a lot of pressure on me. Being the kind soul he is, Danny not only acquiesces but also gives me a little road head. I don’t cum, but that’s not the point. The point is to make me as wound up as possible walking into the store. It definitely worked.

When we arrive, Danny pretends to fix my shirt and reattaches the chain to my collar. I kinda just look like a goth guy,

minus the black hair, nails or makeup and I assume most people won’t really pay much attention. The hook is heavy and so I can definitely feel it. I’ve done public outings while being plugged many times, but this is different. Anytime I bend over, even slightly, the hook presses directly on my anal cum button.

Danny seems to have figured this out because he keeps asking me to hand him things on lower shelves to ‘look’ at them. I don’t mind, it feels amazing, only, it’s slightly problematic because Im getting hard. He sees this and doesn’t relent. As we’re shopping along, I can barely contain my erection. I’m finding myself thinking about mundane boring things just so I don’t spring out of my pants. I notice an older (than me) woman standing there. She appears to be looking at finishes, but a closer look reveals that she’s been staring at that same can for a while now. Not staring at it, past it, following me, I think.

This only increases my excitement!

“We have a spectator” I whisper to Danny who was legitimately trying to pick out wood for his sisters project. He doesn’t turn his head, he doesn’t divert from what he’s doing at all, but responds,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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