Bound in Blue Jeans

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My boyfriend had just moved into a new house, so me and his two friends were helping him unpack. It was early summer, so I was wearing a low cut white blouse that exposed my midriff, blue jeans, and white ankle socks.

Digging through one of the boxes in his room, one of his friends pulled out a pair of handcuffs. They dared him to put them on to see if he could escape. So he held out his wrists and the cuffs were fastened. After several minutes, he couldn’t get them off and had to have them unlocked. He saw me snicker.

“Oh yeah? Well if it’s so easy why don’t YOU try it?”

“Alright,” i said, “and further more I’ll do it with my hands behind my back!” I’ve gotten out of cuffs before, so why not show off a little? I put my hands behind me, and the cuffs were locked. But try as I might, I was stuck. After a few minutes he chimed in,

“Not so easy, is it?” pointing his finger at me, jabbing at the air in front of my exposed belly, accidentally poking it…

I yelped, and almost fell over as my body tried to go into the fetal position standing on one leg. In reflex, I pulled my leg up to my chest, while bending over to meet it half way, causing me to hop backwards trying to keep my balance and avoid another poke. But that was all it took for them to start circling me like sharks catching the scent of blood in the water. I broke into a nervous sweat, slowly backing away. My face turned white as they closed in.

In a panic I tried to make a dash for the door but was quickly cut off and tackled to the floor. The three of them loomed over me like hunters that just took down some big game. Of course I started pleading with them “Okay, ha ha, fun and games, etc. You can let me go now…” but I was wasting my breath.

They knelt around me: one at my head, one beside me, the other at my feet. It felt like an eternity, waiting for them to figure out what their next move was. Finally someone reached a finger to my belly, again making me yelp. I felt my legs try to tuck to my chest, and my shoulders lurch forward. Key word – try. Even mid motion I felt someone’s hands on my shoulder pinning me down, and my ankles grabbed and pulled taught to keep my legs straight.

Once they had me under better control, they started slowly poking and prodding at me like some foreign object. Watched me as Marmaris Escort I wiggled and squirmed, and chuckled as I cursed them to cease and release me between bursts of laughter. Methodically they tested each spot for ticklishness, and every one felt like an electric shock running through me. Finally someone dragged a finger over one of my socked feet, and I think I just about took him out with my other leg, I kicked that violently. But they were still too quick, and that was all it took for one of them to sit on my ankles after getting them back down on the floor.

Completely immobile by the two that pinned me down, the other went to town on my soles. I bucked and screamed with laughter, and it was all they could do to keep me on the floor. His fingers worked over every inch of my feet through the socks, from my heels to my toes. But apparently I created enough of a problem with my thrashing, both physical and verbal, that the tickling stopped. And just like that he got up and walked out of the room.

Relief, finally, it’s was over… except for the fact that the two that sat on me were not getting up, so I was still pinned to the floor. I barely had time to contemplate that thought when the other walked back in, duct tape in hand. First my ankles were bound, above my socks. He went around them a half dozen times. Then my arms, ya even despite the cuffs, they wrapped my elbows together removing any wiggle room I had. And to top it off, they found a small stuffed animal in one of the boxes, shoved it in my mouth, and taped that it in place too.

It was while all this was all going on that my mind started to take inventory of my body: ticklish – everywhere, movement – nonexistent, hormones – raging (wait what?), panties – wet (omg!). What in the heck was going on? This was unbearable. This was torture! This was the most turned on I’d ever been in my life, and now it seemed like they were just getting started.

I was sweating, my heart was racing, I was screaming into the gag, and they hadn’t even touched me yet. Their eyes were all over me, admiring my helpless state with a sense of satisfaction. But that quickly turned to hunger, as their greedy hands stated to reach for me. They each now had one full hand free, needing only one hand each to keep me down.

Having all the Marmaris Escort Bayan knowledge of my ticklishness from their exploration earlier, they unleashed their hands on me with reckless abandon. Had it not been for the gag I’m sure I would’ve alerted the neighbors, and had the cops banging on the door thinking I was being murdered. Might as well have been, felt like it anyways. My ribs, hips, and soles were being assaulted simultaneously, so much so that I couldn’t even tell what they were doing at first. It was like I turned into one giant tickle spot, that regardless of how or where I was touched, it set my body on fire. But being completely bound and laying there with nothing else to do but let out muffled cries with involuntary twitching, my mind started to focus and analyze every little touch, and how it was affecting me.

My ribs were being counted, as a thumb pressed and drilled in between each bone before moving down to the next. There was a hand, lower, with their fingers wrapped around the back of my side, anchored by the thumb kneading into my skin just above my hip bone. Finally my ankles were being sat on, and both my socked feet having fingers run up and down my arches at a furious pace. Like someone typing over 200 wpm, but instead of words being produced, it was muffled hellacious laughter. I couldn’t shut it out. And all that was underlined by my arousal, slowly seeping out of me, soaking me: Their touch, the bondage, the elicited laughter and induced thrashing, being at their mercy, or lack there of. I was getting intoxicated by it all.

I got another break, who knows after how long. Time didn’t exist anymore. There was only tickling, or not. Breathing heavy through that gag, someone sat on my knees facing me, now my legs couldn’t even flinch. Then my eyes just about shot out of my head when I felt my socks being pulled off. The air hitting the bare skin, still tingling all over. And then I felt tape being wrapped around my big toes. Merciless. As I tried to thrash my torso around, someone placed a hand on my chest, and just using his weight, kept me flat on the floor. Damn did that turn me on.

No time to savor the thought, as I felt two thumbs slide along the top of my thigh to the crease of the joint under my hips, rubbing in towards my nether region, Escort Marmaris and back out to the sides. A different sounding scream came through the gag, and all three took notice. Apparently I hadn’t soaked through my jeans just yet, but my chest was starting to tingle and ‘perk’ up. At my feet it’s not fingers I felt, something softer, and just as maddening: feathers. Somehow during all that, one of them managed to slip away and find a couple of long feathers with rather stiff quills. Finally the one with his hand on my chest, which felt like a concrete block holding me down, leaned his face down to my midriff, stuck his tongue out and slipped it into my belly button. The lips, the tongue, my skin. Oh if it was only lower, just go lower. My screams were getting more and more mixed through the gag: exhaustion, terror, raging inferno of hormones.

Then the sound of a car pulling into the driveway halted their assault. His parents were home, I’m saved! Could hear his mom as she walked up the stairs. Thing was, there were so many boxes, I was actually hidden from view. Before his mom made it to his bedroom door, he leaned over me, and put a finger to his lips to tell me to shush, despite being gagged. When she popped her head in, none of them got up, just pretended to be taking a break on the floor. My bf had grabbed the feathers, and started dusting my exposed cleavage with them, slowly, while filling his mom in on how the unpacking was going. My eyes were rolling in the back of my head at this point. I felt like I was going to explode, everywhere. Then his mom remembered they’d forgotten something and had to head back out again.

When the car pulled out of the driveway, I prepared for it all to start again. Instead, my bf just leered at me.

“I’m going to remove the gag, but you have to promise not to scream, deal?”

I nodded, and he ripped the tape off my face and took the stuffed animal out. I gasped hard, my face stinging slightly from the tape

“Now, we’ll agree to untie you on ONE condition.”

My heart started pounding out of my chest.

“Seeing as you enjoyed this more than we did, if you agree that we can do this again, we promise not to tickle you for the rest of the day. Otherwise…” as he wagged the stuffed animal at me.

I gulped. Not like I had a guarantee that they weren’t going to continue anyways after they let me go, but I couldn’t take anymore. Not really having another choice, I reluctantly agreed. Miraculously they kept their word though.

My jeans still have the remnants of the tape line around my ankles, as a reminder, as if I needed one…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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