Brandi in Heat

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As a work of friction, none of the people, places or activities described herein has ever happened.


The research had finally been completed and it was conclusive. His hypothesis had been supported. It was possible. Better than that, it seemed that the mechanism was actually quite simple. So simple in fact, that it was almost incomprehensible that nobody had discovered it before now. Of course, that was because nobody had been looking. All that remained was some laboratory testing to provide objective evidence of it’s veracity.

The research ethics committee contained three women and they did not see any need for this research to proceed, and so he had been stopped dead in his tracks. Never mind that. He used his own money and that of friends to develop a serum. A serum that he would use to conduct his research and possibly change the relationship between men and women forever.

It had all started when Gordon had acquired a cat from his girlfriend. Rather, she had abandoned it with him when she left to pursue other romantic opportunities. She was a sweet cat, docile and gentle, and very much a lap cat, until she came into “season”.

He hadn’t recognized it immediately when she came into heat. It seemed that suddenly this gentle cat became quite cantankerous. Howling night and day and trying at every opportunity to escape through any opening. In addition, male cats began to gather around and attempt to get inside. The whole situation started him thinking about animal sexuality.

Many female animals periodically pass through a state of sexual frenzy associated with their estrous. When they are most fertile, they actively seek sexual contact with males of their species.. It is a survival mechanism which has stood them in good stead over many millennia of evolution.

He had studied, worked, experimented and he had finally settled on what appeared to be the correct compounds. All that remained to be done was a human trial.


If you are a healthy woman between the ages of 18 and 30 and not currently using birth control pills, we will pay you $5000 to be part of our trial for a new fertility drug. Please call the clinic to arrange an appointment with Doctor Gordon James to learn more.”

Brandi read the poster again and wrote down the number. She was certainly qualified. At 27 she was well within the age limits, and she had stopped taking birth control last semester after she broke up with Harold. No need to spend that money if she wasn’t sexually active. Having quit her low paying clerical job to go back to college, funds were extremely tight and she was up to her eyes in debt. It was starting to look like she would have to drop out, at the very least take a semester off, unless she could scrape up some serious coin. This clinical trial might just be her salvation. She was a little uncomfortable with the idea of someone messing with her reproductive system, but the money was just too good for her not to at least investigate the trial.

Gordon was becoming a bit disheartened. He’d had several women interview for the study, but none of them were quite what he was looking for. Two were quite overweight, one had been so anorexic that he doubted that she was even menstruating at all, and then there had been a long string of drug addicts looking to score some cash to support their habit. It had all been quite discouraging, until she had walked in through the door.

Her long black hair cascaded down past her shoulders, framing a wide face with bright eyes and high cheekbones. She had nice full breasts and wide hips. Child bearing hips his mother might have said. Certainly she could have stood to lose a few pounds, but not much more than 10. Promising. Very promising.

As the interview progressed, he found her to be quite bubbly and upbeat. In another situation he might have asked her for a date. She told him about her need for money and her trepidation about the subject of the trial. He had explained what was involved, taking particular pains to assure the beautiful coed that it would be minimally invasive. No more than two pelvic exams and a small procedure with a special scope. They had a female gynecologist available if that would make her more comfortable.

For her part, Brandi had found him to be quite attractive, in a professional kind of way. She turned on her charm and even flirted a bit. It was kind of sexy and she felt a bit naughty talking about her sex life and menstrual cycle with this stranger, but he was kind and gentle and in another situation she might even have entertained seeing him for a cup of coffee to see if anything almanbahis adres developed.

When Gordon told her that she would be required to stay at the clinic during the week long trial she almost backed out, but when he suggested that they could schedule everything for spring break, she agreed to participate. Knowing her dire financial circumstance, Gordon offered her a five hundred dollar up front bonus if she signed the contract and release papers that day.

And so it was that two weeks later, Brandi arrived at the clinic with an overnight bag, ready to begin her spring break adventure. A nurse took her medical history, gave her a hospital gown to wear and showed her where to store her things. After she was settled in, Gordon came in to check on her. She thought again about how handsome he was and became quite embarrassed to be sitting there in only the short backless gown as they chatted.

Gordon tried to retain his professional demeanor, but it was very difficult. This was it. He couldn’t help noticing her large soft breasts hanging loosely under the gown and wondered what they would feel like in his hands. When he shifted his position, he caught a glimpse of her naked back and buttocks in the mirror. He felt himself thicken at the sight of her and was glad when the nurse arrived to give her a thin robe to cover her more completely.

“As I mentioned, although we know the drug is safe, there may be some unknown side effects and that is why we are doing the clinical trial and why you have to stay here for the duration,” Gordon explained. “Now it appears that everything is in order so if you are ready, I think we can begin.”

Brandi felt her pulse quicken. This was it. She had been poked and prodded and inspected but now the trial was really going to begin. She reminded herself of the money, took a deep breath and nodded her assent. The cold from the alcohol swab added to her nervousness causing her to give a little shiver. A quick jab and the nurse was pushing the plunger down to inject the drug into her arm. No backing out now.

She was almost expecting to feel something different. Like the world had changed. But everything looked and felt the same as it had before. There was a slight sting where the needle had been followed by a little warmth under her skin, but that was all. She felt the same as she had before.

“Was that it? I kind of expected a larger dose, you know, like a IV bag or something,” she babbled. “It all just seems so anti-climactic that I get a little prick, then stay here for a week of observation. I really don’t feel anything. Am I supposed to feel anything?”

Gordon almost laughed out loud when she said she’d gotten a little prick. He was pretty certain that she would be wanting a lot of prick, big and little, in the very near future.

“No. Not yet,” Gordon soothed. “Please relax you may not experience any abnormal feelings at all. It’s a trial, we just don’t know what to expect for sure,” he lied.

Of course HE knew what to expect. There was no question in his mind about what was going to happen to Brandi. The question was how, exactly, would the symptoms present? Was the dosage correct for her weight? Would there be any unexpected side effects? How would she react after the drug wore off?

The video cameras were rolling and he was confident that he would get the answers to all his questions by the time the week was out. He felt a little twinge of guilt that he hadn’t specifically told Brandi about the cameras, but she had signed a release so he knew that he was in the clear if she ever found them out, and the 24/7 monitoring would allow them to dissect the week down minute by minute later.

“OK then,” Gordon announced. “You just do whatever you would normally do, study, read, watch TV. I’ll be back in the morning to check on you.”

“Well,” thought Brandi. “There’s nothing to this clinical trial stuff. Just do what you would normally do and then collect five grand at the end of the week. Wheeee.”

There was a big flat screen with Netflix streaming, so she spent the night watching a couple rom-coms and then cuddled down to sleep. Sleep came fast, but it was a fitful sleep. Strange images flashed through her mind. The characters in the movies, nude and having sex. Old boyfriends.

She’d never had sexy dreams before. Never woke up thinking about somebody’s cock. Strange, but the hustle and bustle of the morning soon swept the thought away.

The nurse gave her a quick check, Blood pressure, temperature, heart rate. A few deep breaths for the stethoscope, and breakfast was served. Brandi didn’t normally eat much breakfast, if any, but she found herself tucking in to two soft boiled eggs, a rasher of crisp bacon and not one, but two pieces of toast. A small bowl of fruit, a mini yogurt and two cups of coffee topped off her meal.

After breakfast, she felt a little antsy, and decided she needed to take a walk. It took about 2 minutes to walk the entirety of the clinic and then she was back at her room. Maybe Netflix would distract almanbahis adresi her. She turned on the set and began searching for something to watch.

“Who was that cute guy in the movie last night? The one with nice abs and butt,” she wondered to herself. “Oh yeah. I’ll just search for him and see if there’s anything else with him in it. He was really hot.”

Watching the cameras carefully, Gordon saw Brandi take her short walk, then sit down to watch some TV. Within 20 minutes, she was up again and taking another walk around. This time she made two laps before returning to her room and the movie. As he continued to observe her, he noted that she was fidgeting in her seat. It was like she was sitting in an uncomfortable chair. She was changing her position almost constantly. Sitting on one cheek, then the other, then both. Legs crossed, uncrossed, other leg over, then uncrossed. In addition her hands were never still. Touching her hair, smoothing her clothing, checking her gown, tracing her eyebrows. It was beginning. Time for an interview.

“How are you feeling Brandi? Do you feel like you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary?”

“I don’t know Gordon,” the confused woman replied. “Normally I can veg in front of the tube for hours, but today, I feel sort of… I don’t know, restless. Like I have cabin fever. Like I want to get out and DO something, I just don’t know what. It’s very strange.”

“OH Yes,” she continued. “And I had some kind of sexy dreams last night. Naked people. Naked people from the movies I had watched. And… And I woke up thinking of a man’s penis. COCK,” she blurted the last word. “That’s definitely not normal for me.”

“Your dreams,” Gordon inquired professionally. “Do you recall much of them? You say they were about the actors in the movies you watched can you elaborate?”

“Yes. As I recall it now, they were mostly from the last movie I watched. It wasn’t really that sexy a flick, not even soft porn, but for some reason the characters flooded my dreams.”

“Can you recall if it was primarily the men or the women who populated your dreams?”

“Hum,” she mused. “Now that you mention it, it was mostly the men, Yes. Mostly the men and mostly that Mathew McConaughey. I went looking for other movies of him this afternoon.”

Gordon watched Brandi as she spoke about the actor and saw her eyes glass over for just a second. He would have to get back to the tapes from last night and see when that movie had played. It must have been the last one she watched so… Probably 2230h. That meant that it had taken less than five hours for the effects to begin. That was just a bit faster than anticipated, but it was within the expected range. So far, so good.

Brandi watched Gordon making his notes, and thought again about how attractive he looked. He was smart and funny and very professional. Yes. She would like to invite him for more than coffee. A date would be nice. Yes a date. He was looking particularly good today. Very natty.

Brandi spent the remainder of the day watching TV in her room, but as time wore on she found herself becoming more and more restless. She couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Why couldn’t she just settle down? She would have to ask Gordon when she saw him next.

By dinner time she was once again ravenously hungry and devoured her chicken pot pie.

“What’s wrong with me?” She mused. “I’m going to get fat in here if I keep eating like this every meal.” Something else to ask Gordon about.

When Gordon entered the room for his next interview, he noticed that the young woman looked somewhat disheveled.

“How are you feeling Brandi? Anything more to report?”

“Well actually there is,” she began. “I seem to have an increased appetite and I’m eating a lot more food than normal. I’m afraid I’m going to gain a lot of weight if this keeps up. I’m also getting more and more restless I just cannot seem to settle down and it seems to be getting worse. Are these the kind of possible side effects you expected?”

“Well yes and no,” the doctor lied. “I don’t think those symptoms are anything to worry about. How about I order you a sleeping pill, just for tonight, so you can settle down and get a good night’s sleep?”

Even with the sleeping pill in her system it took Brandi a long time to drop off, and she slept fitfully through her vivid sexy dreams.

“Subject reports increasing feeling of restlessness. Sleeping pill has had some effect, allowing her to get some rest,” the doctor charted his latest observations.

“What’s that smell? Do you smell it?” Brandi said wrinkling up her cute button nose. “I’ve never smelled it before and I’m not sure I can describe it to you but surely you can smell it. It’s very… Interesting.”

“Are you wearing a cologne or something?” She asked as she sniffed the air around him. “It seems to be coming from your direction.”

“No Brandi,” Gordon replied slowly. “This facility is fragrance free because of our research. Nobody is allowed to wear cologne or almanbahis adresi perfume. I’ll make a note to check with the staff.”

“Beginning to detect male scent and describes it as “interesting,” Gordon wrote in his chart.

“Listen, are we done? I really need to take a little walk or something. I just don’t know what’s gotten into me but I simply cannot sit still, and that smell has somehow made me even more unsettled.”

“OK my dear. We’re done for now. I’ll be back later with another questionnaire.”

Brandi was out of her chair almost as if it had been on fire. She started wandering aimlessly around the room and then, with a start. headed out the door and down the hall. This time on her circuit of the facility, she tried every door to see if it would open. She really needed to get outside. That smell. It was driving her to distraction. It was sweet and sour all at once, and somehow it was very attractive. She liked it. NO. She loved it.

Wait… What was… Oh God a new smell. Slightly different. Better, stronger, more… What? More… Masculine. YES. That was it more masculine. Why did that smell make her think of men? She continued walking in the direction that made the smell stronger, until she turned a corner and bumped into a janitor. Him… He was the one wearing that cologne.

“Hey,” Brandi bubbled. “Gee. You smell really good. No. I mean really, really good. Like almost too good. I know this is supposed to be a fragrance free facility, but I promise I won’t say a word if you just tell me what cologne that is. It’s driving me mad and I really need to know what it is,” the pretty coed begged.

“Sorry ma’am,” came the frustrating reply. “I’m not wearing any fragrance at all. Not allowed, as you said.”

“OK then,” Brandi barked. “If you won’t tell me, then just stand there a minute and let me smell you.”

With that, Brandi grabbed his shirt and pulled herself close to his neck and took a deep whiff through her nose. It was scintillating. The sexiest thing she had ever smelled. She sniffed again and felt her nipples harden into tight points. God she loved this smell. It was so… Exciting. Another deep inhale. She wanted to lose herself in that smell. To dive into it and drown in it’s perfection. She felt a tingle in her pussy as she sniffed again.

At that instant, Gordon came hustling around the corner.

“I’m sorry Doctor James,” the janitor began. “I told her I wasn’t wearing any cologne, but this woman won’t stop sniffing me and asking me what I’m wearing. I’m not wearing anything. Really.”

“It’s OK Harley. My nose tells me that you are telling the truth. I think it must be a side effect of the clinical trial. I’ll make a note. Come along Brandi. Let’s let this young man get back to work, shall we?”

“NO,” came the harsh reply. “NO. I need to stay here. I need to be near him. I need that smell. God. It’s stronger now that you’re here too. I can’t leave. I need it. I do.”

“Brandi. I know this is difficult, but you cannot stay here with him. I promise that if you come back to your room, I’ll have him give you his shirt for the evening until the side effect passes. OK?”

“NOW. If you want me to go you have to give me his shirt NOW. I don’t think I can live without that wonderful smell for a minute. I want it. I have to have it.”

“Give her the shirt Harley,” Gordon commanded. “You can get a fresh one from the scrubs locker to wear for the rest of the evening.”

Harley. Brandi thought the name sounded good. Harley. Nice. Manly. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight of him removing his shirt. He still had on an undershirt, but the sight of his bare shoulders and arms sent a thrill through her, straight to her pussy. Strong manly arms. Muscles rippling beneath the skin. God he was hot. When he offered it, she literally grabbed his shirt and brought it to her nose inhaling his scent deeply into her lungs.

Gordon led Brandi back to her room and sat down with her for another interview.

“I don’t know what got into me back there,” Brandi apologized. “I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. There’s just something about this smell I’m smelling,” and she took another long sniff at Harley’s shirt.

“I’m even more restless now than I was before. I just can’t seem to settle down. I need to go for another walk,” she announced as she stood up. Maybe she could find Harley again.

“No Brandi. I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think you better stay in your room for the rest of the night until we see if this side effect passes. We can’t have you attacking anyone else. I’ll just lock the door on my way out.”

“Male scent becoming more attractive. Subject anxiety and arousal index increasing. Personality becoming more assertive. Subject put in lockdown to allow constant observation,” Gordon recorded on the chart.

Why couldn’t she stop thinking of Harley? Why couldn’t she stop smelling his shirt? She needed to get out of here. It hadn’t occurred to her initially, but what she needed was a man. At that thought, she could sense her sex opening like a blooming flower. Her lips were swelling, her clitoris becoming erect. She could smell herself now. Smell the musky scent she was producing as she thought of men. Mathew. Harley. Gordon. Gordon? Would that taint the study results? Who cares?

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