Brian Breaks Me In

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Brian tells me I have the most wonderful bottom. He shows me how he does love to fuck me until I feel numb. When he is done with me, it feels like he is still there inside me.

He says he loves me to bits and can never get enough of me. He likes to have me in different ways; sometimes in bed when I stay over and we sleep together. That is nice and I guess I prefer that to anything else. I have discovered that to be soundly fucked in bed and then to fall to sleep with such a lovely feeling inside is heaven. And during the night he wants me again, his passion is daunting, and again in the morning when I have dealt with the hard stiff prominence of his tantalising cock sticking into my behind.

It is lovely. Simply the feeling of being wanted means everything.. It has made a difference to my life and made me realize what I am all about now I am twenty, having known Brian since I was eighteen – when I was very confused about my sexuality.

Brian taught me the fundamentals of sex in many ways. He made me realize I was gay and brought me out so gently and wonderfully, being most concerned not to hurt me, when he first fucked me over the edge of the settee in his lounge.

“Just relax Pete and it will be fine. You have a beautiful ass which cries out for attention. I want you to feel quite comfortable.” He said spreading my cheeks apart and doing things that I liked very much. Closing my eyes I felt the tease of his tongue there, the touch of his gentle finger tips massaging my balls. It was lovely and so soothing the way he did that. He really aroused me to a wanting I could never have envisaged before.

It was easy to accept his invitation to have a drink with him. I knew he had a thing for me. He is my office boss and I realized his interest when he started to invite me into his office for no particular reason at all.

He said outright he liked me, fancied me and perhaps I would like to go further with him, after he had explored my hind prompting me to lean over the edge of his desk so that he could do things like nudging me and sniffing me.

It was all so new to me then it was a riveting new adventure. But it was a true learning curve, and I was actually enjoying it!

At first I felt revulsion but he was my boss and I did not want to cross him by refusing him.. And anyway, I discovered something about myself when one day, he stripped me down to the knees and tinkered around, feeling me and teasing my balls which was lovely. He told me then he would like to fuck me and the way he squeezed my cock and balls was divine. And I began to enjoy his regular session with me in his office after he İstanbul Escort had asked me to stay over.

I began to realize I wanted Brian’s touch and the first time he sucked me there was really the start of a wonderful intimate relationship.

“I adore seeing you in tight jeans; they do you a real credit Pete.”

He’d have me change into some even tighter brush jeans which he has asked me to try on. It was as if he knew my size and everything because they did fit so nice and snug and I felt sexy in them.

“Wow! They look perfect on you Pete. Come here, lean over my lap so I can pucker you up a bit.”

I loved the way he felt me and tinkered with my ass. How he perked me up for his pleasure. It was nice and soothing to feel him stroking me, to hear his breathing change when, after a long spoiling, he gently pulled my jeans down inch by inch until I was bare assed for him. I wanted to be all ass for him then. He manually handled me to achieve the position he wanted, my hands touching the floor, to give my butt extra prominence.

Then came the time when all the feeling and touching took another step. I heard the squelch of something; twisted my head around to see Brian was dipping his finger into a jar of lubricant. Next thing I felt him rimming me around the asshole.

I was a virgin and soon that would be relinquished to the guy with whom I had become so attached. He was lovely and I wanted to share his pleasure.

He asked if I minded him poking me, saying I had an ass just waiting to be spoiled and enjoyed. I wriggled and felt a strong surge beneath my lap – realizing he had a huge erection.

But he was so considerate, gradually working his finger into me, taking it out and sucking it. It was all so new and inspiring to me that he would want me that way. Then he dibbed me some more, slowly stretching me and it felt good. I felt a shimmer run up my spine as he stretched my ass cheeks apart and played with me some more, inserting two fingers up inside me. I felt him stretching me there.

“I adore finger fucking you Pete, lean over a bit more and I will show you just how much I appreciate you.”

Then he started to nudge my ass, tease my balls and squeeze my cock until I got a hard on. It was so lovely, just to feel this great guy having his pleasure with me. That time was the first time I had been sucked. He gave me a wonderful time and showed me how best he wanted me to suck him too. I closed my eyes and went for it, easing down a little so I could place it in my mouth. I tasted my first taste of pungent cock, eased his foreskin Maltepe Escort back and took in the aroma. Then he spent quality time sucking my ass until it felt quite numb.

Then, a week later, after he had enjoyed me like that he asked if I would like to spend an evening with him and of course I submitted. He suggested that we ‘go further’ and I knew what he meant. Already he had aroused me so much with his explorations and I wanted him to go further.

So at his place, a very comfortable bachelor pad, I felt really comfortable and he spoiled me with lashings of cream cakes and coffee.

That done I could see by his looks that he was getting really horny. Moving the coffee table he crouched on his knees and sniffed me there, prompting me to stretch my legs apart Then he grasped me under my knees and pushed my legs back and it felt like he wanted to eat me as he sniffed and licked me first over my jeans. It was so kinky but very thrilling that he should enjoy me like that. I loved to hear his responding moans, he was really enjoying himself down there and I was thinking that if this felt good what it would be like later.

Taking a breather and pausing a bit he whispered that he loved me, and wanted to fill me with his love. I loved the way he expressed himself. I just knew then that anything he wanted to do with me would be fine and. Although I had my reservations about his size, I trusted he would not hurt me. His cock was lovely and as we shared wonderful oral explorations I felt I wanted him to fuck me.

I felt an urge for him to do that after he had spent so much quality time spoiling me and when it came to it, he as ked me if I was ready. I took a look at his prominence again, touched it and felt his balls, then I stretched it back and tasted his p-hole and that convinced me that I wanted more. Simply the taste and smell of cock allured me and sent me into a lusty frenzy as I gave him a quick jerking off in readiness for his lovely fuck…

He stopped me saying; “Steady on Pete, save some for later, you want me to be hard for you don’t you?”

I did as he asked, I was enjoying that, the feel of his cock in my hand so cool and lovely to feel, the taste of his pre-cum when I licked his p-hole. And I was doing all those things as if by instinct. It was so lovely. He was really bringing me out big time in a way I could never have envisaged.

He showed me how he would fuck me; “First time may be a little hurting” he said “but just tell me to pause if it hurts too much. You have a lovely prominence which is asking for its first fucking.”

Ihe wanted Maltepe Escort Bayan me first on all fours, spread on the thick piled carpet in front of the fireplace. Beside me was a long mirror and I could see him bearing up to me, his cock throbbing with anticipation and I was ready for it, wondering how it would be, my very first fucking, and who better to do it with than Brian.

He went down to me again. Spreading my ass cheeks for a good sucking, then I felt him anointing me with lubricant, his fingertips gently preparing me, stretching me, asking me how it was.

I showed him my pleasure by wiggling which made him very excited. He slapped me a couple of times. Not hard but firmly, which all added beautifully to the occasion..

Now I could see in the mirror his cock at full rise, I could even see it was throbbing as he clasped its base with thumb and forefinger, ready to fuck me. He played me with it for a bit, stroking my ass with its prominence. It felt so lovely and warming. I said I loved that and he replied he wanted me through and through.

Feeling his cock begin to push into me there, I closed my eyes in readiness for that first fuck. Then it happened. Brian grunted and it was the sound of sex and the joy of wanting me. He grasped my thighs tightly and then it happened. I felt the plunge insert into me, stretching me. I held my breath waiting for the hurt. It did hurt, I told Brian so. He took it out and fingered in some more lubricant and then inserted again, just a little at first to get me primed for it.

A little more I asked because I felt I really wanted his fuck – I was aching for it, held my breath again waiting for its plunge deep into me.

He gradually worked it up me and it felt better then, the feel of it sliding in and out of me was so lovely..

His sounds were different than normal, It was like he was a wild animal, grunting each time he thrust his cock inside me, groping my balls as he did so, I felt his balls bouncing and slapping against my thighs as he fucked me.

I realized then just what In had been missing. I enjoyed it so much, the way he pushed it right inside and held it there for a moment, feeling his throb inside was out of this world.

His thrusts got faster and faster and I felt numb as he gave out his final grunt and he was there, spurting his cream into me, then taking it out of me, he wanked himself over my ass and I felt the hot spunk dribble down over my balls,

It was done and dusted I felt so happy and human. Brian was perfect for me and I looked forward to being with him forever.

I pulled up my jeans but he wanted more. Grabbed me by the waist at the back and pulled them up tight until I felt I would split in half. He had me again over the arm of the settee. Gave me a good pounding and after I sucked him again, tasting his spunk for the first time, I felt I belonged.

We had so much to look forward to and I relished that…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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