Blonde on Brunette

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Her mouth was as open as her legs and was almost as full of her husband’s tongue as her pussy was with his cock. They were on their marital bed fucking. Her long, blonde hair was streaming out over the pillow as he thrust himself up and down and in and out occasionally holding himself rigid as he reached the peak of his surge. He lifted his body slightly so he could get at his wife’s full tits. He squeezed and pressed them before pinching her erect nipple quite hard and pulling it in the way that their twenty six years relationship had taught him that she liked. It made her grunt, but did little more.

Recently that had happened more frequently.

His other hand slid down between her body and the bed to find her rotund and slightly, but not unsightly, oversized bum. He rubbed and squeezed the fullness of the flesh and fiddled his fingers inside the crease between the two cheeks. He pressed right on her bumhole knowing that was something she liked for he had been there often enough, but it had no real effect on his wife that night, other than it hurt a little.

“Oh fuck darling” he groaned into her ear. “I’m near.”

“Ok” she replied opening her legs even more. She lifted them, wrapped them round his waist and crossed her ankles on his back in an effort to increase the sensation. But nothing happened.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming” he growled. “Cum with me baby, come on.”

“Oh yes, yes, yes’ she moaned digging her nails into his back and bum as for the fifth or sixth time recently she feigned her orgasm.


He was lying on his side facing away from his wife. She was naked he was wearing his underpants. Her entire body was being ravaged by the frustration that not having sex for nearly a month did to her. She felt hot everywhere, she was tingling all over and she had a severe itch in her cunt. Her small B cup breasts felt so full and heavy and her unusually long nipples were as hard as rocks. She touched one and nearly made herself gasp with pleasure. She gripped her tit and squeezed it hard; it felt wonderful. She just had to be fucked. Moving closer to her husband the dark auburn haired woman put her arm round him. She pressed her body against his back and buttocks reached round him and fumbled for his cock; it was disappointingly soft.

“Rob” she whispered rubbing him. “Make love to me darling, please fuck me.”


They had known each other for several years. They weren’t especially close and neither would consider the other as their best friend, but they got on well. They met a few times a year with their husbands for dinner or Sunday lunch, but as the two women were members of the same tennis club and lived near each other they were alone together occasionally. Both in their early forties they each had two teenage children. Comfortably off financially with as happy marriages as most are when they are approaching their silver anniversaries they had what many would consider to be good lives and successful marriages. They knew that. They were, in the main content with their lots, but both felt that something was missing.

The blonde woman had recently returned to work in an ad agency in Covent Garden and the auburn haired woman continued to run her cooking shop and home catering business that she had started some ten years ago. Each of them felt frustrated that their careers had, at best, stalled due to the sacrifices forced upon them by motherhood.

“Why the fuck does it have to be the wives whose careers stop” the darker haired woman had said one afternoon as they chatted over a bottle of white wine. “I’m sure I would have had a string of shops by now and we could have been living in Hampstead instead of bloody Muswell Hill if Rob had looked after the kids instead of working for Shell.”

The blonde had agreed for she had been an outstanding copywriter and had been told that she would have soared up the ad industry organisational level, but for having to take two career breaks as the children grew up and her husband’s job took them to Manchester for four years.

“This sounds awful” the shoulder-length, blonde haired said after taking a sip of wine. “Of course I love the kids to bits, but I sometimes wish I had never got married.”

The other woman agreed.

Sitting in the kitchen of the darker-haired woman’s four bedroomed, nineteen eighties built slum of the future house, they were silent for a while as they both contemplated the ‘what ifs’ involved if they had not married when they had.

They had been to the tennis club’s ladies morning and the blonde had given her friend a lift home for her car was being serviced.

“Come in and have a drink” she’d suggested as they pulled up outside her house.

The blonde was about to refuse for she had a stack of housework and ironing, but something pushed her to accept and she did enjoy the other woman’s company. Mentally saying ‘stuff the housework’ she accepted the invitation.

They were sitting opposite each other across a scrubbed pine table.

“As I get older and see those two scary numbers, five and nought looming I often wonder where my life has gone and where it’s going now” the woman with short, slightly spiky auburn coloured hair said.

“I couldn’t agree more, I sometimes wish I could just run away and start again, but then bahis firmaları of course there’s the kids so It’s impossible” the blonde replied as she sipped her wine.

“I am beginning to think marriage is over-rated.”

“I’m convinced of that.”

“Just as men are.”

“What over-rated?”

“In many ways yes.”

“As partners perhaps?”

“Precisely, and as lovers too after a while.”

They both laughed.

“And certainly committing yourself to just one is.”


“I often think” the blonde said wondering just where the conversation was going but enjoying the chat with her friend. Smiling she went on. “That it would be nice to be able to go with other men.”

“What have sex with them?”

“Not necessarily, just be with them, have them as friends. It would be good to perhaps just go on dates, talk, maybe flirt and if that leads to sex so be it.”

“We have some Danish friends and they are like that. It works for them.”

“Do they have an open marriage?”

“Yes sort of, for they both see other people.”

“Mmmmm sounds interesting. It’s not the sex that appeals to me.”

“No, really?” The auburn haired woman said smiling.

“Well not by itself” the blonde smiled back.

“Don’t you ever feel that you would like to try someone different, check out if the grass is greener?”

“Well yes of course, now and then” the blonde lied for it was a topic that was continually on her mind.

“Whilst I love Rob, the idea that I will never kiss, be held or have sex with anyone else is frightening.”

“Well you could have an affair.”

“True, but that would be awful, the lying and the excuses, the feelings of guilt and remorse.”

The blonde smiled. “You seem to know a lot about it, have you?”

Averting her eyes the slim woman in the grey track suit smiled before saying quietly. “Well let’s say I have dallied.”

“Well that’s a new way to me of describing it.”

They both laughed. “So have you?”

“What dallied” the full breasted blonde who had removed her tracky top asked?


“Well I have had my moments.”

“Would you again?”

“Again maybe, but you summed it up well, it’s so bloody messy. Anyway I am not necessarily after that, Grant keeps me busy.”

“Lucky you, Rob is so often tired nowadays. So what are you after?”

“I don’t know really. Just to be held and kissed caressed that sort of stuff. Something different, whatever that may be.”

“What dates.”

“Yes maybe, I guess I am after intimacy, but with no strings” the blonde said as the other woman topped up the glasses.

“I see what you mean and I understand that.”

“Do you feel the same way?”

“I hadn’t thought it through, but now you describe your feelings so clearly as only wordsmiths can I would like that.”

“I imagine sitting on a guy’s lap as we used to at parties when we were kids.”

“What snogging?

“Yes, of course that what we used to call it and of course being titted up in the dark.”

They both smiled at the memories.

The auburn haired woman added.

“Lying on a sofa or a bed kissing.”

“Yes or even just standing up cuddling and groping.”

“But you don’t find men who just want that do you?”

“Not unless they are gay, they want to be in your knickers like a shot.”

“And then either shag you and leave you or have a messy affair

“True. They always want too much don’t they?”

“Yes men are like that.”

“Not like us.”

“No women are different; with us it doesn’t have to end in full sex does it?”

“No” the darker haired woman said as their eyes met and something hit both of them at the same time.

Nothing was said for a while as they both experienced a pregnant silence thinking about what the hell was happening. Almost in a whisper, the blonde said. “Are you thinking the same as I am?”

Not losing strong eye contact for a moment the other woman replied. “I think probably I am.”

They fell silent and averted their gazes. Still looking down the auburn haired woman gulped. “Have you ever er, um…..”

“Been with a woman” the blonde offered?

“Yes” was the nearly silent reply.

“No, not really, have you?”

“Yes once years ago.”

“Was it good?”

“I hardly remember, it was in Ibiza and I was pretty drunk. You?”

“I only snogged and groped a couple of girls when I used to go clubbing.”

They both looked up at the same time. Their eyes met. The blonde slid her hand forward towards the other’s hand. They both looked at her extended fingers. Neither moved for a few seconds and then the auburn haired woman slid hers forwards. Their fingertips touched and remained like that for a few moments until the blonde lifted her hand and put it on top of the other woman’s. They held hands. Their eyes met again and they stared at each other. After what seemed an age the slimmer, smaller breasted woman whispered.

“Shall we then, would you like to?”

“Yes, yes please” the blonde breathed.

They stood up across the table from each other staring into the other’s eyes. They were both highly nervous, yet excited although they were not sure what they were going to do.

The blonde smiled and said. “Maybe I should sit on your lap.”

That made kaçak iddaa them both smile, which broke the ice a little and in turn helped them relax. The darker haired woman said.

“Or of course we could lie on a bed.”

“What a good idea” the blonde reacted moving round the table and taking hold of her friend’s hand. “Will you lead the way then?”


They walked up the stairs hand in hand with the blonde behind her friend. The auburn haired woman looked round and said quietly. “We’ll use the main guest room if that’s ok.”

“Of course.”

They went into the pretty standard, modern house rather cramped twelve feet by ten bedroom. There was a double bed, fitted wardrobes and a dressing table and stool, that’s all. It was neat and tidy and very clean having only recently been decorated.

“Let me just turn it down” the dark haired woman said as she removed the throw and the brown and beige cushions and then rolled the bedspread down and placed that on the dressing table stool.

Standing just inside the open door the blonde watched her friend preparing the bed thinking. ‘Shit she’s getting the bed ready for us to have sex on.’

As she did that she looked more keenly at her friend. She looked at her in a way that she hadn’t before even though she had seen her in short tennis skirts, skimpy outfits and nearly naked when she came out of the shower. Now she noticed the feminine roundness of her buttocks inside the thin track suit trousers, the swell of her breasts that the blonde knew to be quite small, but pert having seen her in a dress without a bra. She recalled the length, and shapeliness of the tanned legs she had seen so often at the tennis club. It struck the blonde that she was looking at her friend in a sexual way, presumably as men looked at both of them.

“There that’s done” the other woman said her heart pounding as she straightened up and looked at her friend. She saw the low front of her top, the expanse of wobbly, breast flesh above it, the deep cleavage and the lovely outline of the full breasts that she had seen naked when they had showered and changed the other week.

They stared at each for a few moments before the blonde said very quietly. “Well?”

The other woman smiled. “Well what?”

They both smiled nervously as they looked at each other in that different light to how they had before.

Reaching up with her left hand and pushing her hair back with a gesture that stretched the thin, silky top tightly across her boobs the blonde stammered. “I guess I mean what now? God I am nervous.”

“I am too, I never imagined I would be doing this” the darker haired woman said moving closer to her friend. Without seeming to think about it they held hands.

“Nor did I, well not with you” the blonde replied.

“What you did with someone else then?”

“It has crossed my mind” she said sounding guilty, but doing nothing to stop her friend gently pulling her towards the bed.

“Really” the other one replied as they sat on the edge?

“Yes for some time now I have wondered what it would be like to er, um be intimate with another woman” she said turning and looking at her pretty auburn haired friend suddenly wondering whether friend might soon become lover.

Placing her hand on the blonde’s shoulder, the darker haired woman said in almost a whisper. “And now you might find out, let’s lie down”.

They scrambled their way into the middle of the bed with the blonde lying on her back and the auburn haired woman on her side.

Nothing was said for a while then the darker haired woman said.

“So have you been thinking about this?”

“What being with another woman?”


“Yes to be truthful I have.”

“For how long” the auburn haired woman said running her fingers through the blonde’s hair?

“Oh I don’t know” the blonde replied enjoying the fingers on her scalp. “A few years I guess, on and off” she went on letting her fingers rub on her friend’s wrist.

“But you haven’t done anything about it” the other woman said leaning forward feeling a strong urge to kiss the blonde?

The blonde turned her face towards the other woman as she replied smiling.

“Not until now, no I haven’t.”

“So you are now are you” the darker haired woman whispered as she ran her fingertips through the blonde’s hair and onto her forehead?

“Yes, I do believe I am” she replied stroking the back of the hand that she was holding and running her fingers up the arm pushing the sleeve of the track suit up a little way.

“As indeed I do too” the auburn haired woman replied letting her fingers run down the blonde’s face, across her cheek, near to but not touching the kissably thick lips, over the chin and onto her friend’s neck. That sent near shock-waves of sensations through both of them.

“Have you thought about it much” the blonde asked?

“To be truthful I haven’t consciously thought about doing anything with a woman. I have just fantasised about what it would be like, but I do think about sex a great deal, do you?”

Their eyes met as the shorter haired woman’s fingertips went further down the upper part of the blonde’s chest, nearly to the start of the swell of the full breasts that even with her on her back stood proudly up as if beckoning a hand to cup them.

“Yes, kaçak bahis I am afraid I do.”

“Why afraid?”

“Our sex life is going a bit tits up lately and I feel guilty.”


“I just don’t seem to be able to really get it going with Grant recently.”

“What happens” she asked running her fingers up the blonde’s chest and down again. They went tantalisingly close to the start of the upslope of the breasts that were becoming like a magnet to her.

The blonde didn’t reply for a moment as she lifted the hand close to her mouth. She looked closely at it as if inspecting it or deciding what to do with it. After what seemed an age, but was probably no more than a few seconds, she looked into her friend’s eyes and then back to the hand she was holding. She brought it to her mouth very slowly, licked the palm and then softly kissed it as she muttered.

“I have been feigning orgasms for several months now.”

“Oh darling that’s bad news, but at least you get it?”

“What do you mean?”

“I have to chase Rob to get any sex at all and that so demeaning.”

They fell silent again. The blonde continued holding the other woman’s hand stroking each finger in turn and planting little kisses on the palm as her friend ran her fingertips across her chest going ever nearer to her breasts.

“We’re a right pair aren’t we” the blonde murmured?

“Yes I suppose we are, a real odd couple.”

“So who is Jack Lemmon and who is Tony Curtis?”

“Blimey you have a good memory, I would never have known they were in it.”

“I’m a bit of a movie buff.”

“You could have been in them.”

“What films?”

“Yes, you have the looks for it.”

“Do I?”

“Yes darling and…..” the auburn haired woman said pausing as she caught the blonde’s eye before going on. “And the body.”

They held each other’s gaze as slowly the darker haired woman’s fingers slid down the blonde’s chest so that they rested on the lacy neckline of her tennis top.

“But then so do you” the blonde responded running her hand up the track suit covered arm of her friend and slipping her hand round her neck.

“Oh God.”

“Yes baby.”

“I am so nervous.”

“I am too.”

“Hold me, please cuddle me.”

The auburn haired woman lay flatter on the bed on her side. The blonde turned onto her side so they faced each other. They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

“We need to relax.”

“I can’t, I am too excited, aren’t you?”

“Yes darling I am” the blonde whimpered as her friend wrapped her arms round her and pulled her against her body. She cuddled the slim body and enjoyed the sensation of it against her fuller, more rounded form. Neither said anything as they ‘tested the waters’ of the intimacy of another woman by holding and cuddling one.

Their faces were so close they could see the eye liner on the others eyelids and the tiny blonde hairs on the upper lips. They could smell the other’s perfume and hairspray and could feel their friend’s hands on their shoulders. They didn’t move for a moment; it was as if they were both frozen, but then almost simultaneously they moved their hands down the other’s back. As they did, so they moved forward a tad and their bodies touched; their legs, their tummies and most illustratively their breasts. They didn’t crush them together. At first it was more of a brushing of them against the other, but that was enough so make them even more aware of the sheer intimacy of the present position and the potential sexual connotations that could result from it. As well as the sensations of their nipples and boobs touching so both of them revelled in feeling the other’s hands exploring their back. Both pairs of hands slid slowly downwards coincidentally, but meaningfully lingering on the other’s bra strap before coming to rest just above the other’s waist with their fingers gently pressing and rubbing the swell of flesh at the top of the other’s buttocks. They glanced at each other and relished the look of pleasure and excitement in the other’s eyes.

“Was this what you meant” the darker haired woman asked softly adding. “When you said about being held and cuddled?”

The blonde smiled. “Yes it is and it is lovely isn’t it?”

“Mmmm” was all that the other woman said, closing her eyes and running her other hand up her friend’s bare arm and slipping it inside the short sleeve of the tennis top. Although such a gesture would not usually be considered overtly sexual, even though the hand went as far up the sleeve as it could go right onto the curve of the shoulder that she cupped, to both of them it was a hugely symbolic act. The darker woman had ‘invaded’ the blonde’s clothing, she had fondled some flesh that was not on show and she was inching her way nearer and nearer to the blonde’s breasts. The blonde responded. Also with her eyes closed she reached up and put her hand on the auburn haired woman’s shoulder just where that meets her neck. As she enjoyed the feelings of her friend’s fingers inching along her shoulder and slipping under the strap of her bra so her hand slid slowly along the other’s shoulder in the other direction. And as it did, it took the folds of her friend’s track suit top with it. That slid over the other woman’s shoulder and started slithering down her slim, tanned arm. As she put her arm behind her to help the removal of the top so her thin tennis top was pulled tightly across her chest framing and illustrating her small, pert breast. They fumbled the top off and lay back cuddling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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