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1. Saturday

An hour ago, when I checked my altimeter, everything seemed okay, but now it registered an altitude that was much higher than it should have been, according to my map. This meant that the atmospheric pressure was dropping dramatically and bad weather was on the way. High up in the mountains that’s a dangerous situation. It was near the end of October and I was on a high altitude tour from hut to hut around the Grand Combin, a mountain top in the southwest of Switzerland.

It was still a one and a half hour’s walk to the next hut, the Cabane de Panossière, where I would spend the night. I quickened my pace to reach it in time.

The sky was still blue, but, before long, dark clouds appeared, which covered the entire sky, and gusts of cold wind came down from the ice fields. Then it began to snow and soon I was in the middle of a terrible blizzard.

I realized that it would be madness to continue. I had to seek shelter as quickly as possible and decided to descent to an old unoccupied log cabin I had seen on my way up.

Half blinded by the snow that stung like needles I sought my way, shuffling foot-by-foot, careful not to fall into the nearby ravine. The wind was howling and it was bitter cold. I had an extra windbreaker in my backpack, which I put on over my jacket, but it didn’t help much.

After an hour of struggling against the elements I suddenly stumbled over a soft mass lying across the path. At the same time I heard a faint moaning. It was a young blonde woman lying down, exhausted and shivering with cold. Wearing only a sweater and no jacket, she was soaking wet and would not survive another thirty minutes. I took my windbreaker off and put it over her. Then I lifted her on her feet, but she was half-unconscious and could not remain standing, so I had to support her and, later on, carry and drag her.

I do not know how much time it took us to reach the cabin, but when finally we got inside I fell down on the floor, panting with fatigue. But had to look after the woman, so I scrambled on my feet again. At first I thought she had died on the way, because she felt icy-cold and didn’t give a sign of life, but when I held a little mirror near her mouth, it got a little bit steamed.

The fact, however, that she did not shiver was a very bad sign. I feared she could die at any moment from hypothermia. I had to get her warm at any cost.

There was a fireplace and there were logs of wood, so I made a fire as quickly as possible and dragged her near the flames. But that would not be sufficient. I took off all her clothes, rubbed her dry with a towel and put her in my sleeping bag. Then I undressed myself, got in the sleeping bag as well and pressed my naked body against hers. It was like embracing a pillar of ice. I shuddered and my teeth chattered, but gradually I got a little warmer. It got dark and, overcome with tiredness, I fell asleep.

2. Sunday

The next morning I was roughly shaken awake by my bed-companion.

“Where am I and who, for Heaven’s sake, are you,” she asked in English. “Oh my God, how did I get naked, and you… Oh my God, what have you done to me? You dirty bastard, you filthy pig, you drugged and raped me. Get out of here! You pervert, you swine.” She kicked with her feet and pummelled with her fists.

“Quiet, quiet, let me explain,” I said, but she was impervious to reason.

“There is nothing to explain, everything is clear to me, get out, out!”

A little embarrassed I left the sleeping bag and put some clothes on. “Oh my God,” she whimpered. “Oh my God, how could you this to me, I’ll never get over it. Don’t touch me, you creep. Damn, you ruined my life, asshole, do you realize that?”

“On the contrary,” I said. “I saved your life. I found you half dead in the snowstorm and brought you in with much trouble, risking my own life.”

“Tell me another,” she retorted. “That won’t go down with me. You stripped me and took advantage of me, that’s obvious.”

“Nothing of the sort,” I said. “You were dying from hypothermia and the only thing I could do to get you warm was sharing my body heat with you and …”

“Where are my clothes? I want my clothes and get out of here.”

“Your clothes are still wet, but you can have some of mine,” I said. “I have spare underwear, pants and a sweater in my backpack. As for leaving at this moment, that’s impossible. Look outside and you’ll see it’s still snowing. Going out now would be suicide.”

I gave her the clothes, which she put on, while I decently turned around. When she tried to stand up her legs were unsteady. She staggered and flopped down on a wooden bench near an old table. I noticed she was a very beautiful blonde, but also very pale, with languid eyes.

“You have to regain some strength,” I commented. “I’ll get you some bread and cheese from my backpack and make you some hot coffee or tea.”

“Tea would be fine,” she answered weakly. “Thank you.”

I made breakfast for both of us and sat down in front of her. She looked anxiously at me while we were eating almanbahis adresi and asked: “What are you going to do with me?”

I gave a laugh and said: “You still don’t believe me, do you? Do I look like a rapist?”

“I never met one before, so I don’t know what rapists look like,” she answered.

“You have a point,” I said earnestly, “but let me tell you something. Believe it or not, but for me sex is a matter of sharing, not of taking. I always do my utmost to please the woman I make love to. For me there are no more beautiful moments than in the arms of a woman brought into ecstasy by the pleasure I gave her. Rape does not figure in my dictionary, honestly. And, by the way, my name is Harry. I’m from Eindhoven in The Netherlands.”

For a long time she stayed silent. “I’m Marion,” she said finally, “from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I’m here with some girlfriends. Yesterday we went for a walk, but the weather got bad. So we decided to return, but then there was that snowstorm and we lost contact and I was all alone and it was very cold and I had no jacket and I thought I was going to die and then I woke up in a sleeping bag, stark naked, with you …”

“In my birthday suit too. Must have been a big shock.”

“It was, I can assure you.” And then after a long silence and very seriously: “I must apologize. I was not nice to you and very ungrateful, I guess. I believe you are a decent person. I’m sorry. And thank you for saving me.”

“Forget it. How are you feeling?”

“Much better already, thank you. How much longer do you think we’ll have to stay here? My friends must be worried like mad.”

“I don’t know,” I answered. “It depends on the weather. There is nothing for it but to wait. Let’s hope we can leave tomorrow. However, we are safe here, there is plenty of firewood and we have enough food for a couple of days.”

“Okay, let’s make the best of it she said.”

I had a deck of cards in my backpack, so we played cribbage, writing the score on a piece on paper. We also talked a lot and told things about ourselves.

After dinner (instant soup, bread and cheese) it got dark and we sat down side by side at the fireplace, looking silently at the flames for a long time.

Finally she said: “You are a nice person, Harry, hold me, please.”

I put my arm around her and she put her head against my shoulder.

She trembled a little. Then she whispered: “Will you sleep with me tonight?”

I stroked her hair and cheeks that had much more colour now. She closed her eyes and offered me her lips, which I kissed lightly.

“Be sweet to me, please,” she said softly.

I kissed her again and whispered: “Please, show me your breasts.”

She pulled the much too wide sweater she wore over her head. What I saw in the glow of the firelight took my breath. Of course I had seen her breasts the night before, but then I had not really looked, as I had other things to worry about. But now …

Her breasts were full and round, proudly standing out, with nice pink nipples and wide areolas around them. “Oh my God,” I whispered. “How beautiful.”

When I touched her nipples, they got erect, and she sighed. “Ah, I’m very sensitive there.”

I softly kissed and licked them and sucked them lightly.

“Ah, yes,” she sighed. “Go on, please.”

“Do you like that?”

“Oh, yes, it feels great, not only here, but also deep down.”

“In your pussy.”

“Yes, there too.”

“Say: I feel it in my pussy.”

“I feel it in my pussy.”

“Is your pussy getting wet?”

“I believe so.”

“Say it, please.”

“My pussy is getting wet.”

“I would like you to strip and show me your wet pussy, would you do that for me?”

“Mm,” she nodded.

“Say it, please.”

“Oh dear! Okay, I’ll strip for you and show you my wet pussy.”

She stood up, turned around and slowly removed the rest of her clothes. Her nudity was ravishing. Her skin glowed in the light of the flames. I feasted my eyes on her calves, the backs of her thighs, her buttocks, the small dimples above her rump, her waist, her back, her shoulder blades and her neck, fascinated and speechless.

Then she turned around again and, standing before me in all her glory, she opened her legs slightly, showing me the most delicious pussy I’d ever seen. Shaven, with full fleshy lips and glistening inner lips appearing. Above it was a little tuft of blonde curly hair.

I felt my penis stir and grow.

“Oh my God, how lovely,” I stammered with a lump in my throat. “Oh, Marion, you are so beautiful.”

“You are sweet,” she said. “But what about me. It’s not fair, I have nothing to see.”

“What would you like to see then?”

“You know perfectly well what I want to see, teaser.”

“Say it.”

“Oh my God, have I? I’m not used to that sort of language.”

“Does it turn you on?”

“Oh yes, it does, but that’s not the problem. It’s so confusing!”

“Dirty talk is part of the fun, so just say it, please.”

“I almanbahis adresi … I want to see your cock.”

“Well, suit yourself, darling. Undress me, if you want.”

“Oh, yes, I would like that very much. I can hardly wait to see and touch it.”

“See and touch what?”

“Damn, your dick of course. Oh my God, every time I use that kind of language I feel myself … I mean … my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Oh, my God, look!”

I saw a drop of her juice trickle down the inside of her thigh.

“Your pussy is ready for a nice welcome,” I said. “So, what are you waiting for?”

She took my polo shirt off and pulled my pants down. Then she carefully removed my underpants and took my genitals in her hands.

With appreciation she looked at my erect penis. “Oh,” she said. “It’s so big and hard, and yet the skin is so soft and its tip so smooth. And you are wet, just like me. Oh my, I’m getting horny like crazy. Please make love to me.”

Gently she stroked my penis and put a kiss on its tip, which almost got me out of my mind.

I took her in my arms, lifted her and put her on her back on the open sleeping bag.

Lying side by side we feverishly covered each other’s faces with kisses and caressed each other’s bodies, moaning and panting.

When I sucked at her nipples, she cried out with pleasure. “Lower down, please,” she urged.

“What do you mean,” I asked teasingly.

“Kiss my pussy, please.”

I bent over and my mouth found her wet pussy lips, which I kissed and licked. She smelled wonderfully female and tasted delicious. Slowly my tongue caressed her soft inner lips and the entrance of her vagina. Then I got my tongue in her vagina as deep as I could.

She trembled and moaned: “Oh my God, yes, yes, that’s good, and now my clit, lick it, please.”

I spread her pussy lips and took her erect clitoris between my lips, sucking at it, while tickling its tip with my tongue.

“Oh my God, oh my God, go on, go on, oh yes, yes, oh, oh, oh, I’m coming, I’m coming, aaaahhhh.”

I gave her a minute to recover and licked her pussy again. She reacted immediately: “Oh yes, it’s not over yet. Please, enter me.”

“What did you say,” I asked.

“Oh, you teasing bastard, fuck me.”

“Louder please, I can’t hear you.”


When my penis entered her warm, soft and juicy pussy, it felt like heaven and I trembled with pleasure and passion.

Then we began our heavenly ecstatic horizontal dance, cheek to cheek, moving rhythmically on the way to climax.

Soon she came again, shaking and crying out, and I felt her vagina contract around my penis, holding it in a firm grip.

“Go on, go on,” she urged. “I’m not finished yet. Oh yes, yes, aaahhh.” And again she came.

Our movements got faster and wilder. I felt my excitement increase until it was almost unbearable. The top of my penis glowed with pleasure. Then I felt my sperm rise and my throbbing penis squirt its warm load deep inside her. Oh my God, It was Paradise!

In the mean time she had orgasm after orgasm.

When it was all over we lay panting and spent in each other’s arms. I could feel her heart thump against her breastbone and no doubt she could feel mine.

I pulled the sleeping bag around us and zipped it up. Soon we fell asleep.

3. Monday

The next morning Marion kissed me awake. I felt her naked body against mine and her hand on my genitals. “Good morning, sweetheart,” she said, giving a little squeeze in my penis. “How are you feeling?”

It was enough to arouse me and I felt my organ swell in her hand.

“Oh my poor boy,” she said, “you are to be pitied. Let me solve your problem. Last night I came about a dozen times and you only once. I have had enough, but you are entitled to more. Remain lying and leave it to me.”

She unzipped the sleeping bag. “Hmmm, I like that, seeing your cock grow,” she said. “Look, its head is coming out already. It reminds me of something. It’s like a …”

“An acorn?” I suggested.

“Exactly, like an acorn in its cup.”

That’s why in my language, as in many other languages, the head of the penis is called acorn. And, by the way, ‘glans’ is a Latin word and means acorn as well.”

‘I didn’t know that, but how appropriate,” she said, stroking my balls and the shaft of my penis. “Oh, I love seeing your penis, I mean, your cock, growing bigger and bigger. It’s a fantastic sight. Oh, let me kiss it. Mmmmm. Oh, it’s very beautiful, do you know that? It’s so big and straight. I like a big straight cock. A real phallus, symbol of fertility and power, and yet so vulnerable. Oh, look at this, I love it. Oh, I want to make you come, I want to see you ejaculate.”

She went on caressing my balls and stroking my penis, which began to glow with delight and desire. With every movement of her hands my excitement increased and a clear drop of pre-cum appeared.

“I see you like it,” she said. “You are getting wet, my dear. Mm, let almanbahis adresi me taste it.”

When she licked at my penis, which set me on fire, it made little spasms and tapped against her nose. She burst into a laugh. “Eeeeee, that’s funny. Come on, stay where you are, naughty boy,” she said, and went on caressing and licking.

Then she said: “I want to swallow your ‘acorn’. I want feel it deep in my throat,” and, holding my penis upright she took it in her mouth as deep as possible.

My legs trembled with excitement and I moaned: “Oh my God, yes, yes, make me come, make me come.”

She went slowly up and down, up and down, making noises of pleasure and satisfaction. “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. ”

I felt my excitement rise to its culminating-point, but before I reached it, she took my penis out of her mouth and went on stroking and tickling it.

My penis got still bigger until it almost burst. At first it lay flat on my belly, but now it rose in shooting position like a piece of artillery. I felt its tip burn with a pleasure that was nearly unbearable, and still the feeling got more intense, until in an explosion of lust my penis began to throb and squirt.

The first two shots of sperm went over my shoulder on the floor. Then my chest got sprinkled and finally my belly. Some more spasms and it was over. My penis got limp and came to rest in a little pool of semen.

Marion, who had looked at my orgasm with visible delight, said: “Wow, that was fantastic. Let me clean you up.”

She stood up and came back with a towel to clean my chest and belly. After that she took a smell at the towel. “Mmmm,” she said. “Very exciting. Oh my God, I was already wet, but that smell makes me hot and horny like hell. I have to do something about it. Would you like to see me masturbating?”

Without waiting for an answer she sat down in front of me and, leaning backwards and spreading her legs, she began to finger herself. She closed her eyes and began to sigh and moan. She made undulating movements with her pelvis and got more and more frantic. Then she began to tremble and with a cry she came.

In the mean time the sight of her masturbating had excited me so much that I had an erection again. Seeing that she came over to me. “Oh, poor boy, I’ll suck you off,” she said and took my penis in her mouth. She gave me a delightful blowjob while fingering herself again with one hand. We came almost at the same moment. With a satisfied look she tasted my semen and swallowed it.

“That was great,” she said. “I wish we could stay here forever, naked and having sex, but I think it’s about time to leave and descend. Tomorrow afternoon I have to fly back to the States.”

Looking outside the window we saw that it had stopped snowing. The sun was shining and the sky was deep blue.

“It will be difficult, for there is fallen a big layer of snow’, I said, ‘but if we are careful, I think we can make it to the valley.”

We put our clothes on, got some breakfast (coffee, bread and cheese) and went outside. It was really very difficult to find our way through the snow and we proceeded very slowly. After half an hour we heard the droning sound of a helicopter and saw it come in our direction. It was a red helicopter of the Swiss Air Rescue Service.

“Stay where you are,” a loudspeaker voice called in French. “There is danger of avalanche near by. We’ll pick you up and bring you down.” The aircraft hovered over us and a rope ladder was lowered. Soon we were both inside.

When we gave our names, the pilot said that we were reported missing and that they were looking for us. We flew down to Fionnay, a small town in the valley, where landed on an empty parking lot.

When we got out of the helicopter we were immediately surrounded by four handsome young women, all crying their eyes out.

“Oh, Marion, we thought you were dead,” they said. They kissed and hugged her again and again. “For God’s sake, where have you been. We lost you in the snowstorm and were so worried.”

“I almost died from exposure'” Marion said, “but this gentleman here, Harry, saved my life. He found me and took me to a log cabin, where he made a big fire and warmed me up again. We stayed there until this morning.”

They all thanked me, shook my hand, hugged and kissed me.

“Did you have food?” one of the women asked Marion.

“I was so starved,” she answered, “that I had even to eat acorns.”

“Acorns, oh my God, how awful,” the four women exclaimed.

“Well, it was not too bad,” Marion said, winking at me. “No, I was just kidding. Harry had enough food for us in his backpack.”

Then, all of a sudden, her face got an expression of uttermost surprise.

“Oh my God,” she whispered at me, looking at a young man who was running in our direction. “Stephen, what’s he doing here. He proposed me before I left for Switzerland, but I asked for some time to consider. What should I do after what happened between us?”

“We had great sex,” I whispered back, “but no commitment was involved. Follow your heart and do what seems right.”

“Marion,” the young man shouted with tears in his eyes. “Thank God you are alive.” He embraced her and covered her face with kisses. “I was so worried. When I heard you were missing in a snowstorm, I took the first flight possible to Geneva.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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